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HP's Fiorina calls for governments to change policies (Globalist, anti-US Sovereignty scum)
The Register ^ | June 12, 2000 | Mike Magee

Posted on 06/01/2010 7:52:20 PM PDT by pissant

Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard, today described changes caused by the Internet as creating a new renaissance, but said that world governments needed to change their policies to create "boundary-less and "border-less" states.

Fiorina said, quoting Charles Darwin, that survivors in this new renaissance would not necessarily be either the strongest or the most intelligent, but those who could adapt the quickest. Click here to find out more!

"I do believe that governments have recognised the benefits of IT," she said. "but they do not yet truly understand about the need to re-invent their own institutions. It is not because governments are obstinate, but because government power is rooted in things that IT now makes increasingly irrelevant."

She said that boundaries of time, space and geography are less and less relevant to both government and to industry. "Governments must now think about policies being compatible across the world," she said. "This is a problem that government has only just begun to recognise. There should be a recognition that public policy is more boundary-less and that industry and government must collaborate together in new and inventive ways.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Politics/Elections; US: California
KEYWORDS: california; carlyfiorina; elections; fascism; fiorina; globalgovernance; globalism; globalist; rino; socialjustice; wealthredistribution
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To: freekitty


As far as I’m concerned I think she destroyed HP.

21 posted on 06/01/2010 8:18:16 PM PDT by DB
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To: pissant

she and john mccain are best buds.

22 posted on 06/01/2010 8:21:04 PM PDT by ken21 (i am not voting for a rino-progressive.)
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To: DB


23 posted on 06/01/2010 8:22:16 PM PDT by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote; then find me a real conservative to vote for)
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To: pissant

wonderful wiki:

Fiorina presented herself as a realist regarding the effects of globalization. She has been a strong proponent, along with other technology executives, of the expansion of the H-1B visa program.[27] In January 2004, at a meeting to “head off rising protectionist sentiment in Congress,” Fiorina said: “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore. We have to compete for jobs as a nation.”[28][29][30] While Fiorina argued that the only way to “protect U.S. high-tech jobs over the long haul was to become more competitive [in the United States],” her comments prompted “strong reactions” from some technology workers who argued that lower wages overseas outside the United States encouraged the offshoring of American jobs.[31]

When Fiorina became CEO in July, 1999, HP’s stock price was $52 per share, and when she left 5 1/2 years later in February, 2005, it was $21 per share—a loss of over 60% of the stock’s value.[39] During this same time period, HP competitor Dell’s stock price increased from $37 to $40 per share.

I can’t stand this woman.

24 posted on 06/01/2010 8:22:19 PM PDT by ILS21R
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To: pissant

“HP’s Fiorina” hah! Have they finally recovered from her tenure? Anyone remember Lucent?

25 posted on 06/01/2010 8:24:06 PM PDT by Trod Upon (Obama: Making the Carter malaise look good. Misery Index in 3...2...1)
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To: Perdogg

Neither do I see any inference about open borders, or whatever. On the other hand, this thread could use some pix of Scarlett Johansson, QUICK!

26 posted on 06/01/2010 8:25:36 PM PDT by supremedoctrine ("Every election is like an advance auction sale of stolen goods"--H.L.Mencken)
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To: Trod Upon
Dilbert did an entire week where Dogbert created the new company logo by putting a coffee cup down on a napkin. Wonder who they were poking?

27 posted on 06/01/2010 8:31:26 PM PDT by Richard Kimball (We're all criminals. They just haven't figured out what some of us have done yet.)
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To: pissant

She’s a numbnut but still far preferable to Barbra Boxer

28 posted on 06/01/2010 8:35:21 PM PDT by dennisw (History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid - Gen Eisenhower)
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To: pissant
Then, I noticed the DATE on your post.

It's DIRTY AND DECEPTIVE...and not at all relevant.

You were always a decent and smart Freeper...I've seen you around for at least a dozen years...

Why did you do this? Are you paid by the DeVore campaign?

Don't get me wrong, I'll be voting for DeVore...along with 14% of the rest of the GOP in CA...but why undertake efforts to destroy Fiorina?

I'd darn sure rather have her than ANY, REPEAT, ANY Democrat.

29 posted on 06/01/2010 8:37:50 PM PDT by Mariner (The first Presidential candidate to call for deportation, wins.)
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To: pissant
"Governments must now think about policies being compatible across the world," she said

What nitwits who think like this never let sink into their skulls is that people such as the Chinese, the Muslims and many others have their long held beliefs and have NO intention of going along with her nutty ideas. But they will be happy to take advantage of such Utopian dreaming to advance their own causes at every opportunity.

30 posted on 06/01/2010 8:38:15 PM PDT by Will88
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To: Mariner

Oh, I see. Did you forgive Romney last time out for the multitude of liberal policies he instituted as Gov of MA? It was old news by 2008.

So was Rudy’s consistent and constant efforts at killing the second amendment in NYC. Heck, he hadn’t been gov since 2001.

If not their own words & RECORD what DO you judge a candidate on? Their campaign website?

This dingbat is trying to pass herself off as a conservative in a race that has a conservative in it. A real one.

31 posted on 06/01/2010 8:42:08 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
Dude, are you so delusional as to believe DeVore has even the slightest of miracle chances to win?

He can't even afford a radio ad...or a call bank.

Hell, his campaign team probably won't even get paid.

Whether right or wrong, it makes no difference: Devore needed $50mil 3 weeks ago. Instead, Fiorina got the endorsement of Palin and DeVore got the boot.

32 posted on 06/01/2010 8:50:47 PM PDT by Mariner (The first Presidential candidate to call for deportation, wins.)
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To: Mariner

With Precious’s ringwraiths out in droves pretending along with Precious that Carly is a conservative, how can you go wrong? Go Carly, right?


I’ll end by telling a story.

There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world.

It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins.

One of its languages became the universal language of much of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands. Its armies were made up of people of many nationalities, and its military protection allowed a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known. The reach of this civilization’s commerce extended from Latin America to China, and everywhere in between.

And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity. Its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption. Its doctors examined the human body, and found new cures for disease. Its astronomers looked into the heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration.

Its writers created thousands of stories. Stories of courage, romance and magic. Its poets wrote of love, when others before them were too steeped in fear to think of such things.

When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive. When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive, and passed it on to others.

While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I’m talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent.

Although we are often unaware of our indebtedness to this other civilization, its gifts are very much a part of our heritage. The technology industry would not exist without the contributions of Arab mathematicians. Sufi poet-philosophers like Rumi challenged our notions of self and truth. Leaders like Suleiman contributed to our notions of tolerance and civic leadership.

And perhaps we can learn a lesson from his example: It was leadership based on meritocracy, not inheritance. It was leadership that harnessed the full capabilities of a very diverse population–that included Christianity, Islamic, and Jewish traditions.

This kind of enlightened leadership — leadership that nurtured culture, sustainability, diversity and courage — led to 800 years of invention and prosperity.

-——Carly Fiorina, Sept 26, 2001

33 posted on 06/01/2010 8:54:52 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: Mariner
I would have talked about the fact that if we do not take responsibility for closing the gap between the haves and have-nots, between the technology-enabled and the technology-deprived - that we cannot, in fact, call ourselves leaders.

Carly Fiorina

34 posted on 06/01/2010 8:57:50 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
Carly needs to join a convent....Not run for Senate!
35 posted on 06/01/2010 8:58:55 PM PDT by M-cubed
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To: Mariner

We must remake our businesses to be far more active corporate citizens–creators not only of shareowner value, but also of social value, in ways that are systemic, and sustainable.

It becomes our job to use a profit engine to raise the capabilities, extend the hopes, and extinguish despair across the globe.

We have a chance and an imperative to improve the choices, and economic condition, and sphere of opportunity for billions more people here at home–and around the globe. It’s a greater mandate–one that our customers increasingly demand of us, one that is deserved by every country in which we do business and one, I’d argue must be undertaken because it can be undertaken.

This is a mandate that started as a quiet whisper more than a decade ago and more recently could be heard more loudly in Seattle and Prague and Genoa, in the voices of protestors who declare that global companies have not lived up to their responsibilities.

What is important here is not to take sides in the globalization debate, but to look at the problem, and work toward a real solution.

Carly Fiorina

36 posted on 06/01/2010 8:59:24 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant

Oh, brother! Carly, move to Europe.

37 posted on 06/01/2010 9:05:02 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: SaraJohnson

Or China. She loves the chicoms too!


Deseret News
May 21, 2000

A vote against China trade is vote against U.S. interests

Author: Carly Fiorina, Special to the Los Angeles Times

It is unfortunate that those who oppose normalizing trade with China have chosen to demonize China. To hear opponents talk, to defeat permanent normal trade relations with China is to defeat the “evil empire” for the good of U.S., Chinese and Taiwanese citizens.

In reality, a vote against trade with China is a vote against U.S. businesses, employees, American citizens and the people in China who would directly benefit from greater U.S. presence, products and services. Hewlett-Packard Co. co-founder David Packard understood the importance of building bridges instead of walls between the United States and China. From his first visit to China in 1977, Packard maintained a love for China, a deep respect for its people and a sincere commitment to promote a strong relationship between the United States and China. Early in 1980, China and HP signed the first high-tech memorandum of understanding, paving the way for China Hewlett-Packard Co. to be established in Beijing in 1985. From its humble beginning on the fourth floor of a Beijing watch factory, China HP has grown to nearly 20 sites and 1,800 employees throughout China. HP investments in China’s communities quickly followed.

HP’s presence brought benefits to China HP employees, including housing, medical, pension and profit-sharing programs. By 1996, more than 250 China HP employees had purchased their own homes through HP’s program, a remarkable achievement in a country that had not allowed private property for decades.

The success of bridging HP’s American culture with the unique Chinese culture is a contrast to the sweatshop images and disregard for individual liberties highlighted by those opposing normalized trade with China. There is no denying that China should improve its policies in human rights, religious freedom and international relations. However, it does a disservice to the people of China and American businesses and employees to say that isolating China is the solution to these and other concerns.

To those who believe that defeating trade with China will protect American jobs, the fact is that China will be the second- or third-largest market in the world for high-tech companies within three years and is the fastest-growing market for many American products and services. Exports make the difference between company and job growth and stagnation. Failure to pass this legislation means our European and Asian competitors take our market share in China, hurting American businesses large and small, from agriculture to high-tech.

To those who believe that defeating trade with China is needed to register disapproval of China’s abuses of human rights, repression of religious freedom or military threats, the fact is that defeating this legislation will not free a single prisoner or make Taiwan or the United States any safer. In fact, national security experts view this legislation as critical to geopolitical stability. Many human-rights and religious leaders agree that increasing U.S. presence in China will encourage greater positive reform faster and more effectively than would a policy of isolation.

As Wang Juntao, a leader of the Tiananmen Square protests, observed: “If one needs to choose between whether or not China should be admitted, I prefer to choose yes. Both fundamental change in the human-rights situation and democratization in China will come from efforts by Chinese within China.

The more the relationship between the two countries expands, the more space there will be for independent forces to grow in China. . . . Such independent forces will eventually push China toward democracy.” Carly Fiorina is president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co. and co-chair of the Computer Systems Policy Project effort for permanent normal trade relations with China.

38 posted on 06/01/2010 9:07:31 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant

I think Fiorina totally punked Palin.

39 posted on 06/01/2010 9:12:09 PM PDT by swatbuznik
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To: Perdogg

I’d take her at her word.

Borderless means borderless.

40 posted on 06/01/2010 9:17:25 PM PDT by donna (The fruits of Feminism: Angry fathers, bitter mothers, fat kids and political correctness.)
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