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What the sneaky left has really been doing to America
World Net Daily ^ | Posted: June 07, 2010

Posted on 06/27/2010 1:09:57 PM PDT by USALiberty

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To: USALiberty

People have been trying to warn folks for years. (including myself)

21 posted on 06/27/2010 1:42:28 PM PDT by wolfcreek (
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To: USALiberty


22 posted on 06/27/2010 1:44:35 PM PDT by GOPJ (
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To: USALiberty
The institutions that had supplied the solutions for centuries were discredited; they got the blame for the myriad failings of other, less proven institutions. The unfathomable wars and atrocities of the 20th century were laid at the feet of the existing power structure as evidence that they were inadequate to the task of managing Man's baser instincts. Never mind that it was the REJECTION of just those values that resulted in the atrocities; the victims were blamed and the "modernist" school emerged, demanding a wholesale reversal of the status quo, the rejection of all things in favor of their opposite.

That's what we got during the 60's: the gainsay of all established tradition and their replacement with a dysfunctional mirror image. Now that THAT has proven disastrous, we're faced with "post-modernism," a philosophy that has even less to offer. It consists merely of the rejection of everything, and its replacement with nothing.

How do we fight? By proving that the Old Ways work. They always did. They always will. We'll never get back to the Garden of Eden, but at least we'll be able to see it.

23 posted on 06/27/2010 1:51:58 PM PDT by IronJack (=)
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To: USALiberty
"leftists have built a MASSIVE infrastructure. They are using OUR OWN SYSTEM AGAINST US."

You are absolutely correct. Hitler was democratically elected, remember? More recently, Hamas was democratically elected by Palestinians and Hezbolla in Lebanon.

Democracy is nothing but a method. A method to what ends? The answer lies outside politics: it is produced by the culture.

The author, like so many before him, is completely wrong. No minority has the power to take over a country unless the vast majority is indifferent. It is the conservatives that left the field to Wilson, Roosevelt and other "progressives" almost one hundred years ago. It is conservatives that did nothing but shake their heads when the 60's radicals appeared on the scene --- radicals that subsequently monopolized the system of education and thus ensured their eventual victory.

It is really silly at this point to write yet another book about the perfidious left. The author would have done a greater service if he pondered the question, how and why did Americans become indifferent to traditional American values? But it is much easier, of course, to point finger at the attacking enemy.

24 posted on 06/27/2010 1:52:52 PM PDT by TopQuark
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To: USALiberty

It’s going to be a long, difficult struggle to regain our national identity. We’ve sat on our duffs (”I don’t pay any attention to politics ...”) while the politicians and their cronies have robbed us blind. (Pop quiz — who does your Senator really listen to, you or his biggest campaign donor?)

Our colleges are full of Marxists who are busy training the teachers that our kids will face in public school. The socialists in the environmental movement have blocked most industry, while the unions kill off any firms that try to stay in business.

Government taxation and intrusion have destroyed our business and industry. Who wants to hire an employee when they’re going to get stuck paying for health benefits, matching contributions, COBRA, unemployment without end, etc.? No wonder there are no jobs left. (Does anybody really think we could produce enough to win World War II in our current condition?)

We’ve allowed government to “help us” with every problem imaginable, from toy safety to paying for highway repairs to unemployment. Endangered species, oil drilling, mileage standards, mortgages regulation, even the cereal you had for breakfast ... you name it and the government controls it, whether they are allowed that power by the Constitution or not. This is a rogue government, by anyone’s standards.

The “watchdog” media has become the “lapdog” media, no longer rooting out the truth but instead cheerleading for the left. Our enemies can do and say anything they want, with the media’s blessing, but the wrath of heaven will come down should a conservative or Republican say the exact same thing!

My recommendation — take an active, hands-on role in local and state politics (national is too far gone, sorry) and start fighting for what you believe in. The November election is indeed our last, best hope for the future of America, but even then it will only be a lurch in the right direction and only if we win. The states will play a crucial role in turning America around, so make sure YOUR state is being run wisely.

Otherwise, buy a small farm in an easily defended location, get to know your neighbors well, attend church regularly, and make sure you have a root cellar that can double as a fallout shelter. If you won’t help with peaceful solution by working toward a political solution to this mess, then get the hell out of the way. Maybe your neighbors will want to hear about the “Second American Revolution” and your 5,000 rounds of ammunition, but we’re too busy trying to save our country!

25 posted on 06/27/2010 1:53:37 PM PDT by DNME (Prepare ... quickly. Time grows short.)
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To: USALiberty

Liberalism and communism is a luxury America has flirted with. In other words, times aren’t that bad. We can afford to be deluded by the communist/socialist drug because it hasn’t killed us yet. It promises nice illusions. But when it gets to the point where it will kill you — if your mind is not completely warped — you will put it away. The beginning of that is Nov on the political horizon. On the cultural horizon the pendulum is still swinging to the left. America needs heroes on the cultural battlefield. Conservatives have to invest in the church, entertainment and higher education or there will be one generation following another of brainwashed kids. Obama is the Pied Piper of the left and the the mountain is the university. We have to recapture it — the sooner the better.

26 posted on 06/27/2010 1:55:52 PM PDT by Blind Eye Jones
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To: USALiberty

Want to bring back America? Dismantle the public school system brick-by-brick.

27 posted on 06/27/2010 1:59:11 PM PDT by Steelfish (ui)
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To: oblomov
A complete tearing-down of every institution that has been infected. And then, a restoration. I see no other way. Every attempt at reform of our government or other institutions is thwarted by the entrenched power of the left. It is easy to create disorder (as the left has) through subversion, but how can one bring about order through subversion? It is better to start with nothing, and build healthy institutions.

How do we do THAT? Does America need a "Pinochet period"?
28 posted on 06/27/2010 2:02:18 PM PDT by USALiberty
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To: USALiberty
Back in 1987 (23 years ago), in the Year of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, a book was published which retraced and outlined the Founding Principles underlying the Constitution, using the Founders' own writings, speeches, and quotations.

Then, outstanding constitutional scholars warned how and by what means the Left had been undermining and changing America in violation of the principles of liberty.

In 1987, few people were concerned about what was clearly a path away from liberty.

Now, 23 years later, the enemies of liberty have become so bold that they do not try to hide their intent to change America from a land of liberty for individuals, and a place of refuge for the oppressed, to a nation which resembles the Old World of 1776 more than the wonderful place of liberty, opportunity and plenty which was to be protected by a "People's" Constitution.

We must rediscover the ideas of liberty encapsulated in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the Constitution if future generations are to enjoy "the Blessings of Liberty" promised by the Preamble to that Constitution.

The book mentioned above has been reprinted and is, once again, available. Sadly, its message was ignored by most citizens in 1987. Perhaps that message will find a new host of readers in 2010.

29 posted on 06/27/2010 2:02:43 PM PDT by loveliberty2
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To: USALiberty
Not only is [the] government in the hands of the left, but virtually all of our nation's major institutions – from the public education system to our colleges and universities, from the news media to the entertainment industry, from the unions to our major philanthropic foundations, even many of our churches – have also been captivated by this same destructive ideology.

Destructive ideology.. if he ain't talking about Marxist-Alinsky street/campus rabble and their ideological issue then it must be Martians. Fifty years of mostly stealth infiltration and two presidents (Clinton and Obama) they have replaced our federal government ("Bring it all down, man.") with a fetteral government.

The youthful Marxist New Left and their dupes didn't have to infiltrate a large portion of the MSM -- guys like Walter "North Vietnam Communists' Most Trusted Man in America" Cronkite welcomed them.

I wanted some information about something I remembered almost 50 years ago, Goldwater and the 1964 convention in San Francisco.

Maligning "Tea Partiers" didn't just start today.

Back when Time was a real news magazine, tells truth.. and TV "news" was.. well, the same biased crap it's been for going on 50 years.

"While Everett Dirksen was nominating Barry Goldwater, both Cronkite [CBS] and Huntley [NBC] interspersed their own voices, passing comments and judgments on what Dirksen was saying, not giving the man a chance to deliver his speech as a whole. . . The networks have also to a considerable extent shut out the great [Goldwater] ground-swelling noises of the convention hall. Sound is half the atmosphere there, and it is thick enough to cut, but TV merely cuts it off or down . . . Spending all their time fussing over the latest developments among the sorry pack of obvious also-rans [Rockefeller, Scranton, et al], they made no real attempt to concentrate on the man [Goldwater] who had the nomination sewed up from the start. The TV coverage before the first ballot was largely focused on Scranton."

As the Time article noted "TV [deprives] audiences of the convention's overbearing sense of commotion. [For example w]hen Governor Rockefeller was loudly booed as he spoke last week, the booing was almost imperceptible [in America's living rooms]."

Rockefeller had five minutes to speak essentially in favor of branding Goldwater a KKK member -- that provoked a bit of response. Nelson replied with his middle finger. I remember the photo but I cannot find it. It was probably in Berkeley Barb or one of the other "underground" press publications.

The Marxist-Alinsky campus revolutionary rabble on the streets outside the convention are arguably now (along with their ideological children) the Clinton-Obama America Establishment.

30 posted on 06/27/2010 2:12:49 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: USALiberty

Probably that would be the least violent route, but I still cringe at the thought of it.

31 posted on 06/27/2010 2:12:57 PM PDT by oblomov
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To: loveliberty2

We were driving around today and saw a small sign that said the 4th of July parade is cancelled this year, due to road work. The BIG road work sign on the other corner covered road that is perfectly normal.

32 posted on 06/27/2010 2:14:33 PM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spirito Sancto.)
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To: USALiberty
*** ...... NASA (the source of lies like the Big Bang .... ***

You were doing fine until there.

The Big Bang *theroy* existed long before NASA was formed. In fact, the term 'Big Bang' isn't even 'American'.

It was first used in derision by a British Physicist who was mocking another Physicist that proposed that the Universe was expanding(1). However, as technology and the equipment progressed we've found by the Doppler Effect and the Red-Blue shift of light that the Universe IS in fact expanding.

BTW, just because one believes in the Big Bang, the Super String Theory (M Theory), and/or even Parallel Universes, it does NOT mean one does not believe in God(2) as God and Science (Physics) is not exclusionary.

And as to NASA itself --- you should get on the 'Astronomy Picture Of The Day' ping list. The pictures that NASA gets from Hubble are completely and utterly awe inspiring. You look at them and think; 'this could not be created by accident'.

(1) There were two views of Universe at the time. One was the 'Steady State Model', the other was an Expanding Universe.
(2) This is why Einstein didn't buy into Quantum Mechanics. He refused to believe that GOD would create a universe where two sets of 'laws' would be required to explain it.

33 posted on 06/27/2010 2:16:55 PM PDT by Condor51 (SAT CONG!)
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To: blade_tenner

very well stated.

34 posted on 06/27/2010 2:18:29 PM PDT by bobby.223
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To: WilliamofCarmichael

35 posted on 06/27/2010 2:21:33 PM PDT by oblomov
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To: blade_tenner
America became great in the era before the concept of the weekend, workman’s comp, college tuition subsidies, retirement and unemployment checks. The real damage was done in postwar 40s and 50s... what happened afterwards was the inevitable consequence of this social engineering..

It is not politically correct to say it, but I will say it. The end of liberty started with the well-meaning act of abolishing child labor. That established the idea that the government -- and not parents -- should have the final say in what happens with children. If a FAMILY decides that a child should earn income rather than spend his/her days sitting listening to the Marxist indoctrination available in GOVERNMENT schools, why should ANYONE be able to interfere? Child labor lifted many families out of poverty in the days before the "poor" were expected to become wards of the state!
36 posted on 06/27/2010 2:34:36 PM PDT by USALiberty
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To: TopQuark
RE: "It is conservatives that did nothing but shake their heads when the 60's radicals appeared on the scene"

I will admit that many of us were caught flat-footed by many personalities staffing the news, they had earned their reputations in W.W.II.

And that newfangled TV thing was something else!

Maybe you do not remember the "Fairness Doctrine" days, the days before modern talk radio. Of course there was no Internet.

There were still conservative newspapers though fading fast as TV news took over. Time and U.S. News were pretty good.. otherwise it was a matter of searching out limited-circulation publications and talking to co-workers and neighbors.

Most important were the two movements of that era: civil rights and "anti-war." The former enjoyed overwhelming support -- but it was politically dangerous for supporters to bring up "states rights" and "law and order," they became codes words for the N-word.

Many across the country formed little groups to inform.. but it was nothing compared to the MSM.

We were the silenced majority -- except on election day as for example 1972.

When modern talk radio started for good in 1987 the most oft-heard caller comment was, "I didn't know others believed as I believe!" That's what I remember.

37 posted on 06/27/2010 2:36:53 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: WilliamofCarmichael
When modern talk radio started for good in 1987 the most oft-heard caller comment was, "I didn't know others believed as I believe!" That's what I remember.

I heard that same quote at every tea party I attended last year, even the 9/12 Washington DC rally. I myself when asked why I was I was bothering to attend because ,"...nobody's going to be there." would respond simply, "because I want these people in power to realize they haven't fooled everyone.". Of course it always turned out that there were lots like me who weren't fooled. :-)

38 posted on 06/27/2010 2:54:27 PM PDT by RedStateGuyTrappedinCT
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To: oblomov
Thank you.. but the photo I remember was really close-up and inside the 1964 convention. Nelson was at the podium. The glare on his face was priceless and his finger there makes his finger in the photo above look wimpish.

The photo above of Nelson giving the finger to some protesters as he was leaving/entering his limo is great! I hope those who have not seen it get a kick from it.

Thanks again.

39 posted on 06/27/2010 2:54:48 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: RedStateGuyTrappedinCT

When women started into the workforce and replaced a lot of men in lower paying white collar jobs, it depressed wages and dried up a lot of male jobs. How many men do you see now in banks, insurance or realestate? The surplus men were forced into lower level jobs and more wives had to go to work to support families. Now we have even more illegals driving down the wages in union and laboring jobs that were middle class incomes, but are now no more.
Now we are paying people not to work and have babies while we bring in even more cheap uneducated workers. Man..are we in a world of hurt.

40 posted on 06/27/2010 2:58:30 PM PDT by Oldexpat
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