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Moran Threatens Kansas NRA official over Tiahrt endorsement
Tiahrt for Congress ^ | Patricia A. Stoneking

Posted on 07/24/2010 11:18:15 AM PDT by Kansas58

Patricia Stoneking, President of the KSRA, said of Tiahrt, "As a member of both the Kansas Legislature and the United States Congress, you have demonstrated a loyal and unwavering commitment to defend the Second Amendment rights of all law abiding citizens. We are proud to boast that while serving in the Kansas State Senate you introduced the first concealed carry legislation and began a crusade that lasted fourteen years until your dream came to fruition as you inspired those who came after you to continue your legacy."

Upon hearing of the KSRA endorsement, Todd Novascone, fourth campaign manager and chief of staff for Congressman Moran, called and threatened Patricia Stoneking for the group's courageous decision to endorse Todd. According to Stoneking, Novascone then threatened her saying "she would be sorry" if Jerry was elected to higher office. Novascone then hung up on Patricia after she refused to relent from the endorsement.

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TOPICS: Politics/Elections; US: Kansas
KEYWORDS: banglist; jerrymoran; kansas; moran; nra; rkba; tiahrt
Moran is a RINO! Moran has never been a leader, on any conservative issue. Moran has never had a tough challenge, in any election, and Moran is falling apart, his staff is bouncing off the walls!
1 posted on 07/24/2010 11:18:17 AM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

And, under “agency” law, Moran IS responsible for the actions of his staff!

2 posted on 07/24/2010 11:19:20 AM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Looks more and more like Sarah Palin endorsed the right person in this race!

3 posted on 07/24/2010 11:25:14 AM PDT by SoConPubbie
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To: Kansas58

Furthermore, for those suffering from PDS, McCain endorsed Moran.

4 posted on 07/24/2010 11:26:23 AM PDT by SoConPubbie
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To: Kansas58

Americans are becoming more sensitive to threats, both at the national and local levels.

Patrica Stoneking is a credible source, even if Moran fires his rep/agent in question this apparent intimidation attempt will likely move uncertain voters.

5 posted on 07/24/2010 11:56:47 AM PDT by frog in a pot (Wake up America! You are losing the war against your families and your Constitution!)
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To: Kansas58

Who is Moran? The only Moran I know is the radical leftist democrat thug. Is there a republican Congressman Moran—in that someone has called him a RINO? The article doesn’t GIVE a first name, state or party association.

6 posted on 07/24/2010 12:21:42 PM PDT by Oldpuppymax
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To: Oldpuppymax
We are in a Republican Primary, in Kansas.

Conservative Republican Todd Tiahrt currently serves in the House.

RINO Republican Moran also serves, currently, in the House.

7 posted on 07/24/2010 12:33:27 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Former Moran Staffer now endorses TIAHRT!

“TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A former campaign manager for Kansas Republican Jerry Moran is now publicly endorsing Moran’s main rival for the U.S. Senate.

Paul Moore said Sunday that he’s backing Moran’s fellow congressman, Todd Tiahrt, after coming to believe that Moran was not instinctively conservative.

Moore made his comments in an open letter to Republicans, which he provided to The Associated Press. He also said he’s sending it to Tiahrt’s campaign.

Moran spokesman Dan Conston said the Moran campaign had not seen the letter but would respond.

Moore said Moran winced at the frequent use of terms like conservative and “pro-life” about himself. Moore was Moran’s campaign manager from February through mid-April.”

8 posted on 07/25/2010 3:46:24 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Who voted for prescription drugs? Tiahrt.
Who voted for No Child Left Behind? Tiahrt.
Who voted against leaving the UN? Tiahrt.
Who voted against a requirement to actually declare war? Tiahrt.
Who voted for amnesty? Tiahrt.

Moran voted on the conservative side of all of these votes, often in a small minority even within his own party. Just because a republican administration pushed these and Tiahrt voted in lockstep doesn’t make them any less socialist measures. You can’t complain about Obamacare if you supported the biggest growth in governemnt since the great society. Tiahrt as a “governemnt cutter” is a joke at best and an outright lie at worst. Moran may not talk the talk, he simply walks the walk, and that’s actually more important.

9 posted on 08/02/2010 4:25:10 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg
You are wrong!
And you are probably a liberal troll, or at least a RINO!

Moran is the one who refused to cut off welfare benefits and Medicaid benefits to illegal aliens. It was a recorded vote!

The founder of the Minute Men, the largest anti illegal alien organization, has endorsed Todd Tiahrt.

Moran originally had the endorsement of Tom Tancredo, another leader in the fight against open borders. Tancredo now says that Moran LIED to him, and Tancredo has switched his endorsement to Todd Tiahrt!

With my own ears, I heard Jerry Moran use the word “Wingers” to describer conservatives.

Jerry Moran is a thug who threatens and bullies to get his way.

He has done so for years, and most of us who have had to deal with him KNOW that Moran, and his goons, make threats all the time!

10 posted on 08/02/2010 5:32:32 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg
Mark Levin just gave Todd Tiahrt another plug and endorsement, on his radio show.

Care to explain that one to everyone?

Perhaps, this is because: MORAN IS THE LIBERAL and TIAHRT is the CONSERVATIVE in this race?

11 posted on 08/02/2010 6:06:49 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Viewing it from just across the border in Missouri, the Tiahrt-Moran battle has been a food-fight of epic proportions.

My wife and I have been lampooning the radio ads as we drive in our around town—each accusation we come up with being more ridiculously outrageous than the last. Good fun.

Having said that, it’s my observation that Moran started the food-fight with his rather ridiculous attempt to paint Tiahrt as being “from Washington” because he wanted to be closer to his family—so he moved them there while he served as US Rep.

It’s been all downhill from there.

I just hope that this exceptionally nasty primary race won’t cause wounds so deep that a Democrat wins a Kansas Senate seat for the first time since the 1930’s.

12 posted on 08/02/2010 6:20:41 PM PDT by filbert (More filbert at've gone rogue!)
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To: Kansas58

I see you didn’t refute any of my FACTS. Endorsements are political and don’t mean anything. Todd Tiahrt couldn’t cut his hair much less a single item in the government budget. All Levin and many in talk radio are concerned about is endless wars. As for endorsements, I don’t think any save Ron Paul’s would mean more to me in Congress right now than Jim DeMint’s, and he’s endorsing Moran.

Please respond with some indication (ANY indication) that Todd Tiahrt has a fiscally conservative bone in his body, and then show me where Moran voted on the other side. You can’t. If you’re OK with endless increases in government spending, who’s the RINO?

13 posted on 08/02/2010 9:56:08 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg
You are an ass!
What you posted is garbage.
Jerry Moran hung around with the Pro Abortion RINO Republicans, when Moran served in the Ks Legislature.
Jerry Moran fought the conservatives, when we were trying to take over the Party.
Jerry Moran NEVER helped conservative candidates, in other races, raise money, and he never helped with any endorsements.
Jerry Moran is a selfish, finger in the wind, RINO!


You deserve no such thing! You do not know what you are talking about!

How in the world did Todd Tiahrt get the endorsements of ALL the conservative organizations out there, if anything you said was, in the least bit, true?

IF Moran was truly “more conservative” than Tiahrt, why on Earth is the media pushing Moran so hard?

You are ridiculous.

Moran voted to give rights to terrorists.
Moran voted against cutting off tax money to illegal aliens.
Moran would not help us make the Bush tax cuts permanent, he went along with the “sunset” provision -— which we are now facing in JANUARY 2011!

You can not have both ways, troll. You can not say that Moran is more conservative than Tiahrt, and then claim that the liberal media does not know what they are doing, endorsing liberal lap dog, Moran!

Tiahrt was on Mark Levin's show tonight.
Tiahrt was on Laura Ingram's show tonight.
Bott Broadcasting also did a story on Moran's threats, tonight.

Of course, you want us to believe that YOU are right, and all of these conservative leaders are wrong?

Again, you are not a serious person.

The above was written for benefit of those who do not know the facts, in Kansas.


14 posted on 08/02/2010 10:05:44 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg
And again:


It is a recorded vote.

It was this vote, and Moran's dishonesty, which caused Tom Tancredo to switch his endorsement to Todd Tiahrt!

15 posted on 08/02/2010 10:08:23 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg
And for the benefit of others, I would also like to point out:

Jim Demint has backed some big libs in the past. Demint often makes mistakes in his endorsements. (I think Demint even backed Romney, early in the last primary, correct me if I am wrong).

Tiahrt has just about every other conservative on his side!

16 posted on 08/02/2010 10:15:31 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Let me refute something else too. I’m not even saying Moran is that great, just better than the uber liberal Tiahrt. I can’t find any substantial government cutting he’s proposed either, I just see that he has actually fought even larger expansion, even if a republican liberal is proposing it, and Moran at least has a sense of freedom and the Constitution by his anti-UN vote and forcing votes on declaring war, a novel idea in these days. Tiahrt only fights spending growth when a dem is in the presidency. He’s a party line hack and for over a decade the party line has been socialist lite in action (even if not in words.)

Also, the term RINO probably does describe Moran. Most Republicans are not in fact conservative in any way except maybe to protect gun rights and in some cases life. They are big government liberals who are hypocritical by what they say on the campaign trail. A Tiahrt ad talking about cutting spending is an outright lie and you know it. At least Moran has fought spending somewhat, even if it meant going against his own party establishment.

17 posted on 08/02/2010 10:17:54 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

Are you against Obamacare? Then why aren’t you against its predecessor, the prescription drug bill? Tiahrt voted for it and IT PASSED BY ONE VOTE. You can’t complain about Obama’s big government socialism if you won’t criticize Bush’s (and Tiahrt’s) big governemnt socialism. $1.25T (that’s trillion, as in bigger than bailouts/stimulus/etc) will be wasted over the first ten years of this legislation. No Child Left Behind, I believe that’s another $25B PER YEAR, on top of the fact that the federal government has absolutely no business in education. What happened to the Contract with America and getting rid of that beast? Your boy Tiahrt consponsored this socialist trash.

For the last time, please refute my votes that Tiahrt made (and Moran made on the correct side). I did independent reasearch truly not knowing who (if either) to vote for. Not campaign ads, not endorsement BS, just a quick look at roll call votes. It’s not too hard, maybe you should try it. All I know now is someone could convince me to vote against Moran, but Tiahrt is absolutely not worthy of my vote. Constitution Party has it if Tiahrt is the nominee. I refuse to vote for a socialist who has a voting record to prove it.

18 posted on 08/02/2010 10:17:58 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

Who would you have proposed instead of Romney? Everyone of them save Ron Paul was guilty of contributing to big government. Romney was the darling of the fake conservatives just like Tiahrt, inspite of his anti life socialized medicine past.

19 posted on 08/02/2010 10:18:13 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg
I SELL HEALTH INSURANCE — I am, therefore, a bit more informed than you will ever be on the subject.

The truth is, Part D of Medicare is a bit of a pain for me to deal with, but it is MARKET oriented.

Jerry Moran wanted a government run, government controlled, government negotiated drug program.

Todd Tiahrt supported the plan we have, which is much better than what Moran wanted.

The truth is, getting prescriptions into the hands of seniors often keeps them OUT of the hospital, which would cost far more.

Also, the Part D program came in UNDER BUDGET!

And, as a political note, if not for Part D, the Seniors might have supported Obamacare. Yes, we got a version of Obamacare, but it would have been worse, had not the Part D “firewall” not been in place.

20 posted on 08/02/2010 10:49:14 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg

Moran would not cut off welfare spending on illegal aliens.

YOU are PROBABLY a Democrat, here to cause trouble.

Your facts are wrong and your logic is twisted.

21 posted on 08/02/2010 10:51:30 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg
You just told us that the only endorsements you would respect would be from Ron Paul or from Demint.

Demint is the ONLY notable endorsement that Moran has received.

I just told you that Demint’s endorsement is not worth much. The guy makes lots of mistakes.

Then, you shoot down Romney, who Demint endorsed EARLY in the last Primary season?

Again, you are either here to cause trouble, as a Democrat troll, or you simply do not know what you are talking about!

22 posted on 08/02/2010 10:55:10 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg
RC 16, HR2, 1/14/09

Moran voted with Nancy Pelosi to give illegal immigrants access to welfare benefits and taxpayer funded health care.

TIAHRT VOTED AGAINST welfare for illegals!

You have found a small handful of votes that you disagree with, that Tiahrt has made.

There are, literally, DOZENS of times that Moran has made horrible votes -—

You do horrible “research” -— in fact, you have done NO research -— you are reading from Moran's press releases.

Another one:
RC 16, HR2, 1/14/09

Jerry Moran votes to raise our taxes!

Todd Tiahrt has NEVER voted for a tax increase.

23 posted on 08/02/2010 11:01:27 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

An old link, but one easily found:

Why does this have a cost if market oriented? BECAUSE WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!

I am licensed too, so you can’t talk down to me. Are you saying that some socialism to avoid more can be a good thing? That defeatist thinking will never lead to any meaningful reduction in governemnt, Tiahrt republicans only preserve democratic expansion and slightly slow the growth until the dems get back in and ramp it up again. With friends like that, who needs enemies? It’s either the fast train or the slow least Moran has voted to put the stops on, even if he doesn’t seem willing to put it in reverse.

IF you are correct on Moran wanting an even worse bill, then he has lost my vote and I go LP or CP. Given his somewhat brave stands against No Child Left Behind and the UN, I think you’re off base with that though. You still haven’t given a good justification of any of his votes I mentioned in a completely unbiased search of spending and Constitutional bills. I obviously don’t like Moran’s vote for $ for illegals, but Tiahrt voted FOR AMNESTY, Moran against. Tiahrt has no grounds to smear on this one.

24 posted on 08/03/2010 6:02:44 AM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

Palin endorsed liberal Fallin over Constitutionalist and true patriot Brogdon. She endorsed her gal pal over Devore. Are you saying her endorsements are good? The Tea Party groups are endorsing people who passed NCLB and prescription drug socialism. Again, if they’re are friends, who needs enemies. The Tea Party caucus is full of people who voted wrong on both of those issues...only 3 didn’t, Pence, Moran, and Walter Jones. Some weren’t around to vote for or against, but the case is made.

25 posted on 08/03/2010 6:02:49 AM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

I searched for the biggest, most important votes and took the time to review the votes myself. I never even saw a Moran (or Tiahrt) ad before doing this, I had only heard his pleasant commercials (before he responded to Tiahrt’s negative ads by going slightly negative himself.) Again, you are lying.

You keep talking about the $ for illegals but keep skipping the AMNESTY vote (McCain-Kennedy) that Tiahrt supported and Moran opposed. You will still not mention No Child Left Behind, and your defense of prescription drugs (some socilaism so we don’t have more) is some of the same stimulus nonsense spouted by the dems (spend to get out of debt.)

As for tax increases, they are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS if nothing is done on spending. Reducing spending is more important than tax cuts. Tiahrt has never met a republican spending program (often unconstitional) he didn’t like.

26 posted on 08/03/2010 6:02:56 AM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg
You are a troll.
Nearly every conservative leader, on the national stage, has endorsed Tiahrt.

You will forgive no “sin” connected, in any way, with Tiahrt.

You will not hold any vote, no matter how bad, against Moran!

Jerry Moran wanted a GOVERNMENT RUN prescription drug program. What Moran wanted was far worse than what Tiahrt voted for.

You think your “research” is more valuable than the research of:

Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
Sarah Palin
Tom Tancredo


27 posted on 08/03/2010 8:24:24 AM PDT by Kansas58
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To: BadgerDawg

Are you CMS licensed?
A simple, state, insurance license does not cut it.

28 posted on 08/03/2010 8:25:30 AM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Thankfully the best guy are repeatedly attacking relatively minor bills and not addressing the more important ones I’ve raised. Tax cuts are pointless without cuts in spending. Spending is more important and Tiahrt has zero backbone for that.

You are free to keep posting more Moran negatives to pull me to whoever the CP or LP is running...I know they are for reduction in government and have the added advantage of seeing through all the unconstitutional waste in our foreign policy between aid, bases all over the world, and false, undeclared wars. I have almost no expection for Moran not towing the unconstitutional party line on those issues anyway, maybe a sliver of hope compared to none with Tiahrt since he voted for pork for his district, and war is his pork.

29 posted on 08/04/2010 6:06:34 AM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

Sean Hannity and conservatism have nothing in common. He is a republican cheerleader and will generally support any measure pushed by republicans and fight any pushed by democrats. If some republicans had not passed the socialist prescription drug bill, and Obama was now the one proposing the exact same bill, Hannity and all the rest would have been livid about “socialism” and “Obamacare.” Since it was Bush administration policy, he was very silent if he offered any opposition at all. The only real exception I can remember is amnesty (Tiahrt) bill. Hannity, Rush, etc really did stand up to Tiahrt and Bush on that one.

30 posted on 08/04/2010 6:06:38 AM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg
You are not a supply-sider.
You are not a Reagan conservative.
Yes, spending got out of line, under Republican leadership.
However, Tax cuts do NOT cause deficits.
Tax rate cuts INCREASE revenues.
31 posted on 08/04/2010 6:17:00 AM PDT by Kansas58
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To: Kansas58

Reagan let spending go through the roof, even if he didn’t personally support it. While he may have been by far the best of a bad group, he was clearly not the ideal. Tax cuts are good for the economy, but revenue spikes are more due to the incentive to pay capital gains now (and not pay them later.) It’s something many clients are considering right now with capital gains rates increasing next year. So basically, it’s a quick fix. The argument for tax cuts should not be “it increases revenue”, it should be “it’s the right thing to do since 90% of federal governemnt spending is not needed and/or is unconstitutional.” It is NOT the federal government’s job to manage or grow the economy. It is their job to get out of the way. Tax cuts are appropriate since government should not be spending, but without spending cuts it’s all adding to the defecit. You can’t spend your way out of deficits, and to the government spending is tax cuts in addition to actual spending.

By the way, Reagan early in his career talked about getting rid of SS and Medicare. That would have been a truly brave president if he continued with that talk. Our country would be in much better shape today.

32 posted on 08/04/2010 2:35:00 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: Kansas58

Let me rephrase the tax cut issue. Corporate tax cuts can actually grow the economy as foreign investment comes in. From a personal income standpoint, I stand by my post. Take it to an extreme, if taxes were reduced to 5% do you really think revenues would grow? Of course not.

33 posted on 08/04/2010 2:47:12 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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To: BadgerDawg

Many of the tax cuts also eliminated loopholes so in reality they just presented a fairer picture of the tax code, rate reductions were not necessarily designed to be revenue reductions. Very few people actually paid those ridiculous rates in the 70s because of all the tax shelters available. Anyone looking for an oil or gas deal?

34 posted on 08/04/2010 3:02:53 PM PDT by BadgerDawg
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