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Police Call Gang-Rape Photo Sharing 'Disgusting'
CTV ^ | Sunday Sept. 19, 2010

Posted on 09/18/2010 10:10:12 PM PDT by nickcarraway

Police say photos of a 16-year-old girl being gang-raped at a rave in suburban Vancouver are being posted on Facebook and passed around in e-mails and text messages that one detective called "disgusting."

The teenager, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was attending a rave along with several hundred other youths in the Vancouver suburb of Pitt Meadows last Friday night or early Saturday morning.

RCMP Const. Aaron Lloyd said that at some point during the party, the teen was given a "date rape" drug that rendered her unconscious. She was then taken out of the house where the main party was taking place and assaulted by five to seven youths.

Lloyd said several other teens watched the repeated sexual assaults on the girl and at least one of them took photographs.

A 16-year-old youth has been arrested and charged with production of child pornography.

"He not only took the photographs and distributed the photographs, he was clearly present (but) we can't say at this time for certain if he was or was not involved in the sexual assault," Lloyd said.

Cpl. Jennifer Hyland said the pictures of the rape have spread like wildfire through social networking sites and cellphones, despite attempts by police and the victim's family to stop them.

Hyland said many of the youths contacted by police were defiant when asked to stop distributing the pictures.

"They continue to be reposted by other youths who are receiving them and posting them back onto various websites, including Facebook, and are being shared amongst BlackBerrys and iPhones," she said.

"It is spreading like wildfire and our attempts to stop this victim from reliving this … it's just getting worse. The more we try to tell people to take it off the more people send it

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To: KJC1

Leave. Now.

41 posted on 09/19/2010 12:27:31 AM PDT by Admin Moderator
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To: Boogieman

You can’t even admit that her father and mother should have loved her enough to stop her from going to such a dangerous place. That is just sad.

42 posted on 09/19/2010 12:32:46 AM PDT by donna (Synonyms: Feminism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Islam-ism)
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To: wardaddy
"...we tart the stew out of girls and then give them the out of a rape or assault claim if they go porn queen and get caught"

From the aticle, it appears that the girl wasn't participating...possibly slipped a drug of some sort. This is not to say that our girls and guys are not being pushed to be overly sexually agressive at much too young an age...because they are..and they are paying too dear a price for it IMHO.

43 posted on 09/19/2010 12:39:14 AM PDT by Earthdweller (Harvard won the election what's the problem.......? Embrace a ruler today.)
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To: Admin Moderator

You don’t know how much I appreciate what all of the Mods do.

I know...that sounds like I’m being a suck up...but I really mean it.

44 posted on 09/19/2010 12:40:10 AM PDT by dixiechick2000 (Remember November...I can see it from my house!)
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To: KJC1
"I do believe this is the first time in almost 6 years on FR I’ve had a post removed."

You are wrong in that belief.

45 posted on 09/19/2010 12:43:52 AM PDT by Admin Moderator
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Comment #46 Removed by Moderator

To: nickcarraway

This is heartbreaking and it makes me so angry. The poor girl.

I also feel bad for the people who do not want to see the images but are receiving them anyway. I can’t imagine opening up an email like that. They need to turn in the people forwarding them.

47 posted on 09/19/2010 12:55:33 AM PDT by Nickname
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To: donna

I can’t find anything that says these parents knew she was at a rave. My parents never called in the middle of the night when I was at a slumber party; they never had reason to. If these parents never had reason to before, how are they bad parents when a 16-year-old decides to do something stupid? Teenagers do have responsibility for their decisions.

48 posted on 09/19/2010 12:55:56 AM PDT by skr (May God confound the enemy)
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To: kimmie7
Late 80’s, “party of the year”, rural locale, 50- 100 drinking teenagers, I'm in HS, my father shows up and I hear him yelling at kids and asking where I am or if I'm there. He finds me and tells me to get in the car— NOW or he'll drag me there in front of everyone. Talk about embarrassed! He was 6'4’’ with a booming voice to match. I was never going to talk to him again. To top it off we get home and he calls the police because of what he saw in just picking me up. Now I know my social life is over — until the next morning and the news is talking about THE party that ended up in a DWI fatality and a rape arrest. Years later women who were my friends at the time, at the party, thank my dad for calling the police, as it was quickly “spiraling out of control”.

With every kid having a cell phone today, it amazes me, actually makes me sad, that not one of them used it to call 911 instead of taking pictures. Just would have taken one decent person. Even at that party back in the 80’s I would have called the police if I had seen any type of assault going on. As a mom with two girls, one approaching the teen years you better bet I'll know where they are. But you're right so many parents just don't want to look “uncool” to their own kids. Or worse they just don't care.

49 posted on 09/19/2010 12:57:43 AM PDT by MacMattico
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To: Pox

Well, I would have a hard time controlling myself if I came face to face with them. I share your feelings regarding how disgusting and vile they are. But, we live in a world of laws and it sounds like the law is going to go after them.

50 posted on 09/19/2010 1:07:51 AM PDT by gunsequalfreedom (Conservative is not a label of convenience.)
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To: wardaddy

It’s sounds like rape. Physical injuries and loss of memory are typical of GHB dosing. We have had several publicized incidents like this in SoCal in recent years.

I heard rumors of ‘trains’ back when I was in high school, same as you. It’s nothing new, voluntary depravity mixed with alcohol. What is new are cell phone cameras, the internet, and date rape drugs. It makes a whole new world of small scale evil possible.

51 posted on 09/19/2010 1:13:47 AM PDT by Pelham (Islam, the mortal enemy of the free world)
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To: MacMattico

Sounds like the movie “Uncle Buck”!

There is a family down the street with a son. It’s been quite a few years now, but he had been at a rave, and then he and his housemates and boyfriends/girlfriends went back to their house to continue the party. Although it sounded like a fairly restrained thing - just some more drinks and music.

Except some stanger at the rave was invited back to the house. After an hour of hanging out with his new “friends” the guy (twenties) went out to his car and came back with numerous weapons. Killed something like 6 kids. The son helped his girlfriend (and himself) escape out a bathroom window.

I forget what the psycho’s “reasoning” was. If he felt left out, or if he thought the raves were the devil’s work, etc. Seems he had been seen at previous raves.

What’s the saying - nothing good every happens after midnight?

52 posted on 09/19/2010 1:20:32 AM PDT by 21twelve ( You can go from boom to bust, from dreams to a bowl of dust ... another lost generation.)
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To: Earthdweller

I was just commenting and asking the qustion...don’t have enough info...did not mean to start WWIII...over my own

53 posted on 09/19/2010 1:23:06 AM PDT by wardaddy ( race baiters and self righteous type folks here....I am indeed Satan. I confess.)
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To: Pelham; Black Agnes
yes and drugs...particularly Ecstasy are common at raves and supposedly Ecstasy makes folks uninhibited and carnal enhanced

for the my day it was Quaaludes

and though I indeed witnessed voluntary sexual groupings I was not a participant

it just didn't set well with me to see women quite so vulnerable/exposed even if they did instigate it or want it to happen and I didn't like being around other naked boys much either..seemed sorta gay...Jocks seemed most likely to "train"

that sort of thing was rather common in the 70s ..folks were just into it and the drugs were there

i have no evidence that happened here but I thought it as reasonable question given just the tidbit I read on the opening paragraph

another thing...working around a lot of younger folks who are in my employ....girls today...many of them...send out naked pics and lewd suggestions to men they have never slept with as an invite at the drop of the's astounding what I see ...we have so ruined women...and I like women..and appreciate appropriate nudity and sensuality....think Summer of 42 or something like that or Playboy or maybe Diane Lane in that is hot without being coarse and too demeaning

but today it's like Caligula's Barge for way too many young folks

women are a hypersexed “acting” and tarty and men seem efette...weird as hell

women have become more like boys were in my day in sexual aggression and men have become like women...sissy looking

BA, we always talk about this physical degeneration of boys

54 posted on 09/19/2010 1:35:12 AM PDT by wardaddy ( race baiters and self righteous type folks here....I am indeed Satan. I confess.)
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To: JrsyJack
Deterring crime doesn't come from the barbarity of the punishment, but from the certainty of it.

The kids who committed this disgusting crime are reasonably confident they live in a society where they will not be held accountable, or that if they are, the consequences will be far less severe than the guidelines of the law provide.

That being said, I'm not exactly against the idea of public castrations, so long as it's a single flush cut, not a double-snip.

55 posted on 09/19/2010 2:33:28 AM PDT by Quiller (When you're fighting to survive, there is no "try" -- there is only do, or do not.)
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To: skr
Teenagers do have responsibility for their decisions.

Their brains aren't even done growing. The law won't let them sign contracts. You know this, right? Ever heard of parents "raising" their kids. Checking on them and making sure where they are and what they are doing...the duties of a parent?

I'm afraid your attitude is the common one now days.

56 posted on 09/19/2010 2:39:18 AM PDT by donna (Synonyms: Feminism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Islam-ism)
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To: Bobalu

Me too. they have to nail every last bastard involved.

57 posted on 09/19/2010 2:43:27 AM PDT by wiggen (The teacher card. When the racism card just won't work.)
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To: donna

Your parents called your friends’ homes at 3 a.m. just to check on you?

58 posted on 09/19/2010 3:17:36 AM PDT by skr (May God confound the enemy)
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To: donna

>> What kind of parents let a 16-year-old girl attend a rave?

Congratulations. With that simple statement you went straight to the heart of the matter.

Same could be said for the parents of everyone who attended that “rave”.

59 posted on 09/19/2010 3:54:06 AM PDT by Nervous Tick (Trust in God, but row away from the rocks!)
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To: nickcarraway

At least one of them took photographs,a bust to ensue soon I hope.

60 posted on 09/19/2010 4:39:42 AM PDT by Vaduz
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