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To: Nitehawk0325
We have three main problems here in the state of fruits and nuts.

1) The unions. The unions are using all the dues stolen from their people to get Brown, Boxer and other democrats elected. Plus, the unions with their retirements are making it virtually impossible for the private citizens to save any money.

2) The damn illegals. Every illegal is just going to do something else illegal. They will go to the voting booths, lie about who they are and vote for democrats. We need to make it so a person needs to have identification in order to vote. We also need to have everyone re-register in order to vote to keep all the dead people, the people who vote multiple times from voting.

3) We need to stop early voting. People being able to vote up to three weeks early just opens up the chances of voter fraud. Absentee voting should be only for people who really need and qualify for me. Military personnel, home bound people, and people like me who drive trucks for a living and are gone for weeks at a time.

The liberal stranglehold goes way beyond this.

Yes, the unions are a big reason for it. Why? Because California lack paycheck protection laws. Unions extort money from members to give to only Democrats. If they had to get explicit permission from the members on an annual basis, the Union political funds would dry up over night. Schwarzennegger pushed for passing this proposition back in 2004. He got his ass kicked by the Teachers Union and Nurses Union, when all 4 of the props he supported failed. If the paycheck protection prop had passed, the Dems would have lost a guarnateed source of political funding from the unions.

Disgruntled California conservatives need to DEMAND paycheck protection for union members immediately, if not sooner.

Illegals are not an issue in the Dem stranglehold. Election fraud IS an issue and the CA Republicans need to go after this right up to requiring ID for voting. No more dead or felon names used for the voting rolls. Really, the CA GOP needs to fight to overturn motor-voter automatic registration. But voter ID is an absolute must and going after voter fraud is also a must.

You left off the CA elitists, both the upper class and middle class. Vast numbers of brain-dead, feel-good CA elitists pull the Dem lever exclusively, voting with their heart and not their head, in election after election. Thi is not just the gay lobby or Jewish lobby, etc. It is vast numbers of middle class yuppies in major cities who vote themselves higher taxes and more government restrictions because they LOVE higher taxes and they LOVE government. I kid you not.

Then you have all of the voting poor. We have a massive entitlement mentality here in California and those receiving welfare, food stamps, assistance, vouchers, housing allowances, medical allowances, transportation allowances, etc ad nauseum -- how do you think they vote? Hint: it is NOT GOP> They are on the gravy train and they vote exclusively DEM to keep the flood of gravy flowing.

California government schools have brainwashed generations CA residents. They vote knee-jerk Dem. It takes a long time to turn a brainwashed, starry-eyed young "save the whales" liberal to morph into an overtaxed, overburdgened, government-oppressed conservative - so write off most people under 40 years old as products of their government school indoctrination.

California is flat doomed. It needs to collapse and have its resident workers/taxpayers suffer so badly that they wake from their dreams of Utopia, holding hands and buying the world a coke, to the cold, hard reality that they can't provide for their kids and their own future if they are wasting all of their money on deadbeats, takers, and idiotic green/wasteful/ridiculous/insane/pork barrell government boondoggles.

40 posted on 10/26/2010 4:51:42 PM PDT by Freedom_Is_Not_Free (I am having the best Depression, ever!)
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To: Freedom_Is_Not_Free
Good post...

And I'm an ex-Calif....

I also have family back there still....

My oldest daughter moved back there....and I am not happy about it.

My mother and sister still live there....

I think of them often..........

41 posted on 10/26/2010 4:56:25 PM PDT by Osage Orange (MOLON LABE)
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