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Bag of Uncounted Ballots Found in Bridgeport ^ | 11-05-10 | BY Bob Connors

Posted on 11/05/2010 8:27:35 AM PDT by Red Badger

In what has become one of the stranger twists in an already bizarre Governor's race, a bag of uncounted ballots was found in Bridgeport Thursday night.

Republican officials were approached by Democratic operatives and told about the surprise ballot bag, according to Bridgeport GOP Chairman Marc Delmonico.

“It adds to the inconsistencies from the Democratic Party in Bridgeport. It just keeps adding to it,” said Delmonico. “There’s nothing odd about it; there’s certainly nothing missing about it,” said Ed Maley, a representative for the Democratic Party.

Delmonico said Democrats asked to have several people deputized to count the uncounted ballots, but Republicans objected, claiming that wasn't proper procedure in the vote-counting process.

“These ballots are getting extraordinarily heightened scrutiny. They’re being dealt with in a public fashion, an open public process so that everyone can witness it,” said Mark Anastasi, the city attorney for Bridgeport.

Instead the GOP asked police to take custody of the bag of ballots until the matter could be sorted out.

The votes could be pivotal in the race for Governor, in which neither candidate has conceded defeat.

Wednesday, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz declared Democrat Dan Malloy the "unofficial" winner, but numbers released by her office show Republican Tom Foley still leading Malloy by more than 8,000 votes. Those totals do not include any of the vote totals from the City of Bridgeport.

Bridgeport has become the focal point of what has turned into a circus of an election.

A ballot shortage led to long lines on Election Day, and a judge issuing an order to keep polls open until 10 p.m. Tuesday, two hours longer than every other town in the state.

Because of the shortage, many of the votes cast Tuesday were done so on photocopied ballots.

Election officials began counting those ballots just after 5 p.m. Thursday when the new bag of uncounted ballots was discovered.

Bysiewicz said she didn't expect the vote totals from Bridgeport to be submitted to her until Friday at the earliest.

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KEYWORDS: 2010midterms; 2010votefraud; ballots; corruption; ct2010; democratcorruption; democrats; electionfraud; elections; found; fraud; howtostealanelection; voter; voterfraud
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To: Marty62

“It’s time for a “CHAIN OF EVIDENCE “ style handlig of ballots.”


61 posted on 11/05/2010 9:10:35 AM PDT by Qbert
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To: NFHale

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Falling off the chair!! STOP IT

62 posted on 11/05/2010 9:12:41 AM PDT by acsrp38 (Do your best to prevent Gorbal Warming!! Leave the lights on!!)
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To: Old North State

Right! And the precursors to this are “we don’t have enough ballots” (because we diverted 15,000), and “we must stay open late” (to vote the no-shows and generate enough votes to win, which they learn from broadcast news).

63 posted on 11/05/2010 9:13:38 AM PDT by DBrow
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To: ichabod1
"This is one GD thing I DEMAND that the new republican majority do — crack down on voter fraud"

I hereby announce a competition - no prizes will be awarded. Please list every case where a bag (or whatever) of ballot papers was found, whether it changed the eventual winner and if so, in which direction, and then list the indictment, the verdict, and the sentence.

64 posted on 11/05/2010 9:14:59 AM PDT by I am Richard Brandon
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To: Red Badger

How about “NO ballots to be counted until all precincts have delivered their bags or boxes.”

We have this silly Need to know immediately. I say wait until next day after everything is in for results.

65 posted on 11/05/2010 9:16:18 AM PDT by bunster
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To: Brookhaven

“Simple steps like this would prevent traitors from stealing a bunch of ballots”

I like your plan but it has as much chance of adoption as requiring ID to vote.

“Election reform” measures usually push in the direction of enabling more fraud. Go figure...

66 posted on 11/05/2010 9:16:26 AM PDT by DBrow
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To: acsrp38; Perdogg; Red Badger

...or they might even say...

...Ready..wait for it...

“WOW!!! Look at the size of that HANGING CHAD!!!!”

Here till Tuesday...try the Veal!

67 posted on 11/05/2010 9:17:13 AM PDT by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: Red Badger
Public: Is this a fair election?

Dems: Not the way we play it!

68 posted on 11/05/2010 9:19:05 AM PDT by DeFault User
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To: ponygirl

With 19 new GOP controlled legislatures, there has to be a new laws protecting the ballots. One way is to require that when the polls close, that at least two precict judges and members of law enforcement accompany the ballots (AT ALL TIMES) when they are processed, tallied, and reported. This will greatly reduce the occurances of ballots showing up in “bags” and car trunks.

Any ballots that just “show up” have to be disregarded. PERIOD

69 posted on 11/05/2010 9:19:09 AM PDT by TMA62 (TMA62)
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To: Salamander
We’re lousy at cheating. And worse at preventing it or defending against it or prosecuting it.
70 posted on 11/05/2010 9:19:25 AM PDT by slowhandluke (It's hard to be cynical enough in this age.)
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To: Marty62

Interestily since the old padlocked ballot box has gone to the dustbin of Society, Fraud and corruption has increased. Maybe this illegal activity should be raised to Felony status?

I work with computers, have been a computer security admin in the past, and probably know more about computers than 99% of the population.

Electronic voting machines are little more than voting fraud machines. Period.

Anyone (ANYONE) that attempts to tell you that an electronic system is secure is lying to your face (of an ignorant fool). Voter fraud will increase until we get back to a physical paper trail.

Physical systems can be backed up by data systems (in fact, duplicating the data between a physical item like a log book and an electronic system like a database will make fraud harder), but an all electronic system is a playground for people that want to commit fraud.

71 posted on 11/05/2010 9:19:49 AM PDT by Brookhaven (Voter Fraud is Treason)
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To: NFHale

I have a Happy Meal theory too

Just wondering what would happen if the food police in SFO
banned all nasty muchies??

Are organic carrot sticks and edemame (being from NE - raw soybeans are nasty) munchies?

72 posted on 11/05/2010 9:21:05 AM PDT by acsrp38 (Do your best to prevent Gorbal Warming!! Leave the lights on!!)
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To: Jrabbit; DrewsDad; basil; txhurl; lormand; wolfcreek

Do you know which district that was in by chance? If it was TX house district 48, I am going to be PO’ed.

73 posted on 11/05/2010 9:21:37 AM PDT by Arrowhead1952 (Work harder than ever for 2012.)
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To: Red Badger

“declaring” someone an “unofficial” winner? Only a wacko democrat could do that.

74 posted on 11/05/2010 9:22:55 AM PDT by Leftism is Mentally Deranged (Annoying liberals is my goal. I will not be silenced.)
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To: Red Badger
"...A "bag" of ballots just shows up..?"

Worked pretty well for Al Franken. I think that they kept finding boxes/bags of ballots for him for a couple of weeks after his election.

Dem's suck!

75 posted on 11/05/2010 9:22:58 AM PDT by skimbell
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To: Brookhaven

Well that depressed me.

76 posted on 11/05/2010 9:24:14 AM PDT by Marty62 (Marty 60)
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To: Red Badger

brought to you by the D.O.J., led by Eric Holder
for the DNC, unions, and the undocumented Obama
with the unmitigated help of the MSM.

"Angle Lawyer Requests DOJ Investigation of Reid Campaign, Harrah’s
UPDATE: The (proven-corrupt) Department of Justice declined to comment on the matter."

"Voter Fraud Alleged In Crow Wing County (MN)
he saw what appeared to be staff members of a mental health facility
fill out a client's ballot and tell another client who to vote for during absentee balloting."

"Minnesota GOP Reports 'Unacceptable' Problems With Counting Machines
.... multiple complaints about failing tabulation machines at polling places around the state.
.... complaints about machines in Duluth, Olmsted County, Lakeville,
Faribault, Mendota Heights and Eagan."

"George Soros And The Margin Of Theft
: Tuesday's results overcame many instances of orchestrated vote fraud, but not all.
Now the court cases begin, aided and abetted by the
Secretary of State Project funded by a Hungarian billionaire.
There will be recounts and court cases, and that is
where a state office — the secretary of state — comes into play."

"Angle Camp: Not so fast
Reid never got above 46 percent of the vote
and tonight he gets 51 percent? Ashjian and "none of the above"
got less than 3 percent combined. Something fishy is going on."

"Looks like fraud in spades in Nevada
In the last two weeks 95% of the polls had Angle winning .5 to 3.5%.
Reid is up by 5."

"Union Accused of Voter Fraud Involving Mentally Handicapped
Authorities in Crow Wing County are investigating possible voter fraud
involving people with mental disabilities …. a large group of mentally handicapped
people were told whom to vote for by mental health staff members and that staff filled
out the ballots themselves without the disabled voters close by."

" (Rochester) Offering Voters "Rides to Polls" (Coalition of Black Trade Unionists)
They told people to call the Rochester, NY office of the
and also said that the information is up on their website."

"National Organization Warns of Illegal Immigrant Voters
On October 28, WSBTV and the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported
that their recent comparison of jury duty records and voter registrations
found hundreds of non-citizens registered to vote and hundreds actually voting!"

"Vote Fraud Woes Already Mar Mid-Term Elections
some Nevadans who have tried voting early for Republican
Senate nominee Sharron Angle instead have seen
Democrat Harry Reid’s name appear on their electronic voting machines.

•Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry and Genesis Robinson,
his campaign manager, face voter-fraud charges. In an apparent re-election tactic,
they allegedly completed 92 absentee-ballot applications with the names
of Floridians who never requested them or who had moved away.

•Bucks County, Pennsylvania officials are investigating 500 apparently
fraudulent absentee-ballot applications. Also, the Pennsylvania Voter Assistance
Office sent citizens letters encouraging them to apply for absentee ballots.
No such office exists."

"New Black Panther Seen At Polling Place [same polling place as 2008]
PHILADELPHIA - Fox 29 News spotted Tuesday a member of the New Black Panther Party
standing outside of a local polling place where voter intimidation was reported two years ago."

Diane Sawyer: “A few busloads of people can change a Congressional election”
George Stephanopoulos runs through the generic ballot numbers in the final WaPo/ABC poll
and sees a nine-point flip from registered to likely voters, for a final 4-point Republican lead.
Diane Sawyer then suggests how easily that, er, some folks could change the elections:
“A few busloads of people can change a Congressional elections.”"

"Tsongas told to move away from Tenney polling station
Clerk Christine Touma-Conway said Tsongas, who is running
for reelection against Republican Jon Golnik, went to the
Tenney School to greet voters. While she was there, she was shaking hands
and greeting voters inside the 150-buffer zone that is set by law to keep
campaigners and candidates away from the immediate vicinity
around polling places, Touma-Conway said. Also this morning, Tsongas went to the Timony School to donate baked goods.... "

"Nevada Union Illegally Coordinating with Reid Campaign for Votes
Crum reveals emails between Reid’s office and the union folks
telling them to force their members to get to the polls, setting up bus trips
for that purpose, and even sending a spread sheet file identifying workers who
had and had not voted and for whom they voted. This is all clearly illegal."

"(CT) Hartford and Bridgeport Polls Run Out Of Ballots
Not good. Hartford and Bridgeport are the two largest cities in Connecticut
and are where most Democrap vote fraud occurs."

"Angle Lawyer Requests DOJ Investigation of Reid Campaign, Harrah’s
National Review Online ^ | 11/2/2010 | Katrina Trinko
“The posting details and documents an orchestrated effort by
Harrah’s … to intimidate and coerce Harrah’s employees to vote for
Harry Reid for the United States Senate, to track whether or not employees
had or had not voted and to pressure supervisors to ensure that
the employees reporting to those supervisors were voting.”

"Former F.E.C. official on Reid strong-arming: ‘I’ve never seen anything so blatant’
There are two issues. The first is illegal coordination.
The Reid campaign is specifically asking a corporation with the help of a union to get voters"

"Harry Reid’s Son Oversees Suspect Election Machines In Nevada
Rory Reid, the son of Nevada U.S. Senator Harry Reid,
is in charge of the voting machines that were reported
as malfunctioning and are serviced by the SEIU."

"Sharron Angle's political team has accused Harry Reid of "stealing" the Nevada senatorial election
Free Republic even posted pre-election polling data versus actual returns"

"Harrah’s Bosses Put Squeeze on Employees to Vote in Pro-Reid Effort"

"Team Angle alleges voter intimidation by Reid campaign"

"Angle Accuses Reid Of Bribing For Votes"

"Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid's name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members"

"Harry Reid's Son in Charge of Nevada Voting Machines Used in Fraud" and related posts "

"The Scandal of Military Voter Disenfranchisement
About 2,500,000 men and women in the Armed Forces are of voting age at the present time.
Many of those in uniform are serving overseas, or in parts of the country distant from their homes.
They are unable to return to their States either to register or to vote.
Several sstates with late primaries applied for and received waivers for 2010,
and agreed to extend the deadline for the return of ballots mailed in from overseas.
In Illinois, the problem was not a late primary. Indeed, Illinois held its 2010 primary on February 2, 2010.
But 35 of 110 Illinois counties seriously missed the September 18 deadline.
One of the late counties was St. Clair County, home to 261,000 people and to Scott Air Force Base.
The U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing the MOVE Act,
but it seems not to take its responsibilities seriously
DoJ entered into a consent decree with Illinois that does not solve the problem. ”

77 posted on 11/05/2010 9:26:18 AM PDT by Diogenesis ('Freedom is the light of all sentient beings.' - Optimus Prime)
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To: Red Badger

bet they’re votes for republicans......

78 posted on 11/05/2010 9:26:47 AM PDT by tutstar
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To: acsrp38

Nope. That’s what people feed livestock.

So we can eat livestock on a bun later on.

Food Police? F’em.

79 posted on 11/05/2010 9:28:51 AM PDT by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: slowhandluke

Ain’t that the sad truth.

I reckon it goes in the “nobody has more locks than a thief” category.

We need to learn to address the evils we might not otherwise ever consider.

80 posted on 11/05/2010 9:28:53 AM PDT by Salamander (Can't sleep......the clowns will eat me.)
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