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Wikileaks: WMD program existed in Iraq prior to US invasion
Law Enforcement Examiner ^ | 7 December 10 | Jim Kouri

Posted on 12/07/2010 4:50:21 PM PST by LSUfan

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To: LSUfan

Ok, this begins to make sense. JA publishes a quarter million classified documents and imperils lives thereby, but he vindicates GWB on the issue of WMD, therefore Interpol was hunting him down to charge him with not using a fresh condom.

61 posted on 12/07/2010 6:09:59 PM PST by 668 - Neighbor of the Beast (Grammar police off-duty. But I saw what you did.)
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To: BigSkyFreeper
"You want to let him off the hook for theft of classified documents?"

I think that he is providing a valuable service. Someone should go to jail for providing access to the documents

I don't think you can blame him for not keeping secrets that drop in his lap. The people to blame are the ones who supplied the information, or hacked into restricted systems.

One could argue that once the documents left restricted space, they are in the public domain. You can't keep the genie in the bottle once that happens. Anyone who argues you can is on the path to censorship.
62 posted on 12/07/2010 6:14:24 PM PST by laxcoach (Government is greedy. Taxpayers who want their own money are not greedy.)
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To: UCFRoadWarrior so called “conservatives” still want to execute Assange, now?

The conservative movement is becoming corrupted by unending war and is on the verge of becoming outright militarist. So yeah, they still want to execute him.

63 posted on 12/07/2010 6:19:20 PM PST by garbanzo (Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.)
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To: LSUfan

Bush was right!

64 posted on 12/07/2010 6:19:20 PM PST by taxcontrol
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To: SparkyBass

Ugh. THIS is what we have as a frikkin’ ‘leader’.

Gawd help us.

65 posted on 12/07/2010 6:23:13 PM PST by RushIsMyTeddyBear (Not under the influence of Hope-nosis.)
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To: MsLady
I never did believe that President Bush or his administration was lying about that.

Neither did I. The dishonesty was in his reason for invading Iraq. It wasn't really about WMD. What it was about is anyone's guess. All I know is that he was not telling the whole story when he addressed the American people with marbles in his mouth. (That's how you know he's lying).

66 posted on 12/07/2010 6:23:40 PM PST by giotto (Don’t look at the photo)
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67 posted on 12/07/2010 6:41:00 PM PST by shield (A wise man's heart is at his RIGHT hand;but a fool's heart at his LEFT. Ecc 10:2)
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To: LSUfan; jveritas
No startling revelation there. The piles of captured docs that the DoD had made publicly available for anyone who would translate them told the tale years ago.
Many thanks and a tip 'o the hat to Mr. jveritas, wherever you are.


Saddam WMD: Findings and Analysis Based on Captured Iraqi Documents (Part I)

September 1998 Document: Secret Research Programs Related to WMD

Iraqi Documents: Plans To Produce Prohibited Chemical Weapons Precursors

2002 Document: Request for Precursor That Can Be Used To Make VX Nerve Gas

2001 Top Secret Document: Production of Prohibited Nerve Gas Detectors

2001 Document: Manufacturing of Chemical Warfare Decontamination Trailers

1999 Document Chemical Platoons Applied Training In Chemical Lab to Detect Nerve Agents, VX Agents..

2002 Document: Plan To Produce Mobile Laboratories

2002 Document: Chemical Material Hidden Underground

Summer 2002 Document: Destruction And Hiding of WMD Documents and Archives

1997 Document: Orders To Remove All Information Related To WMD From Computers

2001 Iraqi Document: Saddam Approved the Re-Use of Nuclear Equipment

Iraqi Documents: Projects to Rebuild Saddam Nuclear Facilities

Iraqi Documents Show Plans for Prohibited Nuclear Projects

Document: Iraqi Dissident Talks About WMD Moved to Syria

Iraqi Documents Rebut the Senate Intelligence Report on WMD.

1999, 2000 Iraqi memos: Procurement of 50000 Aluminum Tubes That Can Be Used For URANIUM ENRICHMENT

Undated Document: Change Chemical, Nuclear, And Missiles Sites for Fear of Western Attack

2001, 2002 Iraqi Memos: SECRET NUCLEAR PROJECT

Document Dated February/3/2003: Chemical Gears for The Chemical Group

Saddam Regime Document Dated January 2003: The French and German Connections which include a story about WMD transfer to Syria


68 posted on 12/07/2010 6:48:39 PM PST by lapsus calami (What's that stink? Code Pink ! ! And their buddy Murtha, too!)
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To: wastedyears

Why did Bush roll over and play dead on this. He had the documents.

69 posted on 12/07/2010 7:04:29 PM PST by Revel
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To: rdcbn; Protect the Bill of Rights
For some reason, Bush refused to stand up and fight against the media propaganda war to undermine the United States.

Carl Rove was his top advisor. That explains a lot of his bad decisions.

70 posted on 12/07/2010 7:08:50 PM PST by Grizzled Bear ("Does not play well with others.")
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To: TribalPrincess2U


71 posted on 12/07/2010 7:34:19 PM PST by Paul46360
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To: BigSkyFreeper
If Assange himself curiously goes missing, that won’t stop the other Assange’s out there from taking his place.

Exactly. Assange may be locked up now, but the idea won't die, and there are enough supporters that people will take his place and most likely one or more of them will succeed in being a lot more underground, decentralized and clever about it, too. And there will be sources that will feed (leak) to them. I don't see this going away when Assange goes away. I predict that it will for a while -- but then will re-emerge in some other, harder-to-prosecute form.

72 posted on 12/07/2010 7:35:56 PM PST by RepublitarianRoger2
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To: Verginius Rufus

I am finding references to the Democrat visit to Turkey hard to find. While I may be mistaken, I remember a news reoprt on Democrats going and wondering what was up, thinking them duplicitous at the time.

I do find the complaints about US-Turkish relations & negotiations:

I did see this....
This Congressional delegation: “U.S. CONGRESS DELEGATION DUE TO TURKEY
WASHINGTON D.C, Feb 15 (A.A) - A delegation comprised of members of U.S. House of Representatives will visit Turkey in order to develop Turkish- American relations.

The delegation will be headed by Democrat Party deputy Robert Wexler and comprised of Republican Party deputy Kay Granger, Democrat Party deputy Jim Moran, Republican Party deputy Cliff Stearns and Tom Tancredo.

The congress members are expected to meet with President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Parliament Speaker Omer Izgi, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, Foreign Minister Ismail Cem and other high-level officials during their visit between February 16-22.

The U.S. parliamentarians will focus on the fight against terrorism and improvement of bilateral relations, particularly in defense and energy and take up Afghanistan, Turkish-Israeli relations, Iraq, Middle East, Balkans, Central Asia and Caucasus.

The delegation is also foreseen to hold contacts related with the Turkish- U.S. Economic Partnership Commission meeting scheduled to be held in Ankara between February 26-27.”

Also, Fedora has done some heavy lifting on Kerry...

“John Kerry vs. the War on Terror: Candidate Kerry’s Subversive Campaign
Original FReeper research | 11/01/2004 | Fedora

Posted on Monday, November 01, 2004 11:27:09 AM by Fedora”

“WASHINGTON — Three congressmen who raised eyebrows during a recent trip to Iraq repeated their assertions that the war drums in Washington are beating too loudly.

On Wednesday, Reps. David Bonior, D-Mich., and Jim McDermott, D-Wash.— who were joined by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., on the trip — held a press conference to further their argument that the United States should allow more time for international diplomacy rather than rushing off to war.”,2933,64657,00.html

McCain & Lieberman went, early in 2002:

“04 January 2002

Transcript: Press Briefing with Senators Lieberman, McCain in Turkey”

(By the way, Cem has since died)

Murtha was all wrapped up in things Turkish. that one Turkish rich guy, Gulen, lives in Pennsylvania & has Islamic militant organizations there.

Of course, I could just be wrong.

73 posted on 12/07/2010 7:36:18 PM PST by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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To: MsLady

So in his interviews, President Bush says he was really upset about not finding the weapons. Can he defend himself now? I mean, when they find a meth lab, with no meth, but all the parts, and residue, it’s called a meth lab and don’t the owners go to jail?

74 posted on 12/07/2010 7:42:04 PM PST by huldah1776
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To: Fedora

forgot to ping you. Apologies.

75 posted on 12/07/2010 7:43:04 PM PST by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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To: UCFRoadWarrior

Assange is no patriot to anyone. He is an admitted anarchist who delights in destruction and chaos and doesn’t care who he hurts, even if it is millions of innocents.

76 posted on 12/07/2010 8:05:45 PM PST by Blood of Tyrants (Islam is the religion of Satan and Mohammed was his minion.)
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To: SunkenCiv


77 posted on 12/07/2010 8:06:46 PM PST by Captain Beyond (The Hammer of the gods! (Just a cool line from a Led Zep song))
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To: MsLady

the question is...why, just a few weeks ago in an interview did bush say that he believed there had been WMD but turned out there wasn’t and he and everyone else had been wrong.

78 posted on 12/07/2010 8:08:59 PM PST by annelizly
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To: eaglesiniowa

I can believe it. It just makes sense, he was a crazy dictator and they’re all the same. I remember when my hubby was in the first Iraq war, he was the on the Independence. I was worried about it. I remembered what sadam had done to the Kurds and figured he wouldn’t waste a minute thinking about doing it to our troops. Thank God he didn’t.

79 posted on 12/07/2010 8:21:19 PM PST by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: LSUfan

msnbc article

MERLN PDF document

cnn article

80 posted on 12/07/2010 8:23:26 PM PST by ("Uh let me be clear... Uh..." - President Barack Obama)
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