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Congress Overturns Ban of Gays Serving Openly, Sends Bill to Obama's Desk
Fox News ^ | Dec. 18, 2010

Posted on 12/18/2010 12:48:49 PM PST by Jess Kitting

Edited on 12/18/2010 1:10:23 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

WASHINGTON -- In a landmark vote, the Senate on Saturday ended the Clinton-era ban on gays serving openly in the military, marking a major triumph for President Obama, liberals and the gay community.

The final vote to end the Pentagon's 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" policy was 65-31, drawing support from eight Republicans.

The bill now goes to the White House for Obama's signature. He is expected to sign the bill into law next week, a senior White House aide told Fox News.

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To: Jess Kitting
I pray God to help the UNited States...but know that if we, as a people, turn from Him as this ruling most certainly does...He will withdraw His support from us.

But the people,MHO, do not support this and do not want it...but they voted these monsters in who are doing so anyway. God help us turn this round. So long as He knows there is a majority of people in this country who reverence Hi...He will guide us back. I pray that it is so.

There will literally be hell to pay in the military as this ruling goes into effect.

381 posted on 12/18/2010 7:26:44 PM PST by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: Wisconsinlady

Geeze... Do you have any good news?

382 posted on 12/18/2010 7:28:38 PM PST by TCH (DON'T BE AN "O-HOLE"! ... DEMAND YOUR STATE ENACT ITS SOVEREIGNTY !When a majority of the American)
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>> WRONG. WE are not a Democracy, but a Republic. The rule of Law... NOT the rule of majority. <<

WRONG. WE are a Democratic Republic. "Democracy" is simply Greek for "people rule". It just makes We The People the ultimate source of authority in a government. It says nothing about requiring a majority or even how power is distributed from the people. In our case, we are a representative democracy where the people elect people to make laws on our behalf.

If we were "NOT a Democracy, but a Republic", we'd live in a country like Cuba.

383 posted on 12/18/2010 7:30:14 PM PST by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: rolling_stone

“I guess Congress is too stupid to learn from the Catholic Church debacle with gay pedophile priests.”

Wrong term.

Pederast is the correct term for homosexual attraction to male prepubescent children. Pedophile is a broad term that describes a sexual attraction for children in general.

384 posted on 12/18/2010 7:32:19 PM PST by TCH (DON'T BE AN "O-HOLE"! ... DEMAND YOUR STATE ENACT ITS SOVEREIGNTY !When a majority of the American)
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To: Impy; fieldmarshaldj; Clintonfatigued
I'm very disappointed with Ensign and Burr voting for final passage. Burr just got re-elected but Ensign needs to hear from his constituents and recant this or face a primary challenger in 2012. The other “Republicans” voting for it were sadly predictable, though I would place Scott Brown a hair to the right of Kirk & the Maine twins. Murkowski used to be slightly better as well, but post-primary Murkowski seemed to be emboldened that she can overturn the will of GOP voters, and is now firmly in DIABLO status.
385 posted on 12/18/2010 7:34:52 PM PST by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: Recovering Ex-hippie
The DemocRATS and RINOs who voted for this insult to our bravest patriots deserve every ounce of energy to repeal THEM from their office ASAP.

Really not something that a retired Marine and dad of 2 Marines who just re-enlisted wanted to hear on his 58th birthday.

Thanks LIBERALS, for ruining the last bastion of integrity and morality left in the country.

386 posted on 12/18/2010 7:39:15 PM PST by Chieftain (2010 begins the new CONSERVATIVE revolution!)
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To: livius

Mind if I quote you on all of this? I know some individuals who desperately need to read something like what you have stated here.

387 posted on 12/18/2010 7:42:08 PM PST by TCH (DON'T BE AN "O-HOLE"! ... DEMAND YOUR STATE ENACT ITS SOVEREIGNTY !When a majority of the American)
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To: Chieftain


“Aren’t you glad you’re not a Birthday?
Cause....Birthdays only COME once a year!”...hee hee.

Not to worry about the Marines..I have this feeling they will take care of this in their usual inimitable style.

388 posted on 12/18/2010 7:44:40 PM PST by Recovering Ex-hippie (Ok....Joke's over...Bring Back Bush!)
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To: Jess Kitting

Great, so now the immoral have been granted a special exclusive because they want to practice an ungodly and immoral lifestyle. This isn’t about race or sex, it’s about immorality and the senators and congressman who voted for this have placed this country under even stronger judgment. I hope you’ll realize your mistake when God puts the USA in the dustbin of history.........

389 posted on 12/18/2010 7:52:54 PM PST by ducttape45
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To: BillyBoy

You better go read the history of this nation’s founding, and specifically, you had best read the arguments put forth in the Federalist Papers. You are 100 percent wrong.

390 posted on 12/18/2010 7:53:24 PM PST by TCH (DON'T BE AN "O-HOLE"! ... DEMAND YOUR STATE ENACT ITS SOVEREIGNTY !When a majority of the American)
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To: TCH; livius
You may as well also add the theory that homosexuality is often a form of 'somatic narcissism' - you can think of it as 'narcissism by proxy'.

It certainly fits, when you consider the "LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!" attitude that comes from many homosexuals.
391 posted on 12/18/2010 8:03:07 PM PST by beezdotcom
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To: Irenic
This has to be he new battle clarion from the Tea Party.

I told McConnell's staffer today, we need protection for those who enlisted prior to repeal. There is or was a category called "Conscientious Objectors" If for religious reasons members can no longer serve, they are honorably discharged. Heterosexual service members not facing any other disciplinary action can apply for CO status and be honorably discharged with full VA benefits. Do this and you could see the flight of service members that will otherwise not occur because they do not want to lose VA benefits. Write your congress critter especially incoming Tea Party members and demand heterosexuals who prefer not to serve with gays can receive protection as 'Conscientious Objectors" until they can be honorably discharged.

392 posted on 12/18/2010 8:03:43 PM PST by OldGoatCPO
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To: Jet Jaguar
Huge Pandora’s box has just opened.

The American military and it's 200+ years of success, warriorhood and culture, essentially no longer exists as of today. Within 2 to 5 years, none of us will even recognize it.

December 18, 2010, a day that will live in infamy.

The military is all about singularity and cohesiveness. The unit principle. Homos by nature demand attention, energy and special treatment simply because they bum each other. They will draw all energy and resources away from the general population.

The Progressives destroyed the finest military on earth without a single shot being fired.

Just consider what this leads to:

Scenario 1: A good Bible belt boy has to room with a gay activist flamer type. They sleep in the same room. Share duties and showers and the Bible belter is now forced to listen to the homosexual talk hours on end on the cell phone with his current same sex lover.

In the meantime, the homosexual has been asked by another platoon member, also gay, to tell him about the statistics of the straight Bible belter's private parts. Because he is attracted to him but knows there isn't a chance he'll ever see him naked.

In the meantime, the Bible belter gets wind of the two and their discussions about him. What do you think would happen? This is only ONE possible scenario.

The Senate completely eliminated and destroyed the morale of our armed forces today. They are too perverted and too stupid to realize it yet. Or too mentally sick to care. Or they seek the complete destruction of this great nation. We are now Rome.

All downhill from here.

393 posted on 12/18/2010 8:06:28 PM PST by 444Flyer ("The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power." -Daniel Webster)
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I have read the federalist papers and I just aced a class in comparative government. I am 100% right. The founding fathers often mentioned we were a Republic (as Republics were very rare in 1789, unlike today!), but never claimed were "a Republic and NOT a Democracy". They (example, Benjamin Franklin) specifically said we were a Republic and not a MONARCHY. That statement was correct, but twisting their words around and claiming they denied we were a democracy doesn't help your case.

That would be like existing the head of the executive branch is "the Chief Magistrate, and NOT a President", because people in the 1780s preferred to use the former term in their writings.

The founding fathers frequently said they opposed an ABSOLUTE democracy, but the United States is not an absolute democracy, it is a represetnative democracy (if it were an absolute democracy where "majority rules", then all 310 million of us could vote on whether Obamacare should become a law)

A "Republic" is a nation with an ordinary person as head of state and not a royal person like a Duke or King. It has nothing to do with freedom or rule of law. Many Republics in the world today are dictatorships and one-party regimes. A "Democracy" is a nation where the people are the ultimate source of authority. It has nothing to do with majority rule. In fact, I can't think of a single industrialized democracy in the world today that uses absolute majority rule. Look it up in Webster's dictionary and it will confirm for you what a "Republic" and what a "Democracy" is.

If you disagree with it, your argument is with the dictionary, not me.

394 posted on 12/18/2010 8:10:13 PM PST by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: SteamShovel

I like the analogy. Maybe someone with some photo shop skills could put Pelosi, Reid and Obama in a picture with the oil fields burning.

395 posted on 12/18/2010 8:15:37 PM PST by OldGoatCPO
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I didn’t say we were a democracy.

Trust me, I am well aware of the fact we are a republic.

BUT, look at the structure of the government defined by the Constitution.

How does a representative get elected? By a majority of people in a district. Ditto a Senator, but by a majority of people in a state. (I know you know this. Just illustrative.)

Again, I know you know this. But for purposes of illustration: majorities of Congress and Senate are required to pass bills.

In short: if ‘representatives’ really are representing their constituents, and if a majority of ‘representatives’ representing their constituents vote a certain way on issue X or Y, then that is majority rule. Of course, it goes without saying that our system has inherent advantages over democracies which again I know you know.

396 posted on 12/18/2010 8:18:49 PM PST by apronius (Good start, but not complete.)
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Well, I’ll acknowledge that a civil war is a possibility. However, it is one we want to avoid at all costs.

Sorry you disagree with me. But I will point out that the libs have gotten this far without firing a shot.

397 posted on 12/18/2010 8:22:42 PM PST by apronius (Good start, but not complete.)
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Merriam-Webster defintions


noun \di-ˈmä-krə-sē\
plural de·moc·ra·cies

a : government by the people;

b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

Middle French democratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos (people) + -kratia (rule) -cracy
First Known Use: 1576


noun \ri-ˈpə-blik\
Definition of REPUBLIC

1 a (1) : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president
(2) : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government

Origin of REPUBLIC
French république, from Middle French republique, from Latin respublica, from res thing, wealth + publica, feminine of publicus public — more at real, public
First Known Use: 1604


I see nothing about all Republics having "the rule of law" and all Democracies having "the rule of the majority". I could take you to plenty of Republics and Democracies in the world that don't have either.

This why nations like the United KINGDOM still have free elections and the rule of law when they're NOT Republics, and places like the REPUBLIC of Cuba can rule by military regime and lock up dissidents without a constitution for years.

Any political science class in America would be happy to confirm that for you. You'd flunk if you answered an essay question with "What is a Republic?" with "a nation with checks and balances and the rule of law".

398 posted on 12/18/2010 8:24:49 PM PST by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: unixfox

“Anyone have the names of Republicans voting for this BS?
The usual TRAITORS or course.”

From the big grin on her face as she walked beside Lieberman who was giving thumbs up, she must have been one of the six and was true to form. There is nothing we can do about the two ME Rinos because they represent all ME Rinos who keep voting them back in. As for Scott Brown who said he would vote for it, he’s the best we can do in this most liberal state.

399 posted on 12/18/2010 8:24:53 PM PST by balls (Enough of the politically correct "progressive" label, they are LIBERALS!)
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To: balls
You are right but Kirk nor Burr had to vote for this crap. I am beyond shock and feel like fighting back.

We need to get the incoming freshman especially the conservatives on board with protecting heterosexual service members who enlisted or accepted a commission prior to repeal of DADT. Those who can show that living with openly gay people is against their upbringing, inconsistent with their moral values or membership in an institution that considers homosexuality to be an abomination can be given an honorable discharge with full VA benefits. Gays do not have to be the only protected class in the military.

The military will oppose this because they know their poll was a load of garbage. But if Congress passes a rule like this and describes it as a bill to protect military members who enlisted prior to repeal Mullens will have to accept it.

400 posted on 12/18/2010 8:56:01 PM PST by OldGoatCPO
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