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Eurocopterís Tiger HAD Support and Attack Helicopter Version for France Performs its Maiden Flight
Eurocopter ^ | December 17, 2010

Posted on 12/20/2010 5:18:49 AM PST by sukhoi-30mki

Eurocopter’s Tiger HAD Support and Attack Helicopter Version for France Performs its Maiden Flight

(Source: Eurocopter; issued December 17, 2010)

The first pre-serial Tiger HAD (fire support and destruction) for France made its maiden flight from Eurocopter’s Marignane, France facility. It marks an important step towards the Block I initial qualification of the Tiger HAD, which is one of four versions in Eurocopter’s multi-role Tiger combat helicopter family.

During the next several months, Eurocopter will conduct joint testing and development flights of this Tiger HAD along with the first Spanish Tiger HAD – which re-started its flight test sequences three months ago subsequently to its transfer to Spain and lay-up.

The Tiger HAD has a maximum takeoff weight of 6.6 metric tons, a more powerful MTR390 engine, an upgraded optical sighting system, an identification friend or foe (IFF) interrogator, improved ballistic protection and a new electronic warfare system.

In addition, France’s Tiger HADs will have the capacity to launch Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, enabling them to perform multi-role missions that meet a variety of operational needs – including armed reconnaissance, combat support and attack.

To date, 64 Tiger HADs have been ordered: 40 by France and 24 by Spain (of which six are retrofits of previously-delivered HAP versions).

The state-of-the-art Tiger combat helicopter family is available in four main versions, with total orders placed for 206 of these rotary-wing aircraft. Currently, there are 64 Tigers in service with four countries: France, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Of these, three French helicopters have been operating successfully in the Afghanistan theater of operations for the past 16 months.

Established in 1992, the Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a Division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The Eurocopter Group employs approx. 15,600 people. In 2009, Eurocopter confirmed its position as the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer in the civil and parapublic market, with a turnover of 4.6 billion Euros, orders for 344 new helicopters, and a 52 percent market share in the civil and parapublic sectors.


TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: aerospace; attackhelicopter; eurocopter; tiger

The Tiger’s HAD variant, the first of which for France is seen here during its maiden flight, is a more powerful, multirole version armed with Hellfire missiles. (Eurocopter photo)

1 posted on 12/20/2010 5:18:57 AM PST by sukhoi-30mki
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To: sukhoi-30mki


quotes on France...

’ France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes.’

Mark Twain

‘I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.’

General George S. Patton

‘Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.’

Norman Schwartzkopf

‘We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it.’

Marge Simpson

‘As far as I’m concerned, war always means failure.’

Jacques Chirac, President of France

‘The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee.’

Regis Philbin

‘You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn’t have the face for it.’

John McCain , U.S. Senator from Arizona

‘The last time the French asked for ‘more proof’ it came marching into Paris under a German flag.’

David Letterman

‘War without France would be like .. World War II.’


‘The favorite bumper sticker in Washington D.C.right now is one that says ‘First Iraq , then France .’’

Tom Brokaw

‘What do you expect from a culture and a nation that exerted more of its national will fighting against Disney World and Big Macs than the Nazis?’

Dennis Miller

‘It is important to remember that the French have always been there when they needed us.’

Alan Kent

‘They’ve taken their own precautions against al-Qa’ida. To prepare for an attack, each Frenchman is urged to keep duct tape, a white flag, and a three-day supply of mistresses in the house.’

Argus Hamilton

‘Somebody was telling me about the French Army rifle that was being advertised on eBay the other day —the description was, ‘Never shot. Dropped once.’’

Rep. Roy Blunt, MO

‘The French will only agree to go to war when we’ve proven we’ve found truffles in Iraq ‘

Dennis Miller

Q. What did the mayor of Paris say to the German Army as they entered the city in WWII?

A. Table for 100,000 m’sieur?

‘Do you know how many Frenchmen it takes to defend Paris ? It’s not known, it’s never been tried.’

Rep. R. Blount, MO

‘Do you know it only took Germany three days to conquer France in WWII? And that’s because it was raining.’

John Xereas, Manager, DC Improv

French Ban Fireworks at Euro Disney

(AP), Paris , March 5, 2003

The French Government announced today that it is imposing a ban on the use of fireworks at Euro Disney. The decision comes the day after a nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of Paris , caused the soldiers at a nearby French Army garrison to surrender to a group of Czech tourists.

2 posted on 12/20/2010 5:39:32 AM PST by Ev Reeman
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To: Ev Reeman
A yes...the French...the only war they successfully fought was with themselves.....


3 posted on 12/20/2010 5:56:31 AM PST by spokeshave (Islamics and Democrats unite to cut off Adam Smith's invisible hand)
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To: spokeshave

The problem was the French Revolution. They guillotined anyone with education, initiative, business experience, leadership experience or wisdom.

They have yet to recover from blowing their own brains out.

Something we should keep in mind for our next revolution...

4 posted on 12/20/2010 6:07:01 AM PST by null and void (We are now in day 697 of our national holiday from reality. - 0bama really isn't one of US.)
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To: sukhoi-30mki

In February, a “secret report” containing strong criticism of the NH90 transport helicopter, allegedly uncovered by the German daily BILD, created quite a stir in the civil and defence media landscape. The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) report, which BILD reportedly obtained from internal sources, is said to criticise the performance of the helicopter and include a long list of flaws and shortcomings which have been identified since the first trials of the new helicopter

5 posted on 12/20/2010 6:14:04 AM PST by WellyP
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To: sukhoi-30mki

Eurocopter crashes:

6 posted on 12/20/2010 6:17:00 AM PST by WellyP
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To: sukhoi-30mki

The Eurocopter looks like?..... Nah it couldn’t be.. ya think?..

7 posted on 12/20/2010 6:43:27 AM PST by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole....)
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To: null and void; spokeshave
It wasn't the French Revolution - even after the French Revolution France was still a major European power. If there was an event (if we are to be serious) that knocked the French back it would have to be World War One. That meat grinder truly cost France many of its bravest sons.

Although it should be noted France's problem has always been political. When the politicians step out of the way the French armed forces (both covert and overt) are truly capable. For instance, when GreenPeace was acting the fool and making a big deal of French nuclear tests, the French simply sent frogmen to scuttle the GreenPeace ship. Also the French have been doing quite a bit in parts of West Africa, as well as in Afghanistan. In the war against terror, no European country (unless one considers the Russians as such) even comes close to the powers and extent that the French system has against Jihadists. They make Guantanamo into a veritable Holiday Inn. The powers judges have against Islamic radicals are almost draconian, and nothing that would ever be allowed (say) in Britain. And talking about Britain - in terms of being cheese eating surrender monkeys, they have taken the leadership in that. When pirates took over a French boat the French special forces simply stormed in and killed them. When Iranians in a zodiac took over British sailors nothing happened, even though a naval ship was nearby. Stories coming out stated one of the sailors was crying for his iPod. Now the Brits have slashed their military budget, scuttled the Harrier, limited the numbers of Typhoons coming out, the Poseidon nuclear deterrence is constantly hanging by the skin of its teeth, and they will have to share an aircraft carrier with France (and are talking of doing something similar with submarines).

It is just that French political leadership has been a bit wishy-washy, but the armed forces are not.

8 posted on 12/20/2010 6:50:47 AM PST by spetznaz (Nuclear-tipped Ballistic Missiles: The Ultimate Phallic Symbol)
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To: spetznaz

Great analysis especially the part about legal powers to interrogate detainees in a...forceful way.
Interesting that the liberal trash media has nothing to say about that over here.

But, as you say, the problem has always been political.
I seem to recall a revolt by certain members of the armed forces over Algeria.
All of the military prowess comes to nothing if they give it away or don’t use it.
What are they going to do with that helo that looks like an upgraded Cobra knockoff anyway?

I also agree that the British are on the fast track to be virtually toothless & thank you for your post.

9 posted on 12/20/2010 7:02:45 AM PST by bill1952 (Choice is an illusion created between those with power - and those without)
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To: spetznaz
Although you raise valid points, I must disagree with one.

WWI was more of a coup de grâce than the root cause. Britain and Germany also lost their many of their bravest sons in the same meat grinder.

Yet within a single generation Germany was able to raise a trained, motivated and skilled army that darn near took over the world.

Britain was able to stop them. (OK, they had help, but still they had the resolve to stand fast even when they didn't)

France? not so much.

2 - Hundred Years War - Mostly lost, saved at last by a female schizophrenic who inadvertently creates The First Rule of French Warfare: "French armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman."
They blew their own brains out in the Revolution.
10 posted on 12/20/2010 7:14:18 AM PST by null and void (We are now in day 697 of our national holiday from reality. - 0bama really isn't one of US.)
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To: null and void
The problem was the French Revolution. They guillotined anyone with education, initiative, business experience, leadership experience or wisdom.

That was also the case when the Communist (Khamir Rouge) took over Cambodia. Anyone with any sense would object to Communism. What does that say about our Democrats?

11 posted on 12/20/2010 8:57:48 AM PST by Mind-numbed Robot (Not all that needs to be done needs to be done by the government.)
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