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To: Savage Beast

Savage Beast wrote: “Step number one is to re-capture the mass media.” Yes. But how?

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Fair question, sir. I don’t profess to have a truly cogent plan worked out, but you have induced me to put some thoughts down “on paper” so to speak.

[1] What should the goal be?
IMO, the target audience must be American youth. They are the future and they are, by defintion, at an impressionable stage of their intellectual lives and possess the added advantage of not having already been terminally coopted by leftist indoctrination. When I speak of “American youth”, I am referring to those of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and sexes and degrees of innate intelligence.

[2] What should the medium be?
Forget the old regime TV broadcast media, which is in the death grip of leftist management, offers no real attraction for the intended young target audience, and in any case is demonstrably on a steady course toward cultural and popular irrelevance. My media of choice would be radio, the internet, indie film, and the street.
-> radio doing current cutting-edge music and sports talk music stations managed by hip young fast-moving conservatives and hosted by clever comically-oriented individuals of similar cultural mindset able to humorously lampoon the left and draw a hip audience while doing so. Put this radio programming on the web, reinforced by blogs and social networking sites. Fund the development of an indie film industry with an underlying themeof ridiculing and exposing the Left (what fertile ground lies there!); put the films on the web and put the producton the web; that will short-circuit the control of Leftwing Hollywood over national film distribution. $upport and develop young performing artists, comedians, singers, groups, street-dance teams who deliver a conservative vibe as well as a network of clubs and venues around the nation to host them. Advertise them on the web and those radio stations we just invested in. Create youth movements (as opposed to “organizations”). Stage street theater. Make it COOL to be conservative.

[3] What is the message?
Put a copy of Saul Alinsky’s book under your pillow. Attack through ridicule. Keep it simple and elemental. Tailor and direct the message toward what it important among the young. Explain to them the freedoms that are being taken away by the Left, what it will cost the young in the future, how old-fashioned and out of touch the Left is. Ask why they would let ANYONE try to dictate how they should think. Press their buttons. DON’T LECTURE. DON’T WHINE. Ridicule, ridicule, ridicule, attack, attack, attack.

[4] Operational guidelines -
Manage the process nationally. Make the offensive wide-ranging and fast-moving. Constantly shift focus upon different targets in an unpredictable fashion; don’t give the Left an opportunity to develop any retaliatory traction (i.e. - make it old news before the Left can marshal a response). Do not engage or debate the Left directly (they just lie and misrepresent). Don’t play defense against their attacks. Just keep ridiculing them, belittling them, highlighting their manifol hypocrisies, eroding their image of credibility.

If carried out with sufficient vigor, persistence, dedication and funding, this will work. It won’t work right away, but it will work over time. And it may save the nation.

Opinions and comments welcome .....

44 posted on 01/08/2011 12:56:59 PM PST by Senator John Blutarski (The progress of government: republic, democracy, technocracy, bureaucracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy,)
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To: Senator John Blutarski
Conservatism is a tough sell to the young, especially through new media. But liberty need not be. Get the kids to appreciate freedom, and to resent those who try to take it away from them, and they'll be intensely motivated.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are well aware of this, and have been very successful in using Republican policies and rhetoric to paint themselves as the party that cares more about freedom. The Republican line of attack must be that Democrats are puppetmasters and thieves, interested only in controlling the individual and milking him like a cow. Wonderful advertisements could be made using nothing but the Denocrats' own words - bu the RNC apparently considers that rude and uncivil. :)

48 posted on 01/12/2011 6:08:52 AM PST by Mr. Jeeves ( "The right to offend is far more important than any right not to be offended." - Rowan Atkinson)
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