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House Republicans Push Bill to Shut Down Czars
FOX NEWS ^ | 1-7-11

Posted on 01/08/2011 7:55:30 AM PST by Jerrybob

DO IT! DE-FUND THE CZARS and everything else you can find that is unconstitutional.

In the strongest possible language: DE-FUND!!!!!

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: 112th; csars; czars; defundtheleft; houseofreps; marxistcoup
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1 posted on 01/08/2011 7:55:30 AM PST by Jerrybob
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To: Jerrybob
Now, do it. This communists bunch is running King Obama's empire. King Obama is just a tool and the as@ loves it. He is a brainless idiot.
2 posted on 01/08/2011 8:03:58 AM PST by Logical me
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To: Jerrybob

We all need to stay in contact with our respective Reps and make sure that we encourage them as well as make them know that we are paying attention.

There is much to be done.

3 posted on 01/08/2011 8:04:58 AM PST by Howie66 (I can see November (2012) from my house.)
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To: Jerrybob

May the Almighty guide their vision and steel their spines to actually make this so!

4 posted on 01/08/2011 8:10:22 AM PST by bigbob
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To: Jerrybob

To any Congressional Reps or Aides reading, PLEASE PLEASE DE-FUND. If the House is the People’s House, PLEASE listen, PLEASE understand, We the People know what is happening to our nation. We the People want our nation back for our children and grandchildren and their children. STOP This Insanity, DE-FUND those things (and there are many) which go against We the People and our Constitution. In Jesus name, do it. DE-FUND this monster. We the People will have your back. Your children (Congress) and grandchildren and their children deserve nothing less than a FREE America where the individual takes responsibility for their actions. So much of what has taken place, these last ten years plus, has been to erode our FREEDOM. Give FREEDOM back to We the People, our House depends on your actions in our House.

5 posted on 01/08/2011 8:20:45 AM PST by no-to-illegals (Please God, Bless and Protect Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Jerrybob
Just in case there's somebody who doesn't know it (Democrats/Leftists/Neanderthals/Morons read FR posts too): "CZAR" means "CAESAR".

Anybody getting a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?

I'm shakin' in my boots...


Yikes! Caligula means Bootsie"! It was his nickname! When he was a child and when he first came to power, "Bootsie" was adored by the public!

Now I'm really beginning to feel...well...bad...really bad...

6 posted on 01/08/2011 8:24:11 AM PST by Savage Beast (Truth : Leftist :: Crucifix : Vampire)
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To: no-to-illegals

You probably should also have thrown in how Obama draws a distinct parallel to Hugo Chavez and probably should have his salary de-funded also.

7 posted on 01/08/2011 8:28:29 AM PST by donhunt (I am sick and tired of those bastards lying to me.)
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To: Howie66

Good advice! I’m glad that I’m not the only one offended by the Czars or the head Czar!

8 posted on 01/08/2011 8:34:45 AM PST by mckenzie7 (Democrats = Trough Sloppers!)
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To: donhunt
All Bills originate in the House, if the treasury of the People, is to be spent. At least that is what is worded in the Constitution. There have been reports, lately though, the Senate has been involved in writing and sending the House legislation which involves the spending of the treasury. This is against the constitutional directives as spelled out in the wording of our Constitution.

Although the link between Obama and Chavez is documented, I do not know if the House could DE-FUND Obama's salary. This would be a question for someone much wiser than I. Thus a question for the forum....
Could the House also de-fund Obama's salary?

9 posted on 01/08/2011 8:39:32 AM PST by no-to-illegals (Please God, Bless and Protect Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Jerrybob

NFL Playoffs during the weekend and Republicans slashing and burning during the week... Life is good.

10 posted on 01/08/2011 8:43:59 AM PST by Ronald_Magnus
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To: Jerrybob; All
So far, in a few days, Republicans introduced bills that

1. 3 bills that stop the EPA from shutting down the Economy by using the global warming hoax.
2. 1 bill that stops the FCC from censoring and controlling the Internet
3. A bill that repeals the democrats’ government regulations on banks etc.
4 A bill to fully repeal government socialist healtcare that the democrats passed.
5. Repeal of Obama’s czars
6. Many more actions including shutting down a global warming committee etc.

Yet on this site, agreeing with liberals, many will say that Republicans are doing nothing and are just the same as the marxist democrats when Republicans stopped almost all the democrats’ country destroying bills like the Dream act Amnesty the democrats tried to pass almost every day in the Lame duck session. Truly this shows these morons who constantly bash Republicans while not mentioning the real threat which are the democrats, are Lenin's “useful idiots” and puppets of the mainstream media or are democrats.

Hardly any coverage at all about all this even on this site. And the usual puppets of the media that constantly bash Republicans are nowhere on those few threads but instead obsessively are on the threads about what one idiot (Graham) who calls himself a Republican says.

Also , previously , in their only 12 years of a simple majority Republicans cut taxes, appointed 2 Conservative justices to the Supreme Court that have saved freedom, stopped Amnesty , stopped government healthcare and other socialist bills from being even introduced, built up the military ( the media calls that military buildup growing government), etc.

11 posted on 01/08/2011 8:51:07 AM PST by Democrat_media (Why is no government creating a product we can hold in our hands like a cell phone..?)
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To: Savage Beast

Yikes! Caligula means Bootsie”! It was his nickname! When he was a child and when he first came to power, “Bootsie” was adored by the public!!!

Twenty six percent of Americans would except Caligula if he were come back to life and rule America.
America is on the path of being ruled as past Roman Emperors were elected to fact, Obama is more closely related to an emperor than an elected official to represent the people of the United States.

12 posted on 01/08/2011 9:01:50 AM PST by buck61 ( making)
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To: Jerrybob
"Focused like a laser on jobs creation."

13 posted on 01/08/2011 9:06:37 AM PST by Iron Munro ("Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor - not a Community Organizer!")
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To: Democrat_media

A request, come with me to here;page=251

14 posted on 01/08/2011 9:08:31 AM PST by no-to-illegals (Please God, Bless and Protect Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Jerrybob; The Comedian
Ladies and gentlemen - your list of high level domestic enemies. Do what you will. Do what is necessary. Do what is good for the Republic.

Ed Montgomery - Auto recovery Czar
Black radical anti-business activist. Affirmative Action and Job Preference for blacks. Univ of Maryland Business School Dean, he teaches US business has caused world poverty. ACORN board member. Communist DuBois Club member.

Jeffrey Crowley - AIDS Czar
Radical Homosexual. A Gay Rights activist. Believes in Gay Marriage and especially, a Special Status for homosexuals only, including complete free health care for gays.

Alan Bersin - Border Czar
The former failed superintendent of San Diego . Ultra Liberal friend of Hilary Clinton. Served as Border Czar under Janet Reno – to keep borders open to illegals without interference from US

David J. Hayes California - Water Czar
Sr. Fellow of radical environmentalist group, “Progress Policy”. No training or experience in water management whatsoever.

Ron Bloom - Car Czar
Auto Union worker. Anti-business and anti-nuclear. Has worked hard to force US auto makers out of business. Sits on the Board of Chrysler which is now Auto Union owned. Coincidence? Happenstance? You decide.

Dennis Ross - Central Region Czar
Believes US policy has caused Mid East wars. Obama apologist to the world. Anti gun and completely pro-abortion.

Lynn Rosenthal - Domestic Violence Czar
Director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Vicious anti-male feminist. Supports male castration. Cute, huh?

Gil Kerlikowske - Drug Czar
Devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal, Former Chief of Police in Liberal Seattle. Believes no American should own a firearm. Supports legalization of all drugs.

Paul Volcker - Economic Czar
Head of Fed Reserve under Jimmy Carter when US economy nearly failed. Obama appointed head of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board which engineered the Obama economic disaster to US economy. Member of anti-business “Progressive Policy” organization

Carol Brower - Energy and Environment Czar
Political Radical Former head of EPA – known for anti-business activism. Strong anti-gun ownership.

Joshua DuBois - Faith Based Czar
Political Black activist-Degree in Black Nationalism. Anti-gun ownership lobbyist. A 'faith-based czar? WTF?

Cameron Davis - Great Lakes Czar
Chicago radical anti-business environmentalist. Blames George Bush for “Poisoning the water that minorities have to drink.” No experience or training in water management. Former ACORN Board member (what a surprise! Not)

Daniel Fried - Guantanamo Closure Czar
Human Rights activist for Foreign Terrorists. Believes America has caused the war on terrorism. Believes terrorists have rights above and beyond Americans.

Nancy-Ann DeParle - Health Czar
Former head of Medicare - Medicaid. Strong Health Care Rationing proponent. She is married to a reporter for The New York Times.

Vivek Kundra - Information Czar
Born in New Delhi, India. Urges control all public information, including labels and news releases. Wants to 'monitor' all private Internet emails.

Todd Stern - International Climate Czar
Anti business former White House chief of Staff- Strong supporter of the Kyoto Accord. Pushing hard for Cap and Trade. Blames US business for Global warming. Anti-US business prosperity.

Dennis Blair - Intelligence Czar
Ret. Navy. Stopped US guided missile program as “provocative”. Chair of ultra liberal “Council on Foreign Relations” which blames American organizations for regional wars.

George Mitchell - Mideast Peace Czar
Former Senator from Maine and hard core Left wing radical. Has said Israel should be split up into “2 or 3 smaller more manageable plots”. A true Anti-nuclear anti-gun and pro homosexual “special rights” advocate.

Kenneth Feinberg - Pay Czar (pay czar?)
Former Chief of Staff to Ted Kennedy. Lawyer who got rich off the 911 victims payoffs. Sick.

Cass Sunstein - Regulatory Czar
Liberal activist judge believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”. Essentially against 1st amendment. Rules against personal freedoms many times - like private gun ownership and right to free speech. Domestic enemy number one, I'd say.

John Holdren - Science Czar
Fierce ideological environmentalist, Sierra Club, Anti business activist. Claims US business has caused world poverty. No Science training.

Earl Devaney - Stimulus Accountability Czar
Spent career trying to take guns away from American citizens. Believes in Open Borders to Mexico . Author of statement blaming US gun stores for drug war in Mexico.

J. Scott Gration - Sudan Czar
Native of Democratic Republic of Congo. Believes US does little to help Third World countries. Council of foreign relations, asking for higher US taxes to support United Nations.

Herb Allison - TARP Czar
Fannie Mae CEO responsible for the US recession by using real estate mortgages to back up the US stock market. Caused millions of people to lose their life savings.

John Brennan - Terrorism Czar
Anti CIA activist. No training in diplomatic or gov. affairs. Believes Open Borders to Mexico and a dialog with terrorists and has suggested Obama disband US.

Aneesh Chopra - Technology Czar
No Technology training. Worked for the Advisory Board Company, a health care think tank for hospitals. Anti doctor activist. Supports Obama Health care rationing (death panels) and salaried doctors working exclusively for the Gov. health care plan.

Adolfo Carrion Jr. (nice name, huh?) - Urban Affairs Czar
Puerto Rican born Anti American activist and leftist group member in Latin America. Millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx, NY. Owns many lavish homes and condos which he got from “sweetheart” deals with labor unions. Wants higher taxes on middle class to pay for minority housing and health care.

Ashton Carter - Weapons Czar
Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US destroyed. Supports UN ban on firearms ownership in America. No other “policy”.

Gary Samore - WMD Policy Czar
Former US Communist. Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good faith. Has no other “policy”.

15 posted on 01/08/2011 9:12:44 AM PST by Noumenon ("We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.")
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To: Noumenon

Re: “list of high level domestic enemies”


Great post and useful summary.

16 posted on 01/08/2011 9:29:25 AM PST by Iron Munro ("Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor - not a Community Organizer!")
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To: Jerrybob
The only way the Republicans will be able to accomplish anything of any magnitude is for the public to get loud and noisy to sway their own members of the Senate including those Republicans that have a fatal compulsion to always vote with the Democrats.

Republicans are going to need to resolve their dysfunctional problems and tendencies if they ever want to accomplish anything at all in this session of Congress. They need to take this thing to the "Street" and I am not talking about just making the talk show circuit and preaching to the choir. They need to actually get out of their comfort zone. Get out there and stir up and sway the public all over again and again and again.....

Democrats are very aware of the value of promoting their ideas with spin to the public. That is why they just apportioned a massive chunk of money for a huge PR and informational push in advertising against the repeal of ObamaCare (among other things). They know how to sway the public by taking it to the "Street.". They know that "Perception IS Reality!" especially in the world of politics.

I sure hope the GOP has a plan of their own to counter this Informational PR surge from the Dems.

The GOP needs to fight, and keep on fighting. The Mid Term elections were just one battle in the war to capture and maintain the hearts and the minds of the people. Just trying to sound tough just won't cut it. The GOP needs to master the art of persuading and captivating people with their arguments if they ever want to win this thing.

17 posted on 01/08/2011 9:43:02 AM PST by R_Kangel (`.`)
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To: Savage Beast

I remember that. His real name, Gaius Drusus Germanicus, was his real name. Either that, or something close to that. His nickname was “Caligula”, or “little boots”. His Dad took him on military expeditions with him, and the men gave him that name. Needless to say, he became pretty spoiled after awhile!

18 posted on 01/08/2011 9:46:35 AM PST by dsutah
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To: dsutah
It is a rare person who would not be corrupted by the kind of power that Caligula had.

This is ONE reason why the power of political leaders MUST be kept under control.

On the other hand, little or nothing was necessary to corrupt Caligula to such depravity. Caligulas walk the earth today. They always have. Some of them seek power.

19 posted on 01/08/2011 3:47:12 PM PST by Savage Beast (Truth : Leftist :: Crucifix : Vampire)
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To: Noumenon

Now that's a print-and-keep post.


Frowning takes 68 muscles.
Smiling takes 6.
Pulling this trigger takes 2.
I'm lazy.

20 posted on 01/08/2011 6:23:11 PM PST by The Comedian (Puzzling puzzle pieces precisely proliferating panoramically.)
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