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Big Murder only cares about one thing and that's killing babies.

Thread by julieee.

Planned Parenthood in Kansas Ignored 164 Cases of Child Rape

Planned Parenthood in Kansas Ignored 164 Cases of Child Rape

Topeka, KS -- Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline dropped a bombshell during a hearing today in a case involving pro-abortion pushback against the charges he filed against a Planned Parenthood abortion business.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

48 posted on 02/27/2011 11:14:47 AM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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Virginia may be close to shutting down abortuaries.

Threads by Gopher Broke, Salvation and SeekAndFind.

Abortion Clinic Safety bill passes VA Senate!!!

Victoria Cobb, President Thursday, February 24, 2011

Victory Alert: Abortion Clinic Safety Passes Senate!!

In a historic vote, the state Senate today approved legislation that requires the Board of Health to create regulation for abortion centers in Virginia! After over two decades of hiding behind a veil of political secrecy, abortion centers in Virginia will now face greater scrutiny and better health standards.

After a long and passionate debate on the Senate floor, the vote was 20-20 with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling casting the deciding vote in favor of the bill!

We will provide more information on this tremendous victory later.


Virginia’s Attempt to Close Abortion Clinics

Yesterday the Virginia House of Delegates approved a bill that would hold abortion clinics to the same medical standards as hospitals, and so result in the closing of the majority of clinics operating in the State. Some estimate that 17 of 21 clinics would have to close. The bill was passed as an amendment to a bill already approved by the Virginia State Senate, where the abortion clinic provision would have been killed in committee if it had gone through normal channels.

A Constitutional challenge is certain, so it remains to be seen whether the new law will ever have its desired effect. It is interesting, however, to see both pro-lifers and pro-aborts try to seize the moral high ground by expressing their attitudes toward the bill more or less exclusively in terms of women’s health.

Everybody knows that those who worked to pass the bill did so primarily to restrict abortion, and that those who oppose the bill oppose it primarily to keep abortion both cheap and common. It is a judgment on our society that neither side can actually come out and say what it wants, at least not in the context of the particular tactic being used in this instance, which is to emphasize that abortion is a medical procedure that should be held to the same high standards as other comparable medical procedures.

There are no medical procedures comparable to abortion, of course, but it goes without saying that the argument is couched in language that recognizes the dangers of the procedure to the mother only. It wouldn’t do for pro-lifers to give the courts grounds to suspect that their real intention here is to eliminate abortion, rather than to impose high health standards for the sake of women. Nor would it do for pro-aborts to let on that they don’t give a fig for the health of women as long as abortion can be kept widely available. Thus the rhetoric:

It is not about banning abortions. It is simply caring for women who are about to have an invasive surgical procedure and creating an environment for them where they have the opportunity to do that in a place that is safe. – Sen. Jill Vogel, R-Winchester
Absolutely all that will be accomplished by this vote is to restrict access to a safe and legal procedure to poor women. This does nothing to end abortions. It is purely discriminatory. It makes me heartsick. – Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, D-Arlington
For over 25 years, Virginia abortion clinics have not been held to minimal health and safety standards. As a result, women who walk into these clinics are often not treated with the care and respect that any human being deserves. – Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli
This is not about safety for women. This is about ideology, and this is about politics. The women of the commonwealth are going to be the ones left to suffer. – Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia

It is a shame that this battle cannot be fought clearly on the grounds that it is gravely evil to murder an unborn baby, who has a right to life equal to that of his or her mother. But that’s not to say that nobody is genuinely concerned about the health and safety of women who make use of abortion clinics. After all, abortion would never be so unregulated if it weren’t a sacred political cow in the first place.

So this is politics, and politics is always the art of the possible. When what you want to accomplish isn’t possible in one context, you introduce it again in another context. And you keep doing that until you get a toehold. You keep doing that until you win. Those who have adopted this strategy must stay the course. And if it doesn’t work this time, they must unashamedly go back to the political well and try again.


Virginia's novel approach to ending abortion. Will it stand up in court?

The 2006 film Amazing Grace depicts William Wilberforce's campaign to end the slave trade in Great Britain. A scene from the movie depicts the abolitionist Members of Parliament discussing how to proceed in the legislature after numerous failures. The issue had become so polarized that a direct vote on the slave trade was a losing proposition. The following dialogue between Wilberforce and fellow Member of Parliament James Stephen (who was about to present his eye witness account of slave operations to the rest of Parliament) ensues:

Stephen: If we go to Parliament with this evidence, there'll be sympathy, there'll be concern, but it'll be just the same as every other time.

Wilberforce: Have you come back to preach hopelessness?

Stephen: No. No, I've had an idea. In my law books I might have stumbled across something and I want to propose it as a strategy. Nosus Decipio. It's Latin. Loosely translated, it means..."we cheat".

The abolitionists created a bill that would put most of the slave traders out of business without directly voting on trade itself. The abolitionists regulated the bulk of the slave-trade out of business.

The Virginia legislature has found a similar route to help end abortion in the state. The legislature passed a law that requires abortion clinics to comply with same regulations as hospitals. From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Under the legislation, any physician's office performing five or more first trimester abortions a month would be classified as a hospital, subject to special regulations established by the state Board of Health within the next 280 days.

The regulations will require abortion clinics to retrofit their operations. The retrofit could mean everything from widening hallways to additional employee training, according to the Associated Press. The Dispatch reports that most of the state's abortion clinics will be forced to close because of the "lengthy and costly certification process that most clinics could not afford."

The passage of the bill was something of a cliffhanger. The Virginia senate is controlled by the Democrats, 22-18. For that reason, life bills generally die in committee. But the Republican controlled house included the provision as an amendment to a bill already passed by the senate, thereby passing the committee process by putting the bill up for a vote by the entire senate. The two Democrat senators that vote with the pro-life bloc brought the tally to 20 Yeas and 20 Nays. The tie-breaker was made by pro-life Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.
The abortion lobby will certainly challenge the law in court. But the chances are far better that a court rules in favor of a health-facility regulation than a law restricting abortions in the first trimester.

49 posted on 02/27/2011 11:21:08 AM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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