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Return of the Back Alley
National Review ^ | 2/4/2011 | Rich Lowry

Posted on 02/05/2011 10:52:27 AM PST by Servant of the Cross

If the famous pro-choice litany is “safe, legal, and rare,” the logical endpoint of a culture of abortion on demand is none of the above.

Legal abortion was supposed to end “back-alley abortions,” both their dangers and their entanglements with shady characters. But the practice and the mores of the back alley are with us still, tolerated by people for whom the ready provision of abortion trumps all else.

Pro-choicers have long invoked the dignity of women. The nightmarish case of the Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the sting video of a counselor at a Planned Parenthood clinic cooperating with a supposed pimp show the dignity of women is decidedly secondary.

The 261-page grand-jury report in the Gosnell case could have been written by Stephen King. Gosnell’s gruesome operation was, on its own terms, highly efficient. During the day, his assistants administered labor-inducing drugs to pregnant women, overwhelmingly poor minorities. Then the good doctor showed up in the evening.

On some women, he performed traditional abortions, occasionally butchering them in the process. Other women had delivered babies before he arrived. Here, he performed post-birth abortions — cutting the spinal cords of the newborns with scissors. Their tiny bodies were disposed of with all the care you’d expect: Some were reportedly stored in paper bags in the employees’ refrigerator.

Gosnell specialized in late-term abortions that were technically illegal in Pennsylvania (although the Supreme Court has made even this prohibition problematic). The grand-jury report recounts one case of a 17-year-old girl who was almost 30 weeks, or seven-and-a-half months, pregnant. After her six-pound child was born, Gosnell killed it and disposed of the body in a shoe box.

Any profession has it miscreants. Gosnell’s other criminal enterprise was liberally prescribing painkillers. Does that discredit all doctors? The difference is that no powerful lobby is devoted on principle to enabling dubious prescriptions. In a powerful piece for Politics Daily, Melinda Henneberger notes how abortion-rights activists fight proposed regulations of abortion clinics as “TRAP laws” — Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or just another dirty trick to erode abortion rights.

When the pro-choice Republican Tom Ridge replaced the pro-life Democrat Robert Casey as Pennsylvania governor in the 1990s, regulation of abortion basically stopped. The Department of Health ceased inspections of clinics and ignored complaints and warnings about Gosnell. An evaluator from the National Abortion Federation was horrified by his filthy facility but didn’t report him. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania kept mum while it repeatedly treated women who’d been injured by Gosnell.

No one wanted to interfere for fear of chilling the right to choose. The grand-jury report says no one acted “because the women in question were poor and of color, because the victims were infants without identities, and because the subject was the political football of abortion.”

In all his awfulness, Gosnell clarifies the moral questions surrounding abortion. He used all the right euphemisms. His clinic was the “Women’s Medical Society.” What he did to newborns was “snipping,” in the cause of “ensuring fetal demise.”

In Gosnell’s case, the frank pejorative “baby killer” is inarguably apt; he’s charged with murder. But if that’s so, what about other abortions? If Gosnell was wrong to deliver 24-week-old babies and kill them, why is it acceptable to destroy a 24-week fetus in the womb? If ending a life is wrong at 30 weeks, why not at 20, or 15, or 10?

Compared to Gosnell, the Planned Parenthood employee caught on tape instructing a man posing as a pimp how his underage prostitutes could use her clinic is a saint. Her superiors swiftly fired her on grounds that she violated the organization’s “core values.” But no one should be surprised that someone in her line of work doesn’t have the conscience of William Wilberforce, especially when it comes to matters of sexual morality.

All the talk of dignity is nice. At bottom, though, ensuring and facilitating fetal demise is a lowdown, morally corrupting business.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abortion; babykillers; backalley; gosnell; moralabsolutes; murderers; prolife
At bottom, though, ensuring and facilitating fetal demise is a lowdown, morally corrupting business pure unadulterated evil straight from Satan himself.

GOP Congress. For the love of God and His creatures, immediately suspend ALL government funding to the criminal enterprise of Planned Parenthood.

1 posted on 02/05/2011 10:52:31 AM PST by Servant of the Cross
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To: Servant of the Cross

Gosnells’ clinic signage has a man and a woman holdng a baby between them ...

2 posted on 02/05/2011 11:02:13 AM PST by Neidermeyer
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To: Servant of the Cross

‘Pro-choicers have long invoked the dignity of women’

Totally BS

‘Pro Choice’ founders were always motivated by Eugenics and population reduction.

The supporters of abortion were fooled with the dignity and ‘our bodies,our lives’ message.

3 posted on 02/05/2011 11:02:19 AM PST by Le Chien Rouge
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To: Servant of the Cross

Abortion in my country today makes me feel the same way that an abolitionist must have felt in the antebellum United States: guilty, ashamed and impotent. I love my country and yet I must live constantly in the knowledge that this monstrosity is upheld by its laws. I think I understand now why John Brown took the hopeless course he took. It was because couldn’t face himself as a man without taking some kind of action, however futile.

4 posted on 02/05/2011 11:02:58 AM PST by Mr Ramsbotham (Laws against sodomy are honored in the breech.)
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To: wagglebee; narses; P-Marlowe; little jeremiah; Alamo-Girl; Servant of the Cross

The above is straight out of a horror must be. It cannot be true that a human being did such things for years and no one complained.

5 posted on 02/05/2011 11:07:57 AM PST by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain & proud of it: Truly Supporting the Troops means praying for their Victory!)
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To: Mr Ramsbotham
Well said. Here's one "stand for life" that has been going on in this country for 38 straight years. You wouldn't know it from the press though. They purposefully ignore it and the hundreds of thousands of protesters that brave the January cold every year in the March for Life.

Time Lapse March for Life Video

Combine this with the 40 days for Life prayer vigils at the abortion sites; the courageous Lila Rose expose of the corrupt PP's all over the country and we've got the momentum building for true change and a victory to end abortion.

6 posted on 02/05/2011 11:14:24 AM PST by Servant of the Cross (I'm with Jim DeMint ... on the fringe!)
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To: Neidermeyer
Gosnells’ clinic signage has a man and a woman holdng a baby between them ...

"Cut on the dotted line?"

7 posted on 02/05/2011 11:16:30 AM PST by Slings and Arrows (You can't have Ingsoc without an Emmanuel Goldstein.)
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To: Servant of the Cross
Abortion on demand is not and has never been about "freedom of choice." It is about eugenics. On another thread, there's a notation that violent crime is currently lower in this country than in most previous years. There are a LOT of people who believe that the reason is because aggressive abortion of the "less desirable" elements of society has reduced the number of violent criminals.

There's a reason Planned Parenthood facilities are located where they're located, and it is NOT because career women aren't "ready to have a baby yet." It's because they believe many of these women will never be fit to raise a baby.

Side note: I have not found a reliable source for this, but there is a lot of buzz going around on the nutball sites that claim the World Health Organization, UNICEF and several other organizations are using tetanus shots to sterilize third world women.

While I can't find a reliable link, here's a link to a Bill Gates speech where he talks about the CO2=PSEC equation. In it, he states that the P=People, S=Services, E=Energy, and C=CO2 per unit of energy. He states that The equation MUST reach a point where the total equals zero, and states that to do that, one of the numbers must be reduced to near zero. He states that he believes through reproductive services, we can reduce the number of people by fifteen percent.

8 posted on 02/05/2011 11:37:21 AM PST by Richard Kimball
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To: Neidermeyer

drawing and quartering, no doubt

9 posted on 02/05/2011 12:16:40 PM PST by NonValueAdded (Palin 2012: don't retreat, just restock [chg'd to comply w/ The Civility in Discourse Act of 2011])
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To: Servant of the Cross
Just love the hypocrisy of the left. Whenever something is set up to go after a cause the left loves and jerks off to incessantly, it's "a dirty trick" and "meant to erode rights" of the targeted practice. When it's something they hate, they love it, smear it as "they are all like this, that's why it must be illegal". Notice none of them bitched about Bloomberg's goons legally buying guns in Arizona trying to bait problems from the private sellers. Gun control? The libs trot out the all-too-familiar, tired out "All you gun owners are rednecks and evil and it will be the wild west if you allow concealed carry. You just want to shoot people and all your kids will be dead because there's a gun in the house. 2A rights are for the government army and police, not the people." When it comes to their own sacred cows, then any expose or attempt to defund is dirty pool, and restricting people's rights.
10 posted on 02/05/2011 12:42:46 PM PST by Secret Agent Man (I'd like to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.)
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To: Servant of the Cross; 185JHP; 230FMJ; AKA Elena; Albion Wilde; Aleighanne; Alexander Rubin; ...
Moral Absolutes Ping!

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11 posted on 02/05/2011 1:28:22 PM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: xzins

Jeepers. Thanks for the ping.

12 posted on 02/05/2011 9:27:18 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
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