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To: Sherman Logan; DJ MacWoW
Well, just off the top of my head.
Widespread acceptance of adultery and the resultant divorce has done a great deal more damage to the institution of the family than any that could possibly result from acceptance of "gay marriage."
Fornication is so accepted as a way of life entire long-running successful TV programs are built around it and the resultant comic possibilities. I'm sure I don't have to name names. The massive increase in illegitimacy and family breakdown is not unconnected.
Few religious groups even make a serious attempt anymore to denounce divorce and fornication as serious sins.
Drunkenness has become a "disease," not a sin.
Reviling has become a sport, not a sin. Particularly popular on the interwebs, where one can revile others anonymously.
My point is not the homosexuality is not a serious sin. It is that the Bible essentially says: Adultery, fornication and homosexuality are serious sexual sins.
Yet you come all unglued about one of the sins listed while thinking it right and proper to ignore the others. There is nothing in the Bible that assigns greater sinfulness to one than the others.

You make excellent points, something social conservatives are more than aware of. But as my FRiend DJ puts it, "Why add more fuel to the fire of a house that is already burning down?"

Former Boston Herald columnist Don Feder writes in his article entitled "A Sledgehammer instead of a Gavel" (regarding the CA Supreme Court overturning a traditional marriage referendum):

The family is society's fundamental, irreplaceable unit. It's the incubator of character -- where children are taught manners, economy, loyalty, faith and love. Anyone with half a brain (which automatically excludes most of the judiciary) wouldn't mess with an institution on whose future the survival of humanity depends.

But the 4-to-3 majority proclaimed that whether or not the family is radically remade so homosexuals will feel better about themselves, and the elite can congratulate itself on its tolerance, matters little to the state of California.

For the life of them, the justices can't imagine why homosexual liaisons should not be placed on an equal footing with families who are doing society's indispensable work of procreation and child-rearing. After the courts delivered a series of body-blows to marriage over the past four decades -- with no-fault divorce, abortion, the de facto legalization of pornography, and legitimizing cohabitation -- the justices thought: Oh, what the h_ll, what harm can there possibly be in opening the honorable estate to members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association and Dykes on Bikes?
Link to Feder article

While I usually don't speak for my fellow FReepers, I'm certain that they would be very appreciative of you if you fought the other battles in this ongoing culture war (cohabitation, adultery, pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. etc.), while we concentrate on a movement whose "culture" involves peeping through public restroom "glory holes".
Link to the homo culture

Working together, we can all win the culture war.

66 posted on 02/19/2011 5:29:53 PM PST by aSeattleConservative ("...the American Christian ... would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!" G. Washington)
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To: aSeattleConservative

It is fairly obvious the battle you assign me has already been lost. That ship has sailed.

Thanks a lot!

Believe it or not, I’m on your side against the homosexual agenda. I just get tired of people using totally one-sided biblical citations to justify their opposition.

Most of them apparently are unable to comprehend that such justifications are the worst possible ammunition to use. It plays right into the hands of those who claim all opposed to the homosexual radical agenda are “the American Taliban.”

68 posted on 02/19/2011 6:18:59 PM PST by Sherman Logan
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