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White House calls push for strategic oil reserve release ‘premature’ (Hussein is “very mindful”)
The Hill ^ | 3/04/11 | Ben Geman

Posted on 03/05/2011 6:14:16 AM PST by Libloather

White House calls push for strategic oil reserve release ‘premature’
By Ben Geman - 03/04/11 04:49 PM ET

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Friday declined to say if a specific oil price would prompt a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The White House is under pressure from several Democrats to release oil from the 727-million barrel reserve as energy prices rise alongside turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East.

Asked at what point the Obama administration would mull a release from the reserve, Carney replied:

“We don't have a number to tell you that drives those decisions. It’s premature to talk about that. What I will say is what I have said, is that we believe that the global system has the capacity to deal with major disruptions.”

“We are working with the [International Energy Agency] and oil-producing states to look at the options that are available if they become necessary,” he added aboard Air Force One, according to a White House transcript.

Oil prices climbed again on NYMEX Friday, settling at $104.42 per barrel. Oil prices are at their highest levels since September 2008.

Carney said President Obama is “very mindful” of the status of oil prices.

“He is concerned and understands the impact that elevated oil prices have on gas prices and therefore on the pocketbooks and wallets of Americans. And we’re monitoring that situation very closely,” Carney said.

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And we’re monitoring that situation...

...along with polling data.

1 posted on 03/05/2011 6:14:26 AM PST by Libloather
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To: Libloather

It is too early. For him. There are 20 months til election.

He'll release reserves in the summer of '12 (not '11, duh!). Gas will drop down to $3 and the serfs will rejoice for the Great Hussein.
2 posted on 03/05/2011 6:21:04 AM PST by nhwingut (Palin '12... Accept No Other)
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To: Libloather

There is NO oil shortage!! Releasing our reserves will accomplish nothing, except depleting our reserves.

3 posted on 03/05/2011 6:21:25 AM PST by KoRn (Department of Homeland Security, Certified - "Right Wing Extremist")
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To: Libloather
What price was oil at when the Democrats were demanding Bush tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and him not wanting to do so was because he wanted gas to go up for his “oil buddies”? It's Obama’s oil crises now, and I'm not seeing the same “you must do something” demands from the Dems.
4 posted on 03/05/2011 6:21:44 AM PST by NavyCanDo
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To: Libloather

...and when that is gone?

5 posted on 03/05/2011 6:22:18 AM PST by broken_arrow1 (I regret that I have but one life to give for my country - Nathan Hale "Patriot")
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To: Libloather

The election isn’t for almost two years.

6 posted on 03/05/2011 6:29:02 AM PST by Brilliant
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To: broken_arrow1

Chicago thug, riff-raff politics again. How to go, Barry.

7 posted on 03/05/2011 6:29:50 AM PST by yorkie01
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To: Libloather

What we need to do is start “DRILLING”!

8 posted on 03/05/2011 6:31:32 AM PST by Old Retired Army Guy
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To: Libloather

My cynical mind tell me the obamites are saving the national reserves to be released to lower gas prices before the 2012 elections

like Clinton did to help Al Gore in 2000, to save him from what - $2 gas? Remember pelosi demanding it?

the lib ideologues (like obama) have always been fond of pointing out that europeans pay $9 a gallon for their gas and have superior mass transit systems, so we are just rich and spoiled and not gonna change until gas becomes unaffordable

9 posted on 03/05/2011 6:57:14 AM PST by silverleaf (All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is that good men do nothing)
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To: NavyCanDo

2.00/GAL in 2004...

10 posted on 03/05/2011 6:58:52 AM PST by PghBaldy (Like the Ft Hood Killer, James Earl Ray was just stressed when he killed MLK Jr.)
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To: Libloather

Clinton released it when gas went up 3 cents if I remember right........................

11 posted on 03/05/2011 7:10:26 AM PST by PeterPrinciple ( getting closer to the truth.................)
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To: KoRn

“There is NO oil shortage!! Releasing our reserves will accomplish nothing, except depleting our reserves.”


In fact the opposite is true. To date there has been NO reduction oil production from ANYWHERE. The inventory stats released for end of Feb show the LARGEST OIL INVENTORIES IN HISTORY. This is because producers are all over the $100 price tag, and consumption has already dropped in response to the rising pump prices.

ALL of the oil price increase is based on speculation that somehow a middle east unrest will disrupt the flow of oil. Truth is, no matter who’s in charge in the middle east, they’re unlikely to not want to keep selling their oil.

If OBAMA wanted to - a clear statement that the US will use all available means to insure the free flow of oil at market prices would cause the spot price to drop like a rock.

Of course the chance of that happening is about the same as Bin Ladin praising George Bush.

Unless Saudi Arabia becomes completely unhinged, look for a huge glut in the oil market within 90 days, and all of the idiots with long positions and big margin contracts will get slaughtered by the Oil Industry shills who are masters at pumping the spot price on almost any theoretical doomsday scenario.

12 posted on 03/05/2011 7:14:36 AM PST by crescen7 (game on)
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To: Libloather

Why not drill the Gulf or Alaskan reserves? How about some adults take over?

Pray for America

13 posted on 03/05/2011 7:14:57 AM PST by bray (Vote for Palin and against the Country Club)
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To: Libloather

The oil depot at Cushing, OK is building more storage to accommodate the overflowing oil reserves. There is NO shortage, only speculators bidding up the price to cash in because commodities are easy to manipulate. And struggling families are being robbed while facing foreclosure and job losses. This country can’t survive much more of this.

14 posted on 03/05/2011 7:15:35 AM PST by kittymyrib
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To: Old Retired Army Guy

We just need to say we are opening up doors for drilling here in the US and the speculators will drive the cost down.

15 posted on 03/05/2011 7:41:31 AM PST by 23 Everest (A gun in hand is better than a cop on the phone.)
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To: kittymyrib
There has been too much wild swinging of the oil pendulum by speculators. Oil should be removed from the commodities list, pork bellies is not a strategic asset, oil is
16 posted on 03/05/2011 8:56:41 AM PST by Robe (Rome did not create a great empire by talking, they did it by killing all those who opposed them)
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To: Libloather

“And we’re monitoring that situation...” ~ Obama

Americans are finding out the hard way that it is IMPOSSIBLE to “work across the aisle” with passive aggressives because they only smile in your face and “pretend to agree” with you. ie: What you “see” is NOT what you “get”.

Who does this remind you of?


See also
Counterproductive work behavior
Malicious compliance
Mind games
Psychological manipulation
Relational aggression
Social undermining

Passive–aggressive behavior, a personality trait, is passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following through with expectations in interpersonal or occupational situations. It is a personality trait marked by a pervasive pattern of negative attitudes and passive, usually disavowed resistance in interpersonal or occupational situations.

It can manifest itself as learned helplessness, procrastination, stubbornness, resentment, sullenness, or deliberate/repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible.

Signs and symptoms
The book Living with the Passive–Aggressive Man lists 11 responses that may help identify passive–aggressive behavior:[1]
Ambiguity or speaking cryptically: a means of creating a feeling of insecurity in others.
Chronically being late and forgetting things: another way to exert control or to punish.
Fear of competition
Fear of dependency
Fear of intimacy as a means to act out anger: The passive–aggressive often cannot trust. Because of this, they guard themselves against becoming intimately attached to someone.
Making chaotic situations
Making excuses for non-performance in work teams
Victimization response: instead of recognizing one’s own weaknesses, tendency to blame others for own failures.

A passive–aggressive person may not display all of these behaviors, and may have other non-passive–aggressive traits.


Obama: the perfect passive aggressive ^ | 1/19/11 | Gil Guignat

Actually we should have entitled this article:” Obama: the perfect aggressive passive.” Since the words “passive aggressive” has specific meaning in our culture we started with this. Over the last 24 months Obama has been the perfect aggressive.

Passive aggressive is a state of mind of an individual who appears passive in the light of authority and who becomes aggressive in the absence of authority. Prison is the perfect illustration of the passive aggressive mind set. Prisoners are passive as long as guards are present. When the guards go away, prisoners can turn into unprincipled, degenerate savages.

The Obama administration has been in an aggressive, authoritarian state of mind determined to brutalize decent Americans from happiness and sanity and into a draconian Venezuela-like socialist utopia of misery and hopelessness.

The Obama administration is about to go into a passive approach to sucker in one more time all the people who voted for the democrats. The tactic is to show that Obama wants to get along and to do what is right for the country. They will cooperate and even vote for things they would never vote for. The objective is to milk the stupidity of the average voter in time for the elections. Once re-elected Obama can become aggressive again and punish his enemies as he has encouraged his supporters to do. That punishment will be brutal.

Notice how the tone has already changed. These democrats are master psycho political operatives. Whereas they accused Sarah Palin of being responsible for the shootings in Tucson, at the same time they started acting passive demanding that we become civil. This kind of contradiction done enough times, will turn the masses into suitable fodder for the worst of the welfare-like gulags.


Over the last two years, Obama and his minions have been aggressive because there was no authority to prevent them from plundering the country and the sate of Arizona. Arizona was flogged with one lawsuit after the other preventing the state’s law enforcement authorities from enforcing immigration laws. These are the very same immigration laws that the Federal enforcement refuses to enforce.

Even Janet Napolitano the Secretary of Homeland Security has recently dismantled the virtual fencing system over the Arizona-Mexico border claiming that the $1 billion price tag was just too expensive. After spending trillions of dollars over the last 24 months somehow the Obama administration becomes cost conscious for $1 billion dollars. That is like someone buying a Ferrari refusing to buy floor mats for the car because it is too expensive. The average price tag of a Ferrari is a minimum of $250,000.00.

The EPA had also attacked the state forcing it to abide by air standards it should not have to under the threat of having future permits pulled for utility companies power needs.

Finally, the Giffords memorial/pep rally was anything but about the people who were harmed in the recent shooting. It was about Obama the conquering hero coming to Arizona to celebrate his greatness. Even the T-shirts handed out were from a PAC that had to do with his re-election. How Tacky!

The Obama administration over the last 24 months has been in an aggressive mode. Obamacare was all about flogging and pounding Americans into submission and accepting a new way of life that 75% of Americans simply does not want. 26 states do not want this new way of life and are suing the Federal government because they think Obamacare is unconstitutional. 7 more states are likely to join the lawsuit making it that 33 states will be against this draconian authoritarian health care law.

Do you also remember the cram down the democrats inflicted on Americans at the end of last year? They forced the repeal of DADT, and the START treaty. Nobody wanted this. The START treaty is so bad, that the Russian Duma the body that is loosely akin to the American Congress does not want to approve the treaty because it cannot figure out what the START preamble means.

If there is one thing in common is that Obama likes to use force to get his way. He acts to impress his communist socialist peers around the world not to help Americans. He takes his cues from these peers. Look at the policies of Hugo Chavez the communist dictator of Venezuela and you will see no difference in the policies of Barack Obama.


Now the Obama administration is going passive. You can see it every where.

The socialist democrats have flogged Americans into submission in the last 24 months by inflicting Obamacare on an unwilling populace, by inflicting a disastrous START treaty that not even the Russians want, by inflicting the repeal of DADT that the armed services are opposed to, by inflicting a totally foreign mindset that Americans don’t recognize. Real estate is collapsing. Unemployment is closer to 20%. Small businesses are evaporating.

Now after this brutality, socialist democrats are all of the sudden calling for civility.

Never mind that they tried crushing Sarah Plain by accusing her of a blood libel and being responsible for Gabriel Gifford’s shooting. After doing that to her, they suggest it is time for a do over and simply becoming civil.

That is like having two prize fighters go into the boxing ring for 10 rounds. One fighter ( American people/Palin) however has his hands tied behind his back while the other fighter (democrats) do not. Round after round the tied fighter gets pummeled until the 9th round. Somehow during the 10th round the fighter loses his restraints and is able to defend himself and starts winning the fight. At that point the fighter who was fighting unfairly stops the fight, says he did not mean to abuse his opponent and calls for more civility and graciousness.

Obama’s end game in his passive mind set

Democrats now will be cooperative. They will call for civility and cooperation and a total love fest. As we have said it has already started.

The end game for democrats is very clear. They will want to show that the President has learned his lesson and has heard Americans and what they want. The idea as we have said will be to sucker the voters one more time for reelection. At that point when Obama is re-elected he will turn back into his aggressive self to finish off whatever is left of a once great nation.

Remember the boxing analogy? The fighter who has been fighting unfairly now has called for civility. The fighter who has been abused who is well meaning agrees to go along and turns his back to go to his corner. At that point his opponent pounces and hits him with a lethal blow to the back of the head. The fighter wakes up later to find he is now bound and gagged again and is being pummeled mercilessly.

That is what the democrats are now planning. Lure gullible Americans into another false sense of trust in Obama, vote for him again in re-election and hand over there collective arms to be bound and gagged and to be finally finished off never to know the once great life America offered.

Take a look at the video of Nancy Pelosi handing the gavel to John Boehner the new Speaker of the House. Look at how sweet and syrupy she is. She is the model passive now as harmless as a fly. This is also the same woman who ruled that house like a dictator.

She wrote all the House bills in her office with no feedback from anyone and then demanded democrats vote in favor. She rammed through bill after bill. She was even quoted as saying that even if 100% of Americans did not want Obamacare they would have gotten it anyway. She destroyed the careers of 63 democrats in the House. She sacrificed them for her ends. She has pushed the finances of the country to such an extreme that it will take decades for this economy to return to what it once was if at all. Now the dictator of the House Nancy Pelosi is what little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Democrats are master propagandists and expect Americans to forget her or Obama’s dictatorial past.

Like the prize fighter if you turn your back on her she will knock you out one final time so you will never get up again. Will newly minted Speaker Boehner be a sucker for Pelosi’s female guile and turn his back or will he know better so he can deck her so that she never rises again?

Gil Guignat was born in Dakar Senegal and has lived in Africa, Europe and the US. He comes from a family that survived five years of Nazi occupied...

17 posted on 03/05/2011 9:24:15 AM PST by Matchett-PI ("Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Tax " ~ Gagdad Bob)
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To: Libloather

18 posted on 03/05/2011 9:24:15 AM PST by mirkwood (Palin-Bachmann 2012)
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To: PghBaldy

Obama should be required to explain WHY we need to tap the Strategic Oil Reserve but dont need to drill for new reserves.

19 posted on 03/05/2011 9:42:37 AM PST by Don@VB (Power Corrupts)
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