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Kosovo: the 'moderate Muslim' fallacy, need for Balkan and global Christian unity
NYT ^ | Souad Mekhennet

Posted on 03/12/2011 9:00:32 PM PST by Javeth

In the eyes of his family and friends, Arid Uka was a model youth... The young man, who was from Kosovo, helped his mother at home, cleaned floors, took out the trash and even gave her half his salary for the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Mr. Uka, 21, was a devout Muslim who prayed five times a day, but also liked to play video games on a PlayStation and watch “The Simpsons” with his brothers, 27 and 12...

But last Wednesday, that vision of normal life vanished, after Mr. Uka was arrested in connection with an attack on an American military bus at Frankfurt airport that killed two American airmen and wounded two other men...

One of the dead, as well as the two wounded, were members of a security team en route to Afghanistan, according to the United States Air Force. The other man killed was stationed at Ramstein Air Base and was the driver of the bus...

In their district, Sossenheim, second-generation immigrants often face problems in school or finding a job. But, Hastrid Uka said, “We had a good childhood, and our friends came from all nationalities and religions.”

His father added, “Our children were brought up as Muslims, but also as people who respect others no matter what religion they have.”...

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TOPICS: Editorial; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: balkans; christianunity; kosovo; serbs
All of you may recall how the Kosovo betrayal was justified by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Madeleine Albright, and Tom Friedman and the neocons, in the 1999 war-criminal bombing of Serbia and - sadly enough - compounded by George W. Bush in the 2008 recognition of KLA-led Kosovo (both against international law and opposed even now by the vast majority of the world).

Kosovo was a "moderate Muslim" region, we were told. Despite the massive evidence of the Muslim Kosovo Liberation Army's murderous atrocities against not only Serbs but Gypsies, Christian Albanians and other groups. Despite the KLA's concerted effort to torch and dismantle 1,000-year old Orthodox and Catholic churches, something that war criminals Clinton, Albright and Blair made sure went ignored and unpunished - in spite of the rage of brave US soldiers who refused to look the other way. Despite the KLA's documented organ-harvesting and links to al-Qaida, who of course made sure to demonstrate there gratitude to the USA's 1999 betrayal of Balkan Christians by perpetrating the 9/11 attacks against the United States, followed by Kosovo Muslim-led plots against Fort Dix and the recent shooting of US soldiers by Arid Uka.

Anyone in the Balkans, or with general familiarity with Muslim countries, knows that the 'moderate Muslim' label is just naive fantasy. While small groups of Muslims may behave just fine, so-called 'moderate' Muslims soon enough harbor members prone to terrorism if they exceed even just 1% of the population. That's because the Muslim ideology is hostile against everything the West stands for, interested in using Western naivete against it as a tool for conquest, and despicable in encouraging young Muslims in particular to use their personal problems as excuses to fantasize about revenge against the West in general. Anyone who knows the truth here is not surprised that a supposedly 'moderate' Muslim like Uka was drawn to terrorism, just the same as the Fort Hood shooter.

The German press in particular has been up-front in reporting this truth, and pointing out how the attacker's personal troubles were easily twisted into general anti-Christian and anti-Western grievances by fellow Muslims. The unsurprisingly useless PC American and British media by comparison, continue to buy into the idiotic 'lone-wolf' claims and, denying any broader link with the ideology of Islam.

This goes to a deeper failure in much of the West in general, that is the reluctance of Western Christians for too long, to find unity with each other and put up a common, united front against the Islamist threat. The betrayal by Clinton, Blair, Albright and Bush (little surprise that it's being followed by the current Muslim occupant of the Oval Office) wasn't just against the Serbs and Orthodox Christians, who had long been a friend to the US and UK - it was a betrayal against Balkan Christians and the Christian faith in general. This has been going on since the Crusaders sacked Constantinople in the 1200's, leaving the Byzantine realms vulnerable to Turkish attack in Asia Minor, and the Christian-on-Christian resentment was undoubtedly worsened by the conflict between fellow Christian Balkan peoples in the 1990's. Saudi Arabia and the Moslems love this inter-Christian conflict, since it helps them in their goals to make the Balkans the soft underbelly of the West for a renewed push toward Muslim conquest.

But such Christian-on-Christian disunity isn't inevitable, and the West in general will survive only if our peoples can get past these petty differences and unite against the common enemy of aggressive Islam (including the mis-labeled 'moderate' variety). I've been heartened to see more and more of this lately, with Croatians joining Christian Serbs, Albanians, Greeks, Hungarians, Armenians, Bosnians, as well as Anatolian and Coptic Christians from the region, coming together in Cyprus and other regions both inside and outside the Balkans. Not just in empty gestures of support or back-slapping.

For example, I went to a cross-country and denominational meeting about a month ago, attended mostly by fellow Balkan Christian communities. The topic was those Greek Diaspora bonds you may have heard about - - being offered up as a financial bridge while Greece is finally forced to clean up it's corrupt public sector, incompetent tax collection system and bribery. (Much as we love Greece, we're glad that it's rulers are finally being forced to clean up their act.)

Anyone familiar with these Diaspora bonds, as other countries including Ireland, Portugal and Israel are now issuing, knows that they're not about financial gain or ROI (even if we are pleasantly surprised eventually). Instead, they're about showing Christian solidarity, to protect the Balkans from falling into the hands of corrupt globalist bankers and the Saudi-led sovereign wealth funds, who'd like nothing more that to see Greece and it's Balkan Christian neighbors reduced to insolvency, and forced to open their borders to massive Turkish and other Muslim immigration.

At the inter-denominational meeting, we raised millions in the Greece Diaspora bonds (my wife and I pledging $50K - the business has been doing well enough). But the major surprise was our biggest donor: a wealthy pillar of the community, of mainly Croatian descent, with a $250,000 Diaspora Bond pledge. A young but prosperous Christian Albanian professional pledged $30,000 (many Christian Albanians know all too painfully well how dangerous the Muslim KLA is, and how their Christian hero Skanderbeg bravely fought the Turks), an Armenian small businessman signed up for $15,000 in Greek Diaspora Bonds, and on and on. Serbs, Croats and Albanians put aside their differences and came together with other Balkan and Black Sea Christians that day, Orthodox or not, since we could all see that whatever the past, helping out a fellow Balkan Christian nation in need was the best bulwark against a renewal of the same Turkish and Muslim aggression that caused so many centuries of misery in the Balkans.

This kind of Christian solidarity, for something other than immediate short-term profit, is something that the globalists like Clinton, Blair and Albright will never understand, and it's why all of the Balkan Christian lands - Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and their neighbors - have survived millennia of terrible adversity and come out stronger each time.

The cowardly leaders of the increasingly Dhimmified United Kingdom have shown the opposite of Christian solidarity, instead selling out there Christian heritage and fellow Christian nations for some short-term riches and thirty pieces of silver. Tony Blair was a disciple of Antonio Gramsci, the Cultural Marxist (as opposed to traditional econ-driven Marxists) who believed that leaders could best control the population by changing it, breaking down the country's Christian unity by flooding Britain with mass immigration and claiming the always-specious advantages of 'cheap labor' for business. Perhaps 5 million Muslims poured into Britain under Blair's watch, and Blair and Brown eagerly fell for the short-term financial allure of Saudi Arabia's oil wealth, succumbing to Dhimmitude in return for some cronyism to benefit BP and the politician's and banker's summer retreats. The Saudis, of course, were not happy just overwhelming the UK alone with Muslim immigration - there real target has been the hated Christian populations of the Balkans, who've been stubbornly resistant to Muslim conquest over centuries.

So Dhimmi Britain under the so-called 'Conservative' David Cameron has been just as traitorous against the Balkan Christians as Tony Blair. He's continued to harass the Christians in Kosovo (Gypsies and Albanians as well as Serbs) and used Greece's financial straits as an excuse to pressure the Greeks into withdrawing their tough opposition to Kosovo, while also pressing them to open up Greece's own borders to massive Turkish immigration to make Greeks a minority in their own ancient land. (This is the very reason that the Balkan-American and Balkan-Australian Christian communities have been coming together lately for the Greece Diaspora Bonds, to support Greece and give the Greek and Balkan countries the strength to resist the pseudo-Christian Judases like Clinton, Blair and Cameron who want to take advantage of recent difficulties to break the Greek nation itself.)

So Dhimmi Great Britain has become a Trojan Horse for the Saudis and the general Muslim invasion of the West, and the 'moderate Muslim' fallacy has likewise become the liberal media's Trojan Horse to demand the same. This repulsive coalition of Leftists, globalists and sell-out profiteers can't stand the idea of stout-hearted Balkan Christian nations standing with each other, but history is not on their side. Dhimmi Britain will soon be perishing from the earth as a nation - no country can survive if it betrays it's own Christian heritage so blatantly, all for short-sighted political correctness and the greedy desires of sell-out banksters who fear a country united by ethnic and religious solidarity. But the Balkan Christian nations have survived far worse, and they'll pull through this too, provided that they put aside their differences and past history and unite together, as fellow Christian peoples in a time of need. I have every confidence that they will, and all of us in the global Balkan Diaspora will be available to help.

1 posted on 03/12/2011 9:00:40 PM PST by Javeth
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To: Javeth

Unfortunately, the governance and foreign policy of the United States and the west at large is no longer in the hands of those who practice the Christian faith. Such secular westerners comfort themselves about their lack of faith with the fallacy that all religions are equal and (as even GW Bush did) call Islam a religion of peace. Christians know better but there are too few of us left to steer foreign policy in a meaningful way.

2 posted on 03/12/2011 9:11:10 PM PST by Yet_Again
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To: Yet_Again

Good article. Shouldn’t change the title.

3 posted on 03/12/2011 9:13:25 PM PST by Defiant (The One must become the "One and Done".)
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To: Yet_Again

Good article. Shouldn’t change the title.

4 posted on 03/12/2011 9:13:25 PM PST by Defiant (The One must become the "One and Done".)
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To: Defiant

Shouldn’t double post, either.

5 posted on 03/12/2011 9:14:28 PM PST by Defiant (The One must become the "One and Done".)
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To: Javeth

“His father added, “Our children were brought up as Muslims, but also as people who respect others no matter what religion they have.””

Well, he did raise a smart enough to have recognized that being Muslim means Jihad! Not moderation.

Anyone professing Islam as a moderate religion is simply a liar, and/or self-deceived.

6 posted on 03/12/2011 10:38:42 PM PST by Puckster
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To: Puckster

The reality of some kind of “moderate islam” existing is seen in islamic nations where one would expect large outcries of the “moderates” against the excesses of the immoderates.


7 posted on 03/13/2011 3:04:27 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain & proud of it: Truly Supporting the Troops means praying for their Victory!)
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To: Javeth

Why would a religion have to have degrees publicly stated at all times? If the majority of Muslims weren’t violent a label such as ‘moderate’ wouldn’t have to be applied.

There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim. Anyone who believes otherwise is deceived or ignorant.

8 posted on 03/13/2011 6:28:38 AM PDT by whatshotandwhatsnot (Islam wants you dead.)
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To: Javeth

Whenever I hear that ‘’moderate Muslims’’ bs I ask the person making the statement, “Were there ever any moderate Nazis’’? I have never, and I mean never gotten an answer to that question.

9 posted on 03/13/2011 11:11:25 AM PDT by jmacusa (Two wrongs don't make a right. But they can make it interesting.)
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To: Puckster
“Our children were brought up as Muslims, but also as people who respect others no matter what religion they have.”

If he actually did this, it is an affront to Allah.

That teaching violates the fundamentals of the religion as spelled out in the Koran an Hadiths.

Apparently the kid read the Koran, and takes it literally. - Tom

10 posted on 03/13/2011 3:35:25 PM PDT by Capt. Tom
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To: Capt. Tom; Bokababe; SQUID; montyspython; Ravnagora; FormerLib; Hoplite

That’s exactly right, it’s why the moderate-Muslim label is an oxymoron to begin with - many of the hadith are for all intents and purposes, a despicable list of prescriptions for the ‘House of Islam’ to wage combat against the ‘House of War’ (all non-Muslim nations). Even to the point of embracing anti-social acts and outright subversion - taqiyyah as well as extortionist crime rings - to undermine Western societies. The KLA in Kosovo isn’t an ‘anomaly’ and they sure as heck aren’t ‘moderate’ Muslims in any way, the KLA are just practicing the war-by-subversion which those hadith recommend.

That’s also why a supposedly ‘moderate’ Muslim is just one charismatic imam away from anti-Western crime and terrorism, as Arid Uka was, with their ‘moderation’ merely a disguise to help the useless idiots in the PC US and UK media to pretend like no actual threat exists. Until, of course, a ‘moderate’ Muslim officer suddenly shoots up soldiers in Fort Hood, or ‘moderate’ Kosovo Muslims launch an attack on Fort Dix, or a ‘moderate’ like Uka brazenly and cowardly walks up to American soldiers and shoots them point-blank. The politically-correct media hounds then just throw up there hands with the same dumb canard, how nobody saw it coming since a ‘moderate’ wouldn’t do anything like that. When anyone knows that the so-called moderates are just practicing taqiyyah, or otherwise trying to convert themselves into more ‘active’ practitioners of there conquest-minded ideology.

And that’s the key to the matter. There may be those of a Muslim background who blend into a modern society and do fine (which is maybe the case with the guy’s brother in the article), but if they go this route, then by definition they’re not being devout Muslims. If someone is a devout Muslim, then by that very fact, they are supposed to view with hostility the ‘House of War’ around them, even if it means using taqiyyah and other forms of deception to hide that hostility. Unless Islam has a true Reformation that alters it’s very roots, then Muslim communities of any sufficient size will be susceptible to the conquest-driven ideology of the hadith, and thus almost inevitably at odds with the Western societies that house them.

11 posted on 03/13/2011 8:45:54 PM PDT by Javeth
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To: Capt. Tom


12 posted on 03/13/2011 8:50:31 PM PDT by Puckster
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To: Javeth

Well said, nobody will listen because it’s not their back yard....yet

13 posted on 03/14/2011 6:04:10 AM PDT by SQUID
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To: Javeth
Spare yourself the effort of adding me to your 'To:' list.


14 posted on 03/14/2011 5:48:11 PM PDT by Hoplite
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That’s true. It’s easy for complacent, PC-overridden countries like Dhimmi Britain to dismiss the Serb’s and Balkan Christian’s determination - to the point of bombing and brutalizing there fellow Christians. After all, Blair and Clinton were so convinced of their globalist fantasies, they couldn’t possibly imagine why a Christian people would want to protect itself against Muslim invaders. Clinton and Blair couldn’t imagine being in a region that had been the target of Turkish and Muslim assaults for more than a millennium (dating back to the Arab attacks on Constantinople), and the danger they constantly posed to the Christian peoples living there.

But as you say, the Clinton-Blairite fantasies will go on only until they realize that the threat is aimed at them, too. That threat is already obvious to anyone else - 9/11, the Ft. Hood shooting, Ft. Dix, Times Square, the London Bombings and now the attack on the US soldiers in Europe should have been ample prof that the threat is right here, at the doorstep of the same globalists who want to wish it away. But no, not even such ongoing danger can be allowed by the PC media and Clinton and Blair’s successors to override the Dhimmifying delusions of political correctness. Until it gets even worse that it’s already become.

15 posted on 03/16/2011 2:48:09 PM PDT by Javeth
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To: Javeth
My friend, they know these people from past deals. Maybe Clinton stood up in one of BinLaden’s weddings at some point. (Obvious joke)but you get the point.

NATO respected the islamic month of ramalamadingdong by providing them with a nice ceasefire, but the Serbs were bombed all the way through Easter week with no mercy. What does this tell you? Much!

Serbs were the sacrificial lamb used to show islam that NATO is not on a crusade of any kind against islam. As I said before, Serbs were guilty years before one shot was fired. The day will come when they will regret every box of ammo and rifles that they purchased from Iran to give to the mujaheddin in Bosnia and the criminal scum in Kosovo.

16 posted on 03/17/2011 5:53:15 AM PDT by SQUID
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