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Barbarians within: Why Brit-style riots could spread to US
NY Post ^ | March 27, 2011 | Michael A. Walsh

Posted on 03/28/2011 3:48:34 AM PDT by Scanian

They were cleaning up the mess in London yesterday -- replacing the windows at the Ritz, fixing the wooden façade at Fortnum & Mason and attending to a vandalized Trafalgar Square in the wake of Saturday's protests -- and riots -- by trade unionists and anarchists.

Think it can't happen here? Think again.

The British press reports that up to half a million people took part in the demonstrations, 200 were arrested and more than 160 injured -- including 84 police officers, 11 of whom had to be hospitalized.

Why? Because Prime Minister David Cameron announced a $130 billion cut in public spending and this is how the infantile left reacts when its I've-got-mine-Jack gravy train is threatened.

The weekend demonstration was led by Britain's powerful Trades Union Congress, whose leader, Brendan Barber, has been warning for more than a year that "industrial unrest" would greet any Tory government that dared attack Britain's sky-high social spending.

Addressing the gathering in historic Hyde Park was Ed Miliband, the Labor Party's new hard-left leader (his father was a prominent Marxist), who likened the protesters to the suffragettes, the US civil-rights movement and the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Which ought to tell Britons all they need to know about their prime-minister-in-waiting.

In the aftermath of the all-too-predictable violence -- in Trafalgar Square, the words "fight back" and "Tory scum" were scrawled on the bronze lions and red paint was splashed on the 2012 Olympics countdown clock -- there was the usual tut-tuting

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KEYWORDS: anarchists; labourparty; trafalgar; unionists; vandalism
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To: Doctor 2Brains

I’ve had to join 3 in my time and I will gladly attest that they all SUCKED, especially the Teamsters who never would let you quit (”Teamster for Life”) like some religions.

41 posted on 03/28/2011 5:20:37 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: stevie_d_64

I agree with you. And you and I both know that the right will be blamed by the media for any violence or damage.

It would give a lot of satisfaction to stick a boot up some hippy’s a__ but is it worth the political downside?

42 posted on 03/28/2011 5:23:59 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: Scanian; screaminsunshine; hershey; Huck; saintgermaine; esoxmagnum; rbg81; knarf; arderkrag; ...
EVEN HERE ON FR, FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!, you get masses of IDIOTS who LOVE unions, and swallow their BS hook, line, and sinker.

I think for this reason, the Scott Walker "Pickett's Charge" directly into the Union fray is futile.

Action: Target Unions. Reaction: draw protests.

What you need is to put the onus on the protesters to materialize action in their favor.

Say instead you create a steep barrier to spending, zero-basis budget rules or whatever such that ANY pet spending (union welfare, corporate welfare, welfare welfare) has to be approved in the affirmative vs other options every year, rather than contracts which roll continuously.

Accomplishes the same thing in the end, but doesn't allow the unions to focus the limelight on "cutting teachers and firemen and puppy dogs."

43 posted on 03/28/2011 5:25:16 AM PDT by sam_paine (X .................................)
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To: Senator John Blutarski
Our problem is STILL that we and they are playing by completely different rule books in a culture war to the death (of western civilization).

From the article:

In any contest, there gets to be two teams on the field, not just one, and the game can only be played if both sides follow the rules.

When one doesn't -- well, just take a look at Trafalgar Square, then brace yourselves.

One of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals is there are no rules for the Left, anything goes. Lying is necessary and encouraged. Traitors to our system will be the heroes of "The Revolution."

Conversely, they hold us to the highest possible standards both technically and philosophically. Consequently, we are always fighting by the most stringent of rules while they have none.

This would be obvious to everyone except the media is on their side and they present a one-sided picture favoring the Left, not truth. It will be a tough battle reversing 100 years of creeping Communism but if we intend to survive we must.

Communism is about destruction, period. Even after they have destroyed the status quo and are completely in charge they are still about destruction. They imprison people, they slaughter people and finally they destroy even themselves. It is built into the system of Dialectical Materialism on which Communism is based.

Last night on 60 Minutes they were doing a segment on "greedy corporations" who fled the country to avoid our highest-taxes-in-the-world taxes on corporations. I kept waiting for Leslie Stahl to demand a Berlin Wall to keep people in. It never seems to occur to them that if they would lower taxes, not only would they keep the jobs here but they would collect more taxes than they do with high taxes. In stead, they are plotting even more stringent rules to try to collect the taxes.

44 posted on 03/28/2011 5:34:04 AM PDT by Mind-numbed Robot (Not all that needs to be done needs to be done by the government!)
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To: FES0844

Nah, they’ll look to BHO, Muchelle, and the LSM to pull some stunt to do that.

45 posted on 03/28/2011 5:36:25 AM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: Kartographer

You can’t have too much ammo unless it sinks your boat, crashes your plane or cracks your slab.

46 posted on 03/28/2011 5:50:32 AM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: Scanian
Seen one major riot, seen them all - riots in the 60s did major infrastructure damage - arguably worse than anything yet in the EU, doesn't matter how one characterizes them they were still riots - complete with National Guard troops w/ loaded guns and APCs.

The Federal government was so threatened then, that NSA was monitoring, recording, and transcribing phone, taxi and police calls, among others nationwide - as I recall the traffic went to the FBI via the CIA. It was believed at the time in government circles that race was only a pretext and that the real motivation and inspiration was communist led by Russian operatives.

Creepy Trumka = Creepy Hoffa, et al. Unions have always led for leftist causes.

Mostly the unions rely of the courts to get their way. However, when the free stuff is taken from the inner city leaches, they will riot.

PS: DC, Philly, Harlem, Rochester, Paterson, Trenton, St. Augustine, also burned - plus 114 more cities after King was shot.

47 posted on 03/28/2011 5:51:32 AM PDT by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)
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To: Scanian

“Infantile” is a good word but unfortunately it isn’t the only word. It is true that the Left has never grown up and believes that they can get whatever benefits they want and have the “rich” pay for them. Its also true they are Brownshirt thugs who will threaten, intimidate and bully Republican-controlled governments into giving them what they want. And as we saw in Wisconsin, you can’t trust the police to stop the lawlessness.

What needs to happen is a strong showing of police presence. That doesn’t mean shooting people and we wont’ be able to put them in jail for long periods but clearly there can be arrests, big fines, restitution and this nonsense going on their records. Hopefully we have some police who still understand their jobs and are willing to do so.

48 posted on 03/28/2011 5:58:36 AM PDT by Opinionated Blowhard ("The time will come when Winter will ask you what you were doing all Summer" -- Henry Clay)
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To: Opinionated Blowhard

What can you do when the cops are unionized?

49 posted on 03/28/2011 6:26:56 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: stevie_d_64
"...make sure you have your insurance updated in case of such unrest..."

If by that you mean purchasing heavy weaponry and cultivating the skill and willpower to use it, we are good to go. As for the worse case scenario, unless things change soon there is no avoiding it. We might as well plan to come out on top. If history judges us harshly, so be it. If they feel strongly enough about it they can dig us up and burn our bones, assuming they still know how to make shovels.

50 posted on 03/28/2011 6:28:09 AM PDT by jboot
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To: Scanian

From most of the pic’s I saw...they were the same crowd that riots at WTO meetings.

51 posted on 03/28/2011 6:29:20 AM PDT by Osage Orange (I knew what I was feeling, but what was I thinking!)
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To: Scanian

Read a couple of weeks ago that ONE THIRD of the income in the United States (money our citizenry has) is from government handouts. 1/3!!!!

What happens when that shuts down? Chaos here worse than what we saw in England.

But that’s the “top down / bottom up” plan of the left.

52 posted on 03/28/2011 6:33:56 AM PDT by TigerClaws
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To: Scanian

.308 and .30-06 blacktip surplus easily defeats Level IIIA and Level III body armor and kevlar helmets. Level IV armor with a ceramic trauma plate resists it, but usually only SWAT teams are issued expensive Level IV armor. Stock up!

53 posted on 03/28/2011 6:35:48 AM PDT by jboot
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To: Osage Orange

They probably were...and they show up at “G” meetings in North America as well.

I don’t know if it’s like the ‘60’s but I’ve had old “protesters” of both sexes say they didn’t give a rat’s patootie about any war, they were just looking for a “cheap date.”

I don’t think it’s quite that innocent anymore but not all of those critters we see are true believers either.

Organized labor participation can be dicey, if the real gorillas in their membership sign on to the hellraising.

54 posted on 03/28/2011 6:40:48 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: Travis McGee
You can’t have too much ammo unless it sinks your boat, crashes your plane or cracks your slab.

I once suggested that one had too many guns if they caused structural damage to one's house. I was told that what was needed was a larger house.

55 posted on 03/28/2011 6:42:56 AM PDT by magslinger (What Would Stephen Decatur Do?)
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To: Scanian

Impossible we don’t have that many skinny people, our guys will get out of breath lifting chairs and what not.

56 posted on 03/28/2011 6:46:43 AM PDT by Flavius (A)
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To: tgusa

If they are union cops, you lose.

Watch the news, they clearly turn thier heads.

Don’t trust any government agency.

57 posted on 03/28/2011 7:13:27 AM PDT by devistate one four (USC 10.311 Militia Kimber CDP II .45 OORAH! TET68)
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To: TigerClaws
"Read a couple of weeks ago that ONE THIRD of the income in the United States (money our citizenry has) is from government handouts. 1/3!!!!

Aside from direct transfer payments, consider tax dollars spent on defense, police, fire, ems, schools, medical care and infrastructure. I would estimate that two thirds of the nation's economy is tied to federal, state, and local government spending or tax policy in some fashion or another.

I always believed there would be a tipping point against the government, but I fear the tipping point might now be an uprising in favor of the government.

58 posted on 03/28/2011 7:19:34 AM PDT by buckalfa (Confused and Bewildered With a Glass Half Empty)
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To: Scanian

Look at the mess caused by union thugs, socialists and communists in Madison, WI...this kind of chaos has already occurred in the US just not on the scale as in the UK. It is all about leftists losing elections...from the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Nazis, Hugo Chavez etc. if they cannot win at the ballot box they will overthrow the election with mobs.

59 posted on 03/28/2011 8:05:21 AM PDT by The Great RJ (The Bill of Rights: Another bill members of Congress haven't read.)
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To: ken5050

I hope he’s paying real attention to the bad as well as the good.

By sheer coincidence, this just in, an email from Number 10 titled “StartUp Britain”:

“...We also understand that there’s only so much government can do on its own. That’s why today I supported the launch of a new campaign - StartUp Britain - led by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They’ve pulled together some amazing offers to encourage more people to strike out and start up. From advice on legal issues to creating business cards, these offers are worth around £1500 to every single start-up...”

And a link pointing to a new website -

This is possibly the most encouraging thing yet to come out of Number 10. If you’re going to wield the axe, make sure people have the incentive to create new businesses.

To some extent, that’s addressing a grievance that many still hold against Margaret Thatcher - she patently didn’t realise that a million out of work 2nd-5th generation middle-aged coal miners and their families were not EVER going to be employed in a gainful manner, by the new economy (built as it was around financial services, emerging technologies, and IT, all areas where youth and academic ability tend to be more useful than raw physical stamina / blue collar experience).

If it wasn’t for public sector jobs many parts of the North would still be wall-to-wall unemployment.

Here’s something major dumb: when the mines shut, the Coal Board sold the miners’ cottages to private landlords for £500 a pop - without even bothering to ask the tenants (retired miners and redundant miners) if they wanted to own the property.

As a consequence you have the stupid situation where I live, that my (64 year old) next door neighbor is in hock to his landlord every month and in fact pays more every 2 months than the landlord paid for the freehold 18 years ago... but he was born in that house, so was his dad, his grandad was one of the crew that built the house, and four generations of his family worked the pit.

What was a straight-talking 46 year old miner, made redundant, supposed to do to make ends meet when he had no assets to speak of, his landlord owned his ass, and all the skills he’d acquired were no longer required? No bank would lend him the money to start up on his own and he had no qualifications because the mines didn’t need qualifications when he started working for them.

The Labour government created loads of public sector jobs, so that people like him wouldn’t be counted on the unemployment statistics. Which wasn’t clever. Some jobs did get created, but to be honest, can you imagine a call center hiring elderly former miners who’d be honest enough to admit that they’d respond to an abusive caller by threatening to chin ‘em?

Bravo, Dave.

60 posted on 03/28/2011 8:23:06 AM PDT by MalPearce
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