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The List, Obama's One Hundred and Fifteenth Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 4/8/11 | Nachum

Posted on 04/08/2011 9:28:13 AM PDT by Nachum

Obama's One Hundred and Fifteenth Week in Office

"The List" for 4/7/11


Egyptians say they are worse off post Mubarak

Community Organizer to the World

Picture: Obama eating with Sharpton

Obama pays tribute to Rev. Al at NYC gala

Obama Ethics, Year 3

With Government Shutdown Looming… Obama Plans Weekend Getaway

Hawaii elections clerk: Obama ‘caught fibbing’

Trump sends investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama

Holder speaks on school violence, critics question federal role

Dems to WH: Rein in the EPA

Obama's ‘Let them eat cake' moment deep sixed by media

Asked About Rising Gas Prices, Obama Says, 'Think About A Trade-In’


Obama: I’ll Shut Down the Government and Suspend Military Pay

The Obama Administration Prepared to Deem Soldiers “Non-Essential” Workers

Crude futures push toward $110 a barrel

ABC Locates Victims of Shutdown That Hasn't Happened Yet, Pleases President Obama

US budget deficit in first 6 months of fiscal year totals $830b, $113b higher than same period last year - CBO

Treasury: True Government Spending Topped $11 Trillion Last Year

Obama urges patience with higher gas prices

Gates to troops: Yes, you’ll get paid in a gov’t shutdown … for a week

Federal shutdown would hit California hard


Report Reveals Another Flawed Obamacare Program: recent report from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the newly created Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) can be added to the list of poorly thought-out provisions of the new law...A temporary reinsurance program to run through 2014, the ERRP is an attempt to encourage companies to continue employer-sponsored coverage for early retirees between the ages of 55 and 65. ... this program “appears to be mostly a bailout for public-sector and union health benefit programs for early retirees.”

Employers Stagger Under ObamaCare's Weight  After using basic math and common sense, it's clear that employers simply won't be able to afford providing insurance for their employees under ObamaCare

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has filed an amicus brief in support of the Commonwealth of Virginia's case against the Affordable Care Act

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

U.S. Border Patrol Replaces Guns with NLAIM Paint Markers

General: U.S. may consider troops in Libya

Dept. Homeland Security to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts

Obama and Israel

The State Dept. denounces school bus rocket attack- Obama silent

Jewish School Bus Hit by Islamic Rockets From Gaza- Obama silent

"The List" for 4/6/11

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Trump: I Have Investigators in Hawaii...'They Cannot Believe What They're Finding'

Obama accused of 'rewarding terrorism' after dropping sanctions on Libyan Lockerbie 'mastermind'

Despite Their Rhetoric, Obama And The Democrats Are Doing Whatever They Can To Shut Down The Government

Issa ATF subpoena commands Melson to appear, produce documents(gunwalker)

Washington Post and CBS receiving money from Obamacare slush fund

Community Organizer to the World

Obama’s New Energy Policy: A Lesson in Stealth Socialism

Holder, other US officials at NY Sharpton event


Obama says late-night budget talks with the leaders of Congress have helped to narrow the issues, but there is no deal yet to avert a shutdown

Obama Meeting Fails to End Stalemate Over Federal Budget [Talks Collapse]

VIDEO: Obama: "I Remember What It Was Like Pumping Gas"

Obama, John Boehner and Harry Reid are holding a late night meeting

Gas Prices Could Rise To $5

The White House says that the public doesn’t “really care” about the budget debate in Washington

Utah approves gold

Wages not keeping up with pace of inflation

Obama says little short-term help for gas prices -Pitching the promise of energy independence, Obama cautioned... it's going to be tough to transition from America's oil-dependent economy

Obama chats with Boehner by phone for three minutes before flying to Philly

Obama's Planned Visit to Spanish Wind Company Irks Some American Businesses

Troops Won't Receive Paycheck if Government Shuts Down

Obama-Boehner Fight Gets Ugly

Obama says budget deal closer than ever

Obama headed out of D.C. as shutdown looms

Gas prices: Up 20% from January

 Gold spot price hits record high of $1,459.60, Silver spot price to $39.75, U.S. Crude oil hits $109

Rising oil prices beginning to hurt US economy


Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Detailing ObamaCare Rationing

New Analysis Reveals Obamacare Will Cost More Than Expected

Repeal of Obamacare 1099 Provisions Passes Senate

Rand Corporation has taken a look at what ObamaCare will do for states and their budgets...  Many of the health care law's "benefits" impose massive costs on state governments-and uncertainties over several aspects of the law are making it even worse

House Budget Committe Chair Paul Ryan's Budget Slams ObamaCare

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

Saudis ‘So Unhappy' With Obama They Sent Emissaries to China, Russia Seeking Enhanced Ties

FBI Monitoring Possibility of Terrorist Attacks From Libya

Border Wars: Patrol Told to Scare Away Immigrants, Not Arrest Them?

Al Qaeda making a comeback in Afghanistan: has begun setting up training camps, hideouts and operations bases

Yemen president gets a stern warning from Obama press secretary

Friends of Obama

Benjamin Barber - Gadaffi Shill's Involvement With Obama Founded "Think Tank"

One of Obama's closest friends is scheduled to appear at Honolulu District Court next month, after he allegedly solicited sex from an undercover officer posing as a prostitute. Police arrested Robert Richard Titcomb, 49, of Waialua on suspicion of prostitution Monday night.

"The List" for 4/5/11


Fed Staff Increases Its Inflation Forecast

Fuzzy Math....Obama boasted of adding 216,000 jobs.. But it took 2.8 million Americans to leave the labor force to achieve his reduction in the unemployment rate

Obama Official: ‘Climate’ Happiness is an Economic Downturn

VIDEO: Obama Tells Congressional Leaders to ‘Act Like Grown Ups’ on Budget

Senate Budget Commitee approves Obama’s nominee for Deputy OMB Director: long time Democrat leftist,Heather Higginbottom

Republicans reject Obama budget deal at White House: Boener, "No Deal"

Gold Surges To A Brand New Record On The Back Of Weak ISM Services Number

Comex Gold Hits New All-Time Record High ($1450+) as Buy Stops Triggered

Silver breaks $39.00/oz (up 28% in 8 weeks)

U.S. gasoline price rises 9 cents to April record

Air Force spending $4 million a day for Libya war

U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue

Unions slam Obama for withholding shutdown plans

White House Orders Agencies To Prep For Government Shutdown

Obama summons top House Republican to White House to discuss avoiding government shutdown

Congress moves to repeal slush fund used for anti-obesity campaigns


Congress on Tuesday passed the first major changes to last year’s health care law, undoing both a burdensome paperwork requirement for small businesses and rewriting part of the way the health exchange subsidies are paid for.

New Report Shows Sec. Sebelius is Overstepping Her Authority

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found a way to tax dollars to lobby through Obamacare legislation

Shhh: HHS grants more Obamacare waivers, considers new 2012-2013 scheme

ObamaCare Supporters Fudge the Numbers

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Obama has faced the increasing pressure on him over the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act that has included a bi-partisan letter from all of the Congressmen on the Veterans' Affairs Committee by still continuing to fail to implement any of the extended veterans' benefits of the Caregiver Act.

Brooklyn judge takes shot at AG Eric Holder over no death penalty for killer of two NYPD detectives

The Obama administration is refusing to provide information that congressional auditors say they need to root out waste and fraud in federal programs that pay out billions of dollars in disability benefits, stirring complaints about White House open-government practices.

Richard Trumka Says Union Does Not Give Money to Obama

Obama and Israel

US agrees with Goldstone: Israel didn't commit war crimes

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

Did Politics Keep the F-22 Out of Libya? -No need for NATO coalition if the plane was brought in

Al-Qaeda Quickly Fills Void as Obama Administration Pushes Yemeni President From Power

 Homeland Security Head Says 45% Illegal Aliens are Being Searched for by Only Over 100 Agents

Community Organizer to the World

Quran burning 'un-American', says White House

Obama’s Cousin Odinga Clears Way to Presidency By Turning Opponents Over to International Court

Parody gets more views than real Obama launch

 First Obama 2012 Campaign Video: Uh.. where's Barry?

"The List" for 4/4/11


Bureaucracies charged with running Obamacare are being stifled with hundreds of pages of rules, regulations and procedures: 429 pages

According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, Obamacare will raise taxes by $813 billion and reduce spending by $732 billion (mostly for Medicare) between 2012 and 2021. ... under ObamaCare, -$1.5 trillion plus will not be going towards extending the solvency of Medicare and Social Security, but instead will be used to finance subsidies for high-risk individuals who buy insurance through the new state exchange programs.  The gross cost of coverage expansions for 17 million people under the exchange system will cost $1.4 trillion-( a conservative estimate)

AARP prez inadvertently makes case against ObamaCare

WHO Study Used to Justify ObamaCare a Scientific Fraud


Weekly Gas Prices Show Ninth Consecutive Increase

McDonald's to hire 50,000 workers - in 1 day: average pay for the jobs is $8.30 an hour

Brazil imports record amount of ethanol in 1st quarter; almost all from U.S.

Commodities Prices Jumping, Pushing Ag, Metals, Energy Stocks Higher

The Obamas' Chicago mansion could be worth less than the value of their mortgages

IMF economists see dire future for US taxpayers

Obama wants to double conservation spending, buy more federal land

Obama touts his Administration's plans for energy dependence, outlined in the 44 page,   Blueprint for A Secure Energy Future

Obama's Energy Policy: A Looming Disaster

The Obama administration says it can’t decide whether U.S. taxpayers should be on the hook for $6 billion in tax increases levied by Puerto Rico, but businesses are eligible for the disputed tax credits in the meantime.  And, if the IRS eventually decides the credits were improper, those firms won’t have to pay back the billions of dollars they already received.

Oil above $108 breaks 30-month high

Weekly Indicators: Economy Slowing Due to Choke Collar of High Oil Prices

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Chicago Democrats with close ties to Barack Obama have been implicated in a massive cover-up of sexual abuse and human trafficking (1) targeting black children in poor neighborhoods. The allegations have emerged from a series of lawsuits brought by abuse victims and their families.

White House Says It Will Veto House Efforts to Scuttle Internet Fairness Rules

Chairman Issa subpoenas BATFE for 'Project Gunrunner' documents

Blagojevich seeks interview notes with Obama

Report: Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

Libyan Rebel Commander: ‘Cut Gaddafi’s Throat, Then Establish an Islamic State’

The NATO request for the United States to continue flying its planes capable of striking at Libyan troops on the ground has raised concern that coalition forces do not have the military equipment needed for the type of strikes necessary to continue degrading Libya's military.

60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009

Video: Holder grumpy about having to try KSM in military tribunal

Attorney General Eric Holder today blasted Congress for inappropriately interfering in the decision over how to try Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad

Holder “Reluctantly” Sends KSM to Military Commissions

The Obama administration has signaled it will end efforts to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian trial and instead will use the Gitmo military tribunal system pursued by Bush

Obama envoy claims Islam is answer to violence

Ultra-Leftist Samantha Power to be next Secretary of State?

Video- Obama in 2004: I Don't Have the Experience to be President

The Obama 2012 (re-election) launch, featuring everyone but Obama

Obama Egypt-Gate

Muslim Brotherhood advocates Egyptian modesty police

Obama and Israel

'US firmly opposed to PA seeking UN statehood declaration'  Top White House ME adviser Dennis Ross tells ADL conference that negotiations the only way to produce a Palestinian state; former US envoy to Israel Indyk: Hold quiet talks while Arab world isn't watching.

J'lem local committee approves 942 housing units in Gilo ...Plans to expand neighborhood located beyond Green Line come as Peres in US to meet Clinton, Obama; may include additional 300 units

Community Organizer to the World

The United States Agency for International Development has awarded Purdue University a nearly $32 million grant to help train faculty at five Afghan agricultural universities

"The List" for 4/3/11


Three Million and Counting Exempted from ObamaCare ($750K annual coverage exemption)

Half of Latest Crop of Obamacare Waivers Are to Unions


Silver breaks through $38.00 an ounce on Sydney and Kong Kong markets

Treasury Market Braces for Higher Interest Rates

Rich Are Targeted in IRS Audit Offensive

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

February Construction Activity Drops 1.4%, Lowest in More Than a Decade

Government Motors: Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success

Over 44 Million Now On Foodstamps (Doubled under Obama)

Obama's plan to buy more public land draws GOP fire

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Many of the Obama administration's top open government initiatives are set to be turned off by May 31

'Project Gunwalker' now definitively traced to near top of Justice Department

  Obama's Energy Hoax

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

Flashback: Hillary's 3 a.m. ad...

U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally

Obama headed to Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday for a golf outing

The White House released a statement from Obama on the riots in Afghanistan ... “Today, the American people honor those who were lost in the attack on the United Nations in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Muslims burn effigy of Obama in Afghanistan; Karzai demands Terry Jones be punished

2010 Flashback: US Apologizes for Criticizing Gaddafi after he called for Jihad

"The List" for 4/2/11


List of health reform waivers keeps growing (1,168 waivers)

Republicans question Obamacare’s $5 billion early retiree ‘slush fund’

Cass Sunstein Olympics

Cass Sunstein and his Lady Macbeth: Wife ..White House advisor Samantha Power- their radical ideas


New York electric bills to soar 12%

Obama links economic growth to energy independence

Obama to Congressional Leaders: Hurry Up and Strike a Budget Deal

Obama Ethics, Year 3

Obama's new view of his own war powers

Obama: 'No Amount of American Lives' Can Resolve 'Someone Else's Civil War'

EPA Whistleblower Criticizes Global Warming Science and Policy in New Peer-Reviewed Study

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

U.S. backs off in Libya as Qaddafi holds on

U.S. Tomahawk strikes in Libya to end

U.S. Ending Its Air Support of No-Fly Zone in Libya, Leaving NATO to Take Reins

Samantha Power to be the next Secretary of State?

"The List" for 4/1/11

Obama and Egypt-gate

Disciplined and Organized Islamists Squeeze Out Youth Groups in Egypt

Van Jones Laugh-a-thon

9/11 Cheerleader and Cop-Killer Supporter Van Jones to Sit on Corporate Boards?


Crude Oil Soars to $107.94

Scariest Job Chart...U.S. still not even close to catching up with the pace of past recoveries

Jobs report: Your paycheck isn't going up

GE Gets Obama Health Law Money ($36 million for early retirees)

Unemployment: Don’t Get Too Excited...“labor force participation is at the lowest point in 27 years"

Gallup- U.S. Unemployment Rate at 10.0% in March

Unemployment rate falls to 8.8 pct, two-year low- Obama Labor Dept.

White House, business join hands on ‘clean’ vehicle fleets

WSJ: Gov’t Workers Outnumber Construction, Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, & Utilities Workers Combined

Alaska's governor asked federal regulators to move ahead in allowing new oil development in the Arctic Ocean,

Obama Ethics

Former Obama adviser Eric Schmidt tries to hide donations at Google

All federal agencies and private companies that deal with the U.S. government must identify their vulnerabilities to the impacts of global warming and develop a climate change adaptation plan, as per an executive order quietly signed by President Obama.

The U.S. EPA’s Regulatory Clean Air Benefit-Cost Estimates ....30 free lunches for the price of 1

Investigations Find ‘Unprecedented’ Political Review of FOIA Requests by Homeland Security Department

CBS Notices Obama Administration Playing Politics With Nuclear Waste Disposal, NBC and ABC Silent

Issa subpoenas ATF for Project Gunrunner documents - White House misses deadline

Government's Stealth Takeover of Food

Obama Official: GOP Budget Would Kill 70,000 Kids

Obama To Reporter: ‘I’m The President Of The United States. You Think I’ve Got To Borrow Somebody’s Computer?’

It's 3 a.m and nobody's there...

Secret deal struck between the Obama administration and the House of Saud. Two diplomatic sources at the United Nations independently confirmed that Washington, via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, gave the go-ahead for Saudi Arabia to invade Bahrain and crush the pro-democracy movement in their neighbor in exchange for a "yes" vote by the Arab League for a no-fly zone over Libya

Pentagon defends lifting ban on gays in military

Female U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan ‘Encouraged’ to Wear Hijab

Napolitano: Obama Border Security Approach ‘Is Working’ -- ‘Inaccurate’ To Say Border ‘Out of Control’

Napolitano Defends Progress in Securing the Border

Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says

U.S. Treasury exempts Libyan-owned bank from sanctions

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Libya's rag-tag rebels needed training more than guns in their battle against Moamer Kadhafi's army but that other nations should do the job.

Community Organizer to the World

FDA Sets Rules for Vending Machine Calorie Info

Obama: I wake up thinking about jobs

“They eyes of the world are on Côte d'Ivoire,” Obama says in a video message to the people if Ivory coast posted on the White House website on March 25

Housing Policies Backfire: Minority Ownership Dives

First they came for your light bulbs. Now Obama’s EPA is going after your soap.


Uncovered: New $2 billion bailout in Obamacare

In a recent call with liberal college groups, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said she was disappointed that "some in Congress are still trying to repeal the law and argue the results of the last two years."

HHS official: Employers may gradually move to exchanges

Hospitals Fear They'll Pay Cost of Medical Device Tax

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On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin! (Song of the moment)

Another week, another fiasco.

Gee Mr. President, sorry about that budget mess ruining your vacation. Hit a golf ball for me.

-Let me know if you would like to be on or off this very long and annoyingly busy ping list.

1 posted on 04/08/2011 9:28:25 AM PDT by Nachum
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To: Nachum
RE: Picture with Al Sharpton

Do real men use straws?

2 posted on 04/08/2011 9:38:15 AM PDT by txlurker
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To: txlurker
Do real men use straws?

We are assuming he IS a man :)

3 posted on 04/08/2011 9:45:00 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

I did not read all that but I am holding onto it to read over time.

I hope they did not forget Obama’s successful economic strategy in playing the part of the car czar. That cash for clunkers, where perfectly good vehicles were destroyed and could not be broken down for parts, was doozy. I saw a beautiful corvett destroyed. People sure were helped by turning in their cars that were paid up for a new car they bought on credit, too. This was especially benefitial in light of the personal debt problems facing Amerians./s/

The Chevy Volt has been a smashing success for government motors, too!

4 posted on 04/08/2011 10:32:45 AM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: Nachum

We should have this in an expandable excel spreadsheet complete with golf x/week and vacations!

5 posted on 04/09/2011 11:26:42 AM PDT by conservativesister
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