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Jayna Davis Radio Interview on JIhadist Involvement in Oklahoma City Bombing
Secure Freedom Radio ^ | 12 April 2011 | Frank Gaffney

Posted on 04/12/2011 9:32:56 PM PDT by LSUfan

Author of “The Third Terrorist,” Jayna Davis, explains the possible connection between the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and Middle Eastern terrorism.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: islam; jihad; mcveigh; mohammedanism; okc; okcbombing; terrorism
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To: Crim

First I’ve heard of him that I recall. Sounds terminally naive.

21 posted on 04/12/2011 11:45:17 PM PDT by TigersEye (Who crashed the markets on 9/15/08 and why?)
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To: nickcarraway

That is absurd. Jayna Davis didn’t write her articles or book to cover for Slick Willy. What a stupid thing to say.

22 posted on 04/12/2011 11:48:05 PM PDT by TigersEye (Who crashed the markets on 9/15/08 and why?)
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To: nickcarraway

“This theory is proposed to whitewash Bill Clinton.”

There isnt any “theory” to anything I’s all sourced for you to check out...much of it from FR..

And I will remind you...Al Qeada (Abu sayyaf) was already at war with us:

The “alex Jones” type theory is that Clinton was somehow involved either let it happen or made it happen...

Apply Occams razor for a moment...

What is more likely?

Clinton would do this just to link it to militias...

Or Clinton is a craven opportunist who would cover up mid east involvement in terror attacks to save his “legacy” of mid east peace, and at the same time blame the far right who was hounding him...a two fer...

I’ll take door #2.

23 posted on 04/13/2011 12:22:00 AM PDT by Crim (Palin / West '12)
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To: nickcarraway

nickcarraway, I presume you refer to the complete misdirection AWAY from any evidence or links to middle eastern terrorism as the whitewash, not the version of events proposed by Jayna Davis?

24 posted on 04/13/2011 3:09:16 AM PDT by rlmorel (Capitalism is the Goose that lays The Golden Egg.)
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To: cradle of freedom; All

I first read Jayna Davis’s book “The Third Terrorist” a few years back, and it was a real eye-opener for me. It wasn’t that I discounted the government version that Timothy McVeigh was the prime shaker and mover behind the terrorist attack, it was the fact that I just never had the time to delve into it, to learn more about it.

Jayna Davis’s book has the ring of truth to it. I’m not a big conspiracy theory person, because I understand that one of the superlative “qualities” of the human mind is the propensity to look at things and find patterns in them. We all know (simply from reading Free Republic!) the conspiracy theories abound, and that the reasons for them are many. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but the events that we see are fertile ground for them. That’s just the way it is.

But it is nearly impossible, no-make that completely impossible, to discount out of hand Jayna Davis’s version of events. She isn’t a wingnut, she’s not a lunatic, she’s not a conspiracy theorist. She was an investigative reporter with an established reputation in a major US city. Furthermore, upon reading the accounts from many different people, in excessive detail, one can only come to the conclusion that there was indeed a cover up.

There were things that just could not be made up, that have no other rationale. Look at the phone records of Timothy McVeigh’s partner, Terry Nichols, who made those trips to the Philippines (ostensibly to look for a mail-order bride as I recall) and the phone records that show dozens and dozens of attempted phone calls to the boarding house where Ramzi Yousef was reportedly living from a pay phone using a card purchased by the pair of “American terrorists”. (This is from memory, so my recollection may not be completely accurate… I have to read it again.) As I recall, these dozens and dozens of attempted phone calls all took place within some ridiculously short period of time, the type of thing when a panicked person is repeatedly calling a number that is not picked up.

The thing is, this book which is full of independently researched and meticulously verified information, is full of this kind of thing. What I find completely disconcerting and disturbing about all of this, is the vilification of Janet Davis as some kind of loopy conspiracy theorist out to make a buck. I am always surprised, and disappointed when the subject comes up on Free Republic, for example a thread like this, but dies out quickly due to a lack of interest. I guess it’s old news, and a lot of people either just want to move on, or find the concept of even considering that the government was less than truthful in this case just too difficult to approach.

If it is a painful and disturbing for me, I can only imagine how crushingly disillusioning the treatment of her research is by the mainstream media, and by extension of the efforts of the media and those friendly to the Clinton administration, the treatment by the rest of the country in general of her work. It must be painful indeed for her.

I challenge anyone to read Jayna Davis’s book, and finish it still believing that it was those two dumb asses Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who blew up that building.

25 posted on 04/13/2011 3:32:44 AM PDT by rlmorel (Capitalism is the Goose that lays The Golden Egg.)
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To: Newtoidaho
You're pretty much correct, but they didn't loose them.

Several weeks ago there was a report of an ABC reporter being a MOLE for the FBI.

According to the report, a rummer was circulating in the intelligence community that Sadam Hussain had set up a terrorist cell in the US. The info made it's way to an ex CIA agent working with ABC news. This agent gave the reporter the info.

After the OKC bombing the reporter instead of just running with the unconfirmed rummer, contacted the FBI with the info. The FBI checked it out, and it turned out to be false.

What that means is, someone knew about McVeigh's and Nichole's activities far enough in advance that they could fabricate a story that would make it appear the “RIGHT WING EXTREMIST” had teamed with a foreign govt. to carry out the attack. If that was the case, the OKC bombing wouldn't have been just a criminal act, it would have been an act of war.

Amazingly, the talking points coming from the Clinton WH prior to the OKC bombing tried to make the argument that the Right Wing Extremist were trying to overthrow the govt.

Following the OKC bombing Billy had the spy satellites turned to spy on Elome(SP) City. Using spy satellites to spy on American citizens is illegal, unless they are engaged in an act of war against the US.

They didn't loose anybody.

They let it happen, and any investigation would have shown that.

26 posted on 04/13/2011 7:16:43 AM PDT by IMR 4350
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To: TigersEye; rlmorel; Crim
Please read a book called The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories by a British reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. He elaborates how the Oklahoma City bombing was an FBI sting operation gone wrong, that the Justice Department covered up.

You shouldn't allow Clinton to cover up his mistakes by blaming them all on Muslims.

27 posted on 04/13/2011 10:53:50 AM PDT by nickcarraway
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To: nickcarraway

How about some kind of documentation please....a link or article...

28 posted on 04/13/2011 11:34:13 AM PDT by Crim (Palin / West '12)
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To: nickcarraway

Jayna Davis started writing her articles within a week of the bombing and she was under a lot of pressure to drop it completely. It is utterly ridiculous to suggest that she in any way was whitewashing what happened for Bill Clinton. You need to read her book.

29 posted on 04/13/2011 1:39:07 PM PDT by TigersEye (Who crashed the markets on 9/15/08 and why?)
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To: CrazyIvan

How about Clinton was running these guys but when he found out that they were connected to big time middle-eastern terrorists, he turned tail and ran.

30 posted on 04/13/2011 2:59:29 PM PDT by cradle of freedom (Long live the Republic !)
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To: TigersEye

It’s 2011, why are we hearing about this now? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard faced all kinds of pressure, but he published in 1997, when it was still relevant. If what you say is true, maybe Jayna Davis should be criticized for not making this information public to prevent 9/11. What’s next, she’s going to say a jihadist killed Archduke Ferdinand and started World War II?

31 posted on 04/13/2011 3:05:33 PM PDT by nickcarraway
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To: nickcarraway
You dummy! She wrote all this, as I said, at the time. Her articles began within a week of the bombing. Her book, published in 2004, is a consolidation of the years of research she did. Which was well-followed on FR all along with original research done by FReeper OKCSubmariner.

The Third Terrorist - Jayna Davis

32 posted on 04/13/2011 3:38:26 PM PDT by TigersEye (Who crashed the markets on 9/15/08 and why?)
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To: nickcarraway

Have you read “The Third Terrorist”?

I ask, because if we compare a book by a foreign journalist, far removed, who covers all unsavory aspects of the Clintons from sexual peccadillos to FBI coverups and might devote a few chapters at the most to the Oklahoma City bombing, to an exhaustively researched, devoted to the sole subject book by a well known native to the town where the bombing occurred that was researched doggedly over the course of several years, I cannot see where it can carry the same weight.

That said, I will read it nonetheless per your suggestion, but I do take issue with your suggestion that I am somehow taking Clinton at his word about something.

If I were taking Clinton at his word, it would be that white right wingers were the sole perpetrators of the OK city bombing, not muslims using disenchanted right wing patsies as their proxies.

33 posted on 04/13/2011 7:02:36 PM PDT by rlmorel (Capitalism is the Goose that lays The Golden Egg.)
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To: rlmorel
From the start, there were problems with the Justice Departmnt version of events.

The first flag came for me when television accounts shifted from looking for 'John Does' to Clinton apologizing to CAIR...

Next, when I realized McVeigh had had a loaded 9mm on the seat when pulled over in a vehicle without license plates while 'fleeing' the scene. After blowing up a building full of men, women, and children, why didn't he just shoot the police officer?

The more I looked, the more inconsistencies there were in the case: Unusual blast damage

missing security video

alleged warnings to personnel from certain agencies to not come in to work

accounts of recovery of additional devices

The list kept growing, including the involvement of Carol Howe (attempted warnings) and Andreas Strassmeier through the Elohim CIty group.

At best, the story the media fed us was grossly 'sanitized' and scrubbed of Islamic connections, at worst a complete fabrication.

Considering it was extroadinarily beneficial to the Clintons to have the entire bombing be:

the result of domestic and not foreign activity

something which could be used to stall the building consensus that the Assault Weapons Ban should be repealed

and somehow a means to quash the fervor which was building to have a serious investigation into what the Government did and why they did it at Waco.

Well, they succeeded. The meme was shifted to brand Constitution reading, Bible believing, gun owning down home folks as domestic terrorists, and continued to the point that Flight 800 was blamed on unlikely electrical problems rather than heed or even seek the testimony of over 200 people who 'saw something go up toward the plane' before the fireball.

Rather than being held to account for the various misfeasances wrought by the deflection of blame onto political opponents, the tactic has become so commonplace that it is routine, regardless of the ill involved, and the entire 'bitter clinger' meme has been incorporated in policy.

This has increasingly left the United States vulnerable to terrorist acts from the people who have been carrying them out: Radical Islamists.

34 posted on 04/13/2011 8:53:36 PM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing.)
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To: cradle of freedom

How about Clinton was running these guys but when he found out that they were connected to big time middle-eastern terrorists, he turned tail and ran.

Nah, couldn’t be.

35 posted on 04/13/2011 10:34:15 PM PDT by CrazyIvan (What's "My Struggle" in Kenyan?)
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To: TigersEye


36 posted on 05/07/2011 2:04:24 AM PDT by widdle_wabbit
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To: widdle_wabbit

a widdle bit

37 posted on 05/07/2011 12:49:19 PM PDT by TigersEye (Who crashed the markets on 9/15/08 and why?)
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