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Joseph Farah : Mother Jones alum lectures me on journalism 101 [Eligibility Issue]
WND ^ | April 12, 2011 | Joseph Farah

Posted on 04/13/2011 12:30:15 AM PDT by RobinMasters

One of the worst things about today's news media is the large number of worthless, clueless and truthless online bloggers who call themselves journalists but, frankly, bring nothing but dishonor and shame to the profession by their misappropriation of the term.

I tell you that as a prelude to a story.

On Monday, April 11, 2011, at 11:04 a.m. Eastern time, I received the following email in my inbox from Justin Elliott of

Joseph – I'm doing a piece for Salon about the claim that Obama has spent $2 million on legal fees to fight eligibility lawsuits. Much of this seems to come from WND's reporting – I'm wondering, do you believe it is accurate when Donald Trump asks, "Why has he spent over $2 million in legal fees to keep this quiet and to keep this silent?"

Does WND have evidence for this?

On Monday, April 11, 2011, at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, a story headlined "Trump and Palin's $2 million birther lie," written by said Justin Elliott, was posted on

It seems traveling journalist Justin Elliott was pretty eager to get his big scoop up at Salon – having given me all of one hour and 26 minutes to respond, assuming it was not edited before posting, which, I think, is a safe assumption.

The intent of Elliott's screed was to attack Donald Trump and Sarah Palin for doing what most of Elliott's partisan pals in in the media have failed to do – hold Barack Obama accountable to the standards of other presidents, to his own pledge to conduct the most open and transparent administration in American history and to the letter of the Constitution.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: certifigate; naturalborncitizen
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A Question of Eligibility

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Sign the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Petition

1 posted on 04/13/2011 12:30:16 AM PDT by RobinMasters
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To: RobinMasters

LMAO! now libtards think lawyers work for free?

Just who do they think keeps telling these judges that no one has any standing to demand proof?

I’m betting 2 mill is an old figure by now...

2 posted on 04/13/2011 12:38:16 AM PDT by Crim (Palin / West '12)
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To: Crim
Just who do they think keeps telling these judges that no one has any standing to demand proof?

If only people could see that this steadfast and repeated ruling exposes the entirety of the fraudulently imposed system of corporate administrative jurisdiction, it would be a tremendous breakthrough for freedom in America.

But all people do is get mad at the ruling. They never ask how it could be true. They always assume the judges are simply partisan hacks, rather than making technically accurate rulings. So the lesson, while blasted onto every front page for two years, is missed as completely as Columbus' ships went unseen by the native Americans.

I think it was H.L. Mencken who wrote that democracy is the process by which the people get what they vote for - good and hard.

3 posted on 04/13/2011 12:57:27 AM PDT by Talisker (When you find a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be damn sure it didn't get there on its own.)
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To: RobinMasters
Is Joseph Farah working for Obama? We know Farah can read. Why then does he spend so much of his marketing budget on a misleading issue. Why is he seeking a hidden document to prove what one hundred senators clarified in 2008?

“My assumption and my understanding is that if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a natural-born American citizen,” Chertoff replied. “That is mine, too,” said Leahy.”

Every senator signed this resolution, a gesture to try to remove the doubt knowledgeable Democrat reporters, law professors, and pundits had been planting until the late spring of 2008 when Obama became the Democrat nominee.

Born of American parents they all said, including Obama, who was not born of American parents. Dicta from a dozen supreme court cases, congressional testimony from the author of the 14th Amendment upon which all of Title 8 is based, have made it unarguably clear that, as 14th Amendment author John Bingham put it:

“I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen….”

Does Joe Farah believe that Obama’s didn't owe allegiance to any foreign sovereignty? That phrase is Bingham’s interpretation, used by Horace Gray in Wong Kim Ark, of what it means to be a citizen. Obama’s father is not and never was a citizen. Barack told us that. His father did not have allegiance to our republic that Barack could inherit. That is a wise restriction, one which applies only to our presidency. What is wrong with Joe Farah? Has he been threatened, as has Glen Beck?

Farah, for whatever reason, is running interference for Obama. Tabloid conjecture about illigitimacy and infidelity are titillating, and may sell papers, but we have a Constitutional crisis and he is obfuscating the issue. Why?

What is more important to a nation based upon ideas rather than to a monarch than allegiance to those ideas by our leader? One of the ways our framers tried to protect us from intrigue was to insist that our president inherit allegiance from citizen parents, parents who could be natural or naturalized citizens. English law doesn't allow naturalized citizens to be members of parliament. We permit naturalized citizens, the term which Barack applied to himself, calling himself a “dual citizen,” to hold any U.S. govenment office but the presidency and vice presidency.

Barack, born in Hawaii, is a naturalized citizen, by his own admission. Farah, with his readership, is burying the truth under thus far unprovable allegations. But provable or unprovable, we know Barack is ineligible for having been born an English Subject. Why ignore the truth, pretending it doesn't count, and support a continued search to prove what we already know?

Donald Trump, if he doesn't learn what a natural born citizen is, will be using the same ploy for attention. Joe Farah has another motive than the truth. Obama told us the truth. “I am a native born citizen of the U.S.” he said. Those words define a 14th Amendment citizen, not a natural born citizen. Vattel used the term “Native” or “indigene” ascribed to “born on the soil of citizen parents.” Title 8 has not the authority to amend the Constitution, and doesn't. It never mentions born on the soil to citizen parents. It makes born on the soil to a single citizen parent a citizen, a native born citizen, but not a natural born citizen. It is confusing, but think about why our framers required it, for allegiance, and it will become clear. Think of Dreams From My Father. Barack, naturally, it is called natural law, inherited his father's dreams.

4 posted on 04/13/2011 1:22:18 AM PDT by Spaulding
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To: Crim
Not only that but consider the resources spent (taxpayer money) by the Feds in court (Judges, etc) on this issue and how much the State of Hawaii has spent too.

Add it up and you get a lot more than 2 million, all because Obama hides his long form bc.

5 posted on 04/13/2011 1:28:06 AM PDT by Berlin_Freeper (Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone knows Obama is hiding his bc.)
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To: RobinMasters
LOL Farah made a fool out of that Obama fanboi

An American Expat in Southeast Asia

6 posted on 04/13/2011 2:00:40 AM PDT by expatguy (Support "An American Expat in Southeast Asia" - DONATE)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

I would say after this amount of time the bill from all the individual operatives that were told to fly First Class, with no spending limits on expenses, for a sizable crew of no less than 50 plus another group that canvassed the web that all of the operators that flew to Kenya, flew to Mercer island, flew to the Philippines, flew to Britain, Pakistan and even Alaska all with specific directives.

These were the people that also went after Sarah Palin, went after all those of the “early” days of the court cases of Orly Taitz and how to disrupt her proceedings.

Its not $2 million, its at least $15 million.

And assassins don’t come cheap either. Especially the good ones that make it look like an accident, and really good blackmail isn’t cheap.

And then there is the bribes or political promises.

7 posted on 04/13/2011 2:00:55 AM PDT by Eye of Unk (Communism is a diease, a global failure and endorses Barack Hussein Obama.)
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To: RobinMasters

ping for later

8 posted on 04/13/2011 3:56:56 AM PDT by PubliusMM (RKBA; a matter of fact, not opinion. 01-20-2013: Change we can look forward to.)
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To: Spaulding

Amendment XIV
Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
Section 2.

Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such state.

9 posted on 04/13/2011 4:11:12 AM PDT by AppyPappy (If you aren't part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem.)
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To: Spaulding

blah blah blah...

Show us the Kenyan Impostor’s birth certificate.

10 posted on 04/13/2011 4:40:14 AM PDT by y6162
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To: RobinMasters

So now the Liberals want evidence that 0bama spent 2 million on legal fees??

How about 0bama showing everyone his BC

11 posted on 04/13/2011 5:00:40 AM PDT by Steven Tyler
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To: RobinMasters

LMAO! So the lib clown sends Farah an email looking for reply/proof. And then posts the piece an hour later, saying “no response from WND.”

What a bunch of jack wagons.

BTW-The $2 million figure is way low. It was up to $1.7 million by Oct of 2009.

12 posted on 04/13/2011 6:02:47 AM PDT by nhwingut (Palin '12... Accept No Other)
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To: Talisker
exposes the entirety of the fraudulently imposed system of corporate administrative jurisdiction, it would be a tremendous breakthrough for freedom in America.


Unfortunately, even the most well educated FReeper doesn't understand that our rights are based in the common law of the States, not the administrative law of political entities.

13 posted on 04/13/2011 6:33:57 AM PDT by MamaTexan (I am a Person as created by the Law of Nature, not a person as created by the laws of Man)
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To: nhwingut

Ann Coulter said the $2 mill figure was bogus as well the other night. Send her the link.

14 posted on 04/13/2011 8:26:38 AM PDT by TigerClaws
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To: RobinMasters

Farah’s gonna have a hard time responding because he has no proof Obama spent a dime on a birther lawsuit.

15 posted on 04/13/2011 8:36:41 AM PDT by Tex-Con-Man
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To: Tex-Con-Man

What do you think Obama’s lawyers were spending the millions on, then? Did it all go to Donald Young’s hitman? Please regale us with your investigative prowess in this matter.

16 posted on 04/13/2011 11:26:13 AM PDT by Plummz (pro-constitution, anti-corruption)
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To: Plummz
I'm not making the claim...Farah is...and he has no proof.

Presidential campaigns spend millions on law-firms. Obama is not the first. All that is known is money was paid to a law-firm in amounts in line with previous presidents/presidential candidates.

Farah makes up the rest. It's what he does.

17 posted on 04/13/2011 11:42:34 AM PDT by Tex-Con-Man
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To: Tex-Con-Man
Presidential campaigns spend millions on law-firms.

For two-plus years after the campaign? I don't think so.

I'm not making the claim...

You certainly are. The campaign has spent millions on lawyers in the years since the election. This is a matter of public record. It is also a matter of public record the campaign's lawyers have been defending eligibility lawsuits.

You are making the claim that money was spent on something else? So, what was it?

Where is your proof? Your evidence? You should not be making these extraordinary claims without some kind of proof. It makes you seem like a dishonest scumbag.

18 posted on 04/13/2011 12:02:37 PM PDT by Plummz (pro-constitution, anti-corruption)
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To: RobinMasters

Hmmm. The lamestream media will spend any amount of money to find out ANYTHING about Palin, and even research to the point of fabrication George Bush’s TANG record, but they have the singular ability to completely ignore (dare I say blackball) stories on John Kerry’s alleged Purple Hearts and Øbama’s birth certificate and college transcripts and association with “reverend” Wright or Bill Ayers.

I wonder what the connection could be.....?

19 posted on 04/13/2011 1:01:45 PM PDT by SpinyNorman (Carbon credits are designed to be the slush fund of the New World Order.)
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To: Tex-Con-Man
My parents had one incompetent old lawyer representing them when they were sued by Sound Transit who took their property using Eminent Domain. Their legal bill for one old attorney came to $500,000. They received $450,000 for their property with no reimbursement for their legal expenses. They fought the action because their property had been conservatively valued at over $2,000,000 before they were sued by Sound Transit. But don't think the taxpayers got a bargain because Sound Transit actually spent over $2,000,000 on legal fees taking the property.

If you don't think that $2,000,000 has been spent in legal fees on the BC matter you are either extremely naive or extremely disingenuous. $2,000,000 in legal fees is a drop in the bucket these days.

20 posted on 04/13/2011 1:10:00 PM PDT by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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