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To: jjm2111; RaceBannon; SJackson
"from my research the manner of slaughter is more similar than it is different."

Your "research" is flawed.

"Sure, it’s not the same, but knife across the throat, don’t get the spinal column sums it up."

Sums it up for a childish POV maybe...

(sorry for the tone, but if you are going to reply with a teenager's snarky attitude, here it is back at you).

" Yes, you’re right there are differences, but the manner of slaughter IS similar. Not the same, but similar as I said."

Yeah, America is similar to Iraq because both have people with lungs... NOT THE SAME, your multiculturalism notwithstanding).

"Race’s assertions that Halal and Kosher are “are not even close” is not borne by the facts of even the most rudimentary research."

Rudimentary research is where you stopped.

"The details spelled out in Jewish law concerning the design of the knife and the cutting method appear to be important in preventing the animal from reacting to the cut. The knife must be razor sharp and free of nicks. It is shaped like a straight razor and it must be twice the width of the animal’s neck. The cut must be made without hesitation or delay. It is also prohibited for the incision to close back over the knife during the cut. This is called “halagramah” (digging) (Epstein, 1948).

The prohibition against digging appears to be important in reducing the animal’s reaction to the cut. Ritual slaughtermen must be trained in knife sharpening. Shochets have been observed using a dull knife. They carefully obeyed the religious requirements of having a smooth, nick-free knife, but they had failed to keep it sharp.

Observations of Halal cattle slaughter without stunning done by a Muslim slaughterman with a large, curved skinning knife resulted in multiple hacking cuts. Sometimes there was a vigorous reaction from the animal.”

Not sure what you major malfunction is here. According to your FR page you're pretty bright, so either you are mentally on vacation on this issue, or you have some kind of muslim-sympathy guilt axe to grind in comparing Halal as "similar" to Kosher.

Maybe you went native on your assignments, maybe you had to cultivate muslim friends to do your job over there, and you're having guilt trips when you read criticism of islam.

Let this kosher Jew (who has worked with muslims in the food industry) set you straight regarding "similarity":

Your Pope wears a little beanie on his head when he prays "similar to" what I wear as a Jew when I pray, and also "similar" to what many jihadi scum wear when they blow up soldiers and civilians.

It doesn't mean your Pope is Jewish, or that I am Catholic, or that the jihadis are anything except bloodthirsty savages who will eventually try to cut your freaking head off even while you cry "but I defended Halal by saying it was just like Kosher!"

Wake up, pal. You did your duty and everyone's proud of you. Don't blemish it with an ignorant defense of islam as "similar"... We are here to bury islam, not to praise it...

104 posted on 04/28/2011 3:42:01 PM PDT by Yehuda (Land of the free, THANKS TO THE BRAVE!)
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To: Yehuda; RaceBannon; SJackson
Wake up, pal. You did your duty and everyone's proud of you. Don't blemish it with an ignorant defense of islam as "similar"... We are here to bury islam, not to praise it...

If I had your attitude, my last mission would have failed miserably. Don't presume to tell me that I'm blemishing my service by not jumping on your bandwagon. And don't put words in my mouth by pretending that I'm somehow defending Islam.

For charity's sake, I'll admit that for someone like me, with my personality, doing CA work, the temptation to "go native" is there. My own faith was a strong bulwark against it. I don't believe Islam is the correct religion, by no means. But I've also met scores of Muslims who, within their own framework, try to live their lives and do right and good. I don't see how being needlessly antagonistic to every aspect of their faith fights the fanatics or the jidhadi butchers.

To put things in perspective when I was downrange, I had Muslims agree WITH American opposition to the WTC mosque. People aren't stupid and they realized why a lot of Americans were against it. But nothing set back my efforts like Terry Jones burning the Koran. The former was a principled fight against insensitive Muslim propaganda, the latter needlessly antagonistic. As an aside they were utterly flabbergasted that anybody could burn any religious book they wanted.

As I mentioned earlier, my mistake was posting to this thread in the first place.

Good luck burying a billion people. Let me know how that turns out.

106 posted on 04/29/2011 6:58:54 AM PDT by jjm2111
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