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Swiftboating President Obama (Partial barf alert)
Washington Post ^ | April 22, 2011 | Matthew Continetti

Posted on 04/22/2011 1:22:32 PM PDT by libstripper

Why is the ludicrous birther conspiracy theory so widespread? A Public Policy Polling survey this week showed that 48 percent of Iowa Republicans don't believe President Obama was born in the United States. Donald Trump’s potential presidential candidacy has support despite — or maybe because of — his “asking questions” about the president’s actual birthplace. In May, WND Books will publish “Where's the Birth Certificate?,” which, as I write, is No. 2 on The author is Jerome Corsi, the man behind “Unfit for Command” and the “swiftboating” of John Kerry. The connection is important: “Birtherism” may be to the 2012 election what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were to 2004.

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: allegedlyamerican; allegedlyeligible; allegedlyhawaiian; certifigate; naturalborncitizen; obama; trump
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To: sodpoodle

21 posted on 04/22/2011 1:43:48 PM PDT by Emperor Palpatine (One of these days, of these days.....POW!! Right in the kisser!!!!)
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To: libstripper


What Americans know for certain about this issue, is that there is something about Obama’s original birth registration including its history of any amendments or alterations later made to it, which if they do not disqualify him Constitutionally as President, would in Obama’s own judgment more probably than not disqualify him electorially. Under the dominant leftist dogma since Watergate, even the appearance of impropriety would be a basis for impeachment, so the burden on clearing this up belongs with Obama, and he and the MSM have failed to do so while continuing to spew falsehoods and innuendo to prevent a full inquiry and resolution.

This issue becomes more understandable when it is made clear that based on Hawaii law and regulations the information in a COLB is, as a practical matter, meaningless.

The reason that the COLB is meaningless is that there are three (3) levels of information at least in the HI birth records, including first, the original registration info which remains unknown in Obama’s case; second, the INDEX of data extracted and maintained by the HI Health Dept which may not be complete and may be different from original registration information; and, third, the info requested and issued in a COLB, which may quite readily not conform to the original registration nor have been validated by any objective evidence but which is typically based solely upon extracting information from the current contents of the INDEX without disclosing prior changes or details of the original registration. When HI official have issued carefully parsed statements suggesting they have looked at their internal records to confirm BHO birth info it is clear that at best all they have done is look at the currently INDEXED data base, not the original records which may have been sealed, but which a HI Governor has suggested cant even be found.

There are multiple and myriad ways in Hawaii in 1961 and since, that the original registration information may have been filed based upon an other than a “normal” hospital birth registration. From a standard hospital birth affirmation, to legally allowed “late registrations” including,“registrations of foreign born children of Hawaii citizens”; amendments and alterations of existing birth records, including to modify the existing record for ADOPTION which may include changing the birth fathers name on the original record. In consequence of these many variations, authorized by Hawaii statutes, regulations and policies, the original records may be SEALED and not thereafter subject to review at all. Information on the COLB from the modified or altered INDEX may not match in many instances the original registration information. Some original registrations do not require any third party verification but may be made on statement by a parent or other applying person, and if at all may be based on nothing other than a family bible entry.

But the most intriquing example of how a birth registration may have been made in Hawaii prior to 1972, is via a late birth registration (subject to later change or amendment) which at that time could be made solely at the discretion of the director of health on affidavit of a parent or guardian, possibly without any other confirming information. See: Hawaii code of regulations Public Health Regulations Chapter 8 former section 14. “Delayed Birth Registration” (”..additional evidence MAY [or may not] be required”). President Obama’s original Hawaii registration may well have been based on no more than an unverified statement by his mother or grandparents under then existing law. Making the COLB not only meaningless but materially misleading.

Whatever statutory legal presumptions may apply to a COLB under Hawaii law the simple truth is that due to the wide variety of manner and circumstances of registration, past lax evidentiary standards, potential for amendment and alteration such as by adoption, potential sealing of original records..and a COLB based only on Indexed data reflecting the revisions and nothing else.

A significant additional factor in continuing doubt as to Obama’s progeny is the unusual circumstance of no physician or hospital taking credit or being unequivocally named by Obama as his birthplace; and, as well, the seamy and facile way the MSM, such as the NYT resorts to and uses blatant deceit and unfounded nonsense to proclaim unfounded hearsay or rebuttable presumptions have already resolved this issue.

22 posted on 04/22/2011 1:44:19 PM PDT by Gail Wynand
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To: libstripper

Keep that MSM cover up going, Jennifer. Problem is, too many are catching on.

23 posted on 04/22/2011 1:44:53 PM PDT by Oldpuppymax
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To: libstripper
Why is the ludicrous birther conspiracy theory so widespread?

Get a CLUEPON! The "birther" exists because of MEDIA MALPRACTICE!

24 posted on 04/22/2011 1:46:36 PM PDT by missnry (The truth will set you free ... and drive liberals Crazy!)
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To: missnry

There have been a few legal lawsuits filed related to Obama’s birth certificate.

The very first one filed was filed by a good Democrat in Pennsylvania named Philip Berg.

If the birther thing is something cooked up by the lunatic fringe, then why would a good Democrat have been one to file a lawsuit over the issue?

25 posted on 04/22/2011 2:01:55 PM PDT by Dilbert San Diego
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To: libstripper

I was at the VA (Texas) the other day and a bunch of vets were talking and to a man (about a dozen) they all said obama is a fraud and if he didn’t have anything to hide why was he not showing his BC.. Now these fellows are not what one would call deep thinkers but they have all come to the conclusion that zero is lying. Amazingly enough only a couple had internet access.. I asked them if their kids had told them about all this in that the alphabet news organizations barely mention it. They all said yes....

26 posted on 04/22/2011 2:02:39 PM PDT by RVN Airplane Driver ("To be born into freedom is an accident; to die in freedom is an obligation..)
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To: libstripper
Why is the ludicrous birther conspiracy theory so widespread?

Uh, maybe because 100% of American voters birth certificates look a whole lot different than the one being presented as Barry's.

27 posted on 04/22/2011 2:05:58 PM PDT by TexasCajun
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To: Jo Nuvark
No one wants to be Corsi'ed!
28 posted on 04/22/2011 2:08:32 PM PDT by TexasCajun
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To: RVN Airplane Driver

Additionally they all agreed that they thought he was a muslim and a few went on to say he was planted here. So folks the word is getting out to the so called “small people” and they are not happy. We have the senior member of the House of Representatives here who is an 86 yr old ex naval aviator and ex Democrat who votes very conservative and is virtually unheard of except at election time....they were not kind in their remarks about him not standing up to obama ruining the country that we all got shot at defending.... The feeling here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is that the natives are pizzed....and they will vote for anyone to get rid of obama and democrats...

29 posted on 04/22/2011 2:08:43 PM PDT by RVN Airplane Driver ("To be born into freedom is an accident; to die in freedom is an obligation..)
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To: Dahoser; justiceseeker93
bows to foreign heads out of obeisance and submission

You should have seen what happened at the Passover Seder I attended on Monday evening! I was at my son in-law's parents' home in Northern Virginia so most of the people who were there were only casual acquaintances.

When we got rolling on politics and it was clear that my end of the table was populated by knee-jerk liberals, I started to educate. I mentioned a number of things which I generally ended with, "Google Obama 57 States," "Google Obama bow Saudi King," etc. None of the people I was talking to believed any of the things I was saying was true.

But one guy took out his iPhone and found the video of the bow to the Saudi King. It was REALLY amusing to see the liberals passing around this guy's iPhone, and then to debate amongst themselves whether this was appropriate or not (with me occasionally pouring gasoline on the fire).


30 posted on 04/22/2011 2:08:43 PM PDT by ml/nj
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To: libstripper
The Diversion continues.

Even if Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama had been birthed in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House he is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

31 posted on 04/22/2011 2:18:17 PM PDT by ASA Vet (Natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. De Vattel)
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To: libstripper
ludicrous birther conspiracy theory...

Ludicrous? Gee! No bias there! /s ( only 4 words into the essay!)

The birthers are fact based. It is the afterbirthers who resort to conspiracy theory to explain the unbelievable.

Fact: Obama has never proven his natural born citizenship.

Fact: The only evidence available are Internet images of dubious origin, carefully crafted and massaged statements from Fukino that clarify nothing, and hearsay from Lingle and Abercrombie.

Fact: Obama has used tax paid attorneys and private attorneys around the nation to prevent the release of common documents that ordinary Americans routinely release.

Fact: A **real** American would be HONORED to promptly prove with all the best evidence that he was a natural born citizen and eligible to be Commander in Chief and president. He would be especially pleased to do this for our military.

32 posted on 04/22/2011 2:25:21 PM PDT by wintertime
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To: sitkaspruce

It is as hard as John Kerry releasing his form 180. It might be even more difficult, if the BC just doesn’t exist... for Hawaii.

33 posted on 04/22/2011 2:28:28 PM PDT by FreeAtlanta (Obama and the left are making a mockery of our country.)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum
Why is the ludicrous birther conspiracy theory so widespread?

Might as well ask Continetti and his ilk why Obama's US-born status is so taken for granted. What evidence do they have that it is true?

A patently forged COLB isn't evidence.

34 posted on 04/22/2011 2:28:59 PM PDT by okie01 (THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Ignorance On Parade)
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To: libstripper

So funny!!! :D

The SwiftboatVets were what brought me to this site in 2003 against F’n sKerry...

WE know what Swiftboating means... to bring the trueth out, no matter what.. Why can’t they figure it out?

never-mind.. rhetorical question ;)


35 posted on 04/22/2011 2:29:03 PM PDT by Bikkuri
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To: Red Dog #1
It'd be one heck of a trap.

For him. He would be crucified for playing games with the American people. He spent millions blocking access. All of this to set a trap?

Once we have the long form birth certificate and it shows that Obama Sr. was the father, a legal challenge should be launched that Obama is not a natural born citizen under the Constitution. His father was a British national.

I anticipate that at least one state will pass a law requiring the long form. And I think we all know that Obama must be hiding something.

36 posted on 04/22/2011 2:30:10 PM PDT by kabar
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To: libstripper
SwiftBoating is the act of telling the truth about a worthless and evil communist MF’er while a communist media reports ALL TRUTH THAT IS SPOKEN, AS LIES... this propaganda starts from an order by satan and carried out by his minions.


37 posted on 04/22/2011 2:31:04 PM PDT by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!!!)
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To: rockvillem

I don’t recall that there were any accusations by the swift boat vets that turned out to be untrue. I note that in this article no actual examples of false accusations by swift boat vets are given while it is admitted that Kerry engaged in at least one whopper.

38 posted on 04/22/2011 2:34:11 PM PDT by AmericanVictory (Should we be more like them or they more like we used to be?)
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To: Verginius Rufus
The media is trying to make this into a major issue in order to help Obama--to allow them to portray his critics as crackpots and to divert attention from other issues.

The MSM is trying to protect Obama and themselves. The objective is to prevent further inquiry into the issue by demonizing those who ask legitimate questions. Obama could end it all by just producing the long form of the birth certificate, which we have been told over and over again by Hawaiian government officials and the Obama administration. The majority of the public has questions about Obama's birth narrative. They want to see the document. The MSM would lose all credibility if it is found that the long form certificate provides information that will shock the country. It would, ipso facto, demonstrate that the MSM did not do its job.

For Obama, it may be a distraction in getting out his own message. I see no problem in going after Obama on his policies and on his personal narrative. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Were the SBVFT a distraction for Bush or Kerry? If I recall, the Kerry campaign froze like a deer in the headlights for more than three weeks. They were on the defense and never recovered. Rove, McCain, and Bush criticized the SBVFT, but they saved the GOP's sorry ass.

39 posted on 04/22/2011 2:43:00 PM PDT by kabar
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To: libstripper
#1 at Amazon - Preorder your copy now.

40 posted on 04/22/2011 2:46:32 PM PDT by TexasCajun
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