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To: takenoprisoner

I wrote a more detailed scenario many mos ago. Only one person who’s read it disputed it, and he’s a guy who says the 14th Amendment set aside the Framer’s intentions re: NBC. A strange interpretation At Best.


Let’s say you are a Founder, and your desire is to protect this country which you love, and which you know will be threatened by subversive forces. You write in the NBC requirement, and in your mind this is to rule out certain non-American, un-American or even anti-American (Manchurian) candidates from winning an election and fundamentally threatening the Republic from within.

Fast forward. Theoretically speaking, posit this scenario. Karl Marx, although already married, makes a legal visit to the US and ‘marries’ a 17 yo black girl. While the child is young, the mother divorces this man, moves to a foreign country and has her son adopted by a foreign national. The parents hate free market capitalism, and indoctrinate their son in the superiority of foreign cultures.

When eventually the son returns, he’s turned over to communists. They rear him with a virulent hatred for whites and traditional American values. When he gets to college he makes no secret of his affiliations: he selects radical Marxists and the most radical of all brands of feminists as friends, since these are the only people he feels comfortable with. Later he writes a book and dedicates it to the dreams he received from his father, Marx. This father supported the taking of 100 % of the citizens’ money by the state, and doling it out as the State sees fit. The son knows this, and writes a paean to his father’s ‘dreams’ because he shares them, and wants the world to know he shares them. He writes a second book in which he unabashedly offers his view of whites: “White men’s greed runs a world in need”.

Now he runs for POTUS. We have come to a time in our nation’s history when asking any kind of question whatsoever of a biracial man is considered racist, so he gets a complete pass during the election. When asked to show his original long form BC, he spits in our faces. (The evil whites have no right to question their biracial Marxist Messiah!) He rules in the kind of luxury and opulence enjoyed by tinpot dictators, and his executive orders further the impression that he’s not a president but a king. He runs the US down all over the world, apologizing for us in humiliating and demeaning ways while praising countries with wretched human rights records. He nationalizes banks, car companies, healthcare, etc. He subverts our interests to those of the UN. He pushes for, and gets, a treaty favorable to Russia and unfavorable to us. He seeks to destroy out military by homosexualizing/sodomizing it. There’s much more, but you get the picture.

Now as a Founder, can you honestly say that this isn’t precisely what you were trying to protect us from, with the NBC requirement? You wanted to assure that a US born and bred person, who knew and respected our culture and traditions, held the highest office in the land. Is not Obama EXACTLY the person the Founders feared, and tried to exclude? He is fast destroying the country they loved and sacrificed for. And it’s not a coincidence. He is not a NBC; he doesn’t understand us yet he hates us rabidly. And if the Constitution had been respected and honored, he would never have attained the sinecure from which to do his filthy work.

The alternative is that as a Founder, you wrote the NBC requirement precisely SO that a man like Marx, Mao, Hitler, Stalin—or worse—could sire a future POTUS, so long as he ‘married’ an underage American girl in order to do so. If you can’t see the idiocy in that, then you are a Leftist Loon no matter what you say.

35 posted on 04/30/2011 6:40:33 AM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: Fantasywriter

Yet, as we all know too well now, what our founders tried to prevent, has happened. We have a marxist anchor baby serving as POTUS. (Assuming he is an anchor baby, who was actually born in Hawaii.) For many, this part of the debate rages on.

Sure, it would be much easier to remove him, if it could be proven he was born in Kenya. But the deaths associated with childbirth in Kenya, are extremely high. So, I can’t imagine Stanley Ann wanting to go there to birth him, when she could do so in Hawaii, where she would be afforded the best in childbirth care, at KMG hospital.

My focus on his ineligibility, is based on him not having two citizen parents. I am convinced this was our founders intent, regarding NBC.

At this juncture, I am equally convinced we need a Constitutional Amendment, in order to protect us from this ever happening again. In addition, I’m thinking both sets of grandparents have to be citizens too.

Taking it another step, in order to serve in Congress, one must have two citizen parents. If one was adopted, then they will have to be able prove both their DNA parents were citizens. If unable to prove same...ineligible to serve.

No more socialists, and no more marxists. Only eligible, free market capitalists, need apply.

70 posted on 04/30/2011 6:53:39 PM PDT by takenoprisoner (Repeal the 16th amendment . Send Islam packing to their homeland.)
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