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Japan: TEPCO to cover reactor with polyester sheets(here comes reactor burqa )
NHK ^ | 06/15/11

Posted on 06/14/2011 7:41:13 PM PDT by TigerLikesRooster

TEPCO to cover reactor with polyester sheets

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant will begin to cover the No.1 reactor building with polyester sheets this month to prevent the dispersal of radioactive substances.

The buildings of the No.1, 3, and 4 reactors were severely damaged by explosions and radioactive elements are still being released into the atmosphere. There are fears that heavy rain may hamper the workers' activities and that the rainwater may become contaminated with radioactive materials.

To prevent these situations, Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, plans to enclose the reactor buildings with polyester sheets. The covering of the No.1 reactor building will begin later this month.

The roughly one-millimeter-thick sheets will be attached to the steel frames of the 54-meter-high building.

To minimize workers' exposure to radiation, TEPCO will use a special method with very few personnel. A large crane designed to ward off radiation will set up 62 pre-assembled parts at the reactor building. TEPCO aims to complete the covering operation in late September.

The utility plans to carry out similar work at the No.3 and 4 reactor buildings.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 07:26 +0900 (JST)

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KEYWORDS: burqa; fukushima; japanistoast; radiation; reactor

1 posted on 06/14/2011 7:41:16 PM PDT by TigerLikesRooster
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To: TigerLikesRooster; sushiman; Ronin; AmericanInTokyo; gaijin; struggle; DTogo; GATOR NAVY; Iris7; ...


2 posted on 06/14/2011 7:42:13 PM PDT by TigerLikesRooster (The way to crush the bourgeois is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

Well, I figured out back in the 70s that polyester didn’t breathe very well, but who knew it could stop radiation?

3 posted on 06/14/2011 7:50:31 PM PDT by married21 (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)
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To: TigerLikesRooster
Did someone say Japanese reactor?

We're all GOING TO DIIIEIEI!!!!!!


4 posted on 06/14/2011 7:53:07 PM PDT by ElkGroveDan (My tagline is in the shop.)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

They are going to shrink wrap it.

5 posted on 06/14/2011 7:53:28 PM PDT by razorback-bert (Some days it's not worth chewing through the straps.)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

When reinforced concrete fails, bring in the 1mm thick blue plastic sheet...

6 posted on 06/14/2011 7:53:54 PM PDT by PilotDave (No, really, you just can't make this stuff up!!!)
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To: TigerLikesRooster
They need to do something. They have now found radioactive cesium exceeding the legal limit in processed tea at 5 out of 20 plants in Shizuoka City located more then 300 km from the Fukushima reactors.

Contaminated tea found at 5 more plants

7 posted on 06/14/2011 8:00:17 PM PDT by justa-hairyape
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To: PilotDave

They found a use for all those leisure suites left over from the 70’s.

8 posted on 06/14/2011 8:04:19 PM PDT by Deaf Smith
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To: TigerLikesRooster

O-k everybody, dig into your closets and find your old leisure suits from the 70’s and ‘80’s.

(Finally, a useful purpose for that horrible material.)

9 posted on 06/14/2011 8:07:09 PM PDT by 2111USMC (Not a hard man to track. Leaves dead men wherever he goes.)
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To: Deaf Smith

Dang! Ya beat me to it!

10 posted on 06/14/2011 8:08:37 PM PDT by 2111USMC (Not a hard man to track. Leaves dead men wherever he goes.)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

Of course 70s era reactors would choose polyester shirts, Disco lives in Fukushima!

11 posted on 06/14/2011 8:10:31 PM PDT by mrsmith
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To: mrsmith

Something like a nuclear leisure suit? :-)

12 posted on 06/14/2011 8:14:44 PM PDT by meyer (We will not sit down and shut up.)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

Quote from ZeroHege writer Tyler Durden:

“And since the polyester tent idea is doomed to failure, it is only a matter of time before the Simpsons dome is firmly in place over a region with a radius of about 20 kilometers. Impossible you say? Just wait. “

The writer calls it a circus tent and there’s a colorful tent graphic at the bottom of the page.

13 posted on 06/14/2011 8:31:47 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: TigerLikesRooster

So, a polyester umbrella is gonna keep all the cesium and strontium inside?

Dream on, you funny little Japanese fellows.

14 posted on 06/14/2011 9:24:03 PM PDT by Palladin (Sarah Palin in 2012!)
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To: TigerLikesRooster

Notice the blackout on this right here in the US.

Arnie Gundersen - Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 & About to Get Worse - June 14, 2011 (part one)

15 posted on 06/14/2011 9:28:58 PM PDT by Revel
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To: Palladin

Maybe when this happens(as it did) then the whole building will float up into the sky and blow away.

Especially watch starting at the 2 minute mark.

16 posted on 06/14/2011 9:31:23 PM PDT by Revel
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To: Revel

You can’t see it, taste it or feel it and it kills you 20 years later, why bother?

17 posted on 06/14/2011 9:42:09 PM PDT by this_ol_patriot (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner)
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To: ransomnote

Remember what the little yapping hipsters on ZeroHedge thought was going to happen as a result of the oil spill int the Gulf last summer? Oh, they were thinking that we’d have massive die-offs in the ocean and on land as a result of gaseous emissions from the Deepwater Horizon spill. The Gulf spill was going to kill wildlife clear out into the north Atlantic, etc.

Yea, that didn’t happen. The hysterical rantings of most posters at ZH won’t happen this time, either.

The “tent” is being put in place in an attempt to contain the radiation being carried in the steam generated by the plant. This structure might not contain all of it, but they can reduce the overall emissions. And contrary to what snarky idiots think, those of us who work with real industrial materials know that what they’re going to put over those buildings won’t be the same disposable films that you buy down at Home Depot. I’ve worked with poly films that were so thick, you needed multiple men to move a sheet 100’ square. TEPCO doesn’t say how heavy a “film” they’re using, but they’re likely using polyester because as a plastic fabric/sheet, polyester has low permeability, a pretty high tensile strength (ie, it will take a pretty good tension load) and it absorbs less water than most other films.

Here’s a quick comparison:

And here’s TEPCO’s actual proposal, in brief, of what they’re doing:

Think they need cranes that can pick 750 tons for something that’s going to be made from painting drop cloths?

ZH has, sadly, degenerated from a pretty high good source of financial info into a cluster of morons who pollute every thread there with their juvenile “I’m more of a hip, sardonic slacker than you are” contests. When I read ZH and see some of their snarky little twaddle on these topics, I’m moved to say “I’ve taken dumps with higher IQ’s that you twerps.” Where engineering is concerned, they’re almost dumber than liberal arts majors.

18 posted on 06/14/2011 9:50:47 PM PDT by NVDave
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To: NVDave

“Yea, that didn’t happen.”

Depends on who you talk to. A lot more has happened in the gulf than we know, Thanks to government influence on the media. And only God knows what people have been ingesting.

19 posted on 06/14/2011 10:06:59 PM PDT by Revel
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To: Revel

Yes, there’s more to the situation than we’re being commonly told.

But the hysteria on ZH as to what they thought would happen was absurd. Utterly absurd.

As with the nuke disaster in Japan, when I said we’ve had nuke disasters before, we’ve had oil wells blow out before. There was a huge blowout near Bakersfield, CA in 1910, the Lakeview blowout. This blowout dwarfs the Deepwater Horizon blowout by a fair bit. There was literally a lake of crude oil on top of the ground. Today, you can find a bit of asphalt on top of the sand if you know what you’re looking for/at. Weeds and plant life grow quite in the area, when there is enough precip to foster plant growth.

There was another huge oil well blow-out in Spindletop, TX in 1901. Here’s what a nine-day gusher site looks like today:

Crude oil isn’t the huge catastrophe that some people think it is. Sure, it makes a mess for awhile. But crude oil has been washing up on shorelines for eons before we got here, and will be doing so after we’re gone. Oil is came out of the earth, and there are plenty of microbes in nature that eat it. To some people, crude oil is thought of as some alien other-worldly substance that the earth cannot deal with, and the release of same will just cause death and destruction everywhere it goes.

Again, this is just hysterical nonsense. Messy, yes. Expensive to clean up, yes. The end of the world? Hardly.

20 posted on 06/14/2011 10:35:05 PM PDT by NVDave
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To: NVDave

“The roughly one-millimeter-thick sheets will ...”
That’s from the linked article.

I am new to Zero Hedge but I used to be employed as a marine biologist so I don’t buy the ‘nothing to see here, move along’ attitude re gulf. I saw disaster threads I disagreed with and drew the air of them with cross posts or identifying invalid conspiracy sites - but I don’t think everything is ok fine and I know the gov doesn’t want us to think, talk about it - just move along.

21 posted on 06/14/2011 10:35:55 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: NVDave

I myself am more worried about the dispersant that they dumped than the oil.

22 posted on 06/14/2011 10:38:54 PM PDT by Revel
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To: ransomnote

“Roughly” 1mm isn’t “1 mil.” Again, they’re idiots. 1mm is about 39 mils. The TEPCO outline doesn’t call out the thickness they’re proposing, and the news outlets covering this have shown themselves to be worse than useless. I seriously doubt that the media has the proposed thickness of the polyester sheet correct.

re: the Gulf.

It isn’t fine, OK, move along. Using the dispersants was probably a really bad idea, brought about by the desire to not see crude wash up on beaches. Making crude miscible with water probably resulted in crude that sank into deep, colder water, and that will retard the microbial action for years. Someone should be doing research into this so we don’t repeat mistakes. One of the bigger mistakes was allowing an administration staffed with academics to get their nose into this.

But it still isn’t the end of the world. Oil comes from the earth, not Alpha Centauri. It isn’t some alien substance, new and unknown to the earth.

Will there be a mess there for a time to come? Yes. Will it eventually return to something appearing normal? Yes. We used to have quite the amount of oil simply wash up on shorelines near Santa Barbara from oil seeps off-shore - these seeps finally dried up (mostly) when man started extracting oil from that oilfield and reducing the underground pressure.

23 posted on 06/14/2011 10:57:47 PM PDT by NVDave
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To: TigerLikesRooster

1-mil thick isn’t very thick; I assume this is specially reinforced to stand up to wind.

24 posted on 06/15/2011 8:50:14 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: married21

It doesn’t stop radiation. It stops particles. The particles are radioactive, so this keeps those particles from getting airborne.

25 posted on 06/15/2011 8:51:10 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: TigerLikesRooster

Polyester burns real purty!

Next they’ll have everyone take turns blowing on it to cool things down.

26 posted on 06/15/2011 8:55:46 AM PDT by bgill
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To: NVDave

THanks for the info on 1 millimeter. I misread that as 1-mil and was surprised at how thin that would be.

I’ve noticed the same people who believe the sky is falling in Japan also think the sky fell in the gulf.

and it still humors me to see people quoting gunderson as a knowledgable, scientific unbiased source of information.

27 posted on 06/15/2011 9:02:56 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: NVDave

Thanks for the info about sheeting. When it was first proposed the obvious concerns were heat - it’s too hot to put concrete on it so let’s put polyester instead.

You know, I wouldn’t be as skeptical as I am if a) putting polyester over 3 core melt downs had ever been tried before and b) TEPCO wasn’t the one proposing it. After all their evasion and lying and their request to abandon all attempts to contain the reactors in mid March, I believe TEPCO has earned the snarks it gets.

28 posted on 06/15/2011 11:36:21 AM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

The polyester lining is aimed at avoiding rain water to rinse the debris on top of the three units, therefore increasing the aumount of radiactive water to be processed.

Typhoon session there coming soon.

29 posted on 06/15/2011 1:32:05 PM PDT by J Aguilar (Fiat Justitia et ruat coelum)
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