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Property owners protest against modern day western land grabs by Indian tribes ^ | June 17, 2011 | Lloyd Fields

Posted on 06/22/2011 9:12:59 PM PDT by granite

(Riverside County, Calif. June 17, 2011) Pleading for help from their elected officials, more than 100 property owners rallied at the Riverside County Courthouse yesterday to expose how Native American tribes are infringing upon private property rights in their quest for more casino land.

Homeowners protesting tribal actions at the event described how access to their land has been – or will be – cut off by actions of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, the Soboba Tribe of Luiseno Indians, and the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and how their property has been vandalized.

Using his own black-and-white land grab case as an example, Lloyd Fields, whose family has owned land in Banning for 50 years, started the event by declaring how the Morongo Indian Tribe has blocked the only public road leading to his 41-acre property in Banning.

“Morongo blockaded a public road – a public road – within the City of Banning to force me to sell at pennies on the dollar so they can expand their casino empire,” Fields said at the event. “The road Morongo blocked is named after my father – adding insult to injury.”

Morongo’s handling of Fields is not an isolated incident but a growing trend across California. Indian tribes have become more brash as their political clout has grown. Collectively, Indian Casino tribes rank #1 in the nation in political contributions and are apparently using this influence to expand their land bases at the expense of their unfortunate neighbors.

Fields has experienced this first-hand: “Morongo and other casino tribes are the ‘untouchables’ of the 21st century. Political power and legal immunities recognized by the Federal government make for a dangerous combination – one I don’t know if I can overcome,” he said.

About 20 miles southwest of Banning, the Soboba Tribe is pushing hard to acquire an additional 600 acres of land for a second casino near the City of San Jacinto. This acquisition will create three islands of non-Indian citizens living inside Indian trust land.

Jerry Uecker from Save Our Communities – the group of residents who would be impacted by the Soboba casino expansion – said at the press conference: “We urge our City of San Jacinto, the Riverside County Supervisors and Governor Brown to oppose this acquisition on the grounds it will be detrimental to the health and safety of the citizens of our communities.”

In Riverside County, these modern day land grabs extend to the Colorado River.

Members of the Blythe Boat Club and the West Bank Homeowners Association shared harrowing tales of how The Colorado River Indian Tribes is attempting a land grab of prime pieces of real estate along the River by asserting authority and jurisdiction of tribal laws over the land of non-Indian citizens.

“The Blythe Boat Club has held a deed to its land since 1948 and paid its property taxes faithfully to the County of Riverside. Why is the County of Riverside not defending the rights of taxpaying citizens,” said the club’s representative, Toni Hawley.

Fields summarized the group’s unified cry by stating: “We’re pleading to elected officials at all levels in Banning, Riverside County, the State of California and the Federal government to stand up to Indian Casino tribes, and stand up for local property owners by stopping these unjust land grabs.”

The event was organized by Cheryl Schmit with Stand Up for California, a statewide organization with a focus on gambling issues affecting California, including tribal gaming, card clubs and the state lottery.

“We seek justice to situations that citizens seem to be caught in the middle of,” Schmit said. “These are policy issues that we need solutions to.”

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THE MORONGO BAND OF MISSION INDIANS IS ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ME TO SELL MY 41-ACRE PROPERTY TO THEM AT PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. They are doing this by blocking access to my land with barriers across a public access road and a guard house they built on an easement I own. - Lloyd Fields
1 posted on 06/22/2011 9:13:08 PM PDT by granite
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To: granite

Time to circle the wagons.

2 posted on 06/22/2011 9:19:16 PM PDT by buccaneer81 (ECOMCON)
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To: buccaneer81

Is it time to play “cowboys and Indians” again?

3 posted on 06/22/2011 9:25:10 PM PDT by RobRoy (The US today: Revelation 18:4)
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To: granite

If the County Sheriff of Riverside won’t respond, try the FBI.

You can’t trespass on reservation land, they can’t trespass on your land. And blocking a public access road is flat out illegal.

4 posted on 06/22/2011 9:26:48 PM PDT by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT!)
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To: granite
Just hang this on your front gate.

5 posted on 06/22/2011 9:29:48 PM PDT by I see my hands (Embrace misanthropy)
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To: granite

abolishing private property for communitarianism.

6 posted on 06/22/2011 9:40:33 PM PDT by griswold3 (Character is destiny)
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To: I see my hands

The land of fruits n nuts.
So..who will take over Cally 1st? The illegals or the native Ams?

7 posted on 06/22/2011 9:42:15 PM PDT by BigIsleGal (Wake Me Up When the Stupid Wears Off)
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To: BigIsleGal

The illegals are joined at the hip with Indians. They are all “los indigenes”.

8 posted on 06/22/2011 9:50:46 PM PDT by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT!)
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To: granite
As if Jerry Brown is not aware of the situation-the government knows exactly what is going on and they could care less. Political contributions talk and the property owners will be made to walk
9 posted on 06/22/2011 10:00:36 PM PDT by funfan
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To: granite

There’s an old saying: the chickens have come home to roost. LOL not so much fun with the shoe on the other foot, huh. Reservations were created by white people. Casinos were created by white people. Casinos make big bucks because of white people. Oh, those damn Indian! Why don’t they go back to where they came from? <>>>>(;^)

10 posted on 06/22/2011 10:01:10 PM PDT by fish hawk
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To: fish hawk

Reverend Wright, I didn’t know you had an FR account!

11 posted on 06/22/2011 10:18:17 PM PDT by FreedomOfExpression
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To: RobRoy

Yes it is, and this time not peace treaty giving special rights to the losers. If they want to fight to the last man, so be it.

12 posted on 06/22/2011 10:31:52 PM PDT by runninglips (Republicans = 99 lb weaklings of politics.)
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To: FreedomOfExpression

Wrong person, I am reverend Right.

13 posted on 06/23/2011 1:02:44 AM PDT by fish hawk
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To: buccaneer81

Time for another Klamath Convoy.

Tyranny is tyranny, and the color of the wanna-be’s tyrant’s skin makes not one bit of difference.

Just because some “protected class” wants to steal is no reason to allow that theft.

Anything built on a valid easement without permission of the owner of said easement is subject to removal by the owner of the easement.

A bulldozer on a lowboy would end that thesis in a few minutes.

Or, a large number of Americans with shovels/hand demolition tools could easily do the job in minutes. Ask the Shovel Brigade.

14 posted on 06/23/2011 7:59:00 AM PDT by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is essential to examine principles, Kill the EPA!!!)
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To: FreedomOfExpression

I must defend Fish Hawk’s position - Libtard Democraps and RINO types made possible the openly racist laws giving to Indians gambling casino preferences. And don’t forget the tax free cigarette stores, ad nauseam.

The results of ‘unearned money’ are easily seen on the reservations. REservations which do not tolerate alcoholism and recreational pharmaceutical abuse have healthy, functional populations.

A Navajo who was a lawyer, John Duhig, once said of the Miccossukee - “They are a deeply unhappy people.”

If mere money could bring happiness, those Miccossukee should be dancing the ‘Happy Dance’ all day, every day. They are not. Why not?

In a back issue of the National Geographic is an article wherein is the answer to the following question, asked by a presstitute to the Crown Prince of Norway: “Isn’t it wonderful that Norway will make all that money from the North Sea oil fields just discovered?”

His answer: “Perhaps there is something dangerous about unearned money.”

He had a point. The Miccosukee come from a rather strong and talented gene pool. Ask Major Dade’s ghost about how easy it was to track down the Indians. He found them all too competent.

Whether they can survive all the unearned money Liberalsim heaped upon them will be seen in the next decades. Today, the surface wealth makes things look good. Tomorrow is questionable.

As the ancient Greeks once believed that “Whom the Gods want to destroy destroy, they first make mad.”, perhaps the present era equivalent may be, “Whom the Liberals want to destroy, they subsidize.”

Lest you assume I am jesting, consider what subsidization of urban poor blacks did to them. Liberalism is not only demonstratively destructive, it is arguably racist.

15 posted on 06/23/2011 8:18:24 AM PDT by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is essential to examine principles, Kill the EPA!!!)
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To: granite

16 posted on 06/23/2011 8:51:48 AM PDT by granite (This is America! This is the home of the FREE (stuff)!!)
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To: granite

This land was conquered by white men carrying guns; their progeny have forgotten.

17 posted on 06/23/2011 11:19:14 AM PDT by TexasRepublic (Socialism is the gospel of envy and the religion of thieves)
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To: fish hawk
I salute your brave history. The last to surrender, the Modoc Indians of the Klamath basin. The European side of my family comes from Tule Lake area, the Native side from N Dakota, and Canada. I don't know what perspective I can have on a politically charged forum such as this, except one point of view. That view is, in all capital letters, because it needs to be driven home. WE ALL ARE SOVEREIGNS. EXACTLY LIKE THE TRIBES. WE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT SIGNED A TREATY (THE CONSTITUTION) WITH OTHER PEOPLE, TO JOIN ONLY UNDER THE EXACTING TERMS OF THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT. That Treaty has since been broken and changed without a single vote. NOW WE BEG AND PULE AS A PEOPLE TO THE ENTITY THAT WAS FORMED BY US, FOR THEIR GIFTS, FOR THEIR FAVORS, AND RESPECTING OUR IDENTITY AS THEIR SUPERIORS., THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTING US, EVERY SINGLE PERSON AS AN INDIVIDUAL. THE INDIVIDUAL, OUR FAMILIES, CITIES AND STATES AS TRIBAL ENTITIES. WE ALL NEED PROTECTION FROM THE GOVT AT ALL LEVELS, BUT ONLY THE TRIBES HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO "GAME" THE SYSTEM.

I live as a man without identity among many people. I do not even self identify with my tribal roots, although I am proud of them. I still remember the stories of my grandfather (german) making my dads only sister cut her hair and wear hats, to hide her black thick hair. This was a open sign of my great grandfathers choice of a bride. A SQUAW as they spat it out. My Father told me of being tied to a tree and beaten within an inch of life, but not for being Indian, but for being German......yeah right. He had dark skin, looks like pictures of Chief Joseph, and black hair. My family was ashamed of its roots. So much so, that I don't even know where the family Bible is, the birth or death records. They are lost to history.

18 posted on 06/23/2011 10:13:42 PM PDT by runninglips (Republicans = 99 lb weaklings of politics.)
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To: runninglips
Although I am a conservative, a rare thing as far as Indians and Tribes are concerned. My tribe is about 98% liberal Democrat as well as polls will show, most other tribes. Indians take a beating from Republicans and even Freepers here on this site. I am usually around on most “Indian” threads, along with a couple of others, putting a word in for the Indian minority. I will say we get some backing from a few white people also, God bless them. We got back, over many years, our tribal rites for hunting, fishing, and gathering, and being Indians are less than one percent of the population, we have no power through voting. All our rites have been brought back with the help of many understanding white people, willing to stick their necks out for what they feel is the “right thing to do”.
19 posted on 06/23/2011 11:39:14 PM PDT by fish hawk
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To: fish hawk
I think the enmity between the tribal concerns and the majority of citizens is jealousy. The Tribes are treated with an eye towards treating them as sovereign citizens, with inalienable rights. The majority European races, are treated as chattell, even called a "HUMAN RESOURCE". Cut off from the land, having to apply for permission to hunt or fish, natural methods of acquiring food, and forced to work for money to enrich the "master". THAT is the number one RIGHT taken away from us all. We even must ask for permission, and pay a bribe (permitting fee) to build shelter, another RIGHT taken away. The govt, which was instituted to protect our RIGHTS, then charge us property tax (RENT) to live on our land, further proving that we are neither FREE or SOVEREIGN. Then whites are further insulted, by being forbidden from playing "games" of profit, or allowing smoking on private land, while the Tribes are at LIBERTY to do so.

Citizens of all races, need to work a common cause with the Tribes, to figure out how we can also be treated again as sovereign citizens. With all of the RIGHTS our Creator has given us, with a govt that will live within the TREATY of the Constitution.

I agree with you that most in your situation vote for the Democrats, because instead of being treated as grown-ups, many Indians are "babied to death". Fed a diet that causes diabetes (high carb), and frustrated by too much attention. If you want to see why Americans are obese, go to the Reservations. They are "given" food far away from the diet of all of our ancestors. The fat, diabetic humans are the result of big agricultures need for a market, and big pharmaceutical customers for drugs. I digress far afield. The point is, instead of eye balling the Tribes success at gathering more economic liberty, while the rest of us stagnate, we all must make common cause and free ourselves from the over burdening govt at all levels.

20 posted on 06/24/2011 3:19:38 PM PDT by runninglips (Republicans = 99 lb weaklings of politics.)
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