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Texas governor [Rick Perry] seeks advice on a GOP bid (also being briefed on U.S. defense, trade..)
Boston Globe ^ | July 12, 2011 | Political Notebook

Posted on 07/12/2011 2:33:21 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife

EXETER, N.H. - Texas Governor Rick Perry has telephoned influential Republicans in early-voting New Hampshire and Iowa in recent days as he weighs whether to enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

“He was looking for my thoughts in terms of what the presidential field looked like and what might happen if someone came in and shook things up a little bit,’’ New Hampshire Senate President Peter Bragdon said yesterday....

The conservative Texan also called several GOP leaders in Iowa, which will hold the first contest in next year’s GOP presidential race. Among those contacted, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds....

“He looked forward to the opportunity to have a face-to-face and talk about great things that could happen in Iowa as well as the nation,’’ Reynolds said. “He just said he looked forward to seeing me soon.’’

Perry’s efforts to reach out to Republican officeholders in both states come as polls suggest Republican primary voters in early voting states and elsewhere are generally underwhelmed by the current slate of candidates.

The field is largely set, with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney - who lost the nomination to John McCain in 2008 - ahead in most early surveys. Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee, and Perry are the only two major question marks.

Perry, Texas’s longest-serving governor, had spent months saying that he would not seek the nomination. He reversed course several weeks ago and has been openly considering a bid.

New Hampshire conservative leader and former Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne said he spoke to Perry “for the better part of half an hour’’ on Saturday.

“I told him that I think this is a wide-open race. While there are some good candidates out there, I think folks are still looking,’’ said Lamontagne,....

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Carl Cameron, senior Fox News political correspondent, is reporting that military leaders and international experts in high levels of government have been meeting with Rick Perry.

Last night on Fox News Special Report with host Bret Baier, Carl Cameron ended his segment on the GOP Primary by reporting that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is within 2 weeks of announcing his run in the GOP presidential primary.

Cameron said Gov. Perry is meeting with “very, very senior retired defense department officials” who are briefing him on U. S. defense issues.

Along with briefings on defense issues, “international experts in high levels of government” have been meeting with Perry to discuss U.S. trade, China, foreign affairs and the economy.

1 posted on 07/12/2011 2:33:28 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: All
Anita Perry isn't measuring drapes yet but I bet Momma Amelia Perry could spruce up the place.

Nellie Doneva/Reporter-News - Amelia Perry(right), mother of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, shows her quilts at a meeting of the Buffalo Gap Republican Woman's Club at Perini Ranch Steakhouse Friday. Perry called this quilt her "Scarlet O'Hara" quilt, because she made it out of a curtain during a time she was getting cancer treatments and spending most of her time at home.

Momma Perry knows quilts, not politics, doesn't know if son is running for president

2 posted on 07/12/2011 2:39:13 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

looking forward to his announcement.

3 posted on 07/12/2011 2:53:43 AM PDT by jersey117
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To: jersey117
Maybe we could make a pot of chili while we wait.

Texas First Lady Anita Perry's Chuck Wagon Chili

3 lbs. lean chili meat 1 (15-oz.) can tomato sauce
1 tsp. red hot sauce
3 ½ tsp. chili powder
1 ½ tsp. oregano
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. cayenne pepper
½ tsp. salt
12 chili peppers
2 T. flour (optional)

Cut meat into 1-inch cubes. Place meat in large pot. Add tomato sauce and enough water to cover 1 inch above meat. Stir in red hot sauce, chili powder, oregano, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and chili peppers. Simmer 1 hour and 45 minutes. Skim off fat. If a thicker liquid is desired, combine 2 tablespoons flour and enough water to make a paste. Stir into chili. Simmer at least one minute longer. This is better if refrigerated overnight and heated before serving. Makes 6-8 servings.

First Lady Anita Perry is a native Texan from Haskell. Inspired by her father's life service as a family physician, Mrs. Perry spent 17 years working in the health-care field before her husband Governor Rick Perry was elected into office.

The Perrys are the proud parents of son Griffin, a graduate of Vanderbilt University and daughter Sydney, Texas A&M University.

4 posted on 07/12/2011 3:00:51 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

This is the deal CW>
When the average American compares the Obamas to the Perrys on TV they will vote for the Rick Perry package of good wife, children and presentable family. Highly presentable actually

The average voter will compare speechifying, demeanor and visual images they see on TV of the Perrys vs the Obamas. TV is where voters get their information. TV superficiality is what many votes are based on. Ol man McCain with his thinning white hair (unfortunately) had a huge problem in this youth oriented society. Rick Perry with his full head of black hair will wallop Obama so hard he will wish he was never president. Rick Perry will come across on TV as more dynamic and together than Hussein. As more sincere and truthful. Americans are tired of the semi-Kenyans rap and his story. They want a new story to believe in and that is Rick Perry

The biggest loser will be Moochelle. While Obama is detached and out on the links, Moochelle is playing First Lady to the hilt. As November 2012 approaches she will be a whirling dervish of campaigning frenzy to keep her uber-mooching job in the White House.

5 posted on 07/12/2011 3:05:07 AM PDT by dennisw (NZT - "works better if you're already smart")
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Just add some pinto and kidney beans to the chili.

6 posted on 07/12/2011 3:06:38 AM PDT by dennisw (NZT - "works better if you're already smart")
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To: dennisw
...a whirling dervish of campaigning frenzy .....

And Obama telling us "time to eat you peas" and not to get all "wee-weed up."

It will be "entertaining" watching the MSM working 24/7 to prop up the Obamas.

7 posted on 07/12/2011 3:16:44 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Where’s the beans?

8 posted on 07/12/2011 3:18:51 AM PDT by exnavy (May the Lord bless and keep our troops.)
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To: exnavy; dennisw; All

Mrs. Perry's chili is more Chili con carne.

9 posted on 07/12/2011 3:25:05 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: jersey117
He's just not quite the candidate I'm looking for, but he's a far cry better than Romney, Gingrich, etc. Perry looks to me like a draftee. Call me a concern troll if you wish, but I'm concerned about the people who are trying to draft Perry. If the Republican establishment wants him, that bothers me...a lot. Who is pushing this guy and why? If the #1 reason isn't his conservative bona fides, that also bothers me...a lot.
10 posted on 07/12/2011 3:27:41 AM PDT by CitizenUSA (Coming soon...DADT for Christians!)
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To: exnavy

exnavy — My Dad used to sing a song about “the navy gets the gravy, but the army gets the beans.”

I’ve looked it up online. I think he was trying to get us to eat our dinner!

From the film “At War With The Army” (1951)
(Jerry Livingston / Mack David)

Jerry Lewis

In the Navy they get steak, caviar and whipped cream cake
They have fancy cooks who know what cooking means
In the Army we get mess, and it really is a mess
Oh, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

Send a salami, to your boy in the army
Yes, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans beans
beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)
Nothing but beans

Navy service is ideal, printed menus ev’ry meal
And they decorate your plate with parsley greens
In the Army we get chow that you wouldn’t feed a Chow
Oh, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)
Beautiful beans, gorgeous beans, succulent beans

Send a baloney `cause I’m skinny and boney
Yes, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans
nothing but beans)
Loving those beans, loving those beans, liking those beans
Know what I mean, mammy I love you
Nothing but beans
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

Oh, I was born at the age of three, as might’ as I could be
Sure it takes a great mentality to dish out all the
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

Oh, it seems bell bottomed pants are conducive to romance
They are wined and dined and loved by movie queens
But you wear a khaki frame and you get a wacky dame
Oh, the Navy gets the, the Army gets the
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

I hit the jackpot, but it’s always a crackpot
Yes, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

Did you know that the Navy gets all of the gravy
Did you know that the Army gets all of the beans
Oh, a soldier’s a coward if he doesn’t lick the platter clean
Oh, a soldier’s a coward if he leaves a solitary bean
Oh, it isn’t the fighting that will make a soldier cross and mean
It is only the beans!
You can grab a marine and you show him a bean
He says : “what does it mean, that I never have seen”
So you grab a civilian, and one in a million can identify
So I say to you : “why do we got to have beans ?”
Multiple beans, ??? beans, succulent beans
Nothing but beans
(beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans,
beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)

11 posted on 07/12/2011 3:30:34 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: CitizenUSA
Who is pushing this guy and why?

RINOS. Because they can't get owl gore to run as a republican.

12 posted on 07/12/2011 3:35:39 AM PDT by tdscpa
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

I’ve heard that song, I think it was in an old movie. Chili is not chili without beans. That is spoken as a native Michigander, where the wind blows in cold off the big lake November through March!

13 posted on 07/12/2011 3:39:52 AM PDT by exnavy (May the Lord bless and keep our troops.)
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To: tdscpa

Perry was created by Karl Rove, taken from Al Gore,
to be another puppet of Rove.

That he supports Medicine-by-government and open-borders
for illegals just adds to the RINO flavor.

14 posted on 07/12/2011 3:40:13 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Nothing surpasses the complexity of the human mind. - Leto II: Dar-es-Balat)
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To: CitizenUSA

We need a massive army behind Rick Perry. It's instructive to look at who isn't pushing Rick Perry (I added and linked a "I like Rick Perry's formula" at the end of this post).

For starters, Rick Perry has taken on THE #1 AND #2 MONEY AND MUSCLE CONTRIBUTORS TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (Big Education and Big Lawsuit/Environment/Burdensome Regulations) and passed Voter Photo ID. Other states are looking at his methods as they struggle with these issues.

Perry's education record distinctly different from Bush's

Higher Education Coalition attack on [Texas Gov. Rick] Perry raises eyebrows

Texas makes losers pay for bringing frivolous lawsuits…. “ [Rick] Perry is in his fourth term in Austin and thus deserves a big chunk of the credit for many of the good things happening in the Lone Star State. Texas also has implemented some of the most significant state-level reforms in the country aimed at reducing or eliminating lawsuit abuse.

The latest of these is a "loser-pays" provision requiring plaintiffs to pay the winners' legal costs in civil suits seeking punitive damages. The provision is included in the 2011 Omnibus Tort Reform Act Perry signed May 30.

In addition to the loser-pays provision, the new law:

• Allows a trial judge to send a question of law directly to the appellate court without requiring all parties to agree if a ruling by a court of appeals could decide the case.

• Allows plaintiffs seeking less than $100,000 in damages to request an expedited civil action.

• Allows a trial court to dismiss a frivolous lawsuit immediately if there is no basis in law or fact for the lawsuit………”

After Six-Year Fight, Perry Signs Voter [Photo] ID into Law

Only 6 states have Voter Photo ID (How does your state measure up?)

Interactive – State by state Voter ID Requirements

This guy in Montana has some thoughts about Rick Perry and how his state might combat environmentalists and lawyers so his state's economy can revive.

July 2, 2011: Legal gamesmanship threatens our energy future (Montana looks to Rick Perry's TX model) “Texas Gov. Rick Perry is able to boast about job growth under his watch, noting that over 265,000 jobs, or nearly 37 percent of the jobs created nationwide since the summer of 2009, have been created in the Lone Star state.

He credits this growth to a few simple conditions: low taxes, a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable, and a legal system that limits frivolous lawsuits. According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly one-fourth of the 70 companies that left California this year relocated to Texas................"

15 posted on 07/12/2011 3:41:36 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Diogenesis
Perry was created by Karl Rove, taken from Al Gore, to be another puppet of Rove. That he supports Medicine-by-government and open-borders for illegals just adds to the RINO flavor.

You'll repeat this BS until you're pushing up a 2nd Obama term.


In the grand scheme of things you should research donations made to political action committees (PACs) and direct contributions that companies like Merck make to ALL politicians. That's what lobbyists do. They prowl the halls of government buildings across the country. (Where do you think Barack Obama's $1Billion is coming from, the poor?)

Lobbyists start out in government--where they build up their rolodex. Then they move on to represent businesses who know it is required that they come hat in hand to pay tribute to the legislators who will be passing or not passing legislation that will be levying taxes and regulations upon them.

It is the nature of the beast -- why we need to have elected officials spend less time on the job and go home to work a real job. The Texas legislature meets every 2 years for 140 days (additional days if special sessions are called).

Rick Perry's platform in brief:

1. Don't spend all the money.

2. Have fair and predictable tax and regulatory policy.

3. A legal system that doesn't allow for over suing (lawsuit abuse) and make loser pay (no more jackpot justice).

With that as Rick Perry's platform and political ideology, I conclude that Merck contributed to Rick Perry's PAC to have less government entanglement in their business, which would do considerably more for their bottom line than what you are suggesting.


Gardasil HPV vaccine I'm not a mind reader but it strikes me that Gov. Rick Perry truly believed the HPV vaccine would have helped a lot of Texans who otherwise would not have gotten this protection against cervical cancer (it was to help with 3 strains of the human papilloma virus HPV).

Rick Perry's wife Anita Perry was a nurse for many years and still is involved in health care as First Lady of Texas, so I imagine health care is something this governor is more aware of than maybe your "average" governor and understood this to be a vaccine that would combat cervical cancer and cut heath care costs.

Then too Rick Perry grew up hard scrabble with little luxury as many have, yet vaccines traditionally have been made available to all.

Instead of applying the worst motives to Rick Perry, perhaps his critics could consider that his motives were good ones.

Another FReeper had some thoughts on this issue.

However, there are some here on FR who prefer to apply the worst motives to Rick Perry.

The most "vocal" either won't name a candidate they would support; say they would vote for Huntsman or Romney over Perry; say they would rather Obama stay in the White House than vote for Rick Perry.

The HPV vaccine was always Opt-Out. And according to this report had been changed to Opt-In, before being dropped entirely.

90 days after his EO, Gov. Rick Perry let stand legislation undoing the EO.

..Ann Hettinger, Concerned Women for America's state director of Texas, was instrumental in convincing Perry to change his proposal to an opt-in provision. When asked if Perry's original plans for the HPV vaccine would be an issue if he were to run for president, [Penny] Nance replied, “It would've been an issue IF HE HAD NOT FIXED IT.”

16 posted on 07/12/2011 3:45:25 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: tdscpa

RINOs are pushing Perry? Can you give me some examples? That’s a good way to tell a lot about a person. Find out who they associate with.

17 posted on 07/12/2011 3:45:56 AM PDT by CitizenUSA (Coming soon...DADT for Christians!)
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To: Diogenesis
["Perry was part of the "Pit Bulls", a group of Appropriations members who sat on the lower dais in the committee room (or "pit") who pushed for austere [Texas] state budgets during the 1980s."] Source

Karl Rove claims Rick Perry as his candidate in Perry's FIRST campaign for the Texas Agriculture Commission. [From what I’ve found this was their only collaboration]

Perry was a Texas Democrat (not a liberal Democrat). He switched to the Republican Party in 1989. In 1990 Perry won the election (against Jim Hightower) to head the Agricultural Committee (a post Perry was well suited for as having come from a cotton farming family -- raised and worked the land -- and had a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M). He was reelected in 1994 to that office in a landslide (62%). He did not seek reelection for a 3rd term and ran for Lt. Gov of Texas (1998), winning in a 3 way race, in a hard fought campaign against John Sharp (D).

["Perry thus became the state's first Republican lieutenant governor since Reconstruction, taking office on January 19, 1999 until his ascension to the governorship on December 21, 2000 upon the resignation of then-Governor George W. Bush."] Source

In that 1998 campaign year, the G.W. Bush camp (which included Karl Rove) was campaigning for W's reelection for Texas Gov (1st elected in 1994) and was at odds with Rick Perry's hard nosed campaign against John Sharp for Lt. Gov. Karl Rove told Perry to soft peddle to lift Bush's numbers in minority groups, Perry refused. Bush won reelection as Texas Governor. Perry won office as Lt. Gov. (arguably a stronger office than TX governor).

["Bush won by 1.4 million votes, Perry by fewer than 70,000. There were harsh words afterward; Rove and Dave Carney, a top Perry strategist, now are bitter foes."] Source

Then there was this in the TX Monthly about the 2010 governor's race:

October 2009: “....It would not be surprising to find that Karl Rove had a hand in this somewhere. The Bushies are definitely in the Hutchison camp, and there is no love lost between them and the Perry camp. The tension (according to Perry team members whom I interviewed on this subject last year) dates all the way back to Perry’s race for lieutenant governor in 1998, when Rove insisted that Perry stick with a positive message even while he was being pounded by John Sharp. Meanwhile, in the view of the Perry camp, Rove was trying to turn out Hispanic Democrats who would vote for Bush, even though that meant they were likely to switch back to the D column to vote for Sharp. The Perry team decided that they had to fight back, Rove or no Rove, and they went rogue, going after Sharp hard. It worked.

...If that animosity weren’t enough, after Bush was named the winner in December 2000, Perry was insistent that the president-elect vacate the governor’s mansion so that Perry could move in, notwithstanding that Bush wanted to stay a day or two longer before leaving for Washington. I heard that firsthand from the Bushies at the time....” -- Texas Monthly


Basically, in the 2010 GOP primary in TX for the governor's office, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutichison was hoping to come home to Texas as Governor. Her election was being backed by the Bush family and all their power players were lined up against Gov. Rick Perry, with Karl Rove serving as Sen Hutchison's adviser against Perry. Source

Rick Perry won a 3rd term as Governor of Texas in 2010.

18 posted on 07/12/2011 3:46:06 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Diogenesis
We (Texans) have a 1250 mile INTERNATIONAL border with Mexico. It is the FEDs job (money and muscle) to protect it. Texans are spending about $100 million a year from our budget on border security. Perry has asked for drones, he's gone to Israel to see how they protect the Gaza Strip. He has asked for 3000 troops on the border. He has set up an elite Texas Ranger force. What do you suggest he do?

Perry has made his displeasure clear.

******* The TX Legislature meets for 140 days every 2 years. Perry called them back into a special session to address "Sanctuary Cities. The Senate did a "take it or leave it bill" and left it on the House's desk and adjourned. The House leadership was pissed at the Senate's posture and they laughed at the representative pushing it in the House and adjourned too. There was much jockeying going on (political musical chair considerations) for the next elections, going on in the TX legislature.

June 29, 2011: Lawmakers Call it Quits, Leave Unfinished Business


July 4, 2011 [Texas] Rule requiring drivers to prove citizenship now law As the House early last month debated a must-pass finance bill, one member slipped in language that puts into law a controversial Texas Department of Public Safety policy requiring driver's license applicants to show they're in the country legally.

The amendment, added by Rep. Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, to the education funding bill legislators needed to balance the state budget had originally been included in Senate Bill 9, the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill that failed in the special session. It also had appeared in an omnibus homeland security bill by Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, that died in the regular session.

The new law approved last Tuesday makes some tweaks to a 2008 DPS policy that prevents illegal immigrants from getting a driver's license and created a special license for temporary visitors. The rules require Texans applying for or renewing their license to show they are citizens or are in the country legally.

By putting it into law the state potentially undermines an ongoing lawsuit that argues DPS doesn't have authority to check legal status."....


Rick Perry Says Texas Can Learn From Israeli -- August 2009 — “Gov. Rick Perry compared Mexico to the Gaza strip, saying Texas can learn from Israeli security efforts after touring a town that has been hit by Palestinian rockets.

Perry, who has demanded a heightened U.S. troop presence along the Rio Grande, went to Israel’s border with Gaza earlier with week and was briefed by Israeli Army officials.

“Kassam rockets have killed 28 Israelis over the last eight years. Well, 1,000 people have been killed in Juarez since the beginning of the year,” the governor told the Jerusalem Post in Friday’s editions, referring to the drug-related killings across the border from El Paso. “So we’re trying to find ways to secure that border, because just like it’s important to Israelis to keep heavy security on their border with Gaza, it’s important to citizens of Texas to keep out the illegal activities that are going on with drugs.”

Perry’s office has been mum about his exact whereabouts during the trip. His wife Anita, their son Griffin, and Griffin’s fiancee are reportedly with him, and he returns to Texas on Saturday.

The Gaza-Mexico comparison was far more strident than the tone struck by President Barack Obama on Monday in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the so-called “Three Amigos Summit” with the leaders of Mexico and Canada, although border violence was among the topics there and Obama pledged ongoing support in Mexico’s fight with drug cartels.

“We went to Sderot and saw the police station with all the Kassam rockets piled up, we saw playgrounds that had to be covered from rocket fire. It’s a powerful place,” Perry told the Post, referring to the town near Gaza that took the brunt of attacks in recent years.

While in Israel, Perry also has met with President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, according to his office, visited “sacred and historical sites,” including Jerusalem’s Old City, according to the Post.”


Perry voices concern to feds about anti-Israel flotillas -- June 29, 2011 ....Perry wrote in a letter dated Wednesday, “According to numerous recent media reports, American citizens and organizations, together with a coalition of violent anti-Israeli organizations from other countries, have organized efforts to breach Israel’s Maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip as early as this week.”

He continued, “The act of funding, supporting, organizing and engaging in these efforts appears to constitute participation in a naval expedition against a people with whom the United States is at peace,” as well as material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization and other violations.

Perry said at least two of the ships are registered in Delaware, including one named “The Audacity of Hope,” which was the title of President Barack Obama’s second book.

The letter concludes, “I respectfully request that the U.S. Department of Justice take immediate steps to investigate, enjoin and bring to justice all parties found to be in violation of U.S. law by their participation in these efforts.”


2007: [excerpt] "Perry, in Mexico with a Texan trade mission seeking opportunities in areas like renewable energy, said the federal government’s plan to build a wall along much of the border to keep out illegal immigrants was “idiocy.”

“We need those individuals to continue to grow our economy,” Perry told a briefing with reporters.

“If you show up illegally, without your card or you’re here as a criminal element, I’m for throwing the book at those folks, but the issue of people who want to legally, thoughtfully and appropriately come to America to work and help us build our economy — we should quickly come up with a program and an identification card to do that.” [end excerpt] Source


"......When Obama continued to refuse even five minutes for the Governor, Perry took matters into this own hands and was standing on the tarmac at Austin’s airport when President Obama stepped off of Air Force One. Obama looked confused, Perry looked determined. Obama still ignored the pleas for help.

Perry again took matters into his own hands, and established an elite unit of Texas Rangers to bolster border security..." Source


Of this 2000 mile long fence so many want built along our southern border, 1254 miles of it is lies in Texas.

Illegals will dig and tunnel, climb, swim, drive and fly to get to the out of control social services that Perry and other conservatives want to roll back.

A fence isn't the answer. Conservative ascendancy is.

June 29, 2011: Roger Hedgecock interview with Rick Perry (starts 1/2 way into audio file)


Gov. Perry and The Texas Dream Act


It’s important to point out that there is a huge difference in the Texas Dream Act and the The Dream Act that was pushed in Congress and failed. The Dream Act in Congress was full of all kinds of goodies other than allowing children of illegals to receive in state tuition. The Texas Dream Act was focused only on that. I happen to agree with The Texas Dream Act, and so did everyone in the Senate in Texas. It passed with ZERO “no” votes. Add to that, it has been proven to be successful.

These are a few things you need to know about the [2001] Texas Dream Act. The child has to have lived in Texas the three years leading up to high school graduation. These students are given no special treatment in getting into Texas colleges and universities. They must get in on their own merit. They are paying the tuition (with or without financial aid). It’s estimated that these students make up about 1% of those entering college.


Most of us agree that border control MUST be dealt with first. The problem with all other efforts on this issue in the past is that the borders were not sealed. If there is anyone who we can trust to do that it is Gov. Perry (if he decides to run for President). He knows what goes on down at the border. He has gone there many times. He knows what needs to be done. There is no doubt in my mind that if he were President, he would seal our borders. But Perry also understands Hispanic outreach.


19 posted on 07/12/2011 3:47:11 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Despite your endless spam for the RINO Perry.

WHEN will he address the Gardasil-Mandated-for-Merck
issue OR his general love for OPEN BORDERS and the

WHEN will we hear him address RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE?
(how does PerryMANDATED-Gardasil fit in to THAT?)

20 posted on 07/12/2011 3:48:13 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Nothing surpasses the complexity of the human mind. - Leto II: Dar-es-Balat)
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