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The Reaction to Boehner Ending Talks With White House (Cantor, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer)
National Journal ^ | 7/22/11

Posted on 07/22/2011 5:12:56 PM PDT by markomalley

Congressional leadership reacted on Friday after House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio., ended debt limit talks with the White House.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.:

"Tonight, months after we had begun negotiations with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the Administration, Speaker Boehner and I are ending discussions with the White House and beginning conversations with Senate leaders in the hopes of finding a solution to the debt limit debate in order to avoid default. Throughout the months of discussions, we have worked to identify real spending cuts, binding budget reforms, structural changes to save our entitlement programs, and significant debt reduction. Unfortunately, time and again these talks have reached an impasse for one reason: the Democrats’ insistence on raising taxes on small businesses and working families. We must get Washington’s fiscal house in order, but with millions of Americans out of work, the worst thing Washington can do is to raise taxes on those we need to start hiring again. Washington has a spending problem, and until that is fixed, raising taxes is simply asking the American people to send more money to be spent inefficiently.

"In recent days, Speaker Boehner and I have engaged in discussions at the White House with the goal of doing something big to address our debt crisis, just as we did in the House Republican Budget. During these discussions, it became clear that the White House has a fundamental philosophical difference about how we stop spending, begin to get our fiscal house in order and manage down our debt. Contrary to news reports, a deal was never reached with the White House and a deal was never close with the White House – especially after the President insisted on more tax revenue after the Gang of Six plan was released. America will pay its bills and meet its obligations, and in coming days we will offer a path forward that meets the President’s request for a debt limit increase, manages down the debt, and achieves serious spending cuts."

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.:

“Speaker Boehner has informed us that he will work on a new path forward with Leader Reid to develop a solution that will prevent default, without job killing tax hikes, while substantially reducing Washington spending,” McConnell said in a statement. “As I’ve said before, it’s time now for the debate to move out of a room in the White House and on to the House and Senate floors where we can debate the best approach to reducing the nation’s unsustainable debt.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.:

“Republicans have once again proven unable to overcome their ideological opposition to ending taxpayer-funded giveaways for millionaires, corporate jet owners and oil companies. I applaud President Obama for insisting that any deal to reduce our deficit be balanced between cuts and revenues. We must avert a default at all costs, so it is time to reengage in bipartisan talks on an agreement that at least accomplishes that goal. I agree with President Obama that a short-term extension is unacceptable.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.:

"Speaker Boehner's adult moment is long overdue.
"Our economy, our children's education, our seniors' security and our nation's fiscal soundness require that we act without further delay.
"Democrats have been prepared to support President Obama's call for a grand bargain, which enables us to create jobs, protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.
"We are prepared to compromise consistent with our values, but we will not accept a short-term extension that compromises our economic security."

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.:

“House Republicans have said from the start that tax increases cannot pass through the House. This is a fundamental point of contention, and we will not allow more policies to be enacted that will further damage our economy and endanger job creation.”

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md.:

“Unfortunately, included in Speaker Boehner’s offer was an unrelated demand that a portion of the Affordable Care Act be repealed - which would neither help America pay its bills or reduce the deficit.”
“By once again walking away, Republicans have put at risk America’s ability to pay its bills. Every American is also put at risk by this action” said Hoyer in a statement, adding, “The markets have made clear that a short-term extension is not sufficient and would result in very serious consequences.”

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To: Terry Mross

We’re still waiting for Obama’s “adult moment.”

21 posted on 07/22/2011 5:45:31 PM PDT by alamogal
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To: blueyon
Republicans should be talking about that and a couple are but not enough.

CCB was not defeated, it was tabled. There was NO debate. There was NO vote.

22 posted on 07/22/2011 5:46:34 PM PDT by newzjunkey
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To: newzjunkey
It's more of the same Rat pablum: Big Oil, Corporate Jets, Millionaires, scaring old people and the Children.


Just wait for a few weeks of sustained propaganda and lies by Obama and his piss-stream media wankers. The GOP wants to starve the poor people and use them for fertilizer! And, we've got to punish those private-jet owners!

And to Boehner in the House: Refuse to raise the debt ceiling! Now's the time to have some big, brass, clanging baiis. Please.

You should call a press conference three times a day exposing the fraudulent behavior of the left. Do what's right. Your country is depending on you.

We shall see....

Zer0 is beyond toast in 2012.

23 posted on 07/22/2011 5:52:09 PM PDT by BobP (The piss-stream media - Never to be watched again in my house)
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To: don-o


24 posted on 07/22/2011 5:54:57 PM PDT by FourPeas ("Maladjusted and wigging out is no way to go through life, son." -hg)
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To: markomalley

That is insteresting about Boehner wanting to repeal a portion of Obamacare!

In re the corporate jet subsidies: that was put into place by Obama and the Dems as part of the stimulus. Kill the subsidy and possibly kill thousands of jobs by those who manufacture the jets and maintain/service them? Remember what happened when an exhorbitant luxury tax was imposed on people who bought yachts? People stopped buying and the yacht building business in the US folded.

Pelosi and Obama implied that the GOP position might mean education cuts. So freaking what!?!? Nothing in the Constitution says the Federal Gov’t. is supposed to be involved in the Education system. Axe the entire Dept. of Education and see how many hundreds of billions would be saved every year!

One major problem I have in the various solutions that have been proposed is this thing of spreading spending cuts out over 10 years. Cutting $3 trillion would only mean $300 billion a year, and that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what is being spent each year. ...There needs to be some immediate, substantial spending cuts right now.

Another thing (since I’m on a bit of a rambling rant), is Obama’s insistence that the “deal” must extend to 2013. That’s so he and the Dems wont have to fight the debt ceiling battle again before the 2012 elections. He said he would not agree to a six month deal, so I think that is exactly what the deal should cover; while also containing bipartisan agreements from Congress on cuts and debt ceiling.

25 posted on 07/22/2011 5:56:08 PM PDT by octex
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To: markomalley

“Republicans have once again proven unable to overcome their ideological opposition to ending taxpayer-funded giveaways for millionaires, corporate jet owners and oil companies.
Horse Dung Harry. You clowns arent fooling nayone with that horse crap.

What you want to do is take away Mortgage deductions College deduction for kids in college and deductio most Middle class taxpayers now have.

You can talk all that Sh*t you want, we know what you are after and we know who will pay the price, you rich SOB’s in the Congress will have a loophole you could drive a truck through, so will the rich, it is we Middle class who will take the shaft.

I am getting sick and tired of you Copngressional Democrat Dicks thinking we are so stupid that you can screw us like your personal whores.

26 posted on 07/22/2011 6:00:48 PM PDT by Venturer
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To: Venturer

I sat right there and listened to that ignorant Kenyan saying he can afford to pay more.

Then pay more a-hole, no one is stopping you, send the check to the IRS , they will be glad to get it. Who do you think you are fooling Mr Rich Book Author.

27 posted on 07/22/2011 6:03:07 PM PDT by Venturer
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To: newzjunkey

“CCB was not defeated, it was tabled. There was NO debate. There was NO vote.”

Your right and can it all be a elite ploy? Is not one of the strong message sent to the fed is to not raise the debt ceiling and here is this bill that does raise the debt ceiling, has some cuts and promises something in the future (balance budget amendment). DO all the show and mirrors and then bring this back, presto bingo they reach their goal of raising the debt ceiling...

They cannot let the government shut down for if they do people will slowly realize life goes on and then they loose all their power.

28 posted on 07/22/2011 6:03:39 PM PDT by jafojeffsurf (Return to the Constitution.)
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29 posted on 07/22/2011 6:04:21 PM PDT by markomalley (Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good-Pope Leo XIII)
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To: repub4ever1
Colonel West did not take any crap from the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Yes, and I would give my, well, you see him turn his attention to Nazi Piglosi.

30 posted on 07/22/2011 6:11:03 PM PDT by SMM48
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To: markomalley
31 posted on 07/22/2011 6:27:50 PM PDT by Wings-n-Wind (The main things are the plain things!)
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To: downtownconservative

They shouldn’t take it off the table. They should SAY they’ll take it off the table and then tell them to shut up about it. “What else you got?”

32 posted on 07/22/2011 7:01:32 PM PDT by Terry Mross (I'll only vote for a SECOND party.)
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To: markomalley

Polls for how the GOP is handling the “debt ceiling issue” will go up 15 points over the weekend.

33 posted on 07/22/2011 7:26:15 PM PDT by Mariner (War Criminal #18)
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To: markomalley

Boehners speech last night had an interesting item,he said he had an agreement for 800 billion in new Revenue,Is that not an 800 billion dollar tax increase that HE AGREED TO?

34 posted on 07/23/2011 6:58:16 AM PDT by ballplayer
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To: Terry Mross

Reid was chosen to talk about corporate jets. I wish Boehner would come out and say “We’re all for killing the corporate jet deduction. Now, will you get onto something else?”

Reid forgets that this deduction was passed in order to keep an industry here in this country. End the deduction and the industry flies our of here along with jobs and revenue. These people are idiots.

35 posted on 07/23/2011 7:05:45 AM PDT by New Jersey Realist (Congress doesn't care a damn about "we the people")
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