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To: annieokie

It just infuriated me what happened. If I knew how to spit I would. We got Bin Ladin, why are we still there? And what’s this about Biden outing the SEAL team? If true, that guy should be ...

9 posted on 08/10/2011 8:04:09 AM PDT by SkyDancer (You know, they invented wheelbarrows to teach government employees how to walk on their hind legs.)
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To: SkyDancer


1. As a sovereign nation, you have the same rights to govern your nation as we have. Whether freely elected or despotic tyranny, how you run your government and DOMESTIC affairs is between you and your leaders. If you people don’t like how your government is behaving, we suggest you read some American history for the period between, say, 1774 and 1789. The world is awash in various sorts of small arms and other weapons. Getting enough to turn out your tyrant-du-jour ought not be a problem. Yes, many people will die (just as they did HERE in the late 1700s). It’s the price of freedom. But — and this is important to us — our SOLDIERS will not be among the dead. And even MORE importantly, MY kids and grandkids won’t be there. And trust us when we tell you that the casualties of your revolution will pale compared to those you will suffer should we be forced to invoke Clause 3!

2. Please pay SPECIAL attention to the word “domestic” in number 1. Speaking of “domestic,” we American will take greater care as we elect “leaders” so as to never again send our people to an unnecessary or futile war. We pledge to take greater care to choose folks for those positions who will honor their oath to God and, more importantly, will send packing those among them who have violated THEIR oath to God and remained silent in the face of questionable or manifestly UNCONSTITUTIONAL deployments. We MUST do OUR DUTY and DUE DILIGENCE as citizens before we can ask these courageous men and women to go to war, too many of whom return home in those terrible aluminum boxes through Dover AFB. This Air Force veteran saw them during Vietnam. When we, the people, were more attentive to electing honorable and honest AMERICANS to those leadership positions, we would not be sending our kids off to die in these questionable and unconstitutional causes.

3. The MINUTE we become privy to firm, corroborated intelligence that you have plans to harm the United States or one of our recognized allies — or, worst case — DO, in fact carry out such an operation, the United States and any such allies who wish to assist will come to you and request that you cease and desist. If you refuse to do so, we will, by A CONSTITUTIONAL DECLARATION OF WAR, TURN MOST OF YOUR LAND INTO A SMOKING RUIN. If you’ve never seen RUBBLE BOUNCE, it’s quite a sight. Just as the Japanese saw that in 1945, we saw a good bit of that on 9/11 – and will never forget it. The Japanese never forgot it – and neither will those of you who survive! We include in this list of threats AIDING, ABETTING, HARBORING, TRAINING OR SUPPLYING THOSE WHO, ALTHOUGH NOT CITIZENS OF YOUR NATION, MAKE PLANS TO HARM US OR AN ALLY.

We wish to live and have peaceful, honest and fair trade with all peoples — BUT harm us or injure/kill American/allied citizens AND YOUR WORLD AS YOU HAVE KNOWN IT WILL SIMPLY GO AWAY — FOREVER. No more PC “Nation Building” crap. Our military will be employed ONLY for those tasks for which they have been traditionally trained throughout history: TO KILL ENEMY TROOPS AND DESTROY ENOUGH OF THE ENEMY’S “STUFF” TO CAUSE THEM TO QUIT THE FIGHT. If some of you think we need “Nation Builders,” send in the UN — from which America will have withdrawn and “off-shored” to somewhere in Europe (and good luck with these clowns).

(If you have never seen it, slide on down to Blockbuster and rent “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Arabic/Farsi or Chinese subtitles, of course. REREAD 3 AND THINK “GORT.”)

And also remember that, since we have pulled our guys out of other nations and closed those bases – horribly costly activities with which we are no longer burdened — we have devoted those diverted resources to new, more effective human intelligence gathering methods using many of YOUR citizens as paid snitches (no more stupid Church Amendment!) so we WILL KNOW when you’re up to no good. And don’t forget that those freed up resources will allow development of more devastating weapons should we need them. Trust us when we tell you that they’re really cool.

Speaking of “cool,” we’ll send all the Kool-Aid you might request but the FOREIGN AID FROM HERE IS OVER. Yep, the gravy train is out of fuel. Since so much of it has wound up in the Swiss accounts of your local despot (or back in a few international banks to cover their crappy “loans” to your dear leader to support his regime), your citizens probably won’t even miss it.

4. Once those smoking ruins have sufficiently cooled – and the radiation levels have fallen — we will put boots on the ground, clear any remaining resistance and seize your former property for the benefit of those who participated in the neutralization of the threat you posed. Casualties among our troops should be very limited because, as we think you have seen, the weapons possessed by the United States will leave very few to resist. REREAD 4 AND THINK 51st STATE!

Call us with any QUESTIONS. Or visit our web site at

Thank you for your support in this vital matter.
The SANE People of the United States of America (all 30 of us).

Until this becomes our policy, we continue to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms so many of us now take for granted.
A photo was recently posted on the web showing a white board in a Marine barracks in Iraq on which one trooper had written the following:
“America is NOT at war. The United States military is at war. America is at the MALL!”


PS: Once we rid ourselves of Obama and his thugs, we’re going to tap our OWN natural resources so we won’t be need all that petroleum from the Middle East. You folks over there might want to accelerate your program to convert sand and oil into something edible. Later!!

BTW, Really like your tagline. I may steal it.

98 posted on 08/10/2011 9:46:54 AM PDT by Dick Bachert (The 2012 election is coming. Seems we have MORE TRASH TO REMOVE!)
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