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Obama Won't Propose One New Thing (Predictable) ^ | August 18, 2011 | Craig Steiner

Posted on 08/18/2011 7:34:07 AM PDT by Kaslin

President Obama is promising a post-Labor Day "jobs push" and will be addressing the nation on jobs at that time. My biggest question is, who cares?

Right after Labor Day, President Obama will speak to the nation about the labor situation, a senior administration official told CNN on Wednesday.

The president plans to deliver a speech about a package of new initiatives designed to grow the economy and create jobs, then he'll spend the fall pushing Congress to pass those measures, the official said.

The Obama administration has not finalized that package, but it's likely to include some tax cuts, infrastructure ideas that could create jobs, and measures targeting the long-term unemployed and specific struggling economic sectors, the official said.
” - CNN

Again, my first question is who cares? The president has addressed the nation multiple times in his presidency and has, to the best of my recollection, never said anything we didn't already know. He almost said something we didn't know when he announced OBL's death--but due to his standard tardiness to his own speeches, the news had already been leaked by the time he took the podium.

Next, it's a virtual certainty that nothing that he announces in his address will work to create jobs. That's because he inherently doesn't understand the economy and how jobs are created, and he inevitably thinks government can create jobs--despite over two years of evidence to the contrary.

Infrastructure spending? We had an $800 billion stimulus that was supposed to include spending on infrastructure.

A measure targeting the long-term unemployed? I suppose he means extending unemployment benefits... again? Yet every time we extend long-term unemployment benefits, it seems we get more long-term unemployed persons.

Measures targeting specific struggling sectors? Pretty much every sector of the economy is struggling. Thus measures that target specific sectors most likely won't be on merit, but on the subjective (and maybe political) opinion of Obama as to where the government should interfere.

Tax cuts? While I'm in favor of (permanent) lower taxes, our economy, businesses, and job growth aren't stalled due to high taxes. Everything is stalled because of uncertainty and fear as to what this administration will do next.

Despite Obama's claims that the economy is suffering due to things outside his control (earthquakes, tsunamis, Arab Springs, European debt crisis, etc.), the truth is that it's the economic policies of this administration that are destroying this economy and stunting job growth by creating uncertainty.

If Obama truly wants to do something that will encourage job growth, he should propose legislation that makes all current tax rates permanent. Not temporarily lower, not higher on certain demographics--just affirm that they will not change. He should then repeal Obamacare. Then, he can get out of the way and go play golf for the next year while the economy heals itself from the damage he's done to it.

And, yet, we know he won't do that--even though he would have a reasonable shot at reelection if he did. We know he won't not just because we know what Obama believes and how little he knows about economics, but because the same CNN article closed with this paragraph:

The official said the president will offer a detailed deficit reduction package that goes beyond the $1.5 trillion mandate of the committee. It would not only fully cover the cost of the jobs and growth measures, but also achieve additional balanced deficit reduction, the official said.” - CNN

So from that we can conclude that the "jobs and growth measures" will cost money (which means they involve spending... which is the problem, not the solution), and we know that the president will be proposing increasing taxes since that's what he means when he says "balanced deficit reduction" or a "balanced approach."

So though he will apparently be completing his Martha's Vineyard vacation before addressing the problem of Americans that are on "long-term vacations," we can already be confident that Obama will say nothing of interest in his address to the nation... and that his latest "pivot" to jobs will fail as resoundingly as his previous pivots.

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1 posted on 08/18/2011 7:34:07 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin
....infrastructure ideas that could create jobs.....

More "shovel ready" jobs that really weren't and supposedly funded in the Porkulus Plan, but wasn't. What a farce.

2 posted on 08/18/2011 7:38:10 AM PDT by edpc (Ruck Famadan)
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To: Kaslin

HOw about this for an initiative:

1) defund the EPA

2) conduct as much on-shore and of-shore gas/oil drilling as possible.

3) Reduce the Corporate Tax rate to something reasonable -like 20%

3 posted on 08/18/2011 7:39:39 AM PDT by roaddog727 (It's the Constitution, Stupid!)
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To: Kaslin
He has no more arrows in his quiver. Hell, he doesn't even have a quiver left, and soon we're gonna take away his bow..

This will be a political speech, and not an economic one. He will attempt to turn the country against the GOP controlled House

4 posted on 08/18/2011 7:41:10 AM PDT by ken5050 (Should Christie RUN in 2012? NO! But he should WALK 3 miles every day..)
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To: Kaslin
On the contrary, -23Bama will propose many new things:

- If any new jobs are created, they will be govt jobs.

- New spending - requiring appropriations from the house. House will say "N", "O". -23Bam and his minions will yell scream and whine to the polls that R's are blocking new jobs.

- Content of new spending proposals will help unions and/or payoffs for votes.

- More food stamps to stimulate the economy. Each dollar to food stamps contributes $1.84 to the economy.

- The bottom line: More Marxism from the Marxist, -23Bama.

5 posted on 08/18/2011 7:42:20 AM PDT by C210N (0bama, Making the US safe for Global Marxism)
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To: Kaslin

Invest in roads
Invest in bridges
Invest in education
Invest in green technology.

It’s all he has. It’s all he’s ever had.

6 posted on 08/18/2011 7:44:22 AM PDT by ClearCase_guy (The USSR spent itself into bankruptcy and collapsed -- and aren't we on the same path now?)
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To: C210N

Like I said: Predictable

7 posted on 08/18/2011 7:46:42 AM PDT by Kaslin (Acronym for OBAMA: One Big Ass Mistake America)
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To: Kaslin

Doubling down on clueless ....

8 posted on 08/18/2011 7:51:16 AM PDT by sphinx
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To: edpc
Rush said it best...this will be an "election" speech not a "jobs" speech and the package will contain items that have all been heavily polled and calculated to please everyone but will have no real effect on the economy.
9 posted on 08/18/2011 7:51:43 AM PDT by NMEwithin
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To: Kaslin

Whatever nobama proposes, rest assured it will do nothing but reinforce and speed the country’s slide toward third world status. That is his ultimate goal. With him as dictator for life, of course.

10 posted on 08/18/2011 7:52:00 AM PDT by upchuck (Rerun: Think you know hardship? Wait till the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency.)
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To: Kaslin

If only the folks with food stamps would go shopping.

11 posted on 08/18/2011 7:56:17 AM PDT by Gator113 (Palin 2012, period.....)
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To: Kaslin
If Obama was to do one simple thing--overhaul the income tax system to make it less expensive to comply with and make it more business-friendly--he would go from totally defeated to actually have a chance to get re-elected.

As such, I see him defeated in the biggest loss since 1980.

12 posted on 08/18/2011 7:56:26 AM PDT by RayChuang88 (FairTax: America's economic cure)
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To: Kaslin

I predict he’ll blame Bush and the GOP congressmen, and that he’ll whine about being picked on and treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, and that his approval numbers will plummet even farther after his speech. In other words, same-old-same-old.

13 posted on 08/18/2011 7:57:37 AM PDT by kittymyrib
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To: Kaslin

Obama does not know what TO DO....
But he knows what NOT TO DO....

AND he has done ALL OF THEM since hes been President.. ON PURPOSE..
Thats what Cloward-Piven “IS”.. doing all the things you should NOT do to an economy..

He has wrecked the America economy ON Purpose..
Look at his administration... full of the exact people that knows how to wreck an economy..
ITS NOT AN ACCIDENT... or incompetance.. its ON PURPOSE...

Many many somebodys should be perp walked..
They have provided an economic WAR.. on America..
An Economic Civil War.. i.e. Cloward-Piven...

The next time the word bi-partisan is used positively it will be used by a TOOL of these same people..
OR one who is complicit.. with it..

IT should make you mad they even used that word..

14 posted on 08/18/2011 7:58:11 AM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole...)
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To: Kaslin
You must be tired of me posting the same thing every time you post an article about Democrat plans for jobs, but here it is again. PATTY MURRAY HAS A TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE GRANT AND RE-INVESTMENT BILL SITTING IN COMMITTEE IN THE SENATE, ALL READY TO GO. IT IS LINKED TO A COUPLE OF PAGES OF OTHER SPENDING BILLS THAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT. S. 942 My prediction is that Obama is going to announce MASSIVE government spending and projects like the Roosevelt's New Deal and then dare the Republicans to vote against them. The Democrats already have some of these projects in the works in the form of rail/port projects and high speed rail. The House cut the funding twice, but Ray LaHood re-instated it this summer in several announcements. The interesting part is that most of this money is actually creating jobs in China, not in the US. The money goes to US companies, who then invest in China. For instance Siemans America received grants to build rail cars IN CHINA.
15 posted on 08/18/2011 8:01:53 AM PDT by Eva
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To: Kaslin

On the economy, Obama only knows “tax and spend”. It’s his answer to everything: spend more and raise taxes to (supposedly) fund it.

16 posted on 08/18/2011 8:11:26 AM PDT by kevkrom (This space for rent.)
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To: kittymyrib

The difference is that this time, he has the spending bills, written and sitting in committee and he has or will have his new NLRB rules in force. He’s planning a threatened strike that will shut down the country if the union workers don’t get what they want.

Do you remember Obama’s proposed budget, the one that everyone said was not even serious? Well, the Democrats have bills written to enact every single part of that budget.

17 posted on 08/18/2011 8:21:03 AM PDT by Eva
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To: roaddog727

I certainly hope the GOP does not drift into a pattern of simply waiting for the Gang of 12 to act or for Obama to act. Such a pattern of drift would set the stage for Obama to demonize the GOP as a bunch of “do-nothings”.

Instead, the GOP should return to DC now — and start working while Obama is on vacation. Then, to continue to disprove Obama’s “do nothing” charge, the GOP-controlled House needs to pass a series of “small” jobs bills and very loudly take credit for the jobs that WOULD be created if only the Democrats in the Senate and Obama would get on board and support those bills.

— such as the Trade Agreements with Columbia and South Korea. 50,000 new jobs expected.

— such as a restriction to stop all “new” EPA mandates for 6 months. 80,000 jobs expected.

— such as a “Paid Intern Program”, whereby teens could be employed by private companies at less than the Federally mandated “minimum wage” for their states. 100,000 new jobs expected.

— such as a “Drill-baby-drill” Program that would require the EPA to approve 10% more drilling permits each year starting in 2011 for the next 5 years. 100,000 new jobs expected.

It would also be helpful if the GOP started identifying wasteful government spending to be cut, thereby cutting the Federal deficit:

No subsidies for windmills and solar — save $15 billion
No subsidies for ethanol — save $50 billion
No subsidies for equipment built OUTSIDE the US — save $20 billion
No foreign “aid” to America’s enemies — save $50 billion

This would allow the GOP to avoid the rope-a-dope trap now being set by the Democrats that would require the GOP to either (1) vote for higher taxes or (2) allow defense spending to be cut.

In my opinion, the GOP cannot succeed in the 2012 election if they allow the Democrats to steer the “Gang of 12”) into a loud, fruitless partisan “debate” over how big the cuts to the big social entitlement programs have to be.

Fortunately, the GOP does not have to play by the Democrats’ script...

18 posted on 08/18/2011 9:34:32 AM PDT by pfony1
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To: ken5050

“He has no more arrows in his quiver. Hell, he doesn’t even have a quiver left, and soon we’re gonna take away his bow..”...

Obama never had a quiver, never had any arrows, and certainly not a bow. If he isn’t the most clueless, inappropriate, malevolent malingerer ever to occupy the Oval Office, I don’t know who it would be.

CNN should be ashamed to pass this kind of drivel on the Americans, but they aren’t, after all. They are in part directly responsible for Obama being in the WH. Despicable!

19 posted on 08/18/2011 9:36:50 AM PDT by astounded (Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to the USA)
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To: pfony1

Excellent ideas.

20 posted on 08/18/2011 9:48:05 AM PDT by roaddog727 (It's the Constitution, Stupid!)
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