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To: markomalley; Impy; fieldmarshaldj; Clintonfatigued; AuH2ORepublican; Reagan Man; calcowgirl; All
>> On the question of which branch of government does a better job, 33% pick local governments, 23% look to the state level, and 15% prefer the federal government. Twenty-nine percent (29%) are not sure. <<

Interesting, but not surprising when you think about it. The largest share of voters trust LOCAL government the best, followed by state government, and the least trust the feds. But funny how there's so many "states rights" conservatives on FR who constantly heap praise on state government and demand more powers get allocated to them. You never heard them talk about the 10th amendment guaranteeing more rights to LOCAL authorities (even though it does), or speaking about "LOCAL rights". Nope, they're convinced state governments are the greatest and most trustworthy level of government in America, and that every controversial issue on the planet can be solved if we simply "send it back to the states". I find that a rather odd position to take in this country, especially since many state governments are larger and more powerful than the national governments of other nations.

As for me, I actually have 5 levels of statist government over me:
1) Village/Town
2) Township
3) County
4) State
5) Federal

I'll examine of all of them.

1) Village/Town - Without disclosing where I live, I'll simply point out it's a small town in the Chicago area. Our local authorities in town haven't had a competitive election in about 2 decades and basically it's a one-party system. They aren't Republican or Democrat, they're combiners. This is a hard concept to explain for most non-Illinoisans. Basically the local government officials side with whatever party is in power at the time. During the 80s and 90s when the GOP ran Illinois, they all loved the Republicans, endorsed them, and worked for them. Now they all love Chicago Democrats. In 2010, I thought the GOP would return to power in Illinois and my mayor and trustees would suck up to the GOP again, but alas that didn't come to pass so they're still doing the bidding of Dems. The town has very little power since we're in the same county as Chicago with its 3 million people. On the plus side, they do seem to award patronage jobs like Fire Chief based on years of service and results, rather than nepotism like the rest of Illinois. So I guess that's a plus.

2) Township - The township government is run by Republicans, and closely tied to the local GOP organization (the GOP committeeman is a family member of the Township Supervisor). It's 90% GOP with a few token Dems who got to keep their jobs by being good little combiners and kissing the local GOP's butt even though they vote RAT in the ballot booth. Again in the 80s and 90s, the township was majority GOP voters, but since the late 90s there are more Dems than GOP in my township. But the GOP remains in power because the local RAT boss was a combiner until 2009 and had a backroom agreement not to go after the local GOP and in exchange they wouldn't run candidates against RATs. This changed in 2009 when a independent moonbat marxist was elected Dem committeeman and vowed to destroy the local GOP. Unfortunately for him, he tried to do so during the GOP tidal-wave of November 2010. Bad timing. The township government is of course very approachable and friendly to me since I'm a Republican pct. captain, but they are just another level of bureaucracy with almost no actual powers.

3) County - I live in C(r)ook county, Illinois, which suffice it to say is one of the worst county governments in America. Democrats have complete power and could get Adolf Hitler elected as a Dem in this county if they wanted to. Nepotism and corruption run rampant. There hasn't been a Republican holding countywide office in 40 years. There's four or so token Republicans on the county board, but they're outnumbered by the RATs 5:1 and have no power. My "representative" on the county board doesn't live anywhere near me, he's from some black neighborhood on the lakefront and ignores any emails or phone calls I make. I think the people of Castro's Cuba get better representation than I get in my county government.

4) State - Illinois is just an extension of the county government, since my county can outvote the rest of Illinois and they choose our state government. All 3 branches have a Dem majority. All our "statewide" officials are from my county (no wonder downstaters loathe people who live here) It's also extremely powerful, corrupt, and full of nepotism just like it's clone the county government. (being a super corrupt Crook co. official is warmup to a cushy state job). In 2010, polls showed downstate Republican Bill Brady was ahead and combiner scumbag Mark Kirk was losing, so I thought Illinois voters might finally come to their senses. 99 out of 102 counties DID vote for Brady, but alas, in my county they had thousands of "voters" nobody had ever seen before show up on election day, and they vote their combine approved candidates to remain in power. I wouldn't trust my state government if they told me the sun will rise in the morning.

5) Feds. Needs no introduction, the rest of FR knows the situation if you post on this forum. Currently, the House is controlled by the GOP, the Senate is controlled by RATs, the White House is controlled by a RAT bred from my state and county governments, and the Supreme Court has a narrow 5-4 conservative majority. By those numbers alone, I suppose I marginally trust the federal government more than I trust my state government... but as long as Obama is in the White House things aren't going to get any better. Plus the House of Reps. and Supreme Court don't seem particularly effective at stopping the White House's failed policies.

Given that data, of course I'd have to pick "township government" as the one that does the best job. Perhaps its just partisan bias. But it could also be that the township government is the one that govers the least and interferes in my personal life the least. In Illinois, 85 out of 102 counties have township government and there's been many calls to abolish it because it seems to have little to do and anything it can do could easily be delegated to the village/town level or county level and save taxpayers money. (see ) Right now, township governments in Illinois serve mainly to provide yet another way to climb up the political ladder and provide more cushy jobs. So, as much as I like the only branch of government over with me sane conservatives in power, I must admit they don't really serve a purpose in the cause to shrink government.

12 posted on 08/26/2011 10:56:41 PM PDT by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: BillyBoy; Dengar01; fieldmarshaldj; AuH2ORepublican; randita; campaignPete R-CT; GOPsterinMA

I’m glad the city doesn’t have townships governments. Just imagine the shenanigans they could do with another unnecessary level of Government. It’s already absurd with County and City government, Chicago should be it’s own county (even better Cook should be it’s own state give it Gary and Milwaukee too and set IL/IN/WI free).

I don’t trust any level of government. Forget state’s rights, I’m for Impy’s rights. ;-p

ALL levels need less power. When one is screwing you over it doesn’t really matter to me which one it is.

Which is worse depends on who’s in charge. If we had a conservative-dominated federal government we’d only hear state’s rights clamoring from the left.

In some areas I’d love some federal domination. For example a federal ban on fey marriage, If Vermont doesn’t like it they can merge with Quebec. They also outta step an in enforce the 2nd amendment in Chicago and other gun-grabbing cities. Entirely constitutionally appropriate AFAIC.

I guess I care more about policy than process.

13 posted on 08/27/2011 5:53:33 AM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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