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To: Impy; Dengar01; fieldmarshaldj; All
>> I’m glad the city doesn’t have townships governments. Just imagine the shenanigans they could do with another unnecessary level of Government. <<

Apparently they DO have townships on paper in Chicago, it's just that they exist only as obsolete geographic distinctions and there is no township government in the city (thankfully as Impy noted, because it would create a brand new layer of corruption and lifetime jobs leeching off the taxpayer's dime). Instead they just use ward organizations for corruption and patronage jobs (wards often don't exist in the suburbs due our size -- many suburban alderman are elected at-large by the whole town). That should be shrunk as well, the city of Chicago has 25 police districts so I think they'd get along fine with 25 wards that have the same boundries instead of the 50 they have now. If anyone is interested, here's a map of C(r)ook county townships with the city townships included:

>> It’s already absurd with County and City government <<

They should probably just do what's been done in Nashville and a lot other cities -- merge the city of Chicago and Crook county government into one entity, and give the suburbs their own county. Of course, even though Crook county creates staffs for the two governments and separate paychecks, they don't pretend that the county government is in any way "independent" of the mayor and city council. Our county commissioners obviously take their marching orders from the city officials and don't care a whiff about suburbanites. They don't even pretend to make it transparent -- the city council and cook county board meet in the same building downtown, for crying out loud. Probably the city council has their meetings and they sends someone over to the other side of the buildings to inform the county board what they're supposed to rubber stamp this week. ;-)

>> Chicago should be it’s own county (even better Cook should be it’s own state give it Gary and Milwaukee too and set IL/IN/WI free).

Yeah, you make a good point that we haven't adjusted state boundaries in 200 years. Most of these states like California were only allowed to be as large as they are geographically because they were never expected to have such a huge population. California has the population of 3 "normal" states and should be split up accordingly. And who the heck drew those lines to make Maryland/Delaware/West Virgina/Virgina. Our capitol area is a mess. I could make Delaware a nice, decent sized GOP state by simply giving the land west of the Chesapeake Bay that geographically is in the Delaware area but belongs to Maryland and Virgina on the other side of the bay.

>> ALL levels need less power. When one is screwing you over it doesn’t really matter to me which one it is. <<

True. Perhaps the one exception and non "lesser government" initiative I'd agree to would be enlarging the membership of Congress, though. From 1789 to 1913, the size of the Congress was regularly enlarged to keep pace with the growing population of the county. Now it's been stuck at 435 for 80 years and the number of constituents for each Congressman has grown to 650,000+. That's too many for a Congressman to adequately hear from and visit, so most of them in same districts (like mine) ignore vast regions of their district. I'd create another 100 or so Congressman, which yes means "bigger government" and more leeches off the taxpayer dime, but if we had term limits and ended gerrymandering it would solve that problem.

>> If we had a conservative-dominated federal government we’d only hear state’s rights clamoring from the left. In some areas I’d love some federal domination. <<

This is the one area that Perrybots don't seem to get it -- with all the "Perry has a fundamentally different view of state-federal relations than Obama... Perry believes in STATES RIGHTS". I wish they could have been around in the early 2000s and seen the state and local government of Illinois in action. Since Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, Illinois government woiuld routinely look for ways to get around federal rules passed by the Bush administration and poke their noses into all kinds of laws they had no authority over (look at all the "local governments" who passed resolutions declaring their city opposed the Iraq War... since when did the Constitution give city governments the power to decide U.S. foreign policy?!) The idea that Obama loves only federal power and would never dream of using state and local government to control people's lives is certainly a fantasy. Plus both Obama and Perry (and Gore and any other RAT) will revert to the "its up to the states" answer whenever they're presented with a divisive issue that could lose them votes if they gave a firm answer about. That's why both Perry and Obama resorted to "it's best handled by the states" when asked if they would support gay marriage.

18 posted on 08/27/2011 6:26:23 PM PDT by BillyBoy (Impeach Obama? Yes We Can!)
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To: BillyBoy
Here is a picture of the guy that got the FedGov™ juggernaut rolling.

Also from Illinois.

19 posted on 08/27/2011 6:39:30 PM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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