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Tea Party Express V: Black Activist Not Lynched! ^ | 09-03-2011 | Lloyd Marcus

Posted on 09/03/2011 12:03:16 PM PDT by Lloyd Marcus

Rep. Andre Carson, Congressional Black Caucus chief vote counter said some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree.” Despite members of the CBC attempting to rally the black and white guilt votes via despicable false charges of racism against the tea party which includes a ridiculous claim that the tea party wishes to see blacks lynched, the tea party continues to grow.

We are winning!

As a black tea party activist overwhelmingly embraced by my fellow patriots across America who are white, I boldly proclaim the CBC to be a vile bunch of race baiting thugs who have sold their souls and the well being of black America for a seat at their progressive Massa's table of liberalism.

I am on my fifth Tea Party Express national bus tour. Every tour feels like a family reunion teeming with hugs from old and new patriots.

This is why I am so angered by the CBC's sleazy evil efforts to disparage the decent hard working good people who are active in the tea party.

The liberal media are culpable in their support of assisting the CBC to drive a stake into the heart of the relationship between black and white Americans.

When one of us kids supported wrongdoing, my dad use to say, “You may not have participated, but you held the Devil's coat”. The liberal media is without a doubt holding the CBC's coat; offering very little criticism of a CBC member's over-the-top inflammatory claim that the tea party wants blacks lynched.

And, the liberal media has the audacity to wonder why mobs of black youths are attacking whites around the country. In their reporting about the “flash mobs”, the liberal media refuses to mention the elephant-in-the-living room racial component; that the mobs are blacks attacking whites.

The liberal media dignifies the CBC's unfounded allegations of racism by constantly pressuring the tea party to prove them untrue. The burden is not on the tea party to prove we are not guilty. We must not and will not allow racist divisive evil scoundrels to call the shots.

If God be for us, who can be against us.” Romans 8:31

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Co-Chairman of
The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Florida
KEYWORDS: blackcaucus; bloggersandpersonal; cbc; lynch; racist

1 posted on 09/03/2011 12:03:23 PM PDT by Lloyd Marcus
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Now there’s a man I could love.

2 posted on 09/03/2011 12:05:57 PM PDT by TribalPrincess2U (Rabid democRATS and 0bama the dictator own it all now.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus


Have you ever contacted CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc, and asked if they’d like to hear your story especially in light of what Rep. Andre Carson has stated about the Tea Party?

3 posted on 09/03/2011 12:08:29 PM PDT by avacado
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To: Lloyd Marcus

A friend writes a national newsletter, The American Telegraph. You might give it a look-see at . In the 8/31/2011 issue, he led with an uplifting piece about American resiliency, exceptionalism and our ability to snap back from and withstand virtually any calamity that has befallen us through our short — in historical terms — existence.
Though it pained me to disagree with my friend, I felt compelled to post this at the comment section of his excellent blog:
Larry, I wish I were as sanguine as thou on the subject of our ability to surmount the current maladministration and all its manifestations as they ripple out into the culture but, alas, I am not.
Sadly, the Americans who performed the litany of heroic, sacrificial and beneficial acts you enumerated are no longer with us. And, thanks to the increased level of progressive bravo sierra forced on the youth of this country during the past 50 years, it’s unlikely the patriotism of those men and women who went before will survive the brain-washing.
You may recall my recent email about a meeting I had with my congressional representative a few years ago during which he told me something I had know was coming for several decades. He remarked that we were drawing dangerously close to the tipping point where 50%+ of the voting age adults in the country were partially or fully on some form of government assistance or welfare.
When that line was crossed, things could go downhill very quickly.
He voluntarily gave up his congressional seat in 2010 (but his top staffer got his old job and, so far, all is not lost). I can’t be certain, but I suspect he saw the election of Obama as the signal that the slide had begun and he wanted to spend his remaining years enjoying his family BEFORE the bottom completely dropped out.
The election of all those Tea Party folks has, however, given us some hope that he was wrong. My jury will remain out until November, 2012.
I’ll close by saying that a recent survey revealed that 51% of those polled believe that a civil war is possible here within the next 10 years. I pray that is wrong.
Having said that, if members of, for example, the Congressional Black Caucus continue to make speeches of the sort we have recently heard from Maxine Waters and others, there won’t be a civil war. It will be a conflict of the worst sort that would shed more innocent blood than that of the actual combatants: It could easily become a race war.
God help us if it comes to that as I believe that’s precisely what Obama wants. It would complete the destructive work he has begun and tear this nation apart.
I will, however, keep thinking positive thoughts.
I’ll also keep my powder dry.

4 posted on 09/03/2011 12:20:41 PM PDT by Dick Bachert (The 2012 election is coming. Seems we have MORE TRASH TO REMOVE!)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

I feel sad for people like me. Now ... I’m not saying feel bad for me ... I just feel bad these days for younger white conservatives (I’m 41) who would so desperately like to reach out to my sisters and brothers of all colors and agree that there are good things about America that are worth conserving.

I was born in 1970. We children of the USA didn’t live through the civil rights era, though we certainly know about it. We know that Republicans were involved in fighting for the rights of black Americans.

Somehow, the left has hijacked civil rights by claiming that the South voted for Reagan because they are racist. Somehow, Reagan’s election wasn’t about the left abandoning economic reason, crashing the USA and pandering to the wrong things within human nature ... apparently, Reagan’s victory was all about the South being racist.

Sometimes I think it’s Same Stuff Different Decade nowadays. As conservatism is in its ascendency again due to the failure of progressivism, we hear the same old garbage about “tax the rich”, “those people are stupid”, “those are crazy Christians,” “those folks are racists,” “they can go to hell.”

A new generation that should be blameless is being excoriated for deciding that right is correct.

I’m fortunate that I have known a number of black conservatives...and I take heart in knowing that people have a capacity to recognize universal truths and decide to join hands instead of thumbing noses.

There’s just so much hate, though, nowadays based on an agenda of making people recognize only ONE aspect of themselves....and vote according to ONE aspect of yourself. “You’re black... you have to vote for Democrats... they are for the black people!” “You’re gay .... you have to vote for Democrats ... they are for the gay people!” “You’re a woman ... you have to vote for Democrats... they are for the women!”

It’s crap. You can have a business that has a policy to hire everyone. They minority, the Muslim, the gay person, the environmentalist, the conservative... but if that business goes down the tubes... NO ONE HAS A JOB.

The country is a business. We’d better begin to understand that. It’s NOT a charity ... charity is up to individuals, not the collective. The country is a business and the Commander in Chief is flushing it down the toilet.

When I read the propaganda spewed by the left about how I must be a racist/terrorist/hater because I am a conservative and a Christian ... it makes me want to cry when I see our youth believing the lie.

We should be joining together. We actually DO IT everyday when we go out and mingle with fellow Americans and don’t talk politics. We get along.

But the left is poisoning the well. And once you do that ... everyone’s going to suffer. When I suffer, you suffer, we suffer.

5 posted on 09/03/2011 12:23:04 PM PDT by Winstons Julia (when liberals rant, it's called free speech; when conservatives vent, it's called hate speech.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

By the way Lloyd, if this is the real Lloyd...thanks for being a sane voice in the wilderness of sociopolitics.

6 posted on 09/03/2011 12:30:44 PM PDT by Winstons Julia (when liberals rant, it's called free speech; when conservatives vent, it's called hate speech.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus
God bless you.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Every 'moderate' Muslim is a potential terrorist. The belief in Islam is like a tank of gasoline. It looks innocuous, until it meets the fire. For a 'moderate' Muslim to become a murderous jihadist, all it takes is a spark of faith."

Ali Sini


'Remembering 9/11' on the Geographic Channel. Sunday: 'Inside 9/11: Zero Hour'- EXCELLENT.


This moving video is the most viewed of any of the 9/11 videos and is now in the Smithsonian.

Be sure to read (at the site) Anatomy Of The Attack and the moving essay,’That Day’ by Steve Golding, a New Yorker who lived through it.

7 posted on 09/03/2011 1:15:40 PM PDT by patriot08 (TEXAS GAL- born and bred and proud of it!)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Said the race-baiter Representative Andre Carson sez the TEA Party members would:
“love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree.”

Sez the Guru, regarding what Rep Carson said:”’Poison Fruit’ of Liberalism hanging on that “Tree of Liberalism”, CongressCritter Carson.

8 posted on 09/03/2011 1:50:24 PM PDT by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is necessary to examine principles.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Sounds like a good candidate for the Exsanguinated Turnip Wagon Pullers Party.

9 posted on 09/03/2011 2:11:08 PM PDT by SERKIT ("Blazing Saddles" explains it all......)
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