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The Collapse of Zionism
The Weekly Standard ^ | 9/14/11 | Charles Krauthammer

Posted on 09/14/2011 3:54:10 PM PDT by Nachum

What does post-Zionism mean in practice? It means that Israel should be not a Jewish state, but a "state of its citizens," a democracy like any other with no particular commitment to the survival or advancement of any one culture or people. Thus the most fundamental law in the Israeli canon, "the Law of Return" that guarantees refuge and citizenship in Israel for any Jew in the world (and which David Ben-Gurion considered the most important law of the land) is under attack for being nationalist, particularist, even racist. A democratic state, it is said, would have no such ethnic tests.

Nor is it just the Law of Return. Respected public figures, writes Hazony, have advanced the demand to de-Judaize the flag (with its Star of David) and the national anthem (Ha-Tikvah, "The Hope," which speaks of the Jewish longing to return to the homeland), and drain school curricula, the army, and the constitution of their distinctive Jewish national character. "The Jews living in Israel are now being asked not only to give up on geographical territories. We must also implement a 'redeployment' -- or even a complete withdrawal -- from entire regions in our soul," writes the celebrated Israeli author David Grossman. And what does this psychic withdrawal, this Reformation, mean? "Giving up on power as a value. On the army itself as a value. . . . Refining a new existence for ourselves. One which is no longer drenched to the point of suffocation with the myth of our exile from the land, or with the myth of Masada, or with a one-dimensional lesson of the Holocaust."

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KEYWORDS: collapse; israel; krauthammer; zionism
A very disturbing piece by Charles.
1 posted on 09/14/2011 3:54:15 PM PDT by Nachum
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To: Nachum

Dated May 29, 2000 on the underlying link? What’s up with that?

2 posted on 09/14/2011 3:59:18 PM PDT by rockvillem
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To: Nachum

I wish every country could be the arm of it’s citizenry like Israel. Not in a hostile or jingoistic way, but as a place where people can feel at home and be themselves without having to water down their particularities. I may get flamed for this, but strong fences make for good neighbors in my view. The left in Israel is no different than anywhere else in that they see any “white”, western oriented nation as inherently zenophobic all the while celebrating every other culture and demanding that we let them be.

3 posted on 09/14/2011 4:08:55 PM PDT by Amberdawn
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To: Nachum

The West can indulge visions of its own corruption and moral bankruptcy without risking extinction.

Charles is wrong about this we are as vulnerable
as Israel, we just won’t see the results as fast.
They are plainly visible to those who know how to
look even now.

4 posted on 09/14/2011 4:10:22 PM PDT by tet68 ( " We would not die in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to die with us...." Henry V.)
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To: rockvillem; Nachum
If anything the strategic outlook for Israel is grimmer now than it was 11 years ago when this piece was written. Krauthammer was crying out seemingly in anguish at the prospect of loss of the national identity of the country which expresses his own ethnic and religious DNA.

If anything this is a cry of anguish, a lament against diversity. The purpose of Israel is to grant sovereignty to a religious and ethnic group. But what about my anguish? Why should my DNA be swept away in the name of diversity? If Krauthammer's DNA can express his religious heritage, what about my religious heritage? What about my cultural, racial, political, linguistic, and constitutional heritage?

Why should this be swept away in the name of diversity while no one weeps?

5 posted on 09/14/2011 4:13:37 PM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: Nachum

While Krauthammer is talking specifically about Israel, he is talking generally about the West. If anything the Israelies have retained their never, but the rest of the West is losing theirs.

6 posted on 09/14/2011 4:17:59 PM PDT by rbg81
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: Nachum

Fine Israel will become a state of its citizens when Saudi Arabia does so first.

8 posted on 09/14/2011 4:32:55 PM PDT by reed13
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To: Nachum

The only reason for Israels existence is to be the homeland of the Jewish people.

9 posted on 09/14/2011 4:34:19 PM PDT by ontap
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To: nathanbedford

That’s an excellent post. I’ve long believed that Israel’s key weakness would be an internal fragmentation over the nature of Judaism and its proper role in a modern state. Is this really any different than the internal philosophical conflicts that resulted in a post-Christian Europe?

10 posted on 09/14/2011 4:47:40 PM PDT by Alberta's Child ("If you touch my junk, I'm gonna have you arrested.")
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To: bray

This seems like an old article by Krauthammer but is timely. I hope he is wrong. Islamists with wide support wish genocide, ethnic cleansing, aparteid etc. to happen in Holy Land. What say you? How do we stop this madness? [I enjoy your Sunday Morning Talk Show discussions along with Alas Babylon!]

11 posted on 09/14/2011 4:58:01 PM PDT by shalom aleichem
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To: Alberta's Child
If one believes that the intellectual contest ultimately determines the political contest, one has to say that the battle for Christian civilization is being fought and probably lost in this arena. The intellectuals have made it worse then unfashionable, they have made it disreputable to defend our Christian estate.

So in the post-Christian world it becomes illegitimate to be publicly Christian whether in the public square or in the public school. As the intellectual argument precedes and shapes the political contest, so the intellectual debate shapes the battleground for the constitutional decision. The Justice Ginsburg's of this world can write their decisions without reference to the original meaning of the Constitution because Christian civilization has already lost the intellectual argument and the law case is merely the legal equivalent of the obituary.

There is an irony in defending the sovereignty of Israel against diversity while we witness the destruction of our own sovereignty because of diversity.

12 posted on 09/14/2011 4:58:36 PM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: shalom aleichem

Thank you Shalom, I appreciate that and Alas does a fantastic job.

Pray for Israel

13 posted on 09/14/2011 5:04:39 PM PDT by bray (Palin is hated by the establishment of both Parties. Winner!)
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To: Amberdawn

This is the way that American was in the days before the military was professionalized. The particular example is that during the Civil War, Sherman’s Army and others consisted of state volunteers. The militia, in other words, the people in arms. It was volunteers who won the war, men who after their first enlistment decided to re-up. Despite the horrors they had seen, they soldiered on, and secured for their crazy general victory.

14 posted on 09/14/2011 5:43:20 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: nathanbedford

Forrest would have fit nicely into the IDF.

15 posted on 09/14/2011 5:45:44 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: ps2

Excellent post. I look forward to the era of post-Islamicism in the world. Zionism will not collapse.

16 posted on 09/14/2011 5:54:58 PM PDT by FlyingEagle
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To: RobbyS

Interesting take on it, I didn’t think about it. However, I believe that patriotism and a belief in one’s country’s particular way of life has been so denigrated in the last 45 years that we are not allowed to defend our way of doing things. Israel faces the same problem-They were built on a national ideal and the age of nationalism is equated as nazism by some.

17 posted on 09/14/2011 6:41:17 PM PDT by Amberdawn
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To: Amberdawn
The America of 1861 was also a rural society. The urban society of today is much less martial. The same is true of Israel, that the city-folk are less prepared physically or psychologically for war.
18 posted on 09/14/2011 10:15:28 PM PDT by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: RobbyS

A life of leisure makes people less willing to fight, but it’s also psychological and cultural. Too many people, in the West anyway, are taught that soldiering is for aggressive nut cases and war a thing of the past.

19 posted on 09/14/2011 11:39:54 PM PDT by Amberdawn
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