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Here is a better contact list for ALL Republican members of Congress.

49 posted on 10/04/2011 11:07:00 AM PDT by seekthetruth (We Patriots want a Commander In Chief who STANDS with Our Military!)
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Friends, this is an opportunity to take an united stand in support of our troops in harm's way. Please find below the email from the fearless Beverly Perlson, head of The Band of Mothers. Calls are to be made continously, throughout this week:

Please folks, as of Monday morning PLEASE CALL BUCK McKEON’s office and ask them what they are doing regarding Col West's request, sent in August, asking for congressional hearings on the catch and release policies!!! Our troops catch the murdering terrorists and this administration's “catch and release” policy lets them go to kill more of our troops!

Enough of this!!! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE HERE BY MAKING ONE PHONE CALL ...Buck McKeon is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee... (202) 225-1956.

If you will, also please ask them when they will be releasing our Soldiers from Leavenworth!
Catch and release!!!

Please be polite but firm. I believe the only way these hearings will take place is if the American people demand them.

Thank You
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

Obama policy setting troop killers free in Iraq
By: Kieran Lalor | 10/01/11 8:05 AM
Special to The Examiner

If a cop and a promising student were gunned down and the shooter was caught, only to be freed after four years, the outrage would be palpable. Politicos would fall all over themselves to register their indignation and the press would be on it for weeks.
It happened in the case of New York State Trooper John McKenna and Pace University law student Michael Glover, who were serving in Iraq with the Marine Corps Reserve. Yet this story is virtually unknown, even though the injustice is enormous and systemic.
Five years ago, Lance Cpl. Glover, having put a scholarship on hold to volunteer for combat duty in Iraq, was the pointman on a patrol outside of Fallujah when he was killed by a sniper's bullet. Capt. McKenna, Glover's platoon commander, earned a posthumous Silver Star for giving his life in an attempt to save Glover.
Months later, U.S. troops captured their killer, Muhammad Awwad Ahmad. Recently, the families of the fallen learned from the Defense Department U.S. forces turned Ahmad over to Iraqi authorities in June 2010, and that an Iraqi court set him free four months later.

Glover and McKenna are dead and buried, but the man who killed them roams free to kill more Americans. Unfortunately, this miscarriage of justice is not an isolated incident. It is a policy of the Obama administration.

Under the Iraq Security Agreement signed by the Bush administration in 2008, all detainees left in Iraq by the end of 2011 have to be turned over to the Iraqis. For the most part, the Bush White House was giving the pickpockets and common criminals over to the Iraqis but moving dangerous terrorists who had killed Americans to places like Guantanamo Bay to be held for military trials.

The Obama administration wanted to shutter Gitmo and believed that enemy combatants captured on overseas battlefields deserved federal civilian trials. When American public opinion thwarted this policy, Obama found himself boxed into a self-created ideological corner. Rather than adjust the flawed position, the administration began turning over to the Iraqis even non-Iraqi terrorists who killed Americans in Iraq.

In July, the administration tried quietly to transfer Ali Mousa Daqduq, a Lebanese Hezbollah commander working at the behest of the Iranians, over to Iraqi authorities. Among other acts of terror, Daqduq masterminded the killing of five American soldiers. A group of U.S. senators wrote the Pentagon to prevent Daqduq’s transfer because it was almost certain he'd be released or allowed to escape. The administration has yet to turn him over, but remains committed to doing so by year's end.

Most media reports about Daqduq and other dangerous detainees being transferred to Iraqi authorities give the impression that this is an aberration, and that the Obama administration's hands are tied by the agreement signed by the previous administration. Nonsense. The Obama administration can still detain terrorist outside Iraq, rather than hand them over to the Iraqis so they can be turned loose to kill again.

Every service member who picked up a rifle or manned a post in the last 10 years did so with the goal of killing or capturing the likes of Muhammad Awwad Ahmad and Ali Mousa Daqduq. The Obama administration is undoing their hard work.

Kieran Lalor is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the founder of Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

If you would like more information or know a wounded warrior or disabled vet, feel free to email us at

Definition of a Veteran:

“A veteran - whether Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or retired - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America”,for an amount of “up to and including my life.”

50 posted on 10/04/2011 11:54:08 AM PDT by seekthetruth (We Patriots want a Commander In Chief who STANDS with Our Military!)
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