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Mark Levin: Sarah Palin NOT running in 2012
Facebook ^ | 10/5 | Mark Levin

Posted on 10/05/2011 3:17:46 PM PDT by TheBigB

Take it for what you will...posted on Mark's page just now: BREAKING: GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN TELLS MARK LEVIN SHE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012.

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To: TheBigB
Not surprised because of her comments/attitude when Greta interviewed her a few weeks back.

No matter what, she will continue to be of GREAT service to conservatism, and will do what she does with her whole heart.

I'm sure much prayer went into this decision.

401 posted on 10/05/2011 4:28:09 PM PDT by ohioWfan (Proud Mom of a Bronze Star winner!)
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To: TheBigB
Love the Hermanator, but the last person elected President with NO elective office experience was Eisenhower, and he only, y'know, won WWII

Actually, your example proves the opposite of your conclusion!

Spousal unit and I were talking about this today while reading something about the "Corrupt Bargain" that put Rutherford B. Hayes into the White House.

We got on to Herman Cain and the fact that he had no elected experience and that last time that happened was probably Ike.

Then I said (my point here, finally!) - the thing about the presidency is that there is no fixed resume that the person should have. There are times when the president MUST have an unusual background, precisely because it is necessary to have a President that is unique for the times.

Ike was elected this way. He wasn't elected because he was a popular general. He was elected because the United States still had a lot of mopping up to do with the WWII, including figuring out our new military-industrial posture in the world (the U.S. had not been a Superpower until WWII), figuring out occupied Europe and Japan.

Ike had run a large organization -- the U.S. military -- and after the war the U.S. needed a President who knew how to run things, "move, shoot and communicate" as they say in the Army. Ike had helped transition from war to peace in the military and had helped stand down the wartime machines. Likewise the country now needed to make the transition from wartime to peacetime, all the while still have considerable mop-up duties around the world.

So Ike was elected because he was the right man FOR THE TIMES. He had the skill set and experience to address the unique issues facing the country at that time.

Cain is an accomplished, experienced, successful businessman who is also a great communicator and someone who CAN (unlike Obama) shift the topic of race, finally, into the 21st century. We need someone who knows how to run a business, who understands from experience the real economy. Sure, it's not WWII-level experience, but we don't need someone with Ike's skills now. Business, financial, real economy experience and skills are what we need NOW.

We may just be at one of those relatively rare points in history where there is a man who should be elected because, like Ike, he's right for the times he lives in.

402 posted on 10/05/2011 4:28:31 PM PDT by fightinJAG (Please stop posting "helpful hints" in parentheses the title box. Thank you.)
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To: rabscuttle385; stephenjohnbanker; DoughtyOne; Impy; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; calcowgirl; ...
But what about that running outfit?

palin I can win

403 posted on 10/05/2011 4:28:35 PM PDT by sickoflibs (If you like Obama you will LOVE Romney!)
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To: Happy Rain
Are there any Palin fans who are now switching to Perry?

I was a Palin fan, not a Palinhaler. Didn't think she'd run, even back when she said "I do have that fire in the belly."

Now, she's out and Romney's a shoo-in. I'll support Perry or Gingrich, at least they know something about governing and campaigning. Not happy about it though. They are flawed.

404 posted on 10/05/2011 4:28:52 PM PDT by Lady Lucky
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To: ladyvet

You’re tough if you can read their filth and come away not needing a hot shower. LOL!

Whatever we get, it will be better than the moron they have. :)

405 posted on 10/05/2011 4:29:02 PM PDT by LUV W (Now what?)
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To: indylindy

I was repeatedly told by some posters, even some on this thread, that is exactly what would happen to me “when” Palin announced her candidacy. I’m showing restraint, but after watching the same people who ripped Rick Perry to shreads whine about Palin being attacked, it’s difficult. As I’ve posted a dozen times before, Palin could have stopped all of this infighting months ago by making a statement about her candidacy. That she chose the day after her WalMart combo pack was released seems to be more than a coincidence, and a window into Palin’s own priorities.

406 posted on 10/05/2011 4:29:13 PM PDT by Carling (Mitt Romney Signed a Bill that Mandated Taxpayer-funded Abortions)
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To: wolfcreek; cripplecreek

Please. Perry and his record were attacked. Point out to me where Perry’s appearance, family, clothing choice, etc. were attacked by any freeper.

407 posted on 10/05/2011 4:29:13 PM PDT by rintense (ABO is not a winning strategy.)
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Ummmm, where have you been? It’s not like this is something new.

408 posted on 10/05/2011 4:30:11 PM PDT by FourPeas ("Maladjusted and wigging out is no way to go through life, son." -hg)
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To: KC_Lion

More to this, KC. something deeper than what we know so far. And something even bigger than her family.

409 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:10 PM PDT by MestaMachine (obama kills)
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To: Gargantua

I’m sorry for your loss...but I told you so.

410 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:14 PM PDT by reaganaut (Ex-Mormon, now Christian "I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see".)
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To: BuckeyeTexan
Give Palin supporters time to grieve and don’t be snotty. They invested a lot in her and are disappointed. Remember ... they’re fellow FReepers not enemies. You wouln’t rub disappointment in a friend’s face. Don’t do it to your FRiends either.



THANK you!

411 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:14 PM PDT by ohioWfan (Proud Mom of a Bronze Star winner!)
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To: sickoflibs
But what about that running outfit?

It's all a ploy... SHE WILL RUN, don't listen to what she says, look at the SIGNS!!! lol

412 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:28 PM PDT by ToxicMich (If I catch you sleeping in this space AGAIN, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR # "?/%")
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To: Carling

She draws huge crowds and was key in electing conservatives in the last election. Maybe she thinks she’d be more effective doing that. Perhaps, though, just this once you can hold your snarky comments. It’s mostly all you’ve done on Palin threads. I understand her decision and while I wish she’d chosen to run I think she thought long and hard about how she can be most effect. I’m happy to support Herman Cain, but many of your fellow freepers are really disheartened. It’d be nice if you can remember that. Just this once. Then you can go back to being as big a jerk as you want to be.

413 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:33 PM PDT by gardencatz (Proud mom US Marine! It can't always be someone else's son.)
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To: Erik Latranyi

Palin will endorse Romney. Count on it.

414 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:50 PM PDT by Lady Lucky
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To: MN Mitch
I’ve lurked here for about eight years, but this is my first post. Sorry if I do anything wrong in posting it.

Not yet.

415 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:54 PM PDT by Inyo-Mono (My greatest fear is that when I'm gone my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them)
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To: Gargantua

It sucks.
Adapt and overcome. One way or another, things are going to get straightened out.

416 posted on 10/05/2011 4:31:58 PM PDT by APatientMan (Pick a side)
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To: sklar

Um, what? Cain was a rocket scientist for the Navy. I’m perfectly happy to have him in charge of the military and the arsenal.

417 posted on 10/05/2011 4:32:51 PM PDT by Politicalmom (Amnesty (ie: Perry/Rubio) will be the final death blow to the United States of America.)
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To: TheBigB

Only one remains...Herman Cain.
He seems to me to be the only one left who has a real shot at it unless some other yet unknown person suddenly steps forward?
I don’t see tha happening.

Romney can get a job at an abortion clinic or maybe as a Global Warming scientist!

418 posted on 10/05/2011 4:33:00 PM PDT by Leep
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To: Darren McCarty

“I told you so’s” are deeply discounted today, so I’ll say it now. Romney’s the nomney. I told you so!

419 posted on 10/05/2011 4:33:22 PM PDT by Lady Lucky
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To: Gargantua
This country is through. It’s all over.

If you really feel that way, then do the rest of us who are willing to persevere, fight and prosper to get it done without you. Just leave already. Buh bye.

Oh, I know you won't, so have yourself little pity party, whine, sulk, lash out at me and cry like a wittle baby and get over it. Soon, you'll feel really stupid for imagining the future of our great country rest in the hands of Sarah.

420 posted on 10/05/2011 4:33:26 PM PDT by Diverdogz
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