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CIA’s bio attack on Pak suspected(Paki conspiracy theory)
Pakistan Observer ^

Posted on 10/09/2011 5:07:56 PM PDT by milestogo

CIA’s bio attack on Pak suspected Cuba suffered scourge in 1981 Akhtar Jamal

Islamabad—Fears are growing in Pakistan that the spread of dengue fever also known as break-bone fever may have been caused by some kind of biological experiment or deliberate release of virus by foreign elements.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) representatives have called on security agencies to investigate fears of deliberate spread of dengue virus in Pakistan. According to a report, the PMA members and experts have demanded in-depth investigation over mysterious spread of Dengue virus in Punjab.

Dengue fever is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus and the disease has caused alarming situation in Lahore and other Punjab cities. Lately the disease has spread to other cities of Pakistan and has killed over 100 people affecting thousands. According to experts the virus has four different types; infection with one type usually gives lifelong immunity to that type, but only short-term immunity to the others. Subsequent infection with a different type increases the risk of severe complications.

As per Internet info, in the spring and summer of 1981, Cuba experienced a severe hemorrhagic dengue fever epidemic. Between May and October 1981, the island nation had 158 dengue-related deaths with about 75,000 reported infection cases. At the height of the epidemic, over 10,000 people (per day) were found infected and 116,150 were hospitalized. At the same time during 1981 outbreak, covert biological warfare attacks on Cuba’s residents and crops were believed to have been conducted against the island by CIA contractors and military airplane flyovers. Particularly harmful to the nation was a severe outbreak of swine flu that Fidel Castro attributed to the CIA. American researcher William H. Schaap, an editor of Covert Action magazine, claims the Cuba dengue outbreak was the result of CIA activities.

In 1982, the then Soviet media reported that the CIA sent operatives into Afghanistan from Pakistan to launch a dengue epidemic. The Soviets at the time claimed the operatives were posing as malaria workers, but, instead, were releasing dengue-infected mosquitoes. The CIA denied the charges. In 1985 and 1986, authorities in Nicaragua accused the CIA of creating a massive outbreak of dengue fever that infected thousands in that country. CIA officials denied any involvement, but Army researchers admitted that intensive work with arthropod vectors for offensive biological warfare objectives had been conducted at Fort Detrick in the early 1980s, having first started in the early 1950s. American Fort Detrick researchers reported that huge colonies of mosquitoes infected with not only dengue virus, but also yellow fever, were maintained at the Frederick, Maryland (U.S.), installation, as well as hordes of flies carrying cholera and anthrax and thousands of ticks filled with Colorado fever and relapsing fever.

It is significant to note that in early 2011, American CIA sponsored a fake vaccination drive in Abbottabad city of Pakistan to get DNA samples of Osama bin Laden, developing aversion to the real and much needed polio vaccination programme in Pakistan.

Bilogical attack on Afghanistan: Britain and the US have been accused of a biological attack on Afghanistan’s poppy fields in an attempt to defeat the Afghani resistance, destroy wheat and fruit trees and blight the opium crop. The British daily “Telegraph” reported in May 2010 that “poppy plants (in Afghanistan) have been suffering a mysterious disease that leaves them yellow and withered and slashes the yield of opium resin, which is sold and processed into heroin. The worst-affected farmers said the scale of the infection was unprecedented. Yields have dropped by 90 per cent in some fields.

Some have claimed the British and Americans are responsible for the plague, but they strongly denied involvement. The blight was first noticed a month ago and linked to an infestation of aphids in wheat and fruit trees. It has since been found in four provinces across the south.

These biological attacks on the Afghani people brings to memory the American biological war against the Vietnamese people in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jean-Luc Lemahieu, the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan was quoted as saying: ‘’We are at this moment not sure if it is a fungus or some insect. Spraying has been forbidden in very clear words by the President of Afghanistan. Hence, awaiting the results from our lab tests.’’

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1 posted on 10/09/2011 5:08:00 PM PDT by milestogo
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To: milestogo

Not one credible authority is quoted here. Fidel Castro a reliable source? The Soviet Union during the Cold War? I think not.

Note that they’re complaining about Dengue fever spreading, but deny permission to the UN to spray against the insects spreading it.

2 posted on 10/09/2011 5:17:05 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius.)
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To: milestogo

I know why int’s here in America. We don’t medically screen our illegal aliens. Just let them all in and you end up with everything.

As for Pakistan, if they stopped sending Jihadi fighters to kill unarmed Christians in Africa, they wouldn’t be bringing back all these African diseases.

3 posted on 10/09/2011 5:17:26 PM PDT by Dogbert41 ( Go there and learn what those who seek to destroy Israel are up to)
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To: milestogo

can we throw in a little bubonic plague as well ?

4 posted on 10/09/2011 5:17:40 PM PDT by LeoWindhorse
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To: milestogo
More of the conflict theory-

Old vs. young
Rich vs. poor
Men vs. women
Whites vs. blacks
Third world vs. first world
Gays vs. Straight

Ignorant people as in Pakistan fall easily for this sort of trash. Many fall for it here too. People never want to see their own actions or shortcomings as a cause for their problems and so Hilter deflected blame on the Jews, the American black leader blame whites and in those corrupt nations ruled by despots and with vast ignorant crowds and largely influenced by a backward religion blame America... Leaders that point the finger at oneself and ask hard questions end up like Bill Cosby, rejected by their own.

5 posted on 10/09/2011 5:25:13 PM PDT by Red6
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Berosus; bigheadfred; Bockscar; ColdOne; Convert from ECUSA; ...

Thanks milestogo.
Fears are growing in Pakistan that the spread of dengue fever also known as break-bone fever may have been caused by some kind of biological experiment or deliberate release of virus by foreign elements.
Hey, maybe it was the Mossad instead of the CIA. Or maybe it was just the usual la dolce vita of Pakistan. Paranoid Moslem a-holes!

6 posted on 10/09/2011 5:49:22 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (It's never a bad time to FReep this link --
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To: Cicero
Poor journalism...again. There are several different items being dumped into the pot and stirred up here.
Dengue fever happens normally in hot or humid or hot and humid areas. Its carried by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water. Anywhere there are irrigated crops there are pools of standing water. You get mosquitoes.
Dengue fever breaks out every year here in southern Taiwan every year. The local EPA comes around to tell people not to have places where water can collect and allow mosquitoes to breed. When/If it gets bad...spray trucks come around and spray. Bugs goes on.

So the "CIA" did experiments with mosquitoes...big whoop. They 'probably' also did experiments with pigeons. Its their job to do weird stuff in hopes that something will work right someday.

"We", coalition forces, sprayed opium poppies...and they died. Well YEAH...that was the worked.

Fake vaccination program to find what? The Pakis should not have been hiding him. (If it actually was OBL - I'm not convinced myself)

These biological attacks on the Afghani people brings to memory the American biological war against the Vietnamese people in the 1960s and 1970s. they don't. As the Brits would say..."Pure shite!"

Just another jacked-up journo stirring the pot hoping something will be digestible for his audience.

7 posted on 10/09/2011 5:52:57 PM PDT by Tainan (Cogito, ergo conservatus sum)
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To: milestogo

Well, at least they’re not accusing us of spreading the impotence virus.

8 posted on 10/09/2011 5:53:26 PM PDT by tanuki (O-voters: wanted Uberman, got Underdog....)
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