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To: Gen. Burkhalter; Dr. Sivana; Allegra; lormand; fieldmarshaldj; Fiji Hill; Lucius Cornelius Sulla
General Burkhalter:

Rove is a bought and paid for consultant with a portable mattress, a portable red light, and a sack of quarters to make change.

If the GOP cannot do better than another big business whore like Romney, it will deservedly lose in 2012.

But, hey, don't listen to me. Listen to Slick Willard Romney himself and his campaign staff.

First, access on Youtube the video: What Romney Does Not Want Republicans to Hear. About 5 1/2 minutes of film from Romney's pro-abortion, pro-perversion, anti-gun, anti-Reagan past and left of Ted Kennedy past.

Second, Romney's people have a website up called on nearly 20 issues where he has been an enemy of our movement and our country. If you access the site, be sure to bring your barf bag. You will need it if you are conservative as that site rolls out one inane and self-serving excuse after another from the second generation Brainwashed candidate as to is manifest failures on every issue that conservatives care about.

Also note as you read how Mittens is preserving his ability to move sharply leftward once nominated. If he wins, we don't win. Beating Obozo is fine but it is NOT ENOUGH.

Romney can NOT be trusted on babies, guns, marriage, SCOTUS and other federal judge appointments, mythical "man-made" global warming fantasies, cap and trade, federal funding of baby-killing, exporting private sector American jobs, knuckling under to globaloney trade regulations, disarmament schemes, or to keep taxpayers' cash out of the ever ravenous maw of his privileged buddies or on most other important issues.

It is long past time that the conservative candidates on stage (everyone but Romney and Huntsman) decapitated this worthless jackass in GOP drag and let the party move on. Even Ron Paul can participate on issues like economy abuse by the Federal Reserve and Paul can thereby begin to look somewhat vaguely conservative and get some street cred that he presently lacks.

BTW, it is Mittens' hereditary elitism and liberalism that are the problem and not his membership in the Mormon Church. Would you like, however, to imagine what the Carville, Clinton, Begala types in the Demonrat Party will say and do in bashing Mormonism to destroy any credible threat by Slick Willard to Obozo? Their attacks would be shameful and effectively unAmerican and decidedly unfair, but what else is new?

Be honest and concede that what Slick Willard has demonstrated is basically the ability get and hold support from about 25% of self-described (and apparently gullible) GOP voters and the ability to pile up cash from the usual gang of big money social revolutionary materialist mania pigs who want back at the trough under yet another "moderate" GOP windtunnel for more rounds of bailouts on autospend. The lame stream media lusts for Slick Willard to be nominated because he poses no threat whatsoever to Obozo's program and supports most of it and because he is the real father of ObozoCare. His mere nomination would permanently destroy the GOP even if he loses and especially if he wins.

48 posted on 10/28/2011 2:23:20 PM PDT by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline, Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Club: Burn 'em Bright!!!)
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To: BlackElk
First, access on Youtube the video: What Romney Does Not Want Republicans to Hear.

I couldn't find that one, but less than a week ago, AntiRinos posted a video here that gives you Romney's views in favor of abortion, gun control, anthropogenic global warming, the stimulus bills, etc. After watching it, I made sure to "like" it.

62 posted on 10/28/2011 8:33:45 PM PDT by Fiji Hill
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