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The Pakistani-Peruvian Axis
Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time | 1966 | Carroll Quigley

Posted on 11/14/2011 8:50:17 PM PST by Noumenon

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To: Jan_Sobieski
In other words, would Quigley say that this outlook has been bread into the Latin American Gene Pool from the many centuries of Islamic Domination of the Iberian Penninsula?

Recent genetic studies have shown that invaders, even those who dominate for long periods, generally have remarkably little impact on the gene pool of the area. Since the Muslim invaders of Spain were not genetically based, but were rather based on religion, and also were by all accounts very few in number, I would expect the genetic impact to be even less than usual.

But cultural patterns are probably minimally, if at all, based in the genetic code. Which doesn't mean they aren't persistent and critically important. Only that a Japanese boy brought up from birth in 10th century Spain by Moslem parents, and fully accepted by his compatriots, would be difficult to tell apart by his actions from his friends of Arab, Berber, Gothic, Celtic and Roman ancestry.

51 posted on 09/06/2012 11:18:44 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Perception wins all the battles. Reality wins all the wars.)
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To: Pelham

Bump for the present.

52 posted on 04/19/2013 10:47:29 AM PDT by Noumenon (What would Michael Collins do?)
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To: Noumenon

These conglomerates of filth are the reason for nuclear weapons. Gather the vermin into a confined area and sterilize them. After that initial cleansing, the small packs and lone wolfs of the remaining abusers can be controlled by small arms fire. There is no excuse to continue allowing scum to abuse women, rape children and harm innocents.

53 posted on 06/18/2013 10:45:21 AM PDT by soycd
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To: Noumenon
Quigley didn't like Arabs?

How long before some fringe FReeper declare that this "proves" that the CFR is "Zionist?"

54 posted on 09/03/2013 6:11:12 PM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (The Left: speaking power to truth since Shevirat HaKelim.)
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To: Noumenon
That said, I don't share Quigley's elitist views and his contempt for the common man. At the end of the day, Quigley felt that humankind would be better off under the guidance of a ruling class elite.

I guess that made him an advocate of "Asiatic despotism." Wonder if he ever realized the irony?

55 posted on 09/03/2013 6:13:32 PM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (The Left: speaking power to truth since Shevirat HaKelim.)
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To: Noumenon
Thanks for posting this.

Also, an older post that may interest:

Photo of Benazir Bhutto standing through sunroof moments before being shot

It's a great pic of her.

56 posted on 09/03/2013 6:28:34 PM PDT by First_Salute (May God save our democratic-republican government, from a government by judiciary.)
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To: Zionist Conspirator

Bump for great justice.

57 posted on 12/12/2013 7:54:45 AM PST by Noumenon (What would Michael Collins do?)
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To: Noumenon
Bump for great justice.

How are you gentlemen.

All your base are belong to us.

58 posted on 12/12/2013 4:12:53 PM PST by Zionist Conspirator (The Left: speaking power to truth since Shevirat HaKelim.)
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To: Zionist Conspirator

Resistance. Restoration. Retribution.

59 posted on 03/22/2014 11:07:35 AM PDT by Noumenon (Resistance. Restoration. Retribution.)
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To: Noumenon

I don’t see how the author proves the theory with actual examples.

South Americans are very diverse. People are even distict culturally from one town to another. That cruelty that is mentioned didn’t exist intil Marxism put its’ ugly tentacles there.

What ruined South America was Marxism, corruption, drugs, the evil that imported that system.

Haven’t you seen the legions of American actors that supported Chavez? Of course former American President Carter was Chavez’ biggest cheerleader.

Terrorists in “Americas Back Yard”

It was known in Venezuela that Iran funded Hugo Chavez’ political campaign funneling $Millions to Chavez with no prior political experience. He was a military man.
The relationship and exchanges of goods and money was not something they hid after Chavez won the election.

2009 The Emerging access of Iran and Venezuela

The 2009 “coup d’état in Honduras was carried out with the acquiescence of the U.S. government at the time. In fact, the Millennium Challenge Corp., an independent U.S. foreign-aid agency chaired by the Secretary of State — Hillary Clinton at the time — continued to provide funding to the coup regime in the immediate aftermath of the putsch, even as the U.S. State Department indicated publicly that it had suspended assistance programs in Honduras.”

2010 WikiLeaks, Obama meddling in Honduras Politics
Obama supported A known Narco Candidate in Honduras. Released cables make it clear that the U.S. knew Manuel Zelaya was a threat to democracy in Honduras.,7,121,122,201,401,641,1009

2009 - Mexican Cartels are Recruiting Children. In is inhumane to consider that even criminals could take advantage of children because of their poverty and lack of Education, to groom them as drug mules an even assassins.
“Mexican drug cartels increasingly recruit the young”

Honduras 2012: With Mexican criminal groups like the Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel both believed to be active in the country, Honduras has become one of the principal drug transit routes in the region. Some estimate that as much as 87 percent of cocaine moving north to the US passes through Honduras.
June 4, 2014: Honduras is a Narco Nationáfico

Colombian Cartel Members Caught in Honduras, Sent back to Colombia

2011 Al-Qaeda reported in Honduras
US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

Obama Revealed in Guatemala Policy

March 2014 Globalists and Gangs Back Marxist Mass-murderer in El Salvador
As The New American magazine has documented extensively, the region (Central America) is already dominated by a closely knit network of foreign-backed socialist tyrants.

Chavez used Venezuelan Military to turn Venezuela into the Biggest drug Distributor in the World 2013
How Venezuela’s Military Tried to Fly A Ton of Cocaine to France

State Department Reports Hezbollah Increasing Drug and Terrorism in South America 2013
“There has indeed been a “marked resurgence” of Iranian state sponsorship of terrorism over the past 18 months. But as the new Nisman report drives hom, here’s an even more disturbing fact — Iran has run intelligence networks in the United States’ backyard to “sponsor, foster and execute terrorist attacks” for decades.”

“Criminal plans” by Iran could be under way in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, the report said.

60 posted on 08/25/2014 7:27:21 AM PDT by mgist (.)
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To: Noumenon
This link to my foundational essay, Killers Without Conscience, will take you to some thought-provoking material. The essay is slowly but surely turning into a book on the subject. It's one of the dark corners of human nature and modernity's greatest curse, brought to life by the convergence of some of the most toxic ideas and outlooks the world has ever seen. I'll be curious to see what you think.

Fantastic essay. Turn it into a book. A masterpiece.

61 posted on 01/27/2015 12:40:06 PM PST by Talisker (One who commands, must obey.)
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To: MoochPooch
This is off the wall & a bit irreverent — hate to attack the dead — but I couldn’t help wondering if Steven Jobs’s personality had a lot to do with his Syrian father. In his dealings with people he seemed very Arabic — hotheaded, vain, cunning, vicious, impetulant. At the same time he considered himself a poet & a romantic (other Arab traits). “Reality distortion” is a very Middle Eastern mentality. Just my .02.

Brilliant insight, and dead-on. Jobs was also the nastiest level of progressive Leftist. Bill and Hillary stayed at his house more than once. The level of adulation that hustler still commands is revolting.

And this is not a criticism of Apple. In fact, is a defense of the hundreds, if not thousands of people who worked there who were crushed under Jobs' malignant narcissism, if not robbed of their work outright.

After all, there's a reason so many top people quit, and why Woz wouldn't talk to him for years at a time.

62 posted on 01/27/2015 12:47:41 PM PST by Talisker (One who commands, must obey.)
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