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Women for Herman Cain (Mrs. Cain chairs national group!)
Herman Cain Web Site ^ | 12/1/11 | Gloria Cain

Posted on 12/02/2011 7:44:44 AM PST by justsaynomore

"Women For Cain" is an online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States.

Mr. Cain has been a strong advocate for women throughout his lifetime, defending and promoting the issues of quality health care, family, education, equality in the workplace and many other concerns so important to American women.

Gloria Cain is the National Chairperson for "Women for Cain" and is the very special woman who Mr. Cain devoted his life to many years ago. Mr. Cain and Gloria celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary earlier this year. The couple has two children and three grandchildren and a legacy of family, friends, and community and church involvement.

"Women For Cain" was formed to inspire a national women's alliance in support of Herman Cain 2012 and Friends of Herman Cain. Please join our conversation to learn of volunteer opportunities and to be informed of issues and events surrounding the Herman Cain campaign.

Thank you for your support. We welcome your thoughts and encouragement for Mr. Cain. We also welcome your involvement in our effort to renew America with the common-sense solutions and principled leadership that Mr. Cain provides. Join us as we work to bring true opportunity and prosperity to all Americans.

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To: justsaynomore

If anyone thinks the teenage groupie style rabid Cain support seen on FR is a microcosm of Primary voters, has a gigantic surprise coming.

21 posted on 12/02/2011 8:21:02 AM PST by X-spurt
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To: Sister_T

Department of Education. There was a story awhile back where they raided the wrong house over unpaid student loans.

22 posted on 12/02/2011 8:25:11 AM PST by Mechanicos (Why does the DOE have a SWAT Team?)
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To: Mechanicos
"I don’t condone adultery. However way too much is at stake that is of more importance."

I agree. I'm staying strong for Cain. I hope he does not consider dropping out.

The fate of our country matters more to me than anything else. If all the others that held the presidency can be forgiven, then why not Cain?

23 posted on 12/02/2011 8:26:52 AM PST by LADY J ( Change your thoughts and you change your world.. - Norman Vincent Peale))
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To: altura

I’m not a Cain fan. I thought he was completely unqualified before this. And I am voting for Newt. According to the Catholic faith, if Newt made a good confession when he converted, his prior adultery was forgiven. If Newt is reconciled with God, who am I to hold his past against him?

24 posted on 12/02/2011 8:27:20 AM PST by Lou Budvis (Newt/Marco '12)
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To: sevinufnine

I am a woman too - and I don’t either!

Eva Vachel
Cain and Women

Sibby Wolfson
Cain’s Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know

Karol Markowicz (2004 Campaign Staffer)
Why this guy’s no sexual harasser

If you know Herman Cain – and I do – you believe him

Joseph Fassler
National Restaurant Association chairman during Cain’s tenure: ‘It’s a hatchet job’

Alveda King
Herman Cain is no skirt chaser

25 posted on 12/02/2011 8:28:07 AM PST by justsaynomore (
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To: DoughtyOne
I agree that Herman Cain's business sense may just be the medicine that this country needs right now. I've been on the Cain train since early 2011. But this latest, self-admitted revelation that he had been giving White money over a long period of time and that he had not informed his wife about it has me calling into question his judgment.

If both he and his wife knew this woman and they were both helping her out, it would seem to be a Christian thing to do. But to hide this from his wife indicates that he knew he shouldn't be doing it.

I bet every married guy on the Free Republic would be in serious hot water if their wives found out they were giving money to a woman unbeknownst to their wives.

26 posted on 12/02/2011 8:29:59 AM PST by reegs
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This just moved me this morning (From Facebook):

Silvi Siloam Kothapally

Even the Christians in INDIA are going to stand with Cain this time. Prayer makes a great difference and moves the throne of GOD...Our 2300 Intercessors will be upholding him in our prayers. God be the glory. Amen.

27 posted on 12/02/2011 8:31:23 AM PST by justsaynomore (
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To: wolfcreek
"Devoted? Hardly"

I think that is Mrs. Cain's call, you yours.

28 posted on 12/02/2011 8:31:44 AM PST by gov_bean_ counter
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To: Lou Budvis

sure thing just like your boy Newt....I no longer want a career politician for ANY position in government. I want common sense ordinary citizens

29 posted on 12/02/2011 8:32:50 AM PST by Nifster
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To: DoughtyOne; All

Good to see you FRiend, and like you I am standing with Herman Cain until he tells his supporters not to do so.

These accusations are absolutely without merit. A pack of money grubbing whores bought and paid for by the institutional leftist media and subculture, encouraged and underwritten by the ‘Rats and their cronies.

Most unfortunate are the closet Klanners popping up right here on FR with racist sneers and so-called ‘jokes’, they’re doing Axelrod’s job for him, and the rule of karma dictates that they’re gonna get theirs sooner or later.

If Herman Cain stays in, he will prevail. But like Sarah Palin, he will put his family first, and take his counsel from the Almighty.

And that’s more than good enough for me. His detractors, critics and naysayers can all KMA.

30 posted on 12/02/2011 8:36:01 AM PST by mkjessup (I stand with Herman Cain!!)
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To: Lou Budvis

you apparently have not read the constitution. Age and citizenship status are the ONLY qualifications for president ( or congress for that matter). You can keep you sorry old politicians of the past. I want common sense prdinary citizens in office

31 posted on 12/02/2011 8:36:10 AM PST by Nifster
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To: justsaynomore; All

Are you kidding me????????????

Throw Herman under the bus?

And go where?

The thrice married serial adulterer who sat on the couch with Nancy for bigger government.

Or the guy who thinks it’s OK to kill babies and have the government make people buy stuff?

Or the nut job who thinks it’s just fine and dandy for Iran to have nukes?

Or the ones who think it’s OK to leave the tax code in place, strangling the economy and enslaving future generations?

Or the ones who say we might as well surrender to the open borders crowd, because we’re supposed to be like the democrats, and be ruled by feelings instead of the rule of law?

But maybe they changed their minds, right?

If we’re going to have to settle for imperfection, I’ll stick with the one who wants to get rid of the IRS and seal the borders.

So before we defeat the dems and Islamists, we have to get past the media?

I’m up for the fight.

I’ll donate more money, keep praying for and encouraging Herman and his family, keep talking to more people.

If we work hard enough, the establishment will have to settle for a Tea Party man this time.

Any one besides Herman will be crushed by the billion dollar hit job from Chicago.

He’s the only one that stands a chance against Obama.

And all on the word of a CONVICTED liar, stalker, harasser?

The poll numbers right now don’t mean anything - this time 4 years ago Giuliani and Thompson were in the lead :)

32 posted on 12/02/2011 8:36:30 AM PST by redinIllinois (Pro-life, accountant, gun-totin' grandma - multi issue voter)
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To: reegs

I’ve answered this before, but this is not uncommon! I know it isn’t true when you are watching every penny, but when my husband and I lived comfortably both of us helped out friends and acquaintances without talking about it. I can only imagine when you are a millionaire.

I don’t know why, other than we both believe you don’t really talk about your good deeds. “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” Matt. 6:3.

33 posted on 12/02/2011 8:37:25 AM PST by justsaynomore (
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To: justsaynomore

This woman is still for Cain!

34 posted on 12/02/2011 8:37:40 AM PST by greatvikingone
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To: Nifster


35 posted on 12/02/2011 8:44:18 AM PST by BagCamAddict (If we let them run Cain out of town, they will do it to EVERY GOP candidate from now on.)
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To: reegs

Here are some parameters I’d consider...

1. Did Cain and wife support a number of people over the years, and did his wife always know every single one of them?

2. Is Cain’s wife suffering due to a shortage of funds in the family because of the giving?

3. What were the funds used for? Did Cain help her with rent money or food, or was he buying her gifts?

4. Are Cain’s actions any worse than those of Martin Luther King Jr., a man that has essentially replaced our founding fathers in the minds of Leftists who think his contribution to our nation was ever so much more wholesome than theirs?

I don’t condone sexual harassment or extra-marital affairs, but what actually took place is still unknown.

Until it is, and it disqualifies Cain from being the man we need in charge, I’ll still support him.

36 posted on 12/02/2011 8:44:18 AM PST by DoughtyOne (Romney, Newt, any chance whatsoever you might sometime pander to U.S. Citizens vs the illegals?)
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To: greatvikingone

I don’t bail on friends.

I also don’t bail on a public figure that I support when they are accused without proof.

I don’t try to figure out why someone is guilty if I don’t have proof.

I don’t join lynch mobs, pile ons, vendettas, hit jobs, or witch hunts.

I support Herman Cain and will unless and until he either drops out or serious wrongdoing is proven or admitted. None of that has happened - all we have is attack after attack and when one doesn’t work the next one is launched.

37 posted on 12/02/2011 8:46:22 AM PST by over3Owithabrain
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To: justsaynomore
Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.

It is incredibly presumptuous for people to assume they know any understanding of then pass judgment on agreement Mr. and Mrs. Cain have regarding their money management and his philanthropy. If she trusts him in these activities, who are we to judge?

38 posted on 12/02/2011 8:47:25 AM PST by gov_bean_ counter
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To: DoughtyOne

>>I’m figuratively buying the deflated Cain stock now, before it rebounds and sets new record highs.

If I was Cain’s campaign manager, I would be using this time now to formulate a point by point refutation speech delivered with a speech by the wife about the lies and they damage they cause on Monday.

The speech needs to EXPLICITLY name times, dates, and people. The speech needs to EXPLICITLY address the three women and their inability to create proof.

The burden of proof needs to be firmly placed on the accusers. There also needs to be attention paid to the fact that the accusations are vacuous and sequential, as if someone is playing cards when the former ones falter.

The wife needs to speak and their should be tears. This is her man, Herman, and she needs to ultimately destroy them with the statement that “Whoever is doing this smear job SHOULD BE ASHAMED!”

Do this and kiss Newt and Mitt goodbye.

39 posted on 12/02/2011 8:48:19 AM PST by struggle
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To: justsaynomore
Today, I was listening to Boortz as he talked to Matt Towery (12/2). Boortz asked him "Who did this to Herman Cain?" Towery said, without hesitation, Romney. Towery said Romney's camp (Rove?) threw innuendos out to the media long before it stuck. Towery said the media ignored it until Bielak, et al, put a face to the claims. Said Romney's motivation was that Cain was "taking up too much oxygen". If there is a definitive link to Romney, Rove, etc., Cain should sue them. When a transcript of today's show comes out, it should be posted so the sheeple who allowed the MSM to sway their thinking can know the who, what, when, where and why truly lies -- at Romney's doorstep. Innuendo and half-truths! I'm so disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrr. I can't wait for the transcript to be released.

Do we really want to elect any man as President who either participates in or conveniently looks the other way while his minions do the dirty work of sliming his opposition? If the only way to achieve your goal is to resort to dirty tricks instead of winning on the basis of ideals, it tells me you don't have the right stuff to hold the highest office. Whether someone is a Cain supporter or not, everyone should be enraged at "being played like a fiddle" by these campaigns, the MSM, and politicians in general. The masses are so d*mn gullible! It's no wonder the country's in the shape it's in. Is anyone capable of critical thinking anymore?

I apologize for my rant, but I'm just so angry at the populace for being so easily duped. Since when have we placed so much trust in the MSM?? We now unquestionably accept they propaganda they spew?? They have the nation's best interest at heart??

40 posted on 12/02/2011 8:48:43 AM PST by TennesseeGirl
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