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Women for Herman Cain (Mrs. Cain chairs national group!)
Herman Cain Web Site ^ | 12/1/11 | Gloria Cain

Posted on 12/02/2011 7:44:44 AM PST by justsaynomore

"Women For Cain" is an online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States.

Mr. Cain has been a strong advocate for women throughout his lifetime, defending and promoting the issues of quality health care, family, education, equality in the workplace and many other concerns so important to American women.

Gloria Cain is the National Chairperson for "Women for Cain" and is the very special woman who Mr. Cain devoted his life to many years ago. Mr. Cain and Gloria celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary earlier this year. The couple has two children and three grandchildren and a legacy of family, friends, and community and church involvement.

"Women For Cain" was formed to inspire a national women's alliance in support of Herman Cain 2012 and Friends of Herman Cain. Please join our conversation to learn of volunteer opportunities and to be informed of issues and events surrounding the Herman Cain campaign.

Thank you for your support. We welcome your thoughts and encouragement for Mr. Cain. We also welcome your involvement in our effort to renew America with the common-sense solutions and principled leadership that Mr. Cain provides. Join us as we work to bring true opportunity and prosperity to all Americans.

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To: altura

>>My, you are a Cain devotee. ‘forget all this adultery stuff.’

‘forget all this innocent until proven guilty stuff.’

41 posted on 12/02/2011 8:49:25 AM PST by struggle
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To: justsaynomore

Herman Cain should not drop out of his POTUS quest. Forget all the jive about accusations, even if they are either true or false. The real problem is the use of the Obama (with Obama’s blessing) media to destroy a man that could bring about positive change to America and “all” Americans. Bringing and marching out the amazing cast of disgusting “Bimbos” is sickening to fair minded Americans. “Politico” an Obama worshipper is losing readers and viewing like the water pouring over Niagara Falls, Piers Morgan, last night looked like the absolute moron, he is, as Cain’s attorney Lin Wood destroyed him without even trying. What a dummie, Mr. Morgan is, viewers either. No wonder, there!!!

Mr Cain millions of Americans support you, you must stay in this race and fight for America. These accusers are all female grifters and money hounds, egged on and bribed on by Obama, Axelrod, his idiot media, who will drop these bimbos like a hot cake in less then a NY second if they prove useless for their evil causes!!! Common sense clearly declares, these poor women are both used and dumb to boot!!

I know it has to be devastating to your magnificant wife and family, but like Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, etc., your country is calling, your Black folk heritage is calling, equality, freedom, liberty and opportunity is calling!!! These low life, dirt bag women mean nothing, as does the media that will do any evil bidding that POTUS Obama deems essential in destroying America. The media, with maybe the exception of FNC is cratering and will continue downward, as will, written, blog failures such as “Politico”. You must now bite the bullet, continue on and help make America a better place for all of our children and all American children to come. God’s calling is clearly in your ear, sir!!!

42 posted on 12/02/2011 8:49:55 AM PST by JLAGRAYFOX
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To: X-spurt
If anyone thinks the teenage groupie style rabid Cain support seen on FR is a microcosm of Primary voters, has a gigantic surprise coming.

So, who are you supporting?

43 posted on 12/02/2011 8:50:11 AM PST by OB1kNOb (The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. - Prov 22:3)
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To: DoughtyOne

To answer your first question, Cain said last night:

“Unfortunately, I’m a softy, and I feel sorry for people when they get in deep financial trouble,” he told Fox News. “This isn’t the only person I have helped.”
He has acknowledged his wife did not know about their arrangement, but said he was also helping a male friend financially, which his wife didn’t know about either.”

44 posted on 12/02/2011 8:50:57 AM PST by Columbo (Just one more thing....)
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To: no dems

>> Sure sounded innocent...

I’m not sure what he’s guilty of.

45 posted on 12/02/2011 8:52:28 AM PST by Gene Eric (Save a pretzel for the gas jets.)
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To: Columbo

but said he was also helping a male friend financially,

And there’s his perfect out. This male friend needs to come sit with Cain in an interview, explain the interaction and circumstance, and that will effectively kill all the innuendo.

46 posted on 12/02/2011 8:53:57 AM PST by magritte
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To: Gene Eric
I’m not sure what he’s guilty of.

Being a black conservative.

47 posted on 12/02/2011 8:54:05 AM PST by dfwgator (I stand with Herman Cain.)
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To: justsaynomore

Sorry ! He’s been accused by a wacko of being a bad man - no President for you ! Next !


48 posted on 12/02/2011 8:54:56 AM PST by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: Nifster

No offense, but “common sense ordinary citizens” aren’t qualified for the most important job in the world. It takes decades of work in the public arena. No one with Cain’s thin public record has ever been elected prez for good reason.

49 posted on 12/02/2011 8:58:39 AM PST by Lou Budvis (Newt/Marco '12)
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To: reegs

Oh, yeah. If I found out my husband had given more than a dollar to anybody, I would be seriously ticked.

50 posted on 12/02/2011 9:00:24 AM PST by altura (Perry 2012)
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To: Lou Budvis

In other words, you support career politicians.

51 posted on 12/02/2011 9:00:35 AM PST by Tucker822
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To: reegs
Can't disagree w/anything you posted ...I am reserving judgment until Mrs Cain issues a statement (assuming she will do so).

What I don't understand is why Newt is picking up so much of Herman's support if the issue really is a strong suspicion of some moral error on Herman's part. Perhaps it is as someone posted on this thread a function of Newt's recent conversion to Catholicism and whatever absolution he many have sought/attained. (ALL- I am not a Catholic; so, if I have misstated anything here or expressed it poorly; pls feel free to clarify or correct any errors.)

52 posted on 12/02/2011 9:01:02 AM PST by Ozymandias Ghost
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To: no dems
Herman was real impressive on Hannity last night. Sure sounded innocent, and is going to get to the bottom of this. BUT, he is already damaged goods in many people’s minds; sad to say.
You're right, Cain sounded good.

But I did have a problem with him when he said "I don't want to play detective" in response to Hannity saying that it should be easy to debunk these charges since hotels have video cameras.

53 posted on 12/02/2011 9:02:31 AM PST by samtheman
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To: Ozymandias Ghost

OOPS! “many” = may

54 posted on 12/02/2011 9:02:31 AM PST by Ozymandias Ghost
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To: DoughtyOne
Of course Cain's wife didn't suffer from a shortage of funds. Cain funded the start of this campaign with something like $675,000 of his own money.

I watched a video interview with Ginger White. She said he always gave her cash. So there will be no record of it.

She said their sexual affair had really trailed off in the last 2.5 years. That's also when she said the financial help occurred - in the last 2.5 years. So Ginger White is not claiming that he supported her financially for 13 years. White said the money was for household expenses, like rent and utilities.

The segment also said her October and November phone bills showed:

37 texts and 1 phone call in October

46 texts and 0 phone calls in November

White said the texts would be about where to meet or what their schedules were, so that he could give her money - always cash.

White was asked how much money, over the years. She said she didn't want to get into that. The interviewer, AH Lawrence O'Donnell, accepted that response from her at face value. But when Cain was asked the same question by the newspaper editorial board the day before, and when Cain said he cannot answer that right now, based on counsel from his attorney, O'Donnell blasted Cain and said it was absolutely unheard of for a Presidential candidate to refuse to answer a question based on "advice from his criminal lawyer."

That's right, he said CRIMINAL lawyer.

As for MLK:

55 posted on 12/02/2011 9:02:35 AM PST by BagCamAddict (If we let them run Cain out of town, they will do it to EVERY GOP candidate from now on.)
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To: DoughtyOne
The ones who REALLY fry me in this situation are the women whose approval of Cain vanished into the ether the MINUTE the first accusers came female Cain supporters turned on him and sided with the LIARS in the court of public opinion without ANY concrete evidence.

Shame on each and every one of you. The situation with this current woman seems to be up in the air to some degree, but there was NO EXCUSE for turning on him based on the flimsy word spewing from the lying lips of the initial accusers.

56 posted on 12/02/2011 9:04:00 AM PST by who knows what evil? (G-d saved more animals than people on the
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To: struggle

Here’s a snippet from a website that has put a few pieces together:

“Now, to begin my conspiracy theory…

I still find something very very fishy that all the “accusers revolve around the NRA. This man has been in business over 40 years.

Department of the Navy? - No Accusers.

Coca-Cola? - No Accusers.

Burger King? No Accusers.

Pillsbury? - No Accusers.

Godfather’s Pizza? - No Accusers.

Kansas City Fed? - No Accusers?

Americans for Prosperity? - No Accusers.

Radio Talk Show Host? - No Accusers.

He was President of the NRA for only 3 years, 1996-1999. And so far NO allegations outside of that time?”

57 posted on 12/02/2011 9:05:33 AM PST by BagCamAddict (If we let them run Cain out of town, they will do it to EVERY GOP candidate from now on.)
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To: justsaynomore

You know another thing I don’t like about Cain is the way he reacted to the original charges and the way he has reacted to the latest ones.

He and his followers did the ‘trash the women’ thing. That’s the tactic Clinton used. Difference; Clinton is a democrat—nobody expects much morality from them. We did expect it from Cain.

He also did the blame game. He even blamed Perry, which ticked me off, as Perry had nothing to do with it.

Finally, he trashed his lady friend and called her a liar.

His lady friend does have a lot of trash goin’ for her, but all that says is that Cain had a relationship of some sort with a trashy woman.

It’s over for Cain—he’s dropped to 8% in the latest polls.

I feel sorry for his followers who were true believers. He took their trust and he took their money, knowing all the while that he had these skeletons in his closet.

58 posted on 12/02/2011 9:06:14 AM PST by altura (Perry 2012)
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To: Ozymandias Ghost

As a Catholic, I can say Newt’s conversion, while I’m glad for it, doesn’t hold much sway in my interest in him. I think he’s drawing Cain supporters because they see in him the same attributes they saw in Cain: he’s an inspiring speaker, intelligent and would whoop Obama’s ass in any debate! However, I’m reluctant to jump on the Newt bandwagon because I’m not sure if “Debate Newt” would be the same as “President Newt.”

59 posted on 12/02/2011 9:07:09 AM PST by reegs
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To: BagCamAddict

“1996-1999. And so far NO allegations outside of that time?”

White’s allegations seem to fall outside that time frame. I am not sure how Herman came to know Ms White ...has that ever been revealed??? Also, was she affiliated w/the NRA???

60 posted on 12/02/2011 9:09:30 AM PST by Ozymandias Ghost
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