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Tennessee family home burns while firefighters watch
Yahoo! News ^ | Dec. 6, 2011

Posted on 12/06/2011 4:33:24 PM PST by Free ThinkerNY

A Tennessee couple helplessly watched their home burn to the ground, along with all of their possessions, because they did not pay a $75 annual fee to the local fire department.

Vicky Bell told the NBC affiliate WPSD-TV that she called 911 when her mobile home in Obion County caught fire. Firefighters arrived on the scene but as the fire raged, they simply stood by and did nothing. "In an emergency, the first thing you think of, 'Call 9-1-1," homeowner Bell said.

However, Bell and her husband were forced to walk into the burning home in an attempt to retrieve their own belongings. "You could look out my mom's trailer and see the trucks sitting at a distance," Bell said. "We just wished we could've gotten more out."

South Fulton Mayor David Crocker defended the fire department, saying that if firefighters responded to non-subscribers, no one would have an incentive to pay the fee.

Residents in the city of South Fulton receive the service automatically, but it is not extended to those living in the greater county-wide area.

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To: Chode
none of the volunteer forces here charge you anything, not a penny...

Who pays for the fire station? The fire trucks and the fuel that runs them? The helmets, turnout gear and air packs the firefighters wear? None of that comes free. Others have pointed out the facts of this story, but for those who continue to misstate the reality:
--This is a new incident that just happened albeit very similar to what took place last year.
--The firefighters showed up to ensure life safety and that no structures that had paid the subscription fee were affected.
--The city that pays for the trucks, turnout gear, etc., decided not to stick its taxpayers with the costs of providing fire protection services to people who live outside the city and don't pay taxes. The city instead came up with the very reasonable idea of offering those services to people outside the city who pay an annual $75 subscription fee.
--The people in this incident, despite knowing what happened last year, didn't think they would ever have a fire, so they rolled the dice and decided to risk losing their trailer home by not paying the fee.
--These people also chose not to buy regular fire insurance so their losses are not covered, and putting out the fire then billing them would get the fire department squat.
--No one is being extorted or forced to pay anything, as clearly these people were free to make a choice and did.
--As a volunteer firefighter myself, I am very conflicted about this issue because I go into burning buildings without any thought about whose building it is. Yet I understand that "volunteer" doesn't mean free, and freeloading makes it harder to provide services for everyone else.
101 posted on 12/06/2011 5:30:52 PM PST by drjimmy
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To: Pontiac

in this SH of a town they probably just tell the attorneys not to mess with their system or they will burn their house down.

102 posted on 12/06/2011 5:31:56 PM PST by paul51 (11 September 2001 - Never forget)
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To: Responsibility2nd
These people have decided that they will handle fire protection on a private level basis.

It's like those stupid old Americans, claiming they don't have the cash to pay the bill to heat their homes come winter.

Turn the gas off, cut the juice...We'll make an example of these free loaders....

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!

103 posted on 12/06/2011 5:33:33 PM PST by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit))
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

I’m sure they had plenty of property insurance to cover the fire damage..........NOT!

104 posted on 12/06/2011 5:33:57 PM PST by Newtoidaho (Fight organized crime. Vote out all incumbent Democrats!)
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To: sand lake bar

I agree with you. I’m on a VOLUNTEER SAR team. We get NOTHING from the government. What money we do get we have to work very hard at, and they are all donations. We never ask for payment when we are called out in the middle of the night to drive over an hour to a search area (paying for our own gas). We do what is needed. Knowing that those “firefighters” WATCHED that residence burn to the ground makes me sick. Emergency services exist to help people, so help them! Do your job or get out of the business.

105 posted on 12/06/2011 5:35:32 PM PST by Snowy
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To: AlexW

Ah. They need more taxes and more laws.

106 posted on 12/06/2011 5:36:58 PM PST by SuzyQue
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To: MPJackal

I thought taxes paid public employees, at least according to our leadership. What kind of people watch a house burn and do nothing? I guess people here are advocating paying public employees through taxes... And then let’s add some um fees.. Heck why don’t we just make these tolls. I am disgusted by paying taxes, then fees, it never ends. So unless these firemen douchebags get paid no public money, then maybe. But to do nothing. Occupy a firetruck.

107 posted on 12/06/2011 5:37:22 PM PST by momincombatboots (Back to West by G-d Virginia.)
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To: sand lake bar

Did you READ the article? It says that the woman and her boyfriend knew about the same thing having happened nearby last year but “they thought it would never happen to them” so they didn’t pay the 75.00.

Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for them. They are fools. Utter and complete fools.

108 posted on 12/06/2011 5:39:15 PM PST by Houghton M.
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To: Magnum44

The deliberately, after forethought, knowing that someone else’s house burned down last year because those people had not paid the fee, CHOSE not to pay.

They knowingly chose not to pay.

I’d say they deserved what they got. Part of being an adult is taking care of your Stuff. In this case, fire protection cost all of $75.00 a year. To knowingly refuse to pay that fee is stupid beyond belief.

If they had not had the warning of the same thing having happened last year, I’d cut them some slack. But these two shack-ups deserve no pity whatsoever.

109 posted on 12/06/2011 5:42:02 PM PST by Houghton M.
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To: SuzyQue

Ah. They need more taxes and more laws.


Nailed it. I am LMAO at the libertarians on this thread who are irate and agitated at this story. But if they analyzed the issue, they would see a easy answer:

Pass laws to forces idiots to pay taxes to get fire protection services.

110 posted on 12/06/2011 5:43:29 PM PST by Responsibility2nd (NO LIBS! This means liberals AND libertarians (same thing) NO LIBS!)
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To: Figment
Old story, why is it being brought up again?

Not an old story. Just happened. It's just in the same county and with the same fire company as the old story. The other one happened in October, 2010. Guy's name was Gene Cranick.

111 posted on 12/06/2011 5:43:46 PM PST by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: drjimmy
anything the Firemen don't pay for themselves is ALL paid for with fund raisers, donations and grants, the trucks were all paid for the same way as well as the firehouse itself, the property pays no taxes...

not one VFD in our county charges anything.

you don't have to like it, but it's the truth...

112 posted on 12/06/2011 5:44:54 PM PST by Chode (American Hedonist - *DTOM* -ww- NO Pity for the LAZY)
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To: apoliticalone

The thing that is killing such small towns and areas are government pensions and lavish healthcare plans. Then on top of it in many cases they can retire and come back to work and get paid on top of collecting reitrement and free taxpayer-paid for healthcare.

And bitch to high heaven if anyone wants to take it away, claiming any reduction will “kill them”.

113 posted on 12/06/2011 5:46:08 PM PST by Secret Agent Man (I'd like to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.)
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To: drjimmy

“Who pays for the fire station? The fire trucks and the fuel that runs them?”

As in my previous post, Taxes should pay for the equipment.
There was never a fee in my area, and I was a volunteer fireman, usually driving the truck.

As also posted, if there are unpaid fees for responding to the fire, a lien should be filed on the property...Problem solved.

114 posted on 12/06/2011 5:46:52 PM PST by AlexW
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To: Bryanw92
It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Nothing gets fixed until we hit the bottom where we can’t pay entitlements anymore. Then, people start learnng that life has consequences, how to set priorities, and to take care of themselves and their families.

What bothers me the most is that it was preventable. It was our own own taxpayer compensated politicians that we elected that caused this. They allowed our economy, the former example to the world, to be neutralized and squandered not for Americans, but for the globalists.

Corporations that were made successful here turned their back on the USA. We needed leaders who were true patriots and instead we got traitors with flag pins who failed to defend our economy and enforce fair trade. They are losers from both sides of the aisle. We needed tariffs and they gave them our free markets.

115 posted on 12/06/2011 5:48:37 PM PST by apoliticalone (Honest govt. that operates in the interest of US sovereignty and the people, not global $$$)
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To: Bryanw92; paul51
don’t taunt the victims by showing up at their home’s destruction and watching

I think they were there to make sure no one was injured and to prevent the fire from spreading.

116 posted on 12/06/2011 5:49:07 PM PST by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: AlexW

That’s great, Alex, but that’s not how they’ve chosen to do it there. It should be a local issue, right? Or, should those of us who know how things should be, just decide for them?

117 posted on 12/06/2011 5:50:20 PM PST by SuzyQue
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To: steelyourfaith

Fire departments are funded by taxes.
All should be covered, county or city wide.
Fire departments have become union thugs who sit on their fat butts and do very little while accepting the gratitude of the masses for what OTHERS have done.
In some areas they are the most overpaid, underworked group ever to draw a paycheck.
Now they want an honorarium to put out the fire. No cash, the house burns.
It’s called corruption.

118 posted on 12/06/2011 5:54:18 PM PST by 9422WMR
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To: Free ThinkerNY
Should everyone outside of town pay the $75? Yes, I think so...

But I guess it's best that I am not a firefighter in this town... If I was dispatched to a house fire, and then told while in route that the purpose was to make sure that no adjacent structure caught fire because the owners of the burning house hadn't paid $75 - well, I guess I would insist on putting our the fire anyway... If anyone said anything to me I would just tell them I would rather pay the $75 out of my own pocket instead of watching someone lose all of their possessions when something could have been done and wasn't.

This situation, to me, is akin to a doctor refusing treatment to someone hurt in a motor vehicle accident at the side of a road because he is afraid he might not get paid.

Whatever happened to compassion? Most of us will never have to make the decision between paying $75 to cover fire department service or using that $75 to buy groceries. I hope none of us ever do. And I don't know anything about this family's financial situation, either. But I would guess that if they could have afforded the $75 comfortably, they would have. But good grief... To sit and watch from the fire truck while someone's home burns? I don't think I could sleep at night if I did such a thing.

119 posted on 12/06/2011 5:58:39 PM PST by Raven6 (Psalm 144:1 and Proverbs 22:3)
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To: trumandogz

“First, the homeowners insurance should cover much of the loss and second, the fire department would have likely not saved the trailer house from being destroyed even if they had put out the fire.”

I wonder if the insurance (if any) would be voided by not having fire department protection, (or even “contributory negligence”). The town I grew up in had equipment and specially-trained personnel lesser in number but as good as any big city, because it had a (good tax-paying) industrial area. Because of this, we would get the lowest rates possible on home insurance. An insurance company would be out of their minds to insure any structure without some sort of fire protection.

120 posted on 12/06/2011 6:03:12 PM PST by The Antiyuppie ("When small men cast long shadows, then it is very late in the day.")
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