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Tea Party: Only With Courage Will We Defeat The Giants ^ | 12-20-2011 | Lloyd Marcus

Posted on 12/20/2011 12:38:21 PM PST by Lloyd Marcus

Some may say, for crying out loud, Lloyd. You're as bad as Tebow. Must you always interject God and the Bible into everything? Well folks, it is just who I am.

Canaan was God's “Promised Land” to the Israelites. Upon their arrival, Moses sent twelve spies to check out the land. All twelve spies reported that the land was beautiful and awesome. Ten of the twelve spies fearfully said the land was possessed by giants which they could never defeat. Only two spies believed they could defeat the giants and claim the land which God had promised to them. Interestingly, God described the lack of faith by the ten spies not simply as negative, but evil.

Brother and sister tea party patriots, I believe Divine Providence inspired the Tea Party movement to restore America from it's path of cultural and moral rot. Thus, we have the power to take back America, which was founded on Biblical Principles, from the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Marxists and Occupiers.

The “giants” in our scenario are an anti-America president Obama with a billion dollars to spend on his lie-filled reelection campaign and a sycophant liberal mainstream media openly committed to his reelection and goals.

Please do not misinterpret what I am about to say. I am not endorsing Michele Bachmann or any candidate for that matter. But I heard a conservative say, “No, we absolutely can not select Bachmann because she is unelectable!” I ask, Why is Bachmann unelectable? What has Bachmann said or done that is so crazy or stupid? What did I miss?

In reality, because the “giants”-- i.e., the mainstream media – have labeled Bachmann “extreme”, conservatives fearful of Obama being reelected have disqualified Bachmann.

The “giants” tag team of the Obama administration and the liberal media who have successfully taken Cain out of the race, will repeat this process, destroying each of our candidates until the last candidate standing is the moderate they really want to run against Obama – namely, Mitt Romney. They know that Romney is a clone of John McCain whom Obama defeated four years ago.

What is my point, you ask? My point is I am sooooooooo sick of our side forever playing on defense, allowing the left to control the language, empowering them to set the rules of engagement and making decisions based on fear.

We conservatives are the good guys! Yes, I believe that God is on our side. Conservatism is unarguably best for all Americans. The liberal agenda is evil.

Here is an example of allowing the left to call the shots. During a Republican Presidential Debate on ABC, the candidates were basically asked if they knew what it is like to be poor. Each candidate began defending his or her success. The liberal moderator's question, which would never be asked of a democrat, was rooted in the stereotype that Republicans are rich white racists. Also, hidden in their question was “class envy” which is the main strategy of Obama's reelection campaign. Meanwhile, mega-rich Democrats such as the late Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have never been asked to defend their wealth.

When did poverty because a virtue and crucial to being a good president?

In response to the liberal moderator's when-did-you-evil-republicans-stop-beating-your-wife style question, I would have loved for one of our candidates to have refused to play their game; to refuse to apologize or defend his or her financial success.

Speaking of controlling the language, a conservative pollster suggested that we refrain from using the term, “Capitalism” because it turns-off the Occupiers. This is yet another example of “allowing the inmates to run the asylum” – that is, operating out of fear. Capitalism is not a dirty word. Why should we surrender to the Occupiers allowing them to make it dirty?

God has designed life in such a way that success requires risk and backbone. In life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Risk-takers experience what Jim McKay of ABC Sports described as, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!” By the way, liberals believe that God's system is unfair and seek to legislate equal outcomes in the name of fairness.

In our quest to defeat Obama, due to his horrific record, we hold the winning hand. Failure would be the consequence of fear. It will require backbone to defeat our “giants” (Obama and his media).

We must not allow Obama and company to select our presidential candidate. This requires that we cease allowing them to call the shots. Conservatives must boldly go and stay on offense in our fight to defeat the “giants”, who currently occupy our great land, in 2012.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express.
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

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KEYWORDS: bachmann; election; lloydmarcus; teaparty

1 posted on 12/20/2011 12:38:25 PM PST by Lloyd Marcus
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To: Lloyd Marcus

I’m ready, willing and able as well! And, to God be the glory! Our forefathers did it - we can too with the grace of God. Sign me up!

2 posted on 12/20/2011 12:43:28 PM PST by Bitsy
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Rex Grossman had courage.

3 posted on 12/20/2011 12:44:03 PM PST by rfp1234 (RFP's Law: Whoever blames Bush first shall lose the argument.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Oh, and being likened to Tebow is not a bad thing in my book.

4 posted on 12/20/2011 12:44:30 PM PST by Bitsy
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To: Lloyd Marcus
They know that Romney is a clone of John McCain whom Obama defeated four years ago.

Sorry, Gingrich is 2012s McCain. He's a sometimes conservative insider with ethics problems in the past who is pro amnesty and known to suck up to liberals and to stab Republicans in the back and relishes the "maverick" meme, even though it's far from reality. IIRC, both McCain and Gingrich cheated on and then dumped wives with medical problems, Gingrich twice. It truly is a small world.

5 posted on 12/20/2011 12:52:15 PM PST by Prokopton
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To: Prokopton

I think the Newt as the victim illusion has about run its course.

6 posted on 12/20/2011 12:58:03 PM PST by cripplecreek (Stand with courage or shut up and do as you're told.)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Love the analogy and the history lesson of the 12 Israeli spies Lloyd.

One of my favorite bible stories.

7 posted on 12/20/2011 12:58:36 PM PST by SoConPubbie
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To: Lloyd Marcus
Thank you, Lloyd Marcus!

You are in tune with America's Founders, not today's so-called "progressives" in both Parties.

In the Year 1839, John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams, and himself a President of the United States, was invited by the New York Historical Society to speak on the 50th Anniversary under the Constitution. His extensive "Jubilee" Address can be read here. The following relatively short review of the history he summarized in the final portion of his Address is excerpted here:

The President himself is no more than a representative of public opinion at the time of his election; and as public opinion is subject to great and frequent fluctuations, he must accommodate his policy to them; or the people will speedily give him a successor; or either House of Congress will effectually control his power. It is thus, and in no other sense that the Constitution of the United States is democratic - for the government of our country, instead of a Democracy the most simple, is the most complicated government on the face of the globe. From the immense extent of our territory, the difference of manners, habits, opinions, and above all, the clashing interests of the North, South, East, and West, public opinion formed by the combination of numerous aggregates, becomes itself a problem of compound arithmetic, which nothing but the result of the popular elections can solve.

It has been my purpose, Fellow-Citizens, in this discourse to show:-

    1. That this Union was formed by a spontaneous movement of the people of thirteen English Colonies; all subjects of the King of Great Britain - bound to him in allegiance, and to the British empire as their country. That the first object of this Union,was united resistance against oppression, and to obtain from the government of their country redress of their wrongs.

    2. That failing in this object, their petitions having been spurned, and the oppressions of which they complained, aggravated beyond endurance, their Delegates in Congress, in their name and by their authority, issued the Declaration of Independence - proclaiming them to the world as one people, absolving them from their ties and oaths of allegiance to their king and country - renouncing that country; declared the UNITED Colonies, Independent States, and announcing that this ONE PEOPLE of thirteen united independent states, by that act, assumed among the powers of the earth, that separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitled them.

    3. That in justification of themselves for this act of transcendent power, they proclaimed the principles upon which they held all lawful government upon earth to be founded - which principles were, the natural, unalienable, imprescriptible rights of man, specifying among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - that the institution of government is to secure to men in society the possession of those rights: that the institution, dissolution, and reinstitution of government, belong exclusively to THE PEOPLE under a moral responsibility to the Supreme Ruler of the universe; and that all the just powers of government are derived from the consent of the governed.

    4. That under this proclamation of principles, the dissolution of allegiance to the British king, and the compatriot connection with the people of the British empire, were accomplished; and the one people of the United States of America, became one separate sovereign independent power, assuming an equal station among the nations of the earth.

    5. That this one people did not immediately institute a government for themselves. But instead of it, their delegates in Congress, by authority from their separate state legislatures, without voice or consultation of the people, instituted a mere confederacy.

    6. That this confederacy totally departed from the principles of the Declaration of independence, and substituted instead of the constituent power of the people, an assumed sovereignty of each separate state, as the source of all its authority.

    7. That as a primitive source of power, this separate state sovereignty,was not only a departure from the principles of the Declaration of Independence, but directly contrary to, and utterly incompatible with them.

    8. That the tree was made known by its fruits. That after five years wasted in its preparation, the confederation dragged out a miserable existence of eight years more, and expired like a candle in the socket, having brought the union itself to the verge of dissolution.

    9. That the Constitution of the United States was a return to the principles of the Declaration of independence, and the exclusive constituent power of the people. That it was the work of the ONE PEOPLE of the United States; and that those United States, though doubled in numbers, still constitute as a nation, but ONE PEOPLE.

    10. That this Constitution, making due allowance for the imperfections and errors incident to all human affairs, has under all the vicissitudes and changes of war and peace, been administered upon those same principles, during a career of fifty years.

    11. That its fruits have been, still making allowance for human imperfection, a more perfect union, established justice, domestic tranquility, provision for the common defence, promotion of the general welfare, and the enjoyment of the blessings of liberty by the constituent people, and their posterity to the present day.

And now the future is all before us, and Providence our guide.

When the children of Israel, after forty years of wanderings in the wilderness, were about to enter upon the promised land, their leader, Moses, who was not permitted to cross the Jordan with them, just before his removal from among them, commanded that when the Lord their God should have brought them into the land, they should put the curse upon Mount Ebal, and the blessing upon Mount Gerizim. This injunction was faithfully fulfilled by his successor Joshua. Immediately after they had taken possession of the land, Joshua built an altar to the Lord, of whole stones, upon Mount Ebal. And there he wrote upon the stones a copy of the law of Moses, which he had written in the presence of the children of Israel: and all Israel, and their elders and officers, and their judges, stood on the two sides of the ark of the covenant, home by the priests and Levites, six tribes over against Mount Gerizim, and six over against Mount Ebal. And he read all the words of the law, the blessings and cursings, according to all that was written in the book of the law.

Fellow-citizens, the ark of your covenant is the Declaration of independence. Your Mount Ebal, is the confederacy of separate state sovereignties, and your Mount Gerizim is the Constitution of the United States. In that scene of tremendous and awful solemnity, narrated in the Holy Scriptures, there is not a curse pronounced against the people, upon Mount Ebal, not a blessing promised them upon Mount Gerizim, which your posterity may not suffer or enjoy, from your and their adherence to, or departure from, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, practically interwoven in the Constitution of the United States. Lay up these principles, then, in your hearts, and in your souls - bind them for signs upon your hands, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes - teach them to your children, speaking of them when sitting in your houses, when walking by the way, when lying down and when rising up - write them upon the doorplates of your houses, and upon your gates - cling to them as to the issues of life - adhere to them as to the cords of your eternal salvation. So may your children's children at the next return of this day of jubilee, after a full century of experience under your national Constitution, celebrate it again in the full enjoyment of all the blessings recognized by you in the commemoration of this day, and of all the blessings promised to the children of Israel upon Mount Gerizim, as the reward of obedience to the law of God.

We should note that in Nos. 6, 7, and 8, above, he explains how the Articles of Confederation, in fact, did not conform to the intentions of the framers of the Declaration of Independence that all power would remain in "the People."

"Ideas have consequences"(Weaver).

The ideas of 1776 came out of a set of ideas consistent with liberty.

We tend to forget, or have never considered, that other world views existed then, as now.

Unless today's citizens rediscover the ideas of liberty existing in what Jefferson called "the American mind" of 1776, we risk going back to the "Old World" ideas which preceded the "Miracle of America."

There are those who call themselves "progressives," when, in fact, their ideas are regressive and enslaving, and as old as the history of civilization.

Would suggest to any who wish an authentic history of the ideas underlying American's founding a visit to this web site, at which Richard Frothingham's outstanding 1872 "History of the Rise of the Republic of the United States" can be read on line.

8 posted on 12/20/2011 1:06:30 PM PST by loveliberty2
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To: Lloyd Marcus

A great post, and totally accurate.

9 posted on 12/20/2011 1:16:15 PM PST by kitkat (Obama, rope and chains)
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To: Lloyd Marcus

Thank you again Lloyd Marcus we need your spunk and spirit.

10 posted on 12/20/2011 1:17:30 PM PST by sodpoodle ( Newt - God has tested him for a reason..)
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To: Bitsy

David had unshakable belief in God.The photo at the head from a Hollywood movie (The Ten Commandments) also suggests the source of a believers “courage” And I interject Heston displayed that kind of courage several times. As does Tim Tebow. Like others here our Founding fathers had no problem at all giving credit to God where due.The nation seems to have been led away form God for the most part. Rick Santorum—and
Ms.Bachman /and perhaps Perry are three who seem to manifest such courage. Any of them would be better than what we now have.

11 posted on 12/20/2011 2:02:46 PM PST by StonyBurk (ring)
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To: StonyBurk

Rick Santorum—and
Ms.Bachman /and perhaps Perry are three who seem to manifest such courage. Any of them would be better than what we now have.

Bush had courage but was ravaged by the MSM, Hollywood and the leftists in high places. While he did make mistakes he couldn’t have done as much damage as this Chicago thug in office now. Our country needs a turn a round and we must do it in the trenches, methodically ridding ourselves of ungodly, secular, morally bankrupt, greedy government officials and judges - IMHO. Never giving up until the job is done, I say.

12 posted on 12/20/2011 2:22:41 PM PST by Bitsy
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