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To: Wallace T.

The military has NOTHING to do with the debt.. What is spent on the military is mee pennies compared to other programs.

The military is the ONLY thing that is MANDATED to be funded, yet the foaming at the mouth paultards on here are quick to demand that the military be neutered.

The paultards sound like a bunch of codestink, international answer, demoncrapunderground treasoncrats with their constant demands that the military be cut.

Oh and before one of you closet treasoncrats label me as some “big government statist”, my plan for setting things straight goes far deeper than your village idiot’s plan.

For one, with exception of military funding everything gets cut back to FY1940 levels. Every agency that came about after 1940 would be eliminated.... That means no EPA, Dept of Education, DHS, TSA, etc, etc. all agencies that remain will be realigned to eliminate duplicate services, and they will be mandated to use the same accounting system that the military is currently using which accounts for every penny, and eliminates slush funds.

All of these various government commissions would be eliminated.

The Post Office would see their million dollar salary board of directors as well as their tax payer funded entourages fired.

I’d call for tort reform to end these frivilous medical malpractice lawsuits thus lowering the cost of healthcare.

I’d call for the elimination of public sector unions, as well as going after other unions (such as the UAW, and SEIU) under the RICO Act.

Taxes would be cut across the board.

I’d close all borders and fully overhaul the immigration system. I’d reimpliment Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback to round up and deport all those here illegally.

As far as congress, I’d call for term limits. No more than 2 terms for senators, and no more than 4 for congresscritters. And on top of that an immediate repeal of the 17th amendment. I’dalso call for a permanent ban for those leaving office from seeking jobs as lobbyists.

Thats just a fraction of the plan I have, and just what I posted goes further than what the village idiot from TX-14 says he would do.

71 posted on 01/03/2012 7:36:33 PM PST by 2CAVTrooper ( For those who have had to fight for it, freedom has a flavor the protected shall never know.)
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To: 2CAVTrooper
"mee pennies" add up. After entitlement programs and debt service, defense and foreign policy are number three in the Federal budget. There are also "black budget" items that go to non-military areas, such as the CIA and private contractors that are not going directly to the Department of Defense. The ongoing cost of health care and other services for veterans must be counted as well.

As for the military being the "ONLY thing that is MANDATED to be funded", the Federal government, through Congress, is also authorized to coin money, regulate international and interstate commerce, establish uniform rules on naturalization, and all the other powers outlined in Article I, Section 8. All these powers imply the authorization to fund and administer. The last sentence of Article I, Section 8 states, "To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof."

All the items you have stated you would reform are good. However, most of them would do little to reduce the national debt. Tort reform and repeal of the 17th Amendment would do little to immediately change the picture. Abolishing Federal unions is a good idea, but they lack the power to strike, so they lack the leverage private sector unions have. The chances of cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, ADC, and probably Obamacare, the biggest item in the Federal budget, are minimal. It is not called the "third rail" of American politics in vain. The United States also has a massive debt to service. Default is an extreme option that would lead to world economic chaos.

Increasing taxation on the rich or the middle class and poor is counterproductive. Our "guns and butter" policy has led to a ratio of national debt to gross national product exceeding World War II levels, when we were fighting really formidable enemies, not crazed Islamic radicals running retrograde societies. When push comes to shove, the electorate will choose the social programs over world power status, as happened in Britain after World War II. Our underlying problems, such as a weakened industrial base and the worst educated population in the West, are as formidable as those that forced Spain from its role as a world power. American youth are in such poor physical shape that if you were to restore the draft, it would take at least a year to get them in the same level of fitness as their grandfathers.

The United States is running out of options. Irrespective of who will win the election, I don't see any option but the inevitable: either defaulting on the national debt or hyperinflation. Both the welfare state and the warfare state will collapse, like it or not.

74 posted on 01/03/2012 9:11:43 PM PST by Wallace T.
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