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To: Johnny B.
That's a good link. This might be the post that made me think he has them working and from Japan:

The 2 cells were obtained from an Asian source. They are on loan for 3 months. The source will work remotely with our local uni to get them operational. They output greater than 1 watt with a COP greater than 5. We are funding the work at the local uni. The uni can publish the results from the cells we make locally. The source has received an up front payment. They will receive further funding as the cells are proven to work by the local uni and further funding when our replicant cells become operational.

We plan to make our replicant cells available to other FPE researchers. These cells are not capable of delivering a E-Cat or Hyperion level of performance. They are designed to prove F&P were correct, the FPE is real, to silence the FPE deniers and drive scientific investigation of the FPE. Our desire is simple. To accelerate the acceptance of the FPE, to get the effect properly understood and to see FPE devices powering our planet. OK, along the way to make a few dollars as well.

OK, why do I not believe that he has already invested $100k? If Rossi is real and the prices quoted are real, what is Aussie Guy's business plan, to lose money? He says he'll make them available to researchers and make a few dollars along the way. He's already said he was trying to buy from Rossi so he must think Rossi is for real so why spend $100k because if Rossi's devices are real along with those prices, Aussie guy just blew $100k.

What does FPE stand for? Is it P&F's names? Does that mean these are electrolysis cells using deuterium and palladium which have proven to be very finicky.

This makes no sense. Having 1 watt cells is great for proving LENR is real and research but why buy one if you already know it works, just copy these?

Researchers seem well capable of creating these cells from scratch if they have the complete specs since that was the problem with the original finicky P&F device, plus research labs and universities aren't exactly overflowing with money so where does he think he's going to make a profit? Sell these cells to allow labs to scale them up to a production device, makes no sense. Now, if he bought these cells to scale up and get his profit off of production cells then it makes sense but I'm not reading that from his posts.

Is he going to give these cells to the local university and providing funding? That's what he says but what is his motive and why would the original source of the cells want to work with his local university? He says he basically wants to shut up the nay sayers and drive research, so for one last time, what is his business plan and who provided the $100k?

As for BLP, I don't see how Mills is fooling everyone who works for him or at Rowan university. Is it confirmation bias on a large scale. I thought they has signed at least two deals with power companies, those were B.S? His press releases says at least six power companies have signed on.

BLP Press Releases.

31 posted on 01/10/2012 12:54:35 PM PST by Lx (Do you like it, do you like it. Scott? I call it Mr. and Mrs. Tennerman chili.)
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To: Lx
What does FPE stand for?
"Fleischmann-Pons Effect". Sorry for not identifying that. I've seen it used before and thought it was universally known.
I thought they has signed at least two deals with power companies, those were B.S? His press releases says at least six power companies have signed on.
It's my understanding that none of the "customers" claimed by Blacklight have confirmed any sort of relationship with Blacklight.

That's one of the problems with this sort of thing: It's easy and relatively safe to claim relationships with organizations and companies that are not true.

Rossi did this with the University of Bologna (and got caught when the U of B issued a press release denying any relationship), and Rossi's associates have done this with several other groups including NASA, SPAWAR and National Instruments (where Rossi's partners tried to make a routine sales agreement into some sort of partnership).

It's very rare for a legitimate company to respond to phony claims of an association with a scam artist. For example, TILLEY claimed to have an offer from G.E. for two billion dollars for his invention.

33 posted on 01/10/2012 1:24:28 PM PST by Johnny B.
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