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Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Limbaugh,Hannity, Beck, Savage, Etc.) ^ | 1-12-12 | Staff

Posted on 01/12/2012 6:15:07 PM PST by VinL

Wouldn't it be great if a Republican presidential candidate could just buy the support of just about every major conservative talk show host in America? Well, it may not be as far-fetched as you may think. Clear Channel owns more radio stations (850) than anyone else in the United States. They also own Premiere Radio Networks, the company that syndicates the radio shows of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, among others. Needless to say, Clear Channel basically owns conservative talk radio in the United States. So who owns Clear Channel? Well, it turns out that Bain Capital is one of the primary owners of Clear Channel. Yes, you read that correctly. The company that Mitt Romney ran for so long is one of the "big bosses" over virtually all conservative talk radio in America. Of course Mitt Romney is not running Bain Capital anymore. He is a "retired partner", but he still has a huge financial stake in Bain Capital. We're talking about millions upon millions of dollars. If you doubt this, just check out page 34 of this public financial disclosure report. So if you have been wondering why so many conservative talk show hosts are being so incredibly kind to Mitt Romney, this just might be the answer.

In the media world, there is a clear understanding that you simply do not bite the hand that feeds you. Some of the most prominent conservative talk radio hosts are earning tens of millions of dollars a year.

If you were making tens of millions of dollars a year, wouldn't you be very careful to avoid offending your boss?

The deal in which Bain Capital became one of the owners of Clear Channel was initiated just a short time before Mitt Romney's first run for president. The following comes from Wikipedia....

On November 16, 2006, Clear Channel announced plans to go private, being bought out by two private-equity firms, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners for $18.7 billion, which is just under a 10 percent premium above its closing price of $35.36 a share on November 16 (the deal values Clear Channel at $37.60 per share).

The deal was finalized in 2008. Today, Bain Capital is still one of the primary owners of Clear Channel.

One of the subsidiaries of Clear Channel is Premiere Radio Networks.

Premiere Radio Networks distributes a whole host of conservative talk radio shows. Everyone in the conservative world knows names such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Clear Channel also controls some other conservative talk radio hosts (such as Michael Savage and Mark Levin) that are not part of the Premiere Radio family.

The power that Premiere Radio Networks has is absolutely staggering. The following is directly from the official Clear Channel website....

Premiere Radio Networks Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio affiliations and reaches over 190 million listeners weekly. Premiere Radio is the number one radio network in the country and features the following personalities: Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob (Kevoian) & Tom (Griswold), Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and Billy, Big Tigger, Dr. Dean Edell, Bob Costas, Sean Hannity and others. Premiere is based in Sherman Oaks, California, with 13 offices nationwide.

So do you think that any of those hosts is going to risk viciously attacking Mitt Romney and Bain Capital during this election season?

Not likely.

One of the controversies that has plagued Premiere Radio Networks in recent years has been the uproar over their use of paid actors to call in to their radio shows.

The following comes from Wikipedia....

Clear Channel, through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks, auditions and hires actors to call in to talk radio shows and pose as listeners in order to provide shows, carried by Clear Channel and other broadcasters, with planned content in the form of stories and opinions. The custom caller service provided by Premiere Radio ensures its clients they won't hear the same actor's voice for at least two months in order to appear authentic to listeners who might otherwise catch on.

So perhaps that explains where some of the "Romney callers" come from.

There is nothing illegal about what Romney and Bain Capital have done, but it sure does not pass the "smell test".

Conservative talk radio has the potential to sway millions of conservative voters in one direction or another, and it is just not proper for Bain Capital and Romney to have such an overpowering financial interest in conservative talk radio.

And yes, Mitt Romney is still bringing in lots of money from Bain Capital. The following comes from a Wikipedia article about Mitt Romney....

At the time of his departure, Romney negotiated an agreement with Bain Capital that allowed him to receive a passive profit share as a retired partner in some Bain Capital entities, including buyout and investment funds.[62][57] With the private equity business continuing to thrive, this deal would bring him millions of dollars in income each year.[57] As a result of his business career, by 2007 Romney and his wife had a net worth of between $190 and $250 million, most of it held in blind trusts.[62] An additional blind trust existed in the name of the Romneys' children and grandchildren that was valued at between $70 and $100 million as of 2007.[63] The couple's net worth remained in the same range as of 2011, and was still held in blind trusts.

In addition, Bain Capital and Bain & Company continue to pour huge amounts of money into Romney's campaign coffers.

Just check out the following list of the biggest donors to the Romney campaign. These numbers come from

Goldman Sachs $367,200 Credit Suisse Group $203,750 Morgan Stanley $199,800 HIG Capital $186,500 Barclays $157,750 Kirkland & Ellis $132,100 Bank of America $126,500 PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250 EMC Corp $117,300 JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250 The Villages $97,500 Vivint Inc $80,750 Marriott International $79,837 Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250 Bain Capital $74,500 UBS AG $73,750 Wells Fargo $61,500 Blackstone Group $59,800 Citigroup Inc $57,050 Bain & Co $52,500

As with anything, whenever you want to get to the real truth you just need to follow the money.

Earlier this week, Sean Hannity told Rick Perry that his attacks on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital sounded like something that "Occupy Wall Street" would say.

Just the other day, Rush Limbaugh compared Rick Perry to Fidel Castro and rabidly defended Mitt Romney on his radio program....

“There’s no way you can try to dress that up,” Limbaugh fumed. “I don’t understand it. Well, politically I understand it, but that’s just absurd. It’s sad. ‘Cause I really, really, really like Rick Perry! I really do. I had such hopes! I did. I’ll tell you, I did, but all of this talk about “corporate raiders,” and as I listen to politicians start talking about capitalism, lights are going off in my head. “Maybe they don’t really know what it is. Maybe they’re under some misconception about what capitalism is, because this characterization of it? A distinction with venture capitalism and vulture capitalism? This bite from Perry doesn’t compute.”

So why are these conservative talk show hosts defending Mitt Romney so furiously?

I think now we know.

It is all about the money.

When you have enough money, you can get conservative talk show hosts to promote an extremely liberal candidate.

Yes, of course Bain Capital does not "control" what these talk show hosts say.

Yes, of course some of the talk show hosts toss some light criticism at Romney from time to time.

But they simply do not go after Romney like they should be.

The truth is that Mitt Romney is really a Democrat that is masquerading as a Republican. When you closely examine his record, he is very similar to Obama.

There is no way in the world that any self-respecting conservative should ever cast a single vote for him.

But right now Mitt Romney is running away with the race for the Republican nomination.

If Republicans can be fooled this badly, is there any hope for the future of the Republican Party?

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To: VinL

For those outside the listening of the stations mentioned, the talk radio people on these stations have not been soft on Romney. They continually have said he was not their choice and have been boosting Bachman, Santorum and Perry. (They weren’t too big on Cain, especially when he came to Milwaukee and fluffed local issues with the city paper editorial board.)

So this major write up isn’t worth the time it took to cut and paste it.

21 posted on 01/12/2012 6:41:19 PM PST by sgtyork (The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage. Thucydides)
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To: Reagan69

“Rush is giving me ulcers and he certainly doesn’t need my $50a year.”

I was also a Rush 24/7 subscriber, but then I discovered
I can program my computer to record any radio program
at any time, and it cost me nothing.
I am listening to today’s Rush as I type this.

22 posted on 01/12/2012 6:42:35 PM PST by AlexW
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To: onyx; Jim Robinson
Neither Bain nor Clear Channel own FreeRepublic.....Another reason for folks to contribute.
23 posted on 01/12/2012 6:43:14 PM PST by hoosiermama (David (in the Bible) had problems with adultery and GOD used him!)
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To: VinL Must be an illegal alien website.

24 posted on 01/12/2012 6:43:49 PM PST by FlingWingFlyer ("Climate Change" my a.... All weather is local.)
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To: VinL

This is so stupid, to be laughable.

25 posted on 01/12/2012 6:44:28 PM PST by svcw (For the new year: you better toughen up, if you are going to continue to be stupid.)
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To: VinL

I just have to bump this

26 posted on 01/12/2012 6:45:42 PM PST by jpsb
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To: Reagan69
Rush is giving me ulcers and he certainly doesn’t need my $50a year.

Wow, I thought it was just me. If fact, the Mrs. and I had quite a disagreement about Rush earlier today.

I have listened to Rush since the late 80's when he was a local guy on KFBK in Sacramento. He has picked me up many a time when I was ready to throw in the towel (politically speaking). But about two or three weeks ago I found myself starting to yell at the radio more and more as I noticed Rush soft-pedaling Romney and his moderate history.

Rush has made many parodies about moderates (my favorite being the guy getting in the elevator who can't decide which floor he wants and asks, "Where is everyone else getting off?").

Now, bit by bit (no pun) I'm somehow supposed to give up my conservative roots and "accept" Romney. Rush doesn't quite say Romney is a conservative, but has really blasted Newt while going pretty damn easy on Romney. I maintain that if you listed ALL of Romney's accomplishments while Governor of Massachusetts and said he had a "D" after his name, you would not be surprised. Yet now, Rush (and other "conservatives") are busy trying to convince us to ignore that and just beat Obama.

Well, I come full cycle and now take Rush at his word, "...follow the money!" Looks like Clear Channel/Bain Capital is where the money is.

27 posted on 01/12/2012 6:46:31 PM PST by The Citizen Soldier (Avoiding Obama by replacing him with Romney is like avoiding a Ford by replacing it with a Mercury)
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To: C. Edmund Wright
I’m a big Newt guy - but there is no way Bain has any editorial sway over these guys.

The sway they have isn't editorial. It's wallet-sized. Think seriously now -- in your job, if you are an employee or an independent contractor for a company, would you openly and publicly criticize the very ethics of the company's owner and expect no retaliation? Really???

Hey -- THIS IS CAPITALISM AT WORK. You may not like it, but it is what it is.

I would have agreed heartily with you just one week ago, but Rush's inexplicable reluctance to call a spade a spade and act on it -- as in Thomas Sowell, who stated plainly and clearly that Newt Gingricy was obviously the superior choice over Romney -- and then for Rush to take actions such that for all intents and purposes help Romney at the expense of Newt, is starting to wake me up.

This is connecting dots that simply do not connect.

The most worrisome thing is that they do connect.

28 posted on 01/12/2012 6:47:09 PM PST by Finny ("Raise hell. Vote smart." -- Ted Nugent)
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To: DeusExMachina05
I’ve watched the decline of FR since about four years ago when it became a haven for birthers, conspiracy theorists and self appointed ideological “guardians” of conservatism. This post is just another nail in the coffin.

Don't let the screen door hit ya...

29 posted on 01/12/2012 6:47:16 PM PST by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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To: DeusExMachina05

DUmmies are having a good chuckle at the naïveté and self-detruction going on here.

30 posted on 01/12/2012 6:48:34 PM PST by balls (0 lies like a Muslim (Google "taqiyya"))
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To: sgtyork

Bachman, Santorum and Perry are no threat to Mitt Romney - Newt Gingrich is the one who makes the establishment Republicans fill their panties.

Newt has said flat out he will change the way Washington, D.C., does busniness. Too many elitists see their bank accounts being impacted.

31 posted on 01/12/2012 6:49:07 PM PST by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT!)
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To: Reagan69
Rush is giving me ulcers and he certainly doesn’t need my $50a year.

I cancelled Rush 24/7 and stopped listening in 2008. I am still ticked that he ignored Obama’s eligibility and Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. The man is a phony.

That Rush claims to love the Constitution and has an American Flag displayed in house (given to him by American pilots) makes my dinner churn. How many lives have been lost because a usurper, with insane foreign policies and rules of engagement, occupies the White House? What did we get from Rush? Silence, turned away calls from the screeners, and rejected e-mails.

32 posted on 01/12/2012 6:49:57 PM PST by wintertime (I am a Co nstitutional Restorationist!!! Yes!)
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To: VinL

Rush and others might be defenders of capitalism, but I don’t think that they are Mitt fans. Nor Newt fans at this point, but they all agree that they are going to back the nominee. I think it will be interesting to see who the spoiler will be. At this point nothing would surprise me. Maybe the “powers that be” will force Cain to run as an independent.

33 posted on 01/12/2012 6:50:01 PM PST by TBall
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To: AlexW

You rock AlexW!!!

34 posted on 01/12/2012 6:50:35 PM PST by Orange1998
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To: DeusExMachina05


35 posted on 01/12/2012 6:50:44 PM PST by woofie (It takes three villages and a forest of woodland creatures to raise a child in Obamaville)
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To: bigbob
Doing the math is good.

Doing the political "math" is also good. Who do you think is going to be more inclined to grease the skids in terms of tax codes and financial regulation in favor of Bain -- Romney or Gingrich?

There's a reason Bain sends so much more money to liberal politicians than conservative ones.

36 posted on 01/12/2012 6:51:15 PM PST by Finny ("Raise hell. Vote smart." -- Ted Nugent)
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To: Finny

You have no idea how the radio business works. Bain is not paying Rush - Rush’s profits are paying Bain and Clear Channel. Anyone investing in Clear Channel is investing in the chance to get a share of Clear Channel’s profits which are driven by their talk revenue, NOT the other way around.

You have it bass ackwards.

37 posted on 01/12/2012 6:51:58 PM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: C. Edmund Wright

CEW, Newt is being regularly savaged for attacking “free enterprise”, “capitalism” and “open markets”— by a GOP/Dem Establishment that understands these terms solely as buzz words for political purposes. In practice, they practice socialism for the wealthy for the purpose of perpetuating their collective power.

Accordingly, to accuse Newt of undermining an “American system” that does not exist- is mere demagoguery and propaganda. That is the basis of my objection.

38 posted on 01/12/2012 6:52:40 PM PST by VinL (It is better to suffer every wrong, than to consent to wrong.)
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To: The Citizen Soldier
EXCELLENT post, especially the conclusion:

Well, I come full cycle and now take Rush at his word, "...follow the money!" Looks like Clear Channel/Bain Capital is where the money is.

39 posted on 01/12/2012 6:53:52 PM PST by Finny ("Raise hell. Vote smart." -- Ted Nugent)
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To: alice_in_bubbaland

WABC has never been owned by Clear Channel.

40 posted on 01/12/2012 6:55:12 PM PST by joesbucks
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