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To: nwrep; Dr. Sivana
Ahem! Excuuuuuse me but here is the rest of the story, most of which you conveniently omit:

Nixon also appointed: Herod Blackmun (author of Roe vs. Wade), Warren Burger (the other "Minnesota Twin") better than Herod, but still voted for Roe vs. Wade and almost all of its progeny; Lewis Powell, a silly old fart who was appointed to be business friendly and wound up "gay" friendly and no threat to Roe vs. Wade. Long after he resigned as POTUS, the Trickster admitted being a pro-abort;

Gerald Ford: Nixon appointed Feckless Ford to be VPOTUS (presumably thinking Congress might back off chasing the Trickster from office if they pondered that a convicted Trickster would be succeeded by such a brainless and ineffective dolt as Ford, the incredible spineless man, who appointed the rank baby-killing disgrace and lavender coddling menace and gun-grabbing fascist John Paul Stevens to the SCOTUS. Offhand it is verrrry difficult to remember ANYTHING identifying John Paul Stevens as an actual Republican other than possibly an occasional round of golf or an interest in polo matches;

Bear in mind that Jimmuh Peanut never got to even nominate a justice and, if he had the opportunity to name Griffin Bell, might even have done some good. Remember that it was the Hyannis Port wonder who appointed Byron "Whizzer" White who served as a solid justice and voted against Roe vs. Wade and other social revolutionary schemes and enthusiasms;

Even Ronaldus Maximus appointed one and a half SCOTUS disasters: Sandra Day (pro-abort extraordinaire and Planned Barrenhood mouthpiece in the Arizona State Senate) O'Connor as to whom the extraordinarily unprincipled James Baker caused the also unprincipled Kenneth Starr to submit the Starr Memorandum to Reagan which was a pack of lies and then Baker prevented any other input to Reagan until the pretty blonde pro-abort was nominated and confirmed. When Robert Bork's nomination was thwarted, Reagan nominated Douglas Ginzberg (sp.?) who had to withdraw and then Sandra Day O'Kennedy who ultimately sold every principle he ever had to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor as the unpredictable vote in the middle usually cast (except on guns) as wrongly as O'Connor's votes had been.

George Herbert Walker (New World Order) Bush named Swish Souter (as reliable a leftist vote as any justice named by a "Republican" POTUS since Eisenhower named NJ Demonrat radical William Brennan). Souter was an approximate equivalent of William O. Douglas who also voted right on a case every five years or so. Souter's vote generally cancelled out Clarence Thomas's vote.

Clinton's naming of Breyer (who does indulge major heresies like paying attention to the decisions of courts of other nations) has not been as bad as the other three Clinton/Obama nominations.

The fact of the matter as to the Mittwit that EVEN AFTER HE CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN CONVERTED TO PRO-LIFE, he named not a single pro-lifer to any court at any level in Massachusetts but named a gaggle of pro-lavender babykiller leftist judges. Don't listen to what the Mittwit says: Watch what he does. If you STILL think he ought to be POTUS, then the only imaginable excuse is that he would be good for your portfolio or for your polo club or for your daughter's Junior League. After 44 years of voting GOP for POTUS and having to hold my nose in voting Nixon (twice), Ford, Bush I (twice), Dole, and McCain, I am now immune to the nonsense that voting for leftists and social revolutionaries in GOP drag is somehow a good idea. The record proves otherwise.

Few people here would criticize Reagan who also named Scalia. Nor will I. Many here would criticize Bush the Younger but I will not. Money issues are just not verrrrry high on my give a rat's patoot list. He took out Saddam Hussein and did not quake in his boots over wars and refused to abide the likes of his father's pals James Baker and Brent Scowcroft and named patriots instead. Harriet Myers would probably have been a disaster but that disaster was averted in favor of Sam Alito and he also named John Roberts.

The Mittwit has one and only one decent quality: he has been a good family man, married to his only wife for many decades, with no known track record for cheating on her, and they have apparently raised four or more kids who are a credit to both of them. That's nice but will not suffice in the face of the fact that the Mittwit is as rank an enemy of conservative values on issues that count as ANY Demonrat.

Your last paragraph is pure fantasy.

As one example of lower court judges, the lavender queen federal trial judge in California who overturned the results of the referendum in even uber leftist California banning "gay""marriage" was an appointee of GHW(NWO)Bush. He appointed social revolutionaries whenever he though no one was looking. The Mittwit may actually be worse even if he is not married to Barbara Bush or Betty Ford.

If Obozo is re-elected because of the refusal of the spineless twit leftist airhead wing of the GOP to stand down and get out of the way rather than buying the nomination with mountains of money and lamestream media manipulation as usual, the Senate GOP should dig its heels in and absolutely refuse to approve ANY of his appointments judicial or otherwise, keep the Senate in perpetual session to avoid "recess" appointments and understand that we are in the non-military equivalent of civil war. When agencies cannot function (like NLRB) that is a win. When judges are utterly overworked and start retiring and suffering physically from the work load, that is a win.

We are either serious or we are not. I am serious. How about you?

53 posted on 01/16/2012 4:01:11 PM PST by BlackElk ( Dean of Discipline ,Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society. Burn 'em Bright!)
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To: BlackElk
There is something called statistics, which measures the occurrence rate of something in a population of similar elements. A measure of statistics is probability, which indicates how often something would happen.

The probability of a Democrat appointing a conservative Supreme Court Justice is exactly ZERO. It will never happen.

The probability of a liberal Republican appointing a conservative Supreme Court Justice is greater than ZERO (in the case of Nixon and GHW, it was something like 25%).

25% is considered MUCH greater than ZERO. In fact, an event whose probability is 25% (e.g. getting a hot waitress in a restaurant in Las Vegas) is infinitesimally superior in occurrence than one whose probability is ZERO(e.g. riding on the wings of the tooth fairy).

Given the choice between 25% and ZERO, most serious, sane people will choose 25%.

55 posted on 01/16/2012 8:29:32 PM PST by nwrep
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