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To: nwrep; NObama; Absolutely Nobama; Psalm 144; Dr. Sivana; Mr. Silverback; Jim Robinson; wagglebee; ..
If the Republican Party wants my vote, the percentage likelihood of hard-core, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, anti-gummint judicial nominees and nominees to important cabinet and bureaucratic posts had better be like Ivory Soap: 99 44/100% pure. You can settle for trash like Romney in defense of materialistic interests. I will not cooperate with further sellouts by the money, money, money crowd in the GOP who think it is perfectly OK to use every tactic in the book including multiple faux candidacies to dilute the vote and mountains of ill-gotten money to buy endorsements and votes and getting STDs from the lamestream media Marxists to get them to tout the inevitability of a candidate utterly devoid of any principles whatsoever.

When guns are grabbed in America, it should be by Demonrats and not by Vichy "Republicans" who are just as disdainful of Middle America as Obozo.

When babies are slaughtered in America (more than a million per year) it will not be because I voted for some quisling like Romney to get a mythical (Mittical?) 25% chance that Mittwit will stop the accommodationist surrender monkey (to everything leftist) habits of his lifetime as an elitist wimp who cares about NOTHING but money, money, money (his, not your money, unless you are his fellow elitist spaghetti spine or my money). The Demonrats can get the credit for extending the American Holocaust. Quisling Republicans have already contributed too much by appointing the likes of William Brennan, Potter Stewart, Herod Blackmun, Warren Burger, Lewis Powell, Swish Souter, Sandra Day O'Connor, Sandra Day O'Kennedy and so many other disgraces to SCOTUS and an infinite variety of rank social revolutionary elitist trash to the lower courts and to many bureaucratic positions as well. Dubya made a verrrry good start by cutting the establishmentarian trash of the American Bar Association out of the loop as to judicial appointments. ABA is no better than lamestream media. Let the Demonrats kill the babies if they MUST be killed.

When there are TARP bills after TARP bills to save those "too big to fail" and screw the rest of us because soulless investment bankers and corporate raiders and privileged job destroyers are just soooooo much more important than ANYTHING ELSE in our society, when they shovel another $16 trillion in printed inflationary funny money from the Federal Reserve to their elitist and brainless soulmates in the European Union and its bankrupt socialist satrapies lest the value of their autopilot investments be disrupted or jeopardized in any way, then it should be Demonrats who wreak such destruction on our nation.

When the gummint lays waste to the institution of the family by making "committed" rump-ranging the alleged equivalent of actual marriage with all of the tax perks and insurance perks that have been traditional to actual marriage, by handing innocent children over to be adopted by Adam and Steve for whatever purposes they may have, and do so at the expense of normal Americans whether the "benefits" are extended by government itself or government edict or by the moral spinelessness and cowardice of private corporations run by Mittwit surrender-alikes, it should be Demonrats who are the marriage destroyers if marriage simply MUST be destroyed.

When the nation itself is utterly bankrupted (as opposed to the pampered, privileged and protected members of the Mittwit's social set), leaving Mittens to reassure the nation that, as to his finances, "I'm all right, Jack!" as though we worried about the likes of the Mittwit, it should be the Demonrats who destroy the nation's finances. After all, they have worked sooooo hard to earn the credit for national bankruptcy.

You may wish to settle for any old trash at all as a POTUS candidate so long as there is an R beside the candidate's name. Good luck! You won't be doing it with my vote any more. I am a conservative. I am a Catholic. I am no longer a Republican as a self-identification. If Mittwit is nominated, I don't care if he chooses someone morally superior (almost inevitable) like Attila the Hun as a running mate, he does NOT get my vote. Nor will any Vichy Republican ever get my vote again.

I have spent nearly my entire adult life discouraging and disparaging third party enthusiasms by conservatives. I apologize to them for that error.

There is absolutely NO REASON for any sane person to believe that the Mittwit will ever nominate conservative SCOTUS or inferior court judges. NONE!!!

When the GOP has gone the way of its money-grubbing Federalist (Hamilton) and Whig (Clay) predecessors (a cyclical inevitability in American politics), the shell can be used to rebuild a populist GOP (Reagan) or to replace it with an entirely new party.

I am inclined to the second of these alternatives since such a party can be built to EXCLUDE the albatrosses of Wall Street who have been a permanent drag on the GOP's and America's fortunes (no pun intended). We can take the Reagan legacy from the GOP and build on it.

A new party shorn of the GOP's sorry baggage of being viewed as the party of privilege can attract a coalition of the sort of people who:

a) fight our wars and man our police departments;

b) drive our ambulances and provide medical/nursing care;

c) volunteer and challenge gummint excesses;

d) attend our churches and love God;

e) create and run the small family-owned businesses that are the backbone of the American economy and the employers of many in such a coalition;

f) are the volunteers of de Tocqueville's Democracy in America;

g) spend significant time and resources on the moral upbringing of their children and grandchildren.

That coalition, shorn of racial baggage and mythology, can actually attract:

1) black and Hispanic working people of modest means but of great religious principle;

2) every gun owner in America;

3) every voter ardently devoted to family values and disgusted with baby-killing and with Adam and Steve;

4) every parent enraged at the propaganda shoveled at his or her beloved kids in the name of gummint or even private education by leftist edjumakators typically at taxpayer expense (fisting, anyone?);

5) every NASCAR and other automobile enthusiast;

6) every sports fan who burns for absolute victory rather than indeterminate outcomes;

7) every person (parent or otherwise) who actually cares about genuine education and the life of the mind and despises empty propaganda posing as gummint edjumakashun;

8) every American absolutely disgusted and enraged with the all too obvious agenda-driven lamestream media liars who seek to manipulate the GOP into surrendering on any actually important issue and the nation into becoming a wasteland of socialist dreck without God or guns or babies or real families;

9) every American who yearns for the restoration of a self-sufficient America which makes things with the hands of private sector workers and American machinery and which pay decent wages and benefits for a decent day's hard work;

10) every plain spoken and plain living American who is passionately dedicated to what was once the normal expectation of upward mobility in exchange for real effort that, taken together, is the American Dream.

Put your statistics where the sun shineth not. ANY deviation from responsibility by ANY squishball spineless "Republican" on matters of appointing actually social conservatives WITHOUT EXCEPTION to SCOTUS, to inferior courts, and to relevant positions of government responsibility is simply UNACCEPTABLE.

Rule or ruin! Let the GOP rue the day that the GOP thinks those who were formerly its social conservatives are not deadly serious. If the GOP actually wants to win, dump Romney NOW or else. Then the GOP can win with a decent and utterly socially conservative candidate or, if that candidate should lose to Obozo (quite unlikely) at least live to fight another day. If not, not! That is the brainless investment bankers' choice! It is up to them. If they make the wrong and stubborn decision and are then financially destroyed, I won't lose sleep. Politically speaking, I want a divorce from these pathetic creatures.

If you are into statistics, if statistics are your god, then come up with this statistic: what percentage of social conservatives defecting from the Mittwit will guarantee his defeat as the GOP nominee in November? Rule or ruin!

Serious, sane and sensible men either marry the "hot Vegas" (who won't be that hot forever) if she proves to be reliable wife and mother material or marries the somewhat less glamorous but likely much more reliable lady who will be his worthy wife and mother from his hometown or circle of close acquaintances (or even his church!) and stays faithful to her and his family. She may not be a relentless customer of Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood, but she will be with him through the bad times as well as through the good if he has chosen wisely.

57 posted on 01/17/2012 9:49:05 AM PST by BlackElk ( Dean of Discipline ,Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society. Burn 'em Bright!)
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59 posted on 01/17/2012 10:02:37 AM PST by little jeremiah (We will have to go through hell to get out of hell)
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66 posted on 01/17/2012 8:43:22 PM PST by Absolutely Nobama (NO COMPROMISE! NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! I AM A CONSERVATIVE! CASE CLOSED!)
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