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Unreal: Seattle Libraries Approve Hardcore Porn-Watching in Front of Children
The Gateway Pundit ^ | February 3, 2012 | Jim Hoft

Posted on 02/04/2012 11:15:57 PM PST by beaversmom

Seattle libraries will not allow patrons to eat or sleep or go barefoot. But they can watch all the hardcore porn they want in front of children. Seattle PI reported:

The Seattle Public Library has a long list of rules of things you can’t do in the library, to ensure “comfort and safety” of staff and patrons. You can’t eat, sleep, look like you’re sleeping, be barefoot, be too stinky or talk too loudly.

But you can watch graphic porn on a public computer in front of kids. Despite repeated complaints from female patrons about men watching porn in full view of their children, the library has held fast to its policy of unfettered online access for grown-ups.

The reason: It’s not in the business of censorship.

The latest dust-up comes after a mother with her two kids saw a man watching “hard-core porn” at the Lake City library and complained. When the librarian refused to ask the man move to a less visible screen, Julie Howe wrote the library, the media and lawyers and got on KUOW.

“It was very shocking,” said Howe, whose 10-year-old girl had seen the man’s screen and cried that night. But, she acknowledged, “it’s not an easy one to solve.”

Other libraries also allow porn

The library’s position was mirrored elsewhere. The King County Library System has a similar policy, of filtering kids’ access on computers, while allowing adults to roam freely. The American Library Association endorses the same stance.

“Sometimes, in a library, you’re going to see information that’s going to make you uncomfortable,” Barbara Jones, director of the association’s intellectual freedom office, said on KUOW Wednesday.

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To: Evil Slayer

Same thing in Topeka. Don’t count on the library board or the electeds to help out. They’ll be completely cowed after your local press accuses you, the parent, of being a right-wing religious zealot who wants to kill the first amendment. Then every liberal drama queen in the county will demand a cameo.

21 posted on 02/05/2012 4:31:10 AM PST by Kanzan
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To: beaversmom
The reason: It’s not in the business of censorship.

BS - if that was the real concern, they could provide enclosures to keep it from being visible to others and insist on earphones. What they really want to do is indoctrinate and desensitize the children.

22 posted on 02/05/2012 4:32:15 AM PST by trebb ("If a man will not work, he should not eat" From 2 Thes 3)
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To: trebb

Where do people think the libraries get their funding? It sure as hell doesn’t come from over-due book fines, it comes from the public who pay taxes. Get after the County Boards to stop the funding.

23 posted on 02/05/2012 4:44:20 AM PST by DaveA37
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To: trebb
De-fund the pensions of these idiots...write letters complaining to the local officials, library boards and ethics panels of their professional associations complaining about this perversion. Call the police to complain about the pervert librarians who are allowing child abuse. Don't just sit back and look the other way. This yet another example of the creep of insidious liberal asshat-edness.
24 posted on 02/05/2012 4:45:27 AM PST by hal ogen (1st Amendment or Reeducation Camp?)
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To: driftdiver
How is this not some form of child abuse?

You might actually have made more headway with this approach.

Call the cops, have the man arrested for child abuse.

25 posted on 02/05/2012 4:47:10 AM PST by Lazamataz (Yes, I am THAT Conservative.)
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To: beaversmom

Isn’t this ‘corruption of a minor?’

Would the library be OK with me handing out porn photos in the childrens’ room?

Or would they mind if my friends and I marched around their front door with giant porn photos on signs?

I am stunned that Seattle doesn’t allow smelly people in the libraries. I would think the ACLU would be against this.

26 posted on 02/05/2012 5:03:21 AM PST by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: beaversmom; All
What Julie Howe could have done, what ANY parent or concerned citizen witnessing some dirtbag in the Seattle Public Library watching porn which is easily seen by minors, is to:

a.) Take a quick picture of the perp in front of the computer terminal, preferably with the screen showing the porn being viewed at that moment, date & time stamped.

b.) Call 911 and report a crime in progress, request an officer respond to the library site.

c.) When the officers arrive, present them with the picture taken of the perp, and hand them the following:

9.68.130 - Revised Code of Washington
"Sexually explicit material" — Defined — Unlawful display.

(1) A person is guilty of unlawful display of sexually explicit material if he or she knowingly exhibits such material on a viewing screen so that the sexually explicit material is easily visible from a public thoroughfare*, park or playground or from one or more family dwelling units.

(2) "Sexually explicit material" as that term is used in this section means any pictorial material displaying direct physical stimulation of unclothed genitals, masturbation, sodomy (i.e. bestiality or oral or anal intercourse), flagellation or torture in the context of a sexual relationship, or emphasizing the depiction of adult human genitals: PROVIDED HOWEVER, That works of art or of anthropological significance shall not be deemed to be within the foregoing definition.

(3) Any person who violates subsection (1) of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

* - as the public library is NOT private property, and is open to the public, the aisles and pathways within that facility may be construed as a 'public thoroughfare'.

Then speak those citizen-empowering words:
"Officer? Do Your Duty, Thank You"
27 posted on 02/05/2012 5:05:10 AM PST by mkjessup (Let's do to Mitt what his Irish Setter did to him while tied to the roof rack of his station wagon!)
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To: beaversmom

‘The reason: It’s not in the business of censorship.’

Mark Twain.

I’d love to see people watching program that involves people smoking cigaretts.

Simple fix here: Stop patronizing the Library. If you wish to continue however then go in and rip out the computers and toss them into the street.

28 posted on 02/05/2012 5:06:19 AM PST by TalBlack ( Evil doesn't have a day job.)
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To: beaversmom
The mentally ill homeless have a right to porn.

Its in the Constitution ya know...

I wonder if there is a sign that says "feel free to masturbate, just don't take off your shirt or shoes and don't fall asleep, your public library has standards..."

29 posted on 02/05/2012 5:12:21 AM PST by ejonesie22 (8/30/10, the day Truth won.)
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To: Seeing More Clearly Now
They pretend they are defenders of freedom of speech issue, but they’re not.

This is especially apparent in old libraries with books from a different era on the shelves. The books are censored such that the only books that survive are the ones that didn't go against the grain of any passing politically correct fad during the last 100 years. Very few books make it.

30 posted on 02/05/2012 5:21:40 AM PST by Reeses
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To: beaversmom; Monkey Face; RIghtwardHo; pieces of time; Warthog-2; Tzar; word_warrior_bob; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

Add me / Remove me

Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of general interest.

31 posted on 02/05/2012 5:23:58 AM PST by narses
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To: beaversmom

When a child is kidnapped, molested & raped, then the outcry. Evil, sick, upsidedown world we’re living in.

32 posted on 02/05/2012 5:32:19 AM PST by FES0844
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To: beaversmom; wagglebee

I totally and completely disagree with everything the people defending this are saying about it. This is not a matter of restricting information - this is a matter of displaying material that in any other setting would get the person charged with a form of sexual assault against a minor (it’s called different things in different states).

I could see the argument for the public library to offer books and titles for borrowing, but NOT for viewing within the library itself, and especially not in the full view of the general public. People do have a right not to be exposed to graphic sexuality unless they choose to do so - it’s why public indecency is a crime. Some criminals’ fetishes involve shock exposure to strangers (adults and children alike - they get their jollies by making others uncomfortable), and this type of activity in a public setting is right up their alley.

This is the reason we have DVD players and cable tv in our homes, and the reason there are adult store with “viewing rooms”. This is not socially acceptable behavior, and it’s definitely criminally negligent on the part of the PUBLIC Library System officials to allow exposure of children to this type of activity.

If I were a parent I would be livid if this were my community library. I would definitely HAVE to boycott the library as long as this behavior was allowed, and not treated like the serious problem it is.

This world is fast falling down a hole I don’t think it’s ready for in the least...

Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

33 posted on 02/05/2012 5:41:42 AM PST by LibertyRocks
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To: mkjessup

EXACTLY! Thanks for posting that.

34 posted on 02/05/2012 5:43:31 AM PST by LibertyRocks
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To: beaversmom
the library has held fast to its policy of unfettered online access for grown-ups.

Kiddy Porn too?
Well, isn't that precious....

35 posted on 02/05/2012 6:08:00 AM PST by libertarian27 (Check my profile page for the FReeper Online Cookbook 2011)
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To: CitizenUSA

“An adult male who would view porn in front of children is one sick, selfish puppy who deserves public scorn if not jail.”

Totally nailed it. People, both men and women, watch or look at porn. That is their choice - it is their soul. But do that stuff at home!

Wonder what the library’s position would be on a pair of library users having actual sex there? Is it OK if it is in the stacks, or in front of the door?

There is too much sexualization being thrown at kids already. Just look at almost any magazine ad, heck, you are of an age to remember the Sears catalogue when it tried to go trendy with the underwear and nightwear. Kids don’t need more graphic stuff.

We taught our kids and grandkids “company manners,” “public manners,” and “private manners.” Everything now seems to be designed to teach no manners.
Kids have the right to be kids. In any healthy society, the welfare of a child trumps the rights of an adult.

36 posted on 02/05/2012 6:36:46 AM PST by EnglishCon
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To: beaversmom

So open minded their brains are falling out.

37 posted on 02/05/2012 6:58:06 AM PST by theBuckwheat
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To: Bobalu

The ‘60s are the reason there is porn in the library.

38 posted on 02/05/2012 7:01:27 AM PST by jmacusa (Political correctness is cultural Marxism. I'm not a Marxist.)
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To: Lancey Howard

I do. But thanks!!!

39 posted on 02/05/2012 7:23:23 AM PST by ronniesgal ( I miss George Bush. Hell, I miss Bill Clinton!!)
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To: Seeing More Clearly Now

ALA is an openly Communist union that supports, endorses, and adores Fidel Castro. When courageous Cubans formed independent libraries out of their homes to lend people books that were not available due to the CENSORSHIP of the Cuban govt, and were arrested and imprisoned, the ALA publicly sided with...the Cuban govt.

40 posted on 02/05/2012 7:31:22 AM PST by kabumpo (Kabumpo)
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