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Santorum Rejects Reagan Space Legacy - Conservative stumbles in bid to hit Gingrich
The American Spectator ^ | February 7, 2012 | Jeffrey Lord

Posted on 02/07/2012 5:37:14 AM PST by Cincinatus' Wife

[BIG snip]

Santorum's ad and his Op-Ed, meant to mock Gingrich, in reality can only distinctly not help Santorum's struggling campaign. Gingrich will surely make the inevitable -- and correct -- connection between Santorum's ad and a serious attack on the Reagan space legacy -- and the dreams of America itself. "We'll continue our quest in space…. Nothing ends here; our hopes and our journeys continue," said President Reagan that tragic January night. Well, no they won't. Not if Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have anything to say about it. "I promise," says Santorum.

Worse, whether Santorum's staff understands it or not the mocking Santorum ad and Op-Ed is an insult to the memory of seven extraordinarily brave Americans who 26 years ago this past January 28th gave their lives to continue the American journey into space. A journey, as Ronald Reagan well knew, into the future that America has always been, and will always be, about.

Former NASA executive Charles Miller, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, not only praised Gingrich's vision he outlined ways to return to space while well acknowledging the nation's current financial problems. In short, Mr. Miller, like Gingrich, embraced not only Reagan's vision but used another quality of Reagan's -- imagination -- to answer the unimaginative negativity that is now surprisingly advocated by Santorum and Romney.

....Stop, Senator. Stop.

If you really wish to sit at the Resolute desk, a literal, physical reminder of the human dream of exploration -- be resolute. Show some imagination. Vision. Don't play Herbert Hoover.

The City on a Shining Hill is the place to reach for the stars.

Not a place to be mocked by a radio commercial or a dopey Op-Ed that signals a crabbed, timid, fainthearted, decidedly un-conservative and un-American state of mind.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Cincinatus' Wife; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; DoughtyOne; calcowgirl; Gilbo_3; Impy; ...
Except Newt is on TV claiming that he will get the ‘private sector’ to go to the moon and build a manned space colony without him spending any federal $$$. I know Reagan never promised anything like that, that is having your cake and eating it too election campaign Santa stuff.
And the US can't even send a man into orbit anymore.

I especially like the part where he says that anyone questioning these unrealistic/fantasy promises must be part of the ‘establishment’ . Well here goes anyway:

What are we talking about? $100B ? $500B? $1T ? Newt probably isn't aware of this given his work history but THE PRIVATE SECTOR WORKS ON MAKING A PROFIT! I know sometimes Newt likes to demonize profits, only occasionally when convenient, but that is how it works.

My Moon colony joke goes : Newt will open up a senior citizen center on the moon so the government can save medicare money on walkers and wheelchairs, due to the lower gravity there. Call it Moon dreams plus medicare reform all in one.

41 posted on 02/07/2012 7:17:10 AM PST by sickoflibs (You MUST support the lesser of two RINOs or we all die!)
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To: Jane Long

Perhaps it wasn’t articulated correctly, although I think that one of the reasons the Bain Capital stuff backfired was because they had underestimated Romney’s attack capabilities.

There is no way that criticizing Romney for his half-truths regarding his experience and the company he worked for could be interpreted as anti-capitalist by any rational human being, unless that meme was planted right away. I think neither Perry nor Gingrich realized at that time that they were dealing with somebody who is obviously formed in the Alinsky playbook and knows how to play fast and loose with the truth and knows that the best defense is a good offense.

42 posted on 02/07/2012 7:21:23 AM PST by livius
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

“Without Vision, The people perish”

An LTOS paraphrase from the Good Book.

43 posted on 02/07/2012 7:22:33 AM PST by left that other site
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To: Lady Lucky
My fear is right after Newt is smeared out of the race, Obama will bring up the facts about Bain raiding retirement funds and the gubmint having to bail them out. There is nothing wrong with corporate raiding, but retirement funds belong to the workers. The problem arises when the company is bought, the cash belongs to the buyer. If you have a company funded retirement, you are now broke. The government formed the bail out unit just for this reason.

This will suddenly make Newt look like a genius, of course, after it's too late. Why can't someone ask right now how you buy a business for $30 million and take $180 million out? It's the cash in the retirement fund. A business could go to a bank and put the retirement funds up for collateral and get a loan the same as selling to Bain. It's just kinda sleazy, most people will think when it comes out. It's not "Capitalism". I don't see the difference in that and loaning money to Solyndra.

The company puts up the retirement money, but it still belongs to the company. If they go bankrupt, the money is gone, so the gubmint makes it up for the workers.

44 posted on 02/07/2012 7:27:18 AM PST by chuckles
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To: sickoflibs
My Moon colony joke goes : Newt will open up a senior citizen center on the moon so the government can save medicare money on walkers and wheelchairs, due to the lower gravity there. Call it Moon dreams plus medicare reform all in one.

I will volunteer for Newt's moon colony. We can float around and even eat kosher food. LOL

45 posted on 02/07/2012 7:31:42 AM PST by dforest
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To: chuckles

As I’ve mentioned before, Romney will be very lucky if he emerges from a national race without criminal charges hanging over him. Obama has no scruples whatsoever, and Obama is in charge of the US govt. Obama proposes and disposes in godlike fashion.

Romney’s vast business “experience” is indeed a target-rich environment.

As are his five sons.

I believe there is a considerable chance that if Romney is nominated, he won’t even make it to November. His candidacy is already blighted in the bud.

46 posted on 02/07/2012 7:34:38 AM PST by Lady Lucky (Public education -- government cheese for the brain.)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

There is probably a greater chance we will have a moon station in the next 10 years than Santorum will be our next President.

47 posted on 02/07/2012 7:35:52 AM PST by Leep (It's gonna be a Newt day!)
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To: HereInTheHeartland
I take your point; however, there have been some intelligent discussions and much of the problem, as far as important policy issues being discussed, can be attributed to the various Left-wing moderators; who deliberately avoid important issues that might be used to contrast the current administration unfavorably. I can't blame it on the candidates when the moderators waste time w/ “fluff” questions; like, “Which of the candidates’ wives would make the best first lady?”

It's also impossible to conduct in depth discussions of important policy issues in a debate format that has strict time limits. If we want more in depth information we have to go looking for it ourselves. There have been several good links to speeches by Newt on FR threads.

Take care,


48 posted on 02/07/2012 7:36:43 AM PST by Ozymandias Ghost
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To: Abby4116

If you listen to his backers, it’s part of his master plan to beat Romney-bama by 55 states.

Don’t bother with details on how.

49 posted on 02/07/2012 7:41:09 AM PST by VanDeKoik
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

As broke as this nation is, is space really something that we can afford to waste time debating anyway?

50 posted on 02/07/2012 7:44:55 AM PST by Grunthor (Mitt Romney and anyone supporting him can go fornicate themselves with a cactus)
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After NV
Delegate tally approximately
Romney 51 Newt 45
when FL vote divided per RNC rules!

Pass the word!



310 First Street
Washington DC 20003

Encourage them to do the RIGHT thing: end the FL fiasco NOW!
Play by the rules!

51 posted on 02/07/2012 7:46:06 AM PST by hoosiermama (Stand with God and Sarah and Newt will be standing next to you.)
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To: Abby4116
He has been attacking Newt all along.

Yes. Thus my question was why is he "continuing" to attack him.

52 posted on 02/07/2012 7:51:40 AM PST by N. Theknow (Kennedys=Can't drive, can't ski, can't fly, can't skipper a boat, but they know what's best for you.)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
This article is a bunch of crap. Quite frankly, this country can't afford to go back to the moon even if the politicians suddenly decided that they wanted to revive manned space flight.

And anyway, NASA has forgotten how to build moon rockets, so its all academic.

The Lost Art of the Saturn V

53 posted on 02/07/2012 7:53:52 AM PST by Timber Rattler (Just say NO! to RINOS and the GOP-E)
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To: Sudetenland
So government spending can create jobs. Who knew?
54 posted on 02/07/2012 7:59:40 AM PST by Wolfie
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To: N. Theknow

“Why is Santorum continuing to attack Newt when the record of the guy in 1st place is such a target rich environment?”

Because Santorum is Romney’s proxy to draw votes from Newt.

55 posted on 02/07/2012 8:06:49 AM PST by Jewbacca (The residents of Iroquois territory may not determine whether Jews may live in Jerusalem.)
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To: Grunthor; Timber Rattler; Cincinatus' Wife

The article’s point is that Reagan had the vision of continued human/American space exploration.

That in his zeal to hurt Newt, Santorum ridiculed and ended up clobbering Ronald Reagan.

I submit to you that Reagan fully understood budgetary issues but believed this was a priority item.

Our economy produces plenty enough revenue to afford space exploration and to reap all the benefits we have from it.

What has happened is that politicians have squandered the peoples’ money and become habitual borrowers.

They have also squelched the dynamic American economy by their stupid and Marxist policies.

56 posted on 02/07/2012 8:07:30 AM PST by txrangerette ("HOLD TO THE TRUTH...SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR" - Glenn Beck)
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To: Wolfie

No, Einstein, but they can create an environment that will create jobs. They can promote technology, education, and exploration—just exactly as our Founding Fathers did.

57 posted on 02/07/2012 8:07:38 AM PST by Sudetenland (Anybody but Obama!!!!)
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To: Timber Rattler
And anyway, NASA has forgotten how to build moon rockets, so its all academic.

They aren't building moon rockets, but it is an urban myth that they don't have the records or intellectual resources to duplicate the Saturn 5.

58 posted on 02/07/2012 8:09:28 AM PST by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Sudetenland

Space exploration is justifiable only if the budget is balanced, the national debt is substantially reduced, and taxes on all economic classes are lowered.

59 posted on 02/07/2012 8:13:22 AM PST by Wallace T.
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To: surroundedbyblue
Not to mention the fact that Rick hasn’t dropped out, despite a lack of funds & floundering campaign. What’s up with him??

Santorum? Oh, he's busy preparing to win Minnesota and Missouri with a close second in Colorado. What's on Newt's agenda this week?

60 posted on 02/07/2012 8:14:20 AM PST by Prokopton
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