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Obama moves on corporate-tax reform (in the wrong direction!)
Hotair ^ | 02/22/2012 | Ed Morrissey

Posted on 02/22/2012 9:37:34 AM PST by SeekAndFind

Corporate tax reform has long been an opportunity for a win-win bipartisan effort in Washington. Everyone agrees that the corporate code needs significant changes, if not a complete overhaul; it's too complicated, too costly, and rewards the larger companies that can afford to analyze it for every possible benefit. Both parties have made corporate tax reform part of their plartforms, Democrats arguing that we need to close loopholes, Republicans that we need simplification and lower rates.

The White House decided to go first on corporate tax reform:

The Obama administration Wednesday will unveil a framework for reforming the corporate tax code that would lower the top rate from 35 percent to 28 percent but generate more total revenue by eliminating “dozens of tax loopholes and subsidies” and creating a minimum rate on foreign earnings.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will formally unveil the tax reform blueprint at 11:30 a.m.

The “global minimum tax” makes an appearance, along with a laughable pledge to pay for the rate reduction by — wait for it — “greater fiscal responsibility”:

The tax reform framework “eliminates dozens of different tax expenditures and fundamentally reforms the business tax base to reduce distortions that hurt productivity and growth. … It reinvests these savings to lower the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, putting the United States in line with major competitor countries and encouraging greater investment,” according to an administration official.

The official added that the framework “would refocus the manufacturing deduction and use the savings to reduce the effective rate on manufacturing to no more than 25 percent, while encouraging greater research and development and the production of clean energy.”

The framework would establish “a new minimum tax on foreign earnings, to encourage domestic investment.” The proposal will be “fully paid for … to greater fiscal responsibility than our current business tax system by either eliminating or making permanent and fully paying for temporary tax provisions now in the tax code.”

“Greater fiscal responsibility”? Isn’t this the same White House that produced four trillion-dollar-plus budget deficits? Yeah, that will work out well.

James Pethokoukis takes a long look at the proposal, and declares that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should resign for putting his name to it:

The current U.S. economic recovery is arguably the worst in modern American history. Incomes are flat, housing is moribund and the past three years have seen the longest stretch of high unemployment in this country since the Great Depression. Yet President Barack Obama—with the backing of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner—has the temerity to propose a corporate tax reform plan that would actually raise the tax burden on American business (and de facto on workers, too) without lowering rates to an internationally competitive level. This is a terrible, terrible plan:

1. The Obama-Geithner plan would lower the statutory corporate tax rate to 28 percent from 35 percent, currently the second-highest among advanced economies. But that would still leave the combined U.S. corporate tax rate — state and federal — at 32.2 percent, far above the OECD combined average of 25 percent. The U.S. combined rate would be a bit below slow-growing Japan and France but above the U.K. and Germany. That’s not nearly good enough. Canada just lowered its corporate tax rate, for instance, to 15 percent. So instead of having the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, the U.S. would probably be fourth behind Japan, France and Belgium.

2. The Obama-Geithner plan would establish, according to the New York Times, a minimum tax on multinational corporations’ foreign earnings to discourage “accounting games to shift profits abroad” or actual relocation of production overseas.

So instead of a carrot, Corporate America gets the stick. Instead of lowering the U.S. rate to a competitive level, Obama would raise the penalty on keeping profits overseas. Indeed, the United States is a huge outlier in that it taxes the foreign profits of multinational companies. Here is Obama’s own Jobs Council:

While most other developed nations have adopted territorial systems that exempt most or all foreign income from taxes when they are repatriated, the U.S. subjects all worldwide earnings to the corporate income tax when they are brought home to the U.S. This approach actually encourages U.S. companies to keep their earnings abroad rather than investing them here at home. Adopting a territorial tax system would bring us in line with our trading partners and would eliminate the so-called “lock-out” effect in the current worldwide system of taxation that discourages repatriation and investment of the foreign earnings of American companies in the U.S.

Obama’s debt commission made a similar recommendation.

James has plenty more to say, especially on the lack of understanding on the part of Obama and his team about basic economics. Who pays corporate taxes? Consumers and employees do.

However, from a political perspective, this may be even worse than its economics. For the second straight year, Obama has launched a major proposal while deliberately disregarding his own advisory panel’s recommendations. That turned into political disaster last year, when Obama’s budget ignored his own appointed deficit panel. His budget got voted down unanimously in a Senate controlled by his own party, making him look extreme and out of touch on budgetary issues.

Now his new corporate tax proposal ignores the recommendations from the panel Obama created to much fanfare last year as part of his focus on job creation and economic growth. The obvious conclusion is that Obama has prioritized punitive tax changes on American business in order to fund his spending expansion over economic growth. Republicans need to emphasize that Obama’s job council turned out to be nothing more than a smoke screen, just the same as Simpson-Bowles, and that this corporate tax “reform” is anything but.

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1 posted on 02/22/2012 9:37:48 AM PST by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind


2 posted on 02/22/2012 9:42:55 AM PST by boomop1 (term limits is the only way to save this country.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Coporate tax should be cut to at least 25%. If companies that have huge plants out of the country but move them back, cut the tax to 20%.

3 posted on 02/22/2012 9:43:30 AM PST by RC2
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To: SeekAndFind

“Corporate tax reform has long been an opportunity for a win-win bipartisan effort in Washington”

No it hasn’t. Oh, surely there’s been the illusion of bipartisan potential, as neither party likes them. Neither party likes the tax code as a whole, for that matter. But that’s not to say they have the same solution. They couldn’t be further apart, actually. For this cuts to the very heart of ideology. Republicans want more wealth in private hands; Democrats more in the hands of government. Relatively, at least.

Therefore, each, having their druthers, would reform so as to achieve their respective goals. And in case you didn’t notice, their goals are mutually exclusive. So unless one or the other get bamboozled, no, there is no choice opportunity.

4 posted on 02/22/2012 9:51:50 AM PST by Tublecane
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To: SeekAndFind
Any so-called move on corporate taxes is laughable for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is this misconception that corporations pay taxes.

They don't. The consumer pays them in the form of increased prices.

Why Repubs don't just come out and keep railing on this is beyond me.

5 posted on 02/22/2012 10:21:46 AM PST by apoxonu
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To: apoxonu

They don’t. The consumer pays them in the form of increased prices.

Why Repubs don’t just come out and keep railing on this is beyond me.

Because they’re powerless against Obama’s satanic/magic powers?

6 posted on 02/22/2012 10:44:11 AM PST by Leep (Dueling tag lines=don't worry,you'll be a vegetable guy soon<>It's gonna be a Newt day!)
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To: apoxonu; SeekAndFind

This is worse than bad economics. He wants to remove tax incentives for Oil & Gas producers in the U.S. Why? B/c Oil and Gas industry is typically conservative and is booming in red states. Soros probably sees it as an obstacle since it funds mostly right wing causes. This not about economics or the enviroment. Its an politically motivated assasination attempt one of the best remaining sectors in this country.

7 posted on 02/22/2012 10:45:26 AM PST by Augustinian monk
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To: Augustinian monk

Obama and his cronies probably have no clue that we are signator to the international Tax treaty.
If this ever went through, you would see our American Multi- national companies break up and become several seperate companies. Those in foreign countries would then be sold to local competitors.
When you have only 5% of your advisers come out of private enterprise or ever held private jobs, what decisions do you expect?>
So unbelievably stupid !!

8 posted on 02/22/2012 11:12:59 AM PST by americanbychoice3
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To: apoxonu

Why don’t the Pubbies rail on this all day long???? you ask???

Because they are gutless, spineless RINO / Dem lite powerful peeps that want to keep their power.

THEY must go out with the bath water. This is primary time - how many of the old guard is actually being challenged this year? Not enough. Some are retiring and hopefully we get more TEA Party types in congress.

9 posted on 02/22/2012 11:50:19 AM PST by WaterWeWaitinFor (If we don't help make a change, then who will? It starts with us.)
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10 posted on 02/22/2012 11:52:45 AM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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